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  1. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Been meaning to add some pics here for a while. Rode out of Baker River with BigGuyNH today, had a great ride. First time to the Rocket for him. Had lunch at the Mountain View with our wives a few weeks back. Best front porch in New England, at least. Getting ready to head out with our group in Early February, in Gorham. Fayban's for lunch on a different day. Just a trail shot I liked. Probably done for this year, unless the cold holds for a few more weeks, got in more trips and miles than average for me.
  2. Something to think about

    You might be able to pay for insurance up front when you rent it, like when you rent a car. Otherwise, you crash it - you bought it. I would guess that the reported rate of accidents is higher. Lots of people don't insure their sleds. In a relatively minor accident - broken plastics, bent A-arms, etc, and no or minor injury, the sled probably gets driven or towed off the trail, and the accident is never reported. This has happened to one of my sleds. Rentals are one way to introduce new people to the sport, which is a good thing, especially if they have a good experience. I rented one years ago, but don't remember much about the training, who knows what they tell people now.
  3. Saturday?

    Going to try again, hoping to ride somewhere south of Franconia Notch, Saturday or Sunday, Anyone available while there is still snow? Thanks.
  4. Saturday?

    Sorry for your loss. Maybe next week.
  5. Saturday?

    Hoping to ride Saturday. Had a plan, but my partner had to change plans. Would be happy to meet most anyplace south of Franconia Notch. Anyone available?
  6. Snow Totals

    Got about a foot down here where its useless.
  7. GSX550f

    I think it is. Make sure the parking brake is not on. Get the sled on the stand, give it a little gas and let off. Track should coast a bit, and you should be able to move it by hand. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Snow Totals

  9. GSX550f

    The muffler/pipe is on that side, isn't it? Could that be what you are feeling?
  10. Arctic Cat 660 question - Check Engine light

    Could it have been hot? Riding slow with passengers could have overheated, not enough snow to the coolers. You take it for a quick spin after it cools, don't find a problem. Left side driveshaft bearing is usually good for about 5000 miles. but it could be bad if it was never greased. There is a fitting down there, behind the clutch. When the bearing is failing, the speedo will stop working, often the magnet the trips the sensor will be knocked off.
  11. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    I think that is where we turned around as well.
  12. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    The trail the continues past the rocket is nice as well. Old rail bed for a while, then some fields, and more typical trails. Have only ventures about 20 miles or so past the rocket, need to go farther one of these days.
  13. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    There is a trail on the right, just south of the rocket (forget the number) that goes into Lincoln. Great trail, lots of elevation changes. Have gone from Baker River up to Lincoln for coffee at the Dunkin, then back to Baker River. Sorry Catreserve - too lazy to carry our own coffee, even though that is probably a smarter choice.
  14. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    You do need to use some judgement with a GPS, But - They also could have had a map from a past season, and followed that into the same situation. Sounds like an unfortunate mistake, that had a good ending.
  15. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    Rocket is on 5 in Warren, can't miss it when you get close. Cluibhouse is on Corridor 8. The the street address is 197 N Dorchester Rd, Wentworth,.