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  1. Christmas bulbs

    OK - So is it time to take them down now??? After all, it's almost Easter.
  2. Colman St Park

    It really was a light snow winter. We did good to get in the riding that we did. Biggest storm for us here in central Mass was in November. Could see the lawn for most of the winter. Looks like lots of clubs will be shutting down this week.
  3. Colman St Park

    Thanks for the update, it was helpful. We visited the Mountain View Grand two weeks ago, it looked like this. Made a reservation to stay this past Sun to Tuesday. Arrived to find this. Wound up trailering up to Coleman SP on Monday, rode from there. It was 60 degrees there at one point on Monday. Found some great trails, but sometimes we would come around a corner, and it would be mud for 100 - 300 yards, then back out of the sun, and it was OK again. Some areas were great, but I doubt there will be much left by this coming weekend. This was at the aptly named Grandview snack shack.
  4. Colman St Park

    Any chance of riding from there Monday?
  5. Trail signage issues

    I'm sure that is more important in your area, where there is lots of ATV usage. Maybe there could be a way to denote on signs that they are for snowmobile or ATV users. Or use the same route numbers for trails that are used by both user groups? I was up in that area a few weeks back, and noticed multiple trail signs that were ATV focused, and that caused some confusion for me for sure, those signs are not all coming down for the winter. I can't say for sure which clubs trails I was on, so this may not pertain to your club specifically. I have to think that it is difficult to get volunteers to do all that work. Seems to me that routing signs, and stop signs are most important. Most of the rest could be lower priority, if necessary. I agree with the policy put in place a few years back where many of the arrow signs were eliminated, partly for the reason of volunteers. I would think that in the more northern clubs, where things are more spread out, vandalism could be a bigger issue, but the idea of permanent signs does seem to have some merit, if they can be left up all year.
  6. Choko gloves

    This is probably your best bet. We have some clothes from Choko, and like them. https://chokodesign.com/stores/dealers.html
  7. I have to say it is comfy. Smooth, the 4 stroke is quiet and as powerful as I need it to be. I get extra points for the heated seat in back when my wife rides along. It has a set of fiberglass helper springs that I can engage when riding two-up. Never bottoms out. It fits my needs well, surely isn't for everyone. Just don't get it stuck, because it is as heavy as it looks, maybe more. No one has to worry about me going off trail, that is for sure.
  8. New Random photo thread...post them if you got them!

    Near Dixville a few weeks back. Another member here, who will remain anonymous, unless he claims the pic.
  9. I rode through Franconia Notch on Saturday. It really is a cool trail, great views. Fun cruising under the highway. Just be ready to give a wide berth to the groups on the rentals. You of all people know they can be a bit unpredictable.
  10. Christmas bulbs

    Maybe it's time to take them down? Seems like winter has finally arrived...
  11. You have been waiting for this day to come for quite some time. Well done!

    I have parked my sled there, and gone in for a meal. Noticed the trucks parked out back, thought it was nice of them to let people park there. You would think that it goes without saying that you would at least come and get something. There are usually dumpsters behind a place like that, no excuse for leaving junk on the ground...
  13. Pittsburg trails this past weekend

    Things can only be so good if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, which is not happening. Cancelled a trip this weekend, because I think the conditions will be lousy. Hoping for a change in the pattern for sure.
  14. Vintage Sled Ride Jan 26th, no reg required

    I agree on the Baker River part. I can manage riding from there on a day trip from where I live, and I try to do it a couple of times each season. Might manage to do a trip next weekend with a little luck. By the looks of the skid under that thing you should be able to run circles around most of the other sleds there. And if it's sunny, blind them with those skis!