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  1. Sled Graphics

    Never did this type of graphics, but I did put window tint on the minivan side windows a few years back. I bet the process is pretty similar. You are trying to put something that is flat onto a curved surface, so patience is required I figured out pretty quickly that taking the window right off, and working on a table made it MUCH easier than trying to work with the window on the van. Take off whatever parts you are working on if possible, and clean them good first. I would guess that you will get good instructions, just follow them, and you should be fine. Like any other finish project, preparation will be key.
  2. Subscription to AmSnow for me. I agree the there isn't much difference. They all compare the 600's every year, tell you what's new, but any of them will tell you what you need to know. I pick up others off the newstands from time to time. Most of the differences include reviews of trucks, trailers, or trips in various areas. Or a specific Tech or How-to story that catches my interest. If I pick up a different one, it is usually for that.
  3. Even "Up North"

    Interesting story about a similar subject. Who's side do you think she would be on? Seems kind of harsh on the part of the police in this case, although I wan't there, so who knows. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/16726...os&psp=news
  4. member DRAW

    Good luck with it. Massachusetts is home for me, but I think my heart is in NH most of the time. If I could convince my family to move, and had work there, I would be sledding from the back yard, and loving it. Then there would be no excuse to show up at trail parties. My grandmother spent some time a few years back chasing down ancestors. Turns out that my family goes back about 12 generations in New England, much of it in NH. Lots of it in the Dover area, I need to get up there with my father, and check out some of the cemetaries, see if we can find some old relatives. Maybe that's why I would rather be there, it's in my blood...
  5. member DRAW

    As someone else who lives far from club meetings, I don't have a problem with it. I guess I'm not that concerned about a little good natured ribbing about not being there. If my name, and town where I am from were mentioned, it would be clear that I am not living 2 miles from the clubhouse, and failed to show up. Maybe calling out the person as a 'loser' could be softened up a bit. And if I have a shot at the drawing at the end of the season, there or not, it would balance things out for me.
  6. Even "Up North"

    This didn't have to be a big deal. Kids that age, particularly boys, like to talk about that king of stuff. Fact is the more gross it is, the better they like it. Bodily functions, blood and guts, it's all good to them. Teacher should not have been suprised. She might not like the subject matter, but asking them to put it off, or ignoring it is the apprpriate answer. Telling them that hunting is bad is not the way to handle it, because that is simply incorrect. I did some substitute teaching last year. Most times, it was fourth and fifth grade. You can't imagine what they like to talk about...
  7. Even "Up North"

    I bet she had a ham sandwich in her hand when she got all fired up about hunting.
  8. Sea-Doo Pedal Boat

    My brother-in-law has the one in the picture in the first post. They are slow, but easier than a canoe or rowboat for someone who has never been on the water. Fun for fishing if you don't need to go too far, or just to cruise around. You can move it around with one hand easily (and your feet), and it is very stable. Easy for the kids to use. Don't have to wory about it tipping like a canoe if some powerboat goes by slow, making a big wake. Just don't get ideas of a long journey, or go looking for too much speed, and you can have fun with it. If there really do sell for close to new price, and you can always sell yours for a small loss.
  9. Lempster/Marlow trails

    Good luck with the surgery. Pay attention to the Physical Therapy afterwoods. I understand that it has a big effect on the final result, nothing to take a shortcut with. You don't want to have to do this agian. Dave
  10. Lancaster Snowdrifters

    I was up through Lancaster the weekend of the 15th. Trails were fine, I have not had a lot of trouble with signs there. Some areas are probably better, but with the map I picked up I didn;'t have any trouble. Trails were smooth where I went, hopefully you just ran into a short term issue.
  11. trail conditions

    Must be frustrating to be doing all that work, the best you can, and watching it get trashed. I do have to say that those trails were in great shape the day I rode them with you last winter. You will never fix it completly, the knuckleheads will always be out there. Enjoy the riding. Dave
  12. Movie Review

    Doing some ironing at home Saturday (I don’t do much to help out around the house, but I do most of the ironing). Can’t do it unless the TV is on, and couldn’t find much to watch. For the heck of it, I put in a DVD that we have of an old Disney movie, called Snowball Express. If you have never seen it, or even if you have, it’s great fun. Probably can get it from Netflix or something. Dean Jones, Harry Morgan, and the typical early seventies Disney crowd. In the story, the character inherits a hotel in Wyoming. One of the great ‘I’m outta here’ scenes ever. Anyone who ever worked in an office would love to quit like this. Packs up and moves to Wyoming, only to find a mess. Have to try to win a cross country snowmobile race to get cash to stay afloat. Funny stuff, and lots of old machines. Not exactly slednecks dropping off cornices, but will bring back some memories. Harry Morgan has some great lines, in a seventies sort of way. Good fun to watch with the kids on a Saturday night. Check it out.
  13. Movie Review

