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  1. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Best place to park please?
  2. SkiDoo dealer

  3. SkiDoo dealer

    Anyone know if there are any skidoo dealers open Sunday or Monday?
  4. Attn Attn Attn

    I've already got a pile of glass on the floor a foot deep
  5. Attn Attn Attn

    whaaa hooooooo
  6. Attn Attn Attn

    thinking about breaking some bulbs
  7. Attn Attn Attn

    Ummmmmm It's the holiday season...HINT HINT
  8. Things are quiet here

    Gone Fishin'
  9. Loud exhaust 50,000 $ fine and 10 years in jail......................mini bikes on the ice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,go for it lets play.......................................................sorry had to do it
  10. Soo decent day turns really bad

    My bad Jhwentworth I misread your post.Getting old , time for glasses
  11. Soo decent day turns really bad

    Your insurance co. will pay for all your damage (I believe jhwentworth is incorrect) However you will most likely have to pay your deductable.This just happened to me a year ago.My ins co paid to fix my truck and then goes after the uninsured driver.They also will automatically lose their license.This is all assuming they give fault to her which if she ran into you then she is automatically at fault The whole thing sucks but glad you are ok
  12. So, why aren't people happy?

    I dont think I heard anyone complaining
  13. Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year sledders
  14. in this weather he left his bar warmers on too long
  15. Southern Nh Trails

    Anyone know what if any southern nh trails might have opened.Cant find any updates..want to go for a short shakedown ride tomorrow