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  1. Christmas Lights 2021

    Those are really nice, but I don't get the satisfaction of breaking them.
  2. Christmas Lights 2021

    Nice pic, and thanks for the lights. I know that the traffic here is minimal, but the quality is good, if you know what I mean...
  3. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    That is what I did - carry oil with me, add it at the pump. Takes a bit of estimating. I had a paper with a little table that listed how many ounces of oil to add per gallon. This is an easy calculation - hint- there are 128 oz in a gallon, so if you need 40/1 mix, divide 128/40 to get the number of ounces per gallon. When in doubt, add a little extra... Rock the sled back and forth a bit after you add it to mix, and you are good to go.
  4. Big groomers, small trails

    As much as I want to see trails open, and to make it as easy as possible for the volunteers who do the work, it seems like $6 million, and detours for a period of time is a lot to ask, considering the number of weeks those trails are typically open. Would be way cheaper in this case to buy another groomer for the other side of the tunnel, and give it to the club.
  5. Big groomers, small trails

    There are quite a few tunnels like that, even up north. By halfway through the season, it gets pretty bumpy inside. Would it make any sense to leave a small, simple drag close by that could be pulled through with a sled to smooth it out, and have the big groomer cross the road above? I'm sure crossing the road won't work in all cases depending on how busy the road is, and things like guard rails, but it should be viable in some situations?
  6. Getting ready

    Pulled my trailer from the back of the yard to the front. Charged batteries, and started the sleds last week. I make it a habit to clean, grease and do any fixed needed in the spring before I put them away. They will need some fresh gas, and a quick dusting, but we are ready for snow here. Trailer lights don't seem to be working right, need to look into that. might have had some furry visitors getting into the wiring (again). Thought I plugged all the entries last time. At least its only the trailer, not the sleds.
  7. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Good for you - you will enjoy that machine for sure.
  8. Snow Traveler

    Just went out to the mailbox. Got my first Snow Traveler for the year. Based on a quick flip through the pages, it looks good. Seems thicker than past years. Grass drags are coming soon, season is on the way.

    Those impulse purchases can be tricky. You buy it, then realize it won't be so easy to get it home.
  10. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    We have had a TON of rain down here all summer. Lawn never burned up, puddles in the yard where I never get them. Probably 10 - 12 inches over average for July and August. Lets hope Mother Nature balances the scales come winter, and it stays cold.
  11. Got out once more

    Got out for the day with BigGuyNH for our third annual ride. We met at the Baker River Clubhouse Sunday morning, had a great ride. Made our way down to the Dartmouth Skiway, trails were in great shape once we got a mile or so away from the Clubhouse.
  12. Maine registration increase coming

    Sounds like they are making progress. No one likes higher prices, but I think this is the right thing to do.
  13. Maybe with the name of the club below?
  14. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Ahh - I misunderstood. I thought they were considering preventing people from carrying, not allowing it. I can see the point about shooting game while riding, especially on wheelers during hunting season.
  15. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    I am not a gun owner (have no problem with those who are), just never felt the need for myself. If I was, I don't think I would carry while on my sled. I would be concerned about somehow losing it (maybe not an issue, again, I have no experience), or falling off the sled and onto the thing, and hurting myself. I guess I don't see the need really, not sure I see what threat there would be. Again - just my opinion, as someone who doesn't own a firearm. Why would they bother with a law like this? Is there some reason that they think carrying is more dangerous on a OHRV than in other situations?
  16. Probably Could Use Some of these at Traiheads

    I have no clue. I saw the sign on a different site, thought it was an interesting idea. The Duke energy and logo in the bottom corner makes it look like it comes from somewhere in North Carolina.
  17. Maine registration increase coming

    I believe you are right about that. Seems to me I remember reading that some of the money eventually goes to the towns. Some towns pass it on to the local club but not all (I think). If this increase is set up so that all of it goes into the system, it seems like a good way to go.
  18. Maine registration increase coming

    There is always an argument, especially for the residents in Maine that they should have a special low rate for fisherman. They think the full rate is too high for someone who just uses their sled for getting out on a lake. At first, it sounds reasonable, but managing it seems like it would be hard, and it would just be a backdoor way to get a lower price for trail riding. My guess is the ice fishing crowd will fight an increase for residents.
  19. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Maybe its time to swap the Christmas lights for Easter eggs?
  20. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Could use the stress reduction and festiveness this year for sure.
  21. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Definitely some good looking machines there, and lots of variety. Cool to see the Raiders, several cutters to match the towing sled. Cool to see the old suits and helmets as well. Lots of dedication there to get those in the shape they are in. I have seen pictures of Pathfinders sleds multiple time here, but I think this may be the first time I have ever seen a picture of Pathfinder.
  22. Putting Covid in the rear view mirror

    Yes, it seems that there are parts of the country that are not so positive about all this. Don't want masks (neither do I, but I do believe they help, so I wear one), think its 'just a cold' (ask my nephew, 31 years old, had major stroke symptoms a week after diagnosis, been in physical therapy since November), and the vaccine isn't safe because it wasn't tested. I support the pharma industry in my job. I am no scientist, but I do know that there was lots of testing, and it continues. These new mRNA therapies are amazing, and will help with lots of diseases going forward. I get dose two on April 15. Looking forward to getting it out of the way. Got my vaccine at Gillette stadium. There were hundreds of people in the line, it was actually pretty well organized. Sign there had a running total, 271,000 doses administered there so far, and counting.
  23. Got out once more

    The trails were in great shape for the most part. Only Mother Nature could have made it better.