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  1. Old map

    I carry both, paper is great for planning, and the batteries never go dead.
  2. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    I agree that average speeds are faster in Maine. I have ridden in parts of the state, many of the trails are wider and straighter, for much longer distances, more like highways than state two lane roads. Distances between towns tend to be longer, riding faster is easier. There are trails in NH where you have plenty of room, and good sight-lines, but not near as many as in Maine. As for off trail, I would agree that opening up some defined areas where it's acceptable makes sense. It even makes sense for the NHSA to help with the process. But it also seems to me that the responsibility should be on the people who want to ride off trail to take the first step, start to work with landowners, then with the organization. I sometimes see posts on other sites where new off trail riders ask where they can ride. They typically get no answer, or someone is up front and tells them that no one is going to give up their secret spot. I would have to think that a big part of the reason they want to keep the secret is that they know they aren't supposed to be there. In the end, we have to understand that the landowners are in charge, and work with them, so we don't wind up with no place to ride.
  3. HELP. Need parts. Polaris iq

    That will be a great upgrade for him. Is the new one a 600 or 800? Hard to tell from the pic.
  4. I'M BACK!!!!!!

    Congrats on the retirement, will be watching for you for sure. Not the typical Old Fart equipment...
  5. HELP. Need parts. Polaris iq

    That's one way to get a new rail. How many miles did you have on the Shift? I know it got lots of use.
  6. GPS use in heavy snow

    Probably a good plan. I have a GPS on my sled, and rely on it, but I keep a map with me too. Between that, and the maps at the trail junctions in that area, you should be fine. If you think you may be out after dark, bring a flashlight. Can be hard to see those maps in the dark... Looks like Sunday we will be all doing this >> Remember not to point your snowblower chute into the wind...
  7. GPS use in heavy snow

    I have never had trouble in the car, so I would think you would be fine. Probably want to make sure you keep it dry though. I always carry a map, as a backup.
  8. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    I've got news for you. That's gonna get worse before it gets better , I'm sure some of the other old farts here can attest.
  9. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    These guys (and girls??) ... http://cnhsc.com/
  10. Today was a good day...

    Nice!!! You can see the smile right through the helmet.
  11. Buyers remorse phenomenon

    That thing looks great, nice job!
  12. Anyone have any snow totals?

    Looks like you got something up there the last few days.
  13. NHSA registration portal

    Sounds like a good outcome, that is nice to hear. We mostly get only bad news about the whole program, good to hear they were able to help you.
  14. We have a bridge!

    Looks great!
  15. Attn Attn Attn

    See that - All we needed to do was ask.
  16. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    I posted this here in 2014, not much has changed I guess. I think the idea of getting the people who would like to ride off trail involved with the clubs (and for the clubs to accept them), and work with landowners where possible to define acceptable places to ride is the best answer. that doesn't mean showing up at a meeting and asking someone to define it for them; it means really getting involved. Trails will continue to close if the off trail riders continue to ride where they are not wanted, which isn't good for any of us. I'm not into the off trail stuff, don't really understand the draw, but am fine with it as long as riders have permission to use the areas where they ride.
  17. Contact List

    If it's time for lights, it's time to think about the contact list. If you are on the list, you know what it is all about. If you aren't see below. This kind of thing is a benefit that you won't get on something like Facebook. We have been doing it for years, and many have us have benefited. The list goes in a protected part of the forum, only members have access. It has never been abused. There are dozens of names on the list, to give you an idea. If you are on the list, have a look, let me know if any of your info needs to be updated. How it works is you have to PM me here at SLEDNH to have access to see and be on it. I will update it often as possible so it should be updated as I get new information. How that works is you PM me the following ..... Your Site Name Here Your REAL first & last name Your Town & State Your Contact telephone number Home or Cell or BOTH (up to you which you want to use and please put either a "H" or "C" in front of the number so I know which it is) Your Contact E-mail address The RULES are ..... This LIST is not to be given to ANYONE not on this LIST. The LIST is not to be used to send SPAM, CHAIN LETTERS or JOKES to anyone on the LIST. Lastly NO ONE that is not on this LIST will have access to see or print this LIST. This LIST is for your benefit to be able to ride with others and to make new friends and ride new places and see new trails. Please DO NOT abuse this benefit ! I will let the Administrator's here deal with any and all offenders.
  18. Contact List

    Skully started this back about 10 years ago. When he got sick a few years back, I picked it up. Easy enough to do, and it has been helpful.
  19. 2006 Polaris FST Classic

    Could be a crack in the hose inside the tank, allowing it to draw air? Is the fuel pump in the tank?
  20. An early

  21. 2006 Polaris FST Classic

    I always liked those sleds, wanted to buy one. Was looking for a Touring version when I upgraded a few years ago, could not find one that had reasonably low miles.
  22. Sled would not start

    Rivercat - I did check the rest of the lines. They seem to be in great shape, pliable, and clean. Snorander - that sled looks great, clean as a whistle.
  23. Sled would not start

    Pulled the trailer up from the back of the yard last week, charged the batteries. and tried to start them up. The newer sled started and ran like a charm. The older one, my 2003 Polaris Trail Touring 550 would not start. Ran fine when I cleaned it and put it on the trailer in the spring. Has started fine in past years. I remembered a problem that I had with my other Polaris sled a few years ago, also in the fall. Shined a flashlight into the fuel tank, and sure enough, the fuel line had rotted and fallen off where it connects to the fitting that goes through the front of the tank. Same thing happened to the other one a few years back. Went to the local small engine repair shop, got a few feet of Tygon tubing, which is what they use to replace bad fuel lines these days, Pulled the airbox, disconnected the hose from the fitting on the tank, unscrewed the fitting Fished the old hose out of the tank with a bent coat hanger. Connected a new hose to the tank side of the fitting and put it back, fished the new hose end out of the tank, and put the filter back on (filter would not fit through hole in tank). Was going to replace the rest of the fuel lines, but they really looked fine, so I let sleeping dogs lie. Pulled the drain tubes off the bottom of the carbs, they were clean and dry. Put the air box back, and buttoned everything up. Turned the key, and once the carbs primed it started right up and ran like a charm. Moral of the story - if your sled won't start in the fall, and it doesn't seem to be flooding, check the hose inside the tank.
  24. Sled would not start

    I suspect it happens fairly often on older sleds. Seemed like it was worth sharing the experience, might save someone else from doing a lot on unnecessary work. Took me a lot longer to figure out the first time it happened for sure.