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  1. Issues with membership portal

    About two weeks ago, I re-upped my club membership, paid my dues, and printed the voucher no issues.
  2. Snowy winter on tap?

    Interesting looking through this thread from last year. Lots of doomsday stuff until early January, then things got better. We really did have a pretty good snow winter last year overall. Let hope for another...

    Planning to visit on Sunday.
  4. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    I live in Mass, and have ridden in both NH and Maine. I'm OK with the speed limit (not that I have never gone faster for a bit). On most trails, 45 is plenty. Sure, a few could support faster speeds, but I fully understand (and respect) the issues with landowners, and think it would be a challenge for clubs to be putting up speed limit signs in selected areas above everything else the volunteers need to do. I prefer NH, for me. Mostly riding with family, nearly half of it 2-up, we look for 60 - 80- mile days, sometimes around 100 miles. Want to be able to ride from a hotel to some destination for lunch, then work our way back. I can save at least 50, often more than 100 miles each way in the truck getting to good riding in NH compared to Maine (for me). The cost of fuel and time is more than offset by a few extra dollars to register. I could see a number of people riding Maine for off trail (not much we can do about that, and I would rather they be in Maine, so as not to screw things up in NH), and some for the ability go go fast. Seems to me, if you really want to go that fast, do it there, I'm better off in NH. We are each entitled to ride the way we like, withing the regulations (to protect the trails for all), and if you feel you need to ride in Maine to accomplish that, then that's where you should ride. I think John M's point about the speed limits on roads not being much different is a good one, I had not really thought about it that way.
  5. Something different

    Nice. Amazing scenery for sure. Brings a whole new meaning to 'off trail'. And - I have to agree that trail side cooking would not be a great idea. Good way to put yourself on the menu.
  6. Hello, again

    Glad to see you back.
  7. Slowly collecting parts

    Looking good. Lets hope we get some snow early this year. That thing looks great.
  8. Weather its old cars, sleds, tractors, or what have you, there is a network of people who are buying and selling parts, you just need to look a bit to find it. It's amazing to me how much to on in some of the more obscure areas.
  9. Digital Maps from NHSA

    My Snow Traveler showed up in the mail yesterday. Have not read much in it yet, but did take a quick look. Noticed a story about digital maps, just found this on the NHSA website. Will be interesting to see what level of detail they provide. https://nhsa.com/digital-snowmobile-trail-map/ FWIW - I got only one copy of the Snow Traveler, looks like they finally solved the problem of sending multiples.
  10. Too bad, but I think it will be the way for lots of magazines. American Snowmobiler Magazine Ceases Publication By AmSnow staff | September 15, 2019 RELATED TOPICS: NEWS After 34 years, American Snowmobiler magazine is ceasing publication following the November 2019 issue. It has been our pleasure to serve you and provide you the most up-to-date snowmobiling information, honest sled reviews and our three exclusive shootout reports. We thank you for your loyalty and support. We will continue to update our popular website through the end of 2019. Further information about subscription fulfillment will be coming soon. For now, if you have questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service team at 877-246-4889 or email them at customerservice@americansnowmobiler.info Again, thank you for your support. It has been a great ride!
  11. It's amazing to me to see how much of that stuff is out there. BTW - I was at Livingstons Arctic Cat a while back. I know there are a bit of a distance from you (not as far as the midwest), but they have a 'boneyard' behind their shop, with dozens of older sleds. Not sure if you are aware, but if you need something, they may have it. I have no idea what they would be willing to part with, but it was interesting to walk around that stuff to see what was there.
  12. Slowly collecting parts

    That thing looks like its brand new. Very nice.
  13. Amateur Radio Field Day this weekend.

    I had no idea there were so many of these clubs.
  14. Driving West on Route 111 Winter is a coming!!!

    There are a couple of trees that always the first ones to change in my yard. Noticed a bit of color last weekend. End of summer is surely coming.
  15. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    That seems to clear the whole 'I can modify my sled as long as it meets the sound requirements' problem better than a flat out 'must have factory exhaust'. Problem is, I don't think any of the aftermarket companies get their parts certified. If they go to the expense of doing that now, riders may have the option of a lighter exhaust system that is legal. Seems like a good thing to me. Note - I will be leaving my factory system on either way...