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  1. Trails look great. Visiting my son in Indianapolis this weekend, so no riding here. Have plans to go to Gorham this coming weekend, praying the snow holds...
  2. Sled NH running on Invision Community Platform

    I am sure there are other options, but for a forum, I can't imagine there would be much of an advantage in them. This tool seems to do everything needed, isn't buggy, is reliable, and easy to read. CKF might be able to tell you something about the administration side, seems to me you would want something that is reasonable easy to organize and take care of, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. I hope you are successful with your venture.
  3. Seems like 5 - 7 inches of snow, with a little rain on top would groom up well once it gets cold again.
  4. We really needed this, it will make a big difference for lots of clubs.
  5. 2018 School Vactions NH-MA

    The Mass vacation week is most always the week of Presidents day. Seems like NH picks the following week every year. I always wondered if the ski resorts had a hand in picking the NH week to spread things out.
  6. Trail side - camping

    You're right, it can be done, but it isn't for the faint hearted, and definitely not for the unprepared.
  7. Trail side - camping

    I used to work with a guy who liked to winter camp in the Whites, solo. He liked the solitude, I always thought it was dangerous. Came back once with a story about a bear getting into his tent. Tore it up, made a mess, lucky for him he wasn't there. Book he was reading had a tooth mark in it 50 pages deep..
  8. Trail side - camping

    So are you saying that if I sleep in my backyard every night I could lose some weight???
  9. Waste of Good Snow

    That's promising. See what happens when we take the Christmas lights down???
  10. Waste of Good Snow

    Got about 4 inches here overnight, all in the wrong place. Lets hope Mother Nature works on her navigation skills a bit for the next one.
  11. lights

    Lights are gone - bring on the snow!
  12. Trail side - camping

    Well done - great memories for all.
  13. lights

    I'm thinking that it might be time to take the lights down. Might cause a favorable change in the weather, and I'm willing to try anything that might work...
  14. I also saw comments with suggestions that the people who want to ride off trail get together, define the places (if there are any) where it is permitted, and share the info. That would take pressure off trail closings because people ride where they shouldn't* *Assuming the dummies in the group ride where it's legal, instead of wherever they want.
  15. ATV club theft

    It isn't only snowmobile clubs. A local woman was taking money from the 4H account she managed, I have heard of PeeWee football accounts getting stripped, it goes on and on. Peer audits sound like a great idea to me. Just for fun, what if the New York, VT, NH and Maine state associations acted as a clearing house, matching up clubs, then the state associations auditing each other. Would help educate everyone, find small problems while they are small, and maybe turn up some bigger stuff. If nothing else, false accusations and conspiracy theories would subside if there were regualar audits.