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  1. Decided to rebadge my sled

    That looks really good.
  2. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    Thanks, I will send him the link.
  3. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    I guess we can't be too surprised, considering what is happening in lots of other industries. Doesn't mean we have to like it. I would guess Polaris, and probably Arctic Cat will do something similar. Changing the subject just a bit - was talking with one of my wife's cousins on Sunday, he is thinking that he want to buy a new sled this fall. Would prefer Skidoo, but is flexible. Anyone know of any dealers that would be likely to have new sleds (600 or 800, not a mountain sled) available? I think he may have real trouble finding something.
  4. Crawford Notch fire

    You're right, I did get those two confused.
  5. Crawford Notch fire

    I saw some news about a wildfire in Crawford Notch. Have not found much detail about it. Does anyone know if the Balsams property is at risk, or if there is damage to any of the trails there?
  6. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    I think snow will not be the problem. I believe that between natural cycles, and the steady conversion to alternative energy will both help with that. I do agree that trail access could become a bigger problem over time, between more building, and our own inability to stay away from places where we don't belong, we will have fewer trails, especially in the more southern parts of the state. As for the technology, it will be interesting to see. I do see electric power on the horizon, as battery tech improves. But - if the sales numbers continue to decline, there will be less R & D invested, which will likely slow innovation, so its hard to say with any certianity.
  7. Another season behind us

    I had high hopes for this season. Saved some vacation days from last year, so I had time, everything was lining up. Did get my sled registered, and one day trip in. Did a long weekend in Caribou Maine, first time to get to the county, had a good trip there. Planned a trip to Gorham in February, but it got warm and wet, had to cancel. Planned another day trip, planning to ride with my daughter and her boyfriend. Was a go as of Friday afternoon, boyfriend got sick, had to cancel. Next thing I knew, everything south of Coos county was closed. Better luck next year.
  8. Riding near Concord

    Not happening this year. In the last two or three years, I have been able to ride in the Baker River area after the start of daylight savings time. Doesn't look like it's going to happen this year.
  9. NH Vacation week

    Even if it's weak, it does seem that the cold is back for a bit, with a little snow to help the trails. Gotta take what we can get for sure.
  10. Electric snowmobile

    I think these will become more viable for many trail riders in the next several years. Would be perfect for a ski resort, or even for first responders who don't need a lot of range most of the time. Battery tech is improving, it will be interesting to see how it goes. There are things that I would miss about todays tech, but not worrying about engine failure, changing belts, spark plugs, bad gas are things I think I could do without.
  11. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Maple bacon pizza might be worth just driving up from MA, then going home. I will need to check that out. Sadly - with the weather forecast for the coming days, we decided to cancel the trip for now. Hopefully mother nature will provide, and we can get back on track.
  12. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Does anyone know if you can get to the Little Grill in Litttleton by sled? It looks like the trail gets pretty close. Planning to be in that are in a few weeks, looks like it would be a good lunch stop.
  13. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Thanks - that will be really helpful. Sounds like the Freehouse goes to the top of the list.
  14. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Yes, I will likely do that. Figured someone here may know, or even suggest an alternative in Litttleton for a good trailside stop for lunch.
  15. Christmas Lights 2021

    Maybe it's time for the lights to come down? It would be embarrassing if they were still up on Valentines day.
  16. Big groomers, small trails

    I saw the Snow Traveler article. It pointed out the multiple users of that trail, which is different from the news paper article. It does make more sense to invest here for year round multiple use.
  17. North Station Diner- Rumney

    Glad to see that place open again, hopefully they do well there.
  18. Riding reports…

    On Saturday Morning, I met up with BigGuyNH at the Newfound General Store. Parked out back, worked our way up to the Baker River clubhouse for an early lunch, and back to the trailers. Trails in the area were good for the most part. Some of the woods trails are bumpy, there just isn't enough snow to fill the low spots. There was more good than bumpy, and everything was covered fairly well. It was cold, about -15 when we unloaded, resulting in a jump start to a weak battery, and some cold fingers. We were fine once we got going. Whenever I get a chance to ride with the Big guy, we have a good day, and Saturday was no different.
  19. Thanks for posting that, great story.
  20. The LIST

    This list was started by Skully 11 or 12 years ago, I picked it up a few years back. Time for an update. If you are on the list, you should have a look at the Contact List post, and verify the info there. If you are not on the list, see below. If you think you are on it, but cannot see it, let me know, I will verify and fix. The season is starting (at least by the calendar, hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate sooner rather than later...). How it works is you have to PM me here at SLEDNH to have access to see and be on it. I will update it often as possible , there have not been a lot of changes the last few years. How that works is you PM me the following ..... Your Site Name Here Your REAL first & last name Your Town & State Your Contact telephone number Home or Cell or BOTH (up to you which you want to use and please put either a "H" or "C" infront of the number so I know which it is) Your Contact E-mail address The RULES are: This LIST is not to be given to ANYONE not on this LIST. The LIST is not to be used to send SPAM, CHAIN LETTERS or JOKES to anyone on the LIST. Lastly NO ONE that is not on this LIST will have access to see or print this LIST. This LIST is for your benefit to be able to ride with others and to make new friends and ride new places and see new trails. Please DO NOT abuse this benefit ! I will let the Administrator's here deal with any and all offenders.
  21. The LIST

    It has helped me out as well, been in contact with a few people, having access to email and phone numbers has been helpful. Have connected with BigGuyNH several times over the last 3 - 4 years, had some great rides.
  22. Locked and loaded

    Building looks great, would love to have something like that for sure.
  23. Christmas Lights 2021

    Those are really nice, but I don't get the satisfaction of breaking them.
  24. Christmas Lights 2021

    Nice pic, and thanks for the lights. I know that the traffic here is minimal, but the quality is good, if you know what I mean...