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  1. Could be tough to get out this season

    I have stopped at Plain Janes several times, an always liked it. It's a shame to see these businesses close. No fault of the owners or employees who worked for years to build a business.
  2. Could be tough to get out this season

    That place does have promise. But unless I hit the lottery (not likely, I never buy tickets), it is a bit out of my range, especially for the four people that would likely in our group. I guess if you can get 12 people together and split the cost it gets more reasonable. And yes, more snow an open trails in the southern part of the state would make day trips easier.
  3. Could be tough to get out this season

    A agree. Things are surely going in the wrong direction right now. Some of it is unavoidable, but I think 'we' could do better. Whatever you think about the benefits of wearing a mask, I think wearing one makes lots of people more comfortable, particularly the people who can make decisions around our ability to visit NH from out of state, and our ability to get out and ride, which includes getting fuel and food. I don't think anyone is worried about people being out on the trails, the issue is stopping and going inside buildings. One thing I am thinking about is renting a cabin for trips this year, and avoiding hotels. Maybe even a loop that gets me back to the cabin for lunch, rather than trying to find a restaurant someplace. Maybe its time for all of us to pay a bit more attention to Bruce's trailside cooking tips...
  4. Could be tough to get out this season

    I agree that enforcement will be tricky, especially for day travelers. We often do 3 - 4 day trips, staying in a hotel. Maybe a Covid test will be enough to get me by. Also, we typically look to ride to a town, have some lunch, and continue on. If the restaurants are all closed, or are take out only, its going to be tougher, especially if we cannot access rest rooms, as we often travel with our wives. My wife has answered the call of nature off the side of a trail before, but it is by no means her first choice....
  5. Noticed this on Facebook this morning. If NH and Maine put in a policy like this, my sled stays parked for the winter, will no be welcome anywhere. Not saying this is the wrong approach from a health and safety standpoint, and health and safety is important. Just saying I won't be able to ride. Maybe with a recent Covid test, will have to see how that shakes out. May be time to hope there are some decent trails in western MA... https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Snowmobiling-in-Vermont-and-COVID-19.html?soid=1113019244226&aid=DzJpZZA-YuA
  6. Where there's a will, there's a way... If that thing has studs, the roof is probably gonna leak.
  7. My front yard this afternoon.... The weather called for an inch or so, we have a good four in the ground so far.
  8. Unfavorable riding conditions

    I really don't see why they call the riding conditions unfavorable. It was a nice warm day. Hopefully he was not hurt badly.
  9. Snow Traveler

    Got my Snow Traveler today. Got my Snow Traveler today. Yup - got two. Thought they had solved this problem, guess not.
  10. What do you think?

    You have a point. I would hope that the most of the money would be distributed to clubs (maybe prioritized to clubs who have a history of sending help to the grass drags?) to offset revenue reduction due to the cancelled grass drags. I have to admit that I don't know much about what it costs to run the NHSA. With all the cancelled events this year, I would expect costs to be down??
  11. What do you think?

    That looks like good news.
  12. NHSA membership portal

    I did see an error there. It showed one renew button for a club that I have never been a member of. I just ignored that, joined the club I wanted to (same as last year), and everything was normal after that. I will say that I seem to remember that the portal was out of commission for a while last fall. I had joined my club before that happened, so I never logged into the newer style site. I figured that was why I saw the link to the wrong club, and just moved on. Maybe that was right, maybe there is something else going on.
  13. NHSA membership portal

    I joined a club on Sep 4, everything went smoothly, no issues.
  14. Making lemonade

    I saw this, thought it was a great idea.
  15. What do you think?

    On top of all the other costs, the extra $25 really isn't going to make much difference. Since I live 100 miles south of Concord, day trips to Maine are pretty much out of the question distance wise, but I can get as far as Baker River Valley, and some good riding easy enough. I will burn about $25 worth of gas just getting to Concord on the first trip. Just need snow, and to be welcome to come, depending on the Covid restrictions that may be in place come winter, which none of us can even begin to predict.