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  1. I'm selling a mint Camoplast challenger 2 inch track 146x15 with 2.86 pitch Only has one season on it... It's absolutely MINT The outside 2 inches of the track has ice screws installed Came on my new sled and I'm switching up to a ripsaw 1.5 only reason for sale Located in So. NH $500
  2. Manchester

    ill be out there sat too was OK on monday but they went grooming this week and supposedly is pretty good now
  3. Some snow on the ground @ 45th Parallel Cabins

    send out the groomers! hope its heavy wet and gets hard over night
  4. Some snow on the ground @ 45th Parallel Cabins

    how much you got now?
  5. FS: Camoplast Challenger 2 146x15 2.86 pitch

    $400 picked up!!!!!
  6. FS: Camoplast Challenger 2 146x15 2.86 pitch

    $450 picked up!
  7. 2005 Ski Doo Renegade X 600 sdi

    original motor? rebuilt?
  8. Parting 06 800 rev renagade

    what color is the front bumper?
  9. 4th Annual Spring Kanc Cruise ALL CARS ARE WELCOME! There is typically over 200 cars and 400+ people for this event. It is very well organized and there are maps and checkpoints to keep everyone together. Last year every single car made it to the final checkpoint at Loon Mtn. please RSVP in this thread or the thread. See you guys on the 16th! Official:::: 2010 Nems Spring Kanc Cruise - NEMotorSport Forums
  10. How are the lakes holding out ?

    ummmmmm..... i crossed 1st conn several times on fri and sat and there was a solid 12+ in of water/slush on top. we were more skimming the mess on top than anything... i found it rather unsettling.... if u must cross hold it to the bar and dont stop on the "ice" im sure diamond pond is just fine... its alot smaller
  11. Any updates on Trails?

    i saw u guys a bunch we stayed at the nothern comfort too.... and we rode east inlet off trail fri and mostly errol/dixville sat-sun
  12. Gonna Need Some Spare Parts

    i just did the same thing.... bent my bar with my ribs in a rollover.... they snapped when i bent them back...... 4 hrs driving to SDR 10 minutes of riding and another 4 hours driving home At least i got some new RSi bars.... glad ur son is ok

    thanks!!! would be better if DC would stop stealing all our snow!!!!
  14. Heading up to the Burg Fri. am, can't wait!

    im gonna avoid the ridein..... that whole area is gonna be a circus
  15. Colebrook/Pittsburg

    im down.... this kid im supposed to go with wants to do a day trip.... i dont wanna sit in a truck for 8hrs on 1 day..... i can meet u in manch and split expenses.... u have an enclosed trailer?
  16. Dennys report 1-28 to 1-31

    ^^^^^^ me and a friend will be up sat + Sun.... prolly launching by east inlet/2nd conn on rt 3.... look for 2 red renegades... 1 02 and 1 05..... if u see a couple dudes snoozin in a green explorer thats us
  17. wtb edge or pro x skid

    email sent active m-10 121 edge skid available
  18. 15 from Windham/Derry to Epping any Gas

    yeahthe atvs cant go past fremont
  19. im trying to goto ossipee but all my buddies are tied up this weekend.... im in southern nh too..... OVSC is my fav place to ride and they just got a foot with more coming so it should be ideal conditions..... and it 1/2 the distance of going up nord
  20. Errol question

    there is a place further up 16 that is really good...... moose something i cant remember
  21. 15 from Windham/Derry to Epping any Gas

    Don't bother.... In sandown it's down to dirt both ways as far as the eye can see.... We need to exclude winter use of quads on this trail!