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  1. Saturday?

    Thanks for letting me know. Sunday is a no-go for me this week, got some things going at home.
  2. Saturday?

    Wow - That's not good. Hopefully no one got hurt, and they can get it out with minimal damage. I know that you need to be really careful with wet spots like that, some are much softer and deeper than they look. I'm hoping to get out on the west side of the state, Rumney/Hardy areas, hopefully things are a bit firmer there...
  3. trail gone

    Like I said -
  4. trail gone

  5. RIP

    Maybe you need to put that bottom picture on Craig's List. All northern miles Wife's sled Needs carbs cleaned
  6. Finishing the Loop

    Floor looks great. I want to put something like that in my kitchen, working on getting approval from the decorator-in-chief at home...
  7. RIP

    Sure enough, the mice can really cause trouble. I have seen what is left after a fire a few times, and you're right, there isn't much.
  8. RIP

    Sorry to see that but I'm glad that she wasn't hurt. Any idea why it may have gotten started? My son drive his cousins asked about a mile a few years back with the ebrake on. Disc got red hot, but no fire.
  9. Hookey

    Sorry to see that, but happy you can post about it. Get your rest, you will need some. I don't suppose he offered you a cookie?
  10. Hookey

    Anyone available for tomorrow?
  11. Hookey

    So can we try again this week - for Friday the 16th? It all fell apart last week, maybe we can do better this time.
  12. For you NHSledding Refugees

    I don't see why you can't put some skis on the scooter and head for the trails. Probably could take some sweet jumps... Hope it heals up well.
  13. For you NHSledding Refugees

    Pulled out the trailer from the back of the yard over the last week. Put in a little fresh gas, charged the batteries, and started the sleds. Smooth process, they are ready to go when the snow finally flies. Was cleaning the trailer Friday, greased bearings, and took of the wheels, lubed the studs and cleaned everything up so they wouldn't be rusted stuck if I get a flat at some point. Noticed this sticker on the side of my trailer. Must have been there at least 10 years I think. Who else had one?
  14. You're right. Strange - I could see them when I posted it, but they were gone when I came back. Should see them now...
  15. Hookey

    UGG!! I can't do tomorrow. Family issue here, gotta stick around.
  16. My driveway this morning... Lots of power outages here, thankfully my lights are on.
  17. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    I have ridden in that area in the last couple of years. Nice tails, groomed well, lousy signage. Had trouble finding things. Might be better now.
  18. Hookey

    I like the idea of Ashland. Where specifically is the parking spot?
  19. Hookey

    My Maine trip is off for this weekend, so I should be able to ride Friday. Pick a meeting place and a time, looks like I can be there.
  20. Hookey

    Those areas are great, nice to stay a little farther south, makes commute easier.
  21. Hookey

    It could happen, depends on my brother-in-law. He is a lineman for the electric company, has to work 18 hours on, 6 off until everyone here has power again, and may take another hit Wednesday. We had plans for this weekend, but he may be stuck at work.
  22. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    If I read this right, it seems that the guy from the 'conservancy' may have stretched the truth a bit. Why is it that I have trouble trusting any spokesperson for a conservancy??
  23. New Doo lineup

    Looks like the 1200 is going away, replaced by the 900 turbo, which is likely lighter, will use less fuel, and more powerful. Plus, for Doo, only one engine to build, and I think that one is used in other products. Didn't get a close look at the helmet. Seems like a smart move on their part.
  24. Some nice sleds, and great pics. Thanks for posting them.
  25. The Notch

    I have done that trail. It isn't fast, but it sure is scenic. The tunnels back and forth under the highway are cool as well.