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  1. random photo thread

    The snow was fun while it lasted...
  2. Early riding

    I got a mile in on Sunday doing laps around my house...
  3. Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    These two have never been ridden in Pittsburg.....
  4. Slowly collecting parts

    Well sadly, the rotary shaft seals went on the STX, I suppose better now than in the middle of winter. Oil leaked out filled the belly pan and leaked all over the garage floor.....All cleaned up and back together. Just need to run it it up to temp and burp the coolant system. I also wire brushed, sanded, and painted the trailing arms as well, even found a set of NOS decals for the trailing arms.
  5. Slowly collecting parts

    Haven’t checked in lately, been busy collecting parts and salvaging some spare parts for my sons Sprint....still need some stuff for my red Doo, a medium tinted windshield, battery, mirrors, carbides, and a couple of ball joints. I’m sure I’ll need more once I tear into it. But i’m Bringing the STX out of back up duty and making it my main sled again...why you may ask? Why not? Last winter I rode them back to back and decided I liked the STX better than the Z even though the only difference in clutching and carburetor size.
  6. AMSnow going out of Publication

    And their last issue didn’t even have a snowmobile on the cover, it had a snow bike. That tells you all you need to know.
  7. Slowly collecting parts

    Both are done, and now we wait....
  8. Slowly collecting parts

    Thanks, I have to, they’re all I’ve got
  9. Slowly collecting parts

  10. Slowly collecting parts

    And that’s a wrap, just need to pick up a new battery.
  11. Slowly collecting parts

    Thank you, it hides it's scars well, plus I'm showing you the good side LOL. The other side was messed up pretty good back in 2011. Fixed up as best as I could.
  12. Slowly collecting parts

    Almost there...
  13. Snoworx - what happened

    His car and bike operation seems to doing well.
  14. Slowly collecting parts

    New track is on. Waiting for parts before I can put the suspension back in....
  15. Snoworx - what happened

    His Website says he is in Peabody not Danvers
  16. 2019-2020 snow season

    No, just going to start tearing it down, drain chaincase & completely remove, remove rear suspension, remove track, etc...
  17. 2019-2020 snow season

    No promises, but I am hoping to start working on my sled this weekend....while it's still warm out...
  18. Slowly collecting parts

    Riding season will be here before we know it.
  19. Fire at Murray Farm

    So Sorry David, I hope everyone is ok!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do!
  20. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Got a 100 miles in on Friday and 145 miles on Saturday...Green is Friday Red is Saturday. Had the top of Kearsarge all too myself as I was the only one in our group who was able to make it up, go figure...