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  1. Making lemonade

    I saw this, thought it was a great idea.
  2. What do you think?

    On top of all the other costs, the extra $25 really isn't going to make much difference. Since I live 100 miles south of Concord, day trips to Maine are pretty much out of the question distance wise, but I can get as far as Baker River Valley, and some good riding easy enough. I will burn about $25 worth of gas just getting to Concord on the first trip. Just need snow, and to be welcome to come, depending on the Covid restrictions that may be in place come winter, which none of us can even begin to predict.
  3. New Random photo thread...post them if you got them!

    That is a very cool looking sled. Style ahead of its time for sure. Looks brand new. Its nice that someone had the presence of mind to keep it covered up in a safe place. So many of these things wind up covered in grime and mouse droppings.
  4. Old days

    Yup, you can get badly hurt or worse at 20 MPH, don't need to go 100.
  5. Old days

    Nice. I think these stories are really interesting. There are people out there who will do nearly that many miles in one day now, it's amazing how far we have come with the ability to travel long distances.
  6. What do you think?

    I have plans to join a club this week. thought about it this morning when I changed the calendar over to September. Hopefully, it will be business as usual for me this year, some riding in NH and maybe Maine. I have been lucky, able to work from my home office since March, and stayed healthy, so the virus has not affected me as much as it has for lots of other people. Farmer's Almanac says we will have a cold snowy winter, lets hope they have a clue...
  7. Storm Last Night

    Mother Nature isn't being kind to us this year. She better cough up plenty of good rideable snow come January, or else...
  8. Storm Last Night

    Got LOTS of wind here in central Ma last night from the tropical storm. Many power outages, trees down, branches everywhere. One band of heavy rain for us, not much really. Did you get much damage up there? Wondering about downed trees on trails. Given that everyone is going to be short of cash this year due to limited fundraising, we don't need more work to do.
  9. Club Joined & sleds registered

    That's right, I remember now, got in under the wire. Well done. Just make sure the screws for those flaps are tight...
  10. Club Joined & sleds registered

    Well done. You must have some low numbers on the stickers.
  11. Grass Drags Cancelled

    Hopefully people take things seriously this summer, and keep infection rates low, which can result in fewer restrictions for out of state travelers. There is talk of a vaccine becoming available in the next six months. I think that until there is a vaccine that is widely available, we are going to struggle.
  12. Quarrentine Check in

    So everything is about normal with you then.
  13. Quarrentine Check in

    My mother-in-law is in a nursing home. Has a stoke a little over two years ago, between that and dementia (she is 90 years old), she really needs to be in that environment. We cannot visit her, which has been a challenge. My wife and her family have made sure she gets a visit every day up until the nursing home went into lockdown. We talk to her on the phone, to the extent that we can, she seems to be doing OK. According to reports we get from the nursing home, two employees, and 3 residents have tested positive. We hare just waiting and hoping she doesn't get sick, it likely won't end well. This thing does a lot of damage in nursing homes.
  14. Quarrentine Check in

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I have been lucky, I can do my job from home, can work with customers via teleconference, it is a software company, so we don't make a physical product. Everyone is working from home, getting things accomplished, getting new customers on line. My wife can work at home as well, she has a desk on the other side of the house, things are going smoothly for us. We are feeling good, our kids and grandkids are safe at home as well. My home office is a pretty comfortable place to work. How are the rest of you doing? Is your family healthy? Are you able to work? Do you think the grass drags will be cancelled???
  15. Not enough snow?

    The snowmobiling video look like a vintage ride in NH. The mountains look a little different, but the trees look very similar, along with the trails.