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  1. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I think the idea that Snowmobiling is self funding is a good thing. That means that riders need to pay for the costs of riding, so the fact is that riders are a source of income. But I do agree that it would be great if many of us (me included) got more involved with their clubs. For me, it's tougher living where I do, but that excuse goes only so far. I will say that I have joined several different NH clubs over the years, always put my email address as part of the application, but have never received an email newsletter, or any other communication from the club once I sent in my registration fee. I know that volunteer man power (personpower??) is hard to come by, but I would feel more connected if some sore of newsletter came to my inbox from time to time.
  2. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    The financial model is different in Maine. Registration money does not necessarily get to clubs, it can wind up in town general funds from what I understand. Moving to a model like in NH would funnel more money to clubs. Would not help with manpower, but they are struggling financially as well as from a shortage of helpers.
  3. Sad news...

    Very sorry to hear about this, he really did seem like a great guy. I am particularly sorry to hear that he may have been alone when he passed, I hope that he did not suffer for any length of time. When I do eventually go, I hope that some family is close by...
  4. Snow in the forecast, and I am totaly not ready

    Tough to keep up sometimes with so many priorities. Congrats on the new house! Nothing like a little snow to get you motivated.
  5. lights

    I forgot about those...
  6. Ski-Cab

    At 1500 pounds, I really wouldn't want to get it stuck. But at least you would have a phone to call for help...
  7. Riders List

    That's right, no changes since last January. Yamiblue - It does look like you fell off the list at some point, must be my fault, sorry. If you can send me your details in a PM, I will put you back on.
  8. Riders List

    Got it, I'll make the changes in the next few days.
  9. Riders List

    - Time for annual update - Hopefully we will be able to start to ride within the next month. As we approach opening day on the trails, its time to focus on the Riders List. If you are on the list - It's time to have a look to make sure your info is up to date. If your email or cell phone (or anything else) has changed, send me a message, I will update and redistribute. If you are not on the list – We developed a method to share our real names and contact information, in a secure way, so that we could contact each other to arrange for group rides. · The information is not shared with anyone who is not on the list. · No one is to use it for sending chain emails, advertisements, or anything that is not specifically related to making plans to ride. - We have been doing this since 2009, I am not aware of anyone using this info for anything other than it's intended purpose, we have been good about protecting each others info. · To get access to the forum, you need to be on the list. · To get on the list, send me (PolarisCobra) a Personal Message with your o Screen name o Real name o Town o Email o Any phone numbers you want people to be able to use to contact you. · I will add you to the list, and get forum access turned on. In the TOPIC section of your post, be sure to include ONLY the Date and DAY you plan on riding. This way if you put the wrong Date we can double check. · In the posting section of the post be as specific as possible · Where you are leaving from · What time you are leaving the meeting are. · What type of riding you plan on doing - Slow – Medium- Fast · How long of a ride - Half day - All Day – Overnight · How many rider's you are looking for (set a maximum if you like)
  10. Anyone recommend a cat dealer

    Took a ride with my brother-in-law to Livingstons last week to drop off his T660. First time for either of us there, we had a good time looking around. Place is old school for sure, but they sure had a lot of sleds to work on, which seems like a good sign. His should be ready mid-December.
  11. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Often times, the ground wire in the trailer side is only a couple of feet long, and is attached to the frame up front. The entire trailer frame becomes the ground 'wire'. As said above, if there is some corrosion between the parts (wishbone and frame), the back half won't be grounded.
  12. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    I've had problems with mice getting into the trailer frame during the summer, where the wires run through. They love to eat the insulation, causing a short somewhere between the front and back. I wound up buying a complete wiring kit (at Wal-Mart I think), and replaced everything. It wasn't hard to do. Took the old wires out, they had eaten the insulation for several feet. so the bare wire was touching the frame. That can cause your problem where a different light comes on dim.
  13. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    Not to worry about the ATV, at least for me, I don't have one anyway. Also, I do know enough to bring an orange vest to be in the woods this time of year. Several of those questions were really to drive some discussion, the questions about club membership are real ones for me. I do think it points out some of the reasons that there may not be as many people showing up to help, they simply don't have enough information. I think it would be really great if clubs did a better job of making things clearer for the first timers, they may be more inclined to jump in if they have a better idea of what they are getting into.
  14. I plan to try to get up for a day to help out with some trail work, something I have not done before. I have joined a club (and NHSA). For my club (won't name it for now, because I think my questions would be the same for many clubs), there isn't much info about work parties, except that they are happening. I am trying to find out some details about how I can help, and how to be prepared. I am in central Mass, I live about 100 miles south of Concord, so I really don't want to get up early, drive all the way up there only to have it be a wasted day. As someone who has not done this before, it would be helplful to know What day to come, what time to start, and exactly where to report (at the Dunkin Donuts doesn't do it, there is one on every corner) What to bring - shovel, chain saw, brush cutter, wheelbarrow, ATV?? Do I need an orange vest, or something else to avoid getting shot by some hunter? Any other safety equipment to consider? Bring a lunch? What not to bring, because it isn't needed, or just a bad idea for some reason Do I need to belong to the club I volunteer for, or is NHSA membership enough. Is NHSA membership necessary? Remember, I have not done this before, so it would be helpful to know some basics, so I can be prepared, and not be a burden once I show up. I know the need is great, and clubs are looking for help. I think that if clubs want to get past the 'same 10 people' it would help to have some guidelines to know where and when to show up, and what to bring. Thanks