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  1. Planning trip. Leave Columbia Sunday 2/23/14. Will go to my camp in Columbia Saturday night. Leave first thing in morning. Three days in canada, stopping in Lac Etchemin, Rivier de Loup, phohegomook. Then three days thru Maine back to Columbia. Potentially Millenockett, Rangeley. We have three and want to add one. Must b able to ride 200+ miles a day potentially. We change trail based on flatness. Three day pass required for Canada. Obviously Maine sticker as well must have newer sled that you keep well maintained. Need saddle bags for trip. We r experienced Canada and northern Maine riders. IM or email me.
  2. 2-1-14 SDR and Pittsburg video..

    Nice ride. Was up there as we'll. rode to rangeley. 360 miles over the weekend Headed to canada this weekend
  3. Please keep us all updated, especially with the reciprocal weekend upcoming in Canada, February 8/9. Thanks to all with info.
  4. Fri feb 8 - sun 10th

    fast ride looking for fourth rider. must be able to ride 200 miles a day,, at least the first two days. planning on going to my camp in Colebrook on Thurs Feb 7th at night, then leave at 7am by sled. must have passport and insurance. Quebec reciprocity weekend, only pay $50 for a one day pass and ride three days. Stay in Lac Etchemin and horse barn in La Guadeloup. We are experienced Canada riders
  5. 2005 Polaris 550

    Do you have any pictures? Why are you looking to unload the sled?
  6. 1996 Arctic Cat Pantera-2up

    SOLD! Thank you
  7. Choko Riding Saddlebags

    SOLD! Thank you!
  8. 1996 Arctic Cat Pantera-2up

    1996 Arctic Cat Pantera, 2-up, FOR PARTS. Fan cooled 440cc engine, runs great. Had 1600 miles on it. Track in excellent shape. Seat in perfect condition. Suspension. Tail light. $395 for package. PM me for contact info.
  9. Woody's Executive 8" Carbide-Pair, fits Yamaha 1998-1999 composite skis, BRAND NEW in Package. WYV-6500 $50 These retail for $75 PM me for contact info.
  10. ZR1 Tank Bag

    Brand new ZR1 Tank Bag for sale. Never used. Clips included. $20 PM me.
  11. Choko Riding Saddlebags

    Check you PM for my phone number.
  12. Choko Riding Saddlebags

    I am in NY at the current time. I am working from home on MOnday. I have training from 11 to 6pm. I can meet you before or after. They are yours.
  13. Choko Riding Saddlebags

    Brand new Choko Riding Saddlebags. Used once, perfect condition. Clips included. 3 compartments. Great for day tripping or overnight rides. Universal fit. Had them on a Yamaha Apex. $40