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  1. Monday, 1/20/2020 ride, Trails 8, 5, 11

    Thanks for the update Welcome to the forum, don't be a stranger, there is a good group here. I would have expected that coverage would have been better. I think I would have found a way to get off those rail beds in those conditions, even if I had to ride around in circles. Glad you didn't get hung up on one.
  2. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Nice to see people getting out. Hope to ride a bit this weekend, waiting to see what Mother Nature gives us...
  3. Changing color of a plastic part, Wrap?

    I have had good luck with painting plastic items like that. Clean it good, sand it lightly, and use Krylon paint. Be sure to let it dry for a few days inside where it's warm. If you aren't sure if the paint will stick, spray some on only the back side first, where it would not show if you don't like it. Then you can flex the panel, rub it with something, and get a good idea if you will be happy with the results before you paint the top. You're only risking the price of a can of paint...
  4. Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone had a great day, and that you are stretching the festivities into the weekend. Sled.jfif
  5. How much air is in your spare?

    I suppose it doesn't matter how much air is in the tire if you can't get it out from under the truck...
  6. How much air is in your spare?

    Call this a public service announcement if you like – When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your spare tire? My daughter came home last week, parked, and heard hissing. We figured out pretty quickly that she had run over something, got stuck in the tire. Thankfully, she was in the driveway when she found it. I got her spare out, and put it on, she took the car her cousins shop the next day, he fixed the leak, and put the tire back on. When I put the spare on, it was easy to see that the pressure was low. Got the tire gauge out, 20 PSI, should be 60. Filled it up, she was good to go. Made me think, so I checked one of my cars. Had not checked that tire in several years. 16 PSI, should be 60. Point is, if that flat had happened on the road someplace, the spare would not have been much use, unless there was a gas station close by to limp to. Might want to check your spares, to know they will be ready if you need them. BTW - While you are at it, check the spare on your trailer...
  7. Christmas bulbs

    I'm guessing CKF is in his basement, saying some not-so-nice words...
  8. Early riding

    Nothing wrong with that. At least you know nothing is coming out of places where is isn't supposed to be, or not flowing through places where it should.
  9. Contact List

    It is that time. Breaking them seems to bring snow. Or at least we are all a little less stressed.
  10. Contact List

    OK - So its that time again. See above, I won't bother to copy and paste everything. If you are interested in having a sure way to contact other from this site for sled related stuff, this is a great way to do it. Over the years, I have met and rode with several people this way. If you are interested, or need to update your contact info, send me a Private Message.
  11. 11 Degrees, Tow Job, Vintage Sled, Funny Stuff!

    Whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. But - I will never understand why people go out knowing it will be really cold, without the proper warm weather gear. Maybe it's a lesson from the Blizzard of '78, where lots of people got stranded in their cars overnight, but I always have the right gear in case I need to change a tire, or walk a mile or two. You just never know...
  12. Electric recreational vehicles

    Yup, that's a problem, they will have to find a way to assure a good range, and we would need some infrastructure for charging. time will tell.
  13. Electric recreational vehicles

    You can get tremendous performance from some of the electric cars. But, just like with a gas powered car, using that performance puts a real limit on driving range. some of them are advertising 300 mile plus ranges, but if you are pulling away from stop lights at 0-60 times under 4 seconds, you are not going to get 300 miles on a charge. My truck can squeeze 450 miles out of a tank of gas if I go easy. But I bet I can get that down to about 200 miles if I wear my lead shoes. I am sure the same will go for sleds. 88 miles is a decent range, but most of us will be too hard on the flipper to get that far. But, if they can sell some of these, and work to improve the technology, we could be at a real life 200 mile range in 10 years I bet.
  14. Electric recreational vehicles

    This technology has come a long way, especially batteries. They charge faster, pack more power, and are smaller. I could see this for short tours, places like ski areas, and that sort of thing. As range improves, who knows? I have read stories about people travelling cross country with electric cars. It takes a bit of patience because charging takes longer than filling a gas tank, but it can be done. Ten years ago it would not have been possible, so who is to say the could not get there?