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  1. Craziest thing you've ever done for a snowmobile?

    Yup, nice country up there. You just have to live to tell the story.
  2. Craziest thing you've ever done for a snowmobile?

    Cool, although I can't do those kamakasi runs like that. I would fall asleep for sure. So - that's two new red sled on the same day, in May no less.
  3. Godspeed Jim Herbert

    'after a lengthy illness' It's difficult when someone goes suddenly, from the perspective of closure, but I hate the idea of suffering for a long time. I hope that wasn't the case for him. 57 years married is an accomplishment, I hope I get there. RIP
  4. Fire at Murray Farm

    I have been in that building, it is really a shame to see this. David (he prefers David) - my name is David as well, but I'm fine with either - I hope you can save most of it, and you are better them most at making lemons from lemonade, I hope everything turns out well.
  5. No new posts since 3/21/19

    You can like posts here... I check the sledding spots on Facebook from time to time, but I agree it is much harder to follow, and there is substantially more crapola there. I'm happy to stick with the grownups here, even if there are fewer of us.
  6. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Did they stop selling gas at Lowes? We filled up there a couple of times this season, last time was in late February.
  7. Off Topic

    I wonder if a 'Test drive' was a semi-annual event for this guy, so he didn't have to buy a truck of his own? Towing a boat is not something I would let someone do on a test drive, I bet she did not know that is what he intended. The owner of the truck got her money from the insurance company, so I guess she comes out OK. It will be interesting to see what the court finds. If this were a more typical accident (If he crashed into her truck with his), her insurance would have paid her the money, but would they then go after the guy to get it back? If he had insurance, his company may pay hers, but if he doesn't it is really unclear to me. Things vary from state to state, here in Mass, I have Uninsured motorist coverage, that may come into play here if he had no coverage.
  8. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Been meaning to add some pics here for a while. Rode out of Baker River with BigGuyNH today, had a great ride. First time to the Rocket for him. Had lunch at the Mountain View with our wives a few weeks back. Best front porch in New England, at least. Getting ready to head out with our group in Early February, in Gorham. Fayban's for lunch on a different day. Just a trail shot I liked. Probably done for this year, unless the cold holds for a few more weeks, got in more trips and miles than average for me.
  9. Something to think about

    You might be able to pay for insurance up front when you rent it, like when you rent a car. Otherwise, you crash it - you bought it. I would guess that the reported rate of accidents is higher. Lots of people don't insure their sleds. In a relatively minor accident - broken plastics, bent A-arms, etc, and no or minor injury, the sled probably gets driven or towed off the trail, and the accident is never reported. This has happened to one of my sleds. Rentals are one way to introduce new people to the sport, which is a good thing, especially if they have a good experience. I rented one years ago, but don't remember much about the training, who knows what they tell people now.
  10. Saturday?

    Going to try again, hoping to ride somewhere south of Franconia Notch, Saturday or Sunday, Anyone available while there is still snow? Thanks.
  11. Saturday?

    Sorry for your loss. Maybe next week.
  12. Saturday?

    Hoping to ride Saturday. Had a plan, but my partner had to change plans. Would be happy to meet most anyplace south of Franconia Notch. Anyone available?
  13. Snow Totals

    Got about a foot down here where its useless.
  14. GSX550f

    I think it is. Make sure the parking brake is not on. Get the sled on the stand, give it a little gas and let off. Track should coast a bit, and you should be able to move it by hand. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Snow Totals