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  1. Coming north on 19 in Madison you come up to the sand and gravel pits and the junction of the bypass trail "new last year". Take that to the end and turn right that will take you to State Line. Keep an eye out on the left before you enter Maine. come back the same way just stay on the tracks and it will take you back to 19 north.
  2. If you take the new bypass trail corridor 19 when you get to the tracks you can take a left and go to state line gas. It is at the Maine border but still in NH. You can also get gas at Town and Country in East Conway.
  3. Ossipee Area Ride Info

    We did that trip on the 7th. Trails were good until the power lines in Sandwich and they were ok. It is about 100 plus miles and a good ride. We stopped at Village Kitchen for lunch. Just keep an eye out for the turn off of Sandwich notch road to head back I have never see a sign there.
  4. Jan 30 ossipee area riding

    We will be leaving from Community Market in Madison.The new bypass trail at the gravel pits.
  5. Jan 30 ossipee area riding

    There are three of us that will be riding out of Madison on Friday. Looking to head out to Maine Reciprocity weekend.
  6. Yellowstone park

    I was out there in 2011-12 one trip with Scrub Oaks. The Hokliday Inn West Yellowstone is where Scrub Oaks goes and they have package deals. If you want to go for a long ride try Mesa falls in Idaho.
  7. who got a new sled for the season?!!

    I guess you are correct I didn't mention that my 2011 is an 800 and hers is a 600.
  8. who got a new sled for the season?!!

    I can't wait Just got a left over 2011 Rush for me and 2012 Rush for the wife. Expecting a much better ride than the 99 Indys we upgraded from.
  9. summer fun , what do you do?

    Scuba diving, golf, hiking. kayak and working on the houses.
  10. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Happy Birthday Tim Have a good one!
  11. They voted on Tuesday

    Good Luck Nox and Thank You to all club officers
  12. Sandwich Loop

    We are looking at riding the loop from Ossipee C19 over Mt Shaw and C15 to Pri 204 and back through Sandwich to the OVSC trails. We have GPS and maps but just looking for input in the best way to go and recommendations on were stop for food and gas. Thanks for any info.
  13. Sandwich Loop

    Thanks for all the info this sounds like a good Saturday morning run. We will be going from the Ossipee Valley trails and around that way.
  14. Winter Carnival

    See you there
  15. How are the trails

    We were out in the SOS area today and the trails to the chimney and the club house were in good shape. The corridor 19 is in good shape you will be riding between the tracks.
  16. Bear Notch Road trail

    There has been talk about Bear Notch follow this link. I think what you are looking at is MT Washington. My link
  17. Yellowstone National Park

    Check out this site we are going with a group from the Scrub Oak Scramblers I would call today.

    Thank You
  19. I will be up in Madison for the weekend and am looking to ride is Bear Notch my best bet? Would I be better off trailer up to the twin mountain area or up RT16 to Gorham where is the best place to park up there? Thanks for the help
  20. Riding in Bear Notch

    I was out there also yesterday the trails were good and the weather was also.
  21. Gonna Need Some Spare Parts

    They have what looks to be the same hood one you have at Town and Country in East Conway $350.
  22. Poker Run

    What are to conditions like for this run it sounds like the tracks are not too good and when I drive by the crossing at RT113 it looks very thin?