    It was really hard to tell what kind of sleds they were. I know that there were many manufacturers on those days, and I think they must have stripped the nameplates off most of them for the movie. Loke to watch it once over the course of the winter. Good fun. Harry Morgan has some great lines, I chuckle every time I see it.
  14. Oil - Synthetic or not-HELP

    There are a ton of opinions on this. If you read the manuals, they suggest that you only use the manu's oil, but you do not have to as long as whatever you use has the right codes on it. They all caution that you could have trouble if you mix oils, but I have yet to hear of anyone who has actually had trouble. In general, higher performance motors are more likely to require Synthetic oils. I don't think it hurts to use it in any sled, except for the extra expense. I have a 2003 Polaris Touring sled, with a 550 fan cooled motor, not exactly a high performance machine. I have been using Spectro full synthetic oil, and like it. It doesn't smoke for more than a minute after start up, and doesn't smell bad. My clothes definetly smell better than when I used other oils. For example, our hotel rooms don't smell like a refinery when we come back from going out to dinner anymore. I barely use a gallon a year, so the extra expense is not a big deal for me, and the motor seems to run fine. It comes down what works for you. I would not hesitate to use up whatever is in the sled, and if you like it, continue to use it. Switching brands with every fill up may get you into trouble at some point, but I can't see that I have seen a real problem reported caused by mixing. Others may have had different experiences.
  15. Wyoming Sledding Trip

    You guys are the best!!! Showed these photos to my wife the other night. She wants to go next year. Just have to keep the enthusiam up, and figure out a way to put some cash aside, and we will give it go. Checked out the resort website, looked at prices there, seems pretty reasonable for what you get. Will be something to look forward to for sure.
  16. Off Trail

    Just change the sign from STAY ON TRAIL to STAY OFF MINE FIELD No doubt at least a few of them would buy it...
  17. Maine may copy NH registration system....

    Seems to me that the manufacturer lobbyists would never go for that. They want you to buy new iron, and any anvantage to keeping the old stuff would meet woth lots of resistance from them.
  18. Maine may copy NH registration system....

    This could turn out to be good for all of us. Seems to me that if Maine and NH use a similar system, it would be easier to go to a situation where you can register in one state, and ride in both. The local club would get a chunk of money to operate, and it would be good for the economies of both states. I could even see a situation where you register on one state, but to ride in both, you need to join a club in both. That way, the money gets spread to where it in needed, and it solves the multi-state problem. There is probably some varient of this that could work, but I see it as a good step. It is not hard to imagine how the Maine clubs could be struggling for cash when joining is strictly voluntary. There was clearly a big uptick in club membership in NH when the rules were changed here.
  19. Lets get a good discussion going...

    Reading through all of this, I am struck by something. When it is very busy (weekends), signals are less useful, because there are often more sleds behind, and because it is more likely that someone is coming around every corner. When is is not so busy(weekdays), signals are more useful, because you have a lower expectation of traffic coming the other way. If you think about traffic levels say, 15 - 20 years ago, traffic was lighter, probably more like typical weekdays are today, when signals were more useful. Maybe they have just outlived thier usefulness, particularly on weekends. Seems to me that the best advise is to forget the signals, keep your havnds on the bars, and be careful. It certianly does not make sense to me to get upset or frustrated when someone does not signal.
  20. What are the safety 'Ten Commandments'?

    This thread died back in June. Got to thinking about it the other day, and looked it up. I took the list that we generated back then, and massaged it a bit, and added a logo at the bottom. Would it make sense to try to distribute it to clubs to pass out at safety training classes. there are lots of them coming up. Would not want to consider this unless site owners are OK with it, so chime in. If I did it right, there should be a word file attached. If it looks good, someone with the ability to create a PDF could make one for distribution. I don't have that software here.
  21. Trail jcts and signs

    I can be 'geographically challenged', so I need all the help I can get. Just ask my wife! She thinks that the people the work in gas stations know better, tries to make me stop and ask. there was probably a time when they could help, tose days seem to be gone for the most part. Thank God for the Nav system in the car, someday I will need to invest in one for the sled.
  22. Trail jcts and signs

    Those signs look like they should work great. One club where I have ridden (Baker River Valley, I think, not sure) puts a number on the post at every intersection. There is a corresponding number on the maps. You can match up the numbers, and there is no question about where you are. Found it helpful several times.
  23. Sno-Traveler

    Sno-Traveler made it down here to central Mass yesterday. Always good to see it, signals that we are getting closer. They did a nice job on the color insert for the grass drags. Lots of info in it.
  24. Who moved the lake

    Hope it comes back...
  25. Who moved the lake

    Got to agree with you there. It looks perfect right now. Wish I was there.... :sad: