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  1. Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

    Nice! Looks like everyone wins with this one.
  2. I know I said my next sled would be a rev, but.....

    Will be interesting to watch this progress. You will need to do some searching to find the missing parts for that thing for sure. Could turn out to be a great project.
  3. Upgraded my Wheels

    It's actually a 2017, has 22,000 miles on it. So it was much less expensive than a new one, but it's in great shape. A brand new one would have been nice, but this will be just fine for me.
  4. Upgraded my Wheels

    Was time to upgrade from my 2006 Pacifica. 196,000 miles, getting rusty needed maintenance that would cost more than it was worth. Going to miss it in some ways, was a great vehicle. Towed the sled trailer all over NH and Maine, never needed a ride on a wrecker, never needed to open up the motor or drive train for a failure. Got my value out of it for sure. Got a Ram pickup, 2017, 22,000 miles. I am REALLY liking it so far. Plenty of room, tons of power, and uses about the same amount of gas as the Pacifica did, based on the first week. This thing will tow the trailer much better, we really need a good snow winter now.
  5. Great start to a base

    Nah - no good, I don't think the groomer will have much luck packing it.
  6. Things are quiet here

    I have been accused of being an optimist... Been using boiled linseed oil for my trailer floor. Not slippery, seems to provide good protection. I tried Thompson's on the deck a home once, thought it was terrible.
  7. Things are quiet here

    We have already turned the corner - the days have started to get shorter. You will be using it before you know it.
  8. NHSA Bonus Program

    I don't have much insight into what the pay rates are back to the volunteers. Sounds like it has been $10/hr for some time? Do they have trouble getting enough help for the event? If they need more help, an increase may be in order. IF they get enough help, then its easy to say an increase isn't needed. Either way, the concept of a bonus that is tied to profitability (mostly driven by the number of attendees) seems to make sense to me.
  9. NHSA Bonus Program

    Been quiet here, even for summertime. I noticed this post on the NHSA website, looks like a good deal for the clubs, and helps move a bit more money from this event to where it will be used to improve trails. https://nhsa.com/volunteer-bonus-program/ Am I missing something, or is this a positive move?
  10. Things are quiet here

    We had lots of good years with them. My father-in-law is 90 now, but we had him out on the trails 7 - 8 years ago. My wife is struggling with it for sure. Trying to help her understand that its something you have to expect. The only alternative is going before them, and a parent should never have to bury their own kid. I have seen that happen, and it isn't good. Better that we attend our parents funeral than the other way around. It is surely taking lots of our time, but I'm not complaining about it, it's just something you do when you need to.
  11. Things are quiet here

    Started a new job, crazy busy with the In-Laws (Mother-In-Law had a minor stroke in Feb, Father-In-Law with dimentia), visiting grandkids, and yes, cutting the grass tonight.
  12. congrats

    Congrats, and thank you!
  13. Modern sled with traditional ride

    Seems that you could look at the Yamahas from a few years back. A Rage or Apex...
  14. Special Meeting

    FWIW - I like the portal, and the ability to join on line. When it was available, I would join the club of my choosing from home in October, and print the voucher. Once the snow flies, on my way north form my first trip, I stop at the new rest area in Hookset. They processes registrations at the Info desk. I bring my voucher, last years registration, and my credit card. I am out of there in 10 minutes with stickers, and on my way. They open at 7:00 AM, so it's easy to stop on my way to the trails. There are no dealers open at that time of day, so that spot works great for me. Since I live relatively far south, my only other option is to make a special trip to register ahead of time, which is a waste of time if it isn't necessary. I'm hoping they can get the portal extended to do on-line registrations. Then I can do everything at home before I leave. I have done that for trips to Maine. Go to their version of the F & G website, fill in the form, provide a CC number, get an email that I can carry when I ride. They send the stickers in the mail, but I don't need to wait for them if I print the receipt. Technology is changing the way we do things, and I'm not sure you can stop it. I do think there are ways to maintain your membership numbers, by offering reasons for people to join your club over others, but they will need to be different ways than putting forms at dealers, you would likely be better off looking for ways to capitalize on the new tools. As for eliminating the discount - I would guess that you had substantially fewer members before the discount was offered, compared to now. Is that right? If so, eliminating the discount would likely result in membership numbers reverting to what they were during those times.
  15. Special Meeting

    In the past, I have joined a club when registering at a dealer by filling out the clubs form (which they gave me), giving the money to the dealer, then registering with the discount. Seems to me that a club could buy something like an IPad (must be cheap ones available used on EBAY?), and leave it with the dealer. Then anyone could borrow the IPad, log into the site, join a club, get the email on their phone with the voucher, and register with the discount. I realize they would be free to join any club they want, but I would think that if you put a sign on the IPad that it was provided by XXX Club, for the purpose of joining their club, people would join the club recommended. I have to think most dealers and other registration agents have a WIFI connection that the IPad could be connected to.