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  1. Well it's July 28th and all three sleds a registered and I have renewed my club membership....time to get to work on my some upgrades to the Formula Z....
  2. Club Joined & sleds registered

    Yes sir, stainless steel with lock nuts
  3. Club Joined & sleds registered

    Well, actually no stickers and I never have to register my sleds again LOL
  4. Quarrentine Check in

    I’m getting by
  5. Awesome ride today!

    Got 102 miles in today. Newfound lake to mount Shaw and back.
  6. random photo thread

    177 mile ride on Saturday and an 80 mile ride on Sunday....and more snow last night yeehaw!
  7. 177 miles on Saturday, 80 Miles on Sunday.....
  8. Probably going to mount them to the snow flap as that is the least painful place for me to have to drill holes in the sled. When I upgrade I'll be more than happy to pay the registration fees
  9. Yes I have LOL! I thought the law change was going to screw me, but I was able to sneak them in!
  10. Does anyone have the actual new antique registration laws and can you post it here please. Looking for the actual as written, not a summation or price breakdown. Thanks!
  11. New antique registration rules?

    Just filled to the form, registering both of my 1996's as antiques asap so I don't miss out...check will be in the mail tomorrow.
  12. New antique registration rules?

    Got my answer, looks like I'll be registering very early for next year.... "Because of the way the law is written, snowmobiles manufactured in 1995 can be registered as an antique until April 30th. Effective May 1st, snowmobiles must be manufactured in 1994 or prior."
  13. New antique registration rules?

    Thank you, I emailed Fish and Game for clarification, so we'll see what they say. Manufacture date is the key as my sled is a 1996 Model year and registered ans a 1996 model, but it is stamped on the tunnel as manufactured in 1995.
  14. New antique registration rules?

    We shall see I guess, but they why it is worded it clearly says year of manufacture not model year though. Now I just nee to find out of prior to 1995 includes 1995.
  15. New antique registration rules?

    Hmmm on second thought...does Prior to 1995 include sleds manufactured in 1995?
  16. New antique registration rules?

    (a) A snowmobile manufactured prior to the year 1995 Manufacture date not model year, The way this is worded, Looks like I am all set!! Sweet! that will be the last time I ever have to register my sleds....
  17. 2007 MXZ Renegade 1000 Not Gettin Fuel

    I would post this question on you've got a better of getting answers there
  18. Conditions ranged from amazing to just ok, but it was a great day!
  19. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    Found this article recently... "Those who cry they have nowhere to ride should be reminded that buying a snowmobile with a deep lug track was a voluntary purchase. You don’t go buy a high powered rifle to go deer hunting if they only allow slug hunting in your local area. Nor do you use the rifle to go duck hunting. If you want to use that new rifle you’d better find where it is legal to do so. The notion that it is an obligation of the club volunteers to accommodate riders who want to go off trail and break laws is absurd. If these riders want a different experience and opportunity, they can take their machines to locations where that kind of riding is legal and acceptable, or they can roll up their sleeves and do the work to create such opportunities – just like everyone else has. Not all riding areas will be able to have legal off-trail opportunities. Just like your rifle, you can’t use it everywhere hunting is legal."
  20. Bringing this one back from the dead.....I scored these off eBay recently...
  21. Monday, 1/20/2020 ride, Trails 8, 5, 11

    Yeah, part of that trail is right on the river and floods out often making in impassible. This was never a problem in the past as you could take the Lake trail to get through to the lake and points north, but now with that trail gone, there is no way around. Hopefully the lake trail will get sorted out and rerouted someday as it makes things much easier for me.