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  1. 2012 Yamaha RS Vector

    2012 Yamaha RS Vector, 121 track, Power Steering, 4 stroke, auxiliary 2 up jack seat, Low miles, Like New! $5900. No trades, cash only!
  2. 2008 Yamaha Nytro FX 138 track, 144 picks, hi and lo shields, all the bags, mirrors, trail indicator and cover, 1100 maine miles $6500 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX 138 track, picks, hi and lo shields, all the bags, mirrors, trail indicator and cover, 1000 Maine Miles $4500 Two 1986 Yamaha Inviters 1400 miles, excellent condition, electric start, picked, new carbides, great for kids - teens $1000 each 2005 Load Rite Enclosed Aluminum 4-place drive in drive out gull winged trailer, dual axle, electric brakes , guides, spare tire recent matts and jack, Asking $4800 Package price $16500 Call 774 437 9655 or e-mail jphanratty@charter.net />http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/Yumhaha/014.jpg />http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/Yumhaha/012.jpg />http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/Yumhaha/031.jpg />http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/Yumhaha/030.jpg
  3. Presidential Snowmobile

    The white house announced today that the president and his family will be snowmobiling this weekend with a snow filled retreat at Camp David. As all of the presidential vehicles they have code names given by the agency that provides the vehicle, The Presidential plane we all know is called "Airforce One", the Presidential Helicopter is called "Marine One", The Presidential Limo is call "The Beast" . Our Us Dollars provide the very best brands and models availble for Presidential use and his snowmobile is no different; Well without further ado, here it is..
  4. Gonna Need Some Spare Parts

    Try the Polaris classifieds over at HCS http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/inde...p?showforum=147
  5. Gonna Need Some Spare Parts

    Parents biggest fear , your child getttin injured, I'm glad to hear he will mend up. I would recommend you check E-Bay and Craigslist, I have seen several hoods and windshields on both sites
  6. I need Hot Wheels

    Hi If you want hot wheels call this number 508-799-9342 Ask for Steve "R" tell him what you are looking for if he doesn't have it no one will. God luck Yum

    No windshield, 4-Stroke, Small fuel tank It is Blue, must be the 2012 Yamaha Nytro Nuclear Phazer ? lol
  8. Let those who ride Decide!

    Personaly I wouldn't ride without a helmet, sled, bike, etc. but it is a personal choice, Maybe in order to save money on serious head injury's high cost of treatments, the Dr's can be autorized to just amputate
  9. Trail Alert System

    I purchased my wife an almost new Phazer FX this year, the previous owner installed one of these trail alert light, which I didn't give much thought to until after our first trip out. I rode my wifes sled for about 5-6 miles on a busy trail and I was sold, didn't take my hands of the bars once!I never realized how much nicer it is to ride with both hands on the handlebars. lol So when I got home I ordered me one for my sled, $65 + shipping ,quick delivery easy install and very bright! You can set the sled count for up to 9 sleds following you, start with the highest number in your group and count down to 0 for the last sled in the line. www.willyps.net is the link for anyone who maybe interested. Yum
  10. Pictures of your sleds!!!!

    I looked for three years for these Inviters, I bought them for my kids . I got them in PA off E-bay with a little under 400 miles on each one. My buddy's kid lives about 50 miles from the guy who I purchased them from, so after a visit to see his son he brought them back for me, cost me a tank of gas and a hitch for his car! :yahoo:lol Yum
  11. Good experience

    Hi I've been doing business with them for at least 6-7 years always very willing to help in any way they can! They are always my first call for whatever I need. Yum
  12. Pictures of your sleds!!!!

    Yum's House of Yami's Heres the line up Jay
  13. kids Cold wave jackets

    the jackets are no longer available
  14. ***lots of bibs forsale***

    I got the kids jacket and bibs today, they fit perfect and are in great condition! Thanks I couldn't be happier! Yum
  15. Used Modular Helmets

    These helmets have been sold!