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  1. lights

    Thanx John
  2. lights

    do we get to bust christmas lights this year
  3. Riders List

    Thats weird I can see the list so must be on it, but I'm not there anymore unless the last page is missing it ends with U
  4. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...............
  5. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Have you made sure that the problem isn't the truck..
  6. For you NHSledding Refugees

    Ha Great memories I still have a bunch of those stickers around and still have one on the windshield of the old Yami.. Still talk with Gus ( Houseofarcticats) Havent seen Ironbutt in a while though Hi Mike lol
  7. Trip report of the "FU2" Any updates?

    It sank
  8. Thoughts from Nascar nation

    Check the stands at Dega today...............#packed
  9. Registration Increase

    I will sell all sleds and never support anything to do with snowmobiling in NH ever again.That is just frikkin STUPID....Time for a bigger boat

    Now thats funny right there dont care who you are
  11. Thoughts from Nascar nation

    Nascar is here to stay.There will always be a changing of the guard as there has always been.Average driver age is still around 30 something
  12. Summer Fun????

    fishing, boating,going to races and avoiding speeding tickets................
  13. Sorry but NASCAR is far from dead. Attendance is down due to the lousy economy (thanx obama)...This year Daytona 500 was sold out...Atlanta was very near sold out.The biggest problem is how hotels GOUGE people for rooms durring race week. I go to Watkins Glen every year , and to get a room in a holiday inn today costs 75$ a night but race week is over 300$ a night Las Vegas gameing commission guarenteed 2million $ a year to nascar plus another 500,000 a year in promotional fees for the extra race.. NH had the record for most sold out races until the economic downturn. Not sure how someone can call racing boring , and then turn around and watch a red sox game.. This will truly hurt the NH tourism in 2018 and beyond , and noone ( Gov sununu ) did a thing to speak against it
  14. Motorcycles on the road

    I'm with you Mike....Dont want to park the sleds , but if it means getting the bike and the boat out , I'm ready
  15. trail conditions?

    Can you say H2O