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  1. I'm back

    Good to see you here again.
  2. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    The sleds are senior citizens, anyone can drive them.
  3. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Probably tome to turn them off. Need to save some bulbs for next year.
  4. Snowmobile insurance

    No, Progressive was half the price of my local agent. The local agent really didn't seem to know much about insuring sleds, and the price was high. My sled insurance renews in November, that may make a difference. Price was $394, full coverage on my 2012 Cat TZ1, liability only on my 2003 Polaris Trail Touring. I forget the max liability amount, I think it was just the standard amount. Not exactly high risk sleds...
  5. Snowmobile insurance

    I got a much better price (about half) from this place compared to my local agent, who has my homeowners and car insurance. Wound up with a policy with Progressive. Price was a few dollars higher this year, but not much. https://www.sledinsure.com/
  6. I understand Capitalism, but...

    I talked with BigGuy about this. Mostly, interested in Above the Notch. Without going all the way to Pittsburg, my list includes (in no particular order): Mountain View Grand, Whitefield - Good trail access, very nice. Pricey, more for couples. Good food Wayside Inn, Bethlehem - Good trail access, a bit run down, decent food, affordable, quiet Cabot Inn, Lancaster - Good trail access. I have not stayed here is several years, not sure about current status Royalty Inn, Gorham - Have not stayed here, but it looks like a good option. There is trail access. Town and Country, Gorham - Good trail access, good food, good value in the past Lancaster Motel, Lancaster - I believe they have trail access, have not stayed here
  7. Help with Union Leader cartoon

    Maybe its a warning to anyone who wants to walk on a trail (which I don't have a problem with), needs to recognize that they are on a trail, and should take some extra caution? If you ride any of the trails close to Franconia Notch, there tends to be lots of people just out for a walk in the trails, you need to be really careful. Maybe I'm being too kind. Or - Maybe they forget that without the sled clubs, there would be no trails. Just ask the people looking for the lost trails around the Castle in the Clouds.
  8. NHSA safety course

    If you only want him to take the class for the knowledge. Sign yourself up, and let him go through it. He can take it again next year when he is the right age, and get his cert. Or better yet, do it together. I took my nephew to an in person class some years ago, definitely learned a few things sitting in the back.
  9. I will register one or both when it's time to ride them. Any travel restrictions around Covid will change my plans before the price increase does. Joined my club back in September, that part is out of the way.
  10. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Can he seed the clouds with that thing??? What could go wrong - seems like a good plan to me. Of course he would probably lose control of the thing, and bury the state house up to the dome...
  11. Time for Christmas Lights?

    See what happens when the bulbs get put up? Snow comes. Now we just need to adjust the strings a bit to get the storm aimed a bit better.
  12. Official SledNH weather thread

    If you got 18 inches of snow there, that's good. I just came in from clearing my driveway, got maybe 14 inches here.
  13. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Could use the stress reduction and festiveness this year for sure.
  14. Could be tough to get out this season

    I have stopped at Plain Janes several times, an always liked it. It's a shame to see these businesses close. No fault of the owners or employees who worked for years to build a business.
  15. Could be tough to get out this season

    That place does have promise. But unless I hit the lottery (not likely, I never buy tickets), it is a bit out of my range, especially for the four people that would likely in our group. I guess if you can get 12 people together and split the cost it gets more reasonable. And yes, more snow an open trails in the southern part of the state would make day trips easier.