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  1. Snow Traveler

    Yup, Same here..I got one and my wife got one...2 to the same house....
  2. Almost time

  3. Almost time

    Getting there....waiting on a new before I can install the chain case, then I need to make a trip to Maine to pick up a new pipe....
  4. Almost time

    No,I would love to, but I tried when I first bought it a few years ago and it requires me to pull the motor and use a different motor mount plate. Too much of a pain so I’ll live with the pull start.
  5. Almost time

    Slow and steady...waiting for parts...
  6. Almost time

    For me to get this guy ready for winter, a long list, but nothing to bad...
  7. What do you think?

    Sadly I think they will be the majority, especially with the price hike.
  8. Club Joined & sleds registered

    Yes sir, stainless steel with lock nuts
  9. Club Joined & sleds registered

    Well, actually no stickers and I never have to register my sleds again LOL
  10. Well it's July 28th and all three sleds a registered and I have renewed my club membership....time to get to work on my some upgrades to the Formula Z....
  11. Quarrentine Check in

    I’m getting by
  12. Awesome ride today!

    Got 102 miles in today. Newfound lake to mount Shaw and back.
  13. random photo thread

    177 mile ride on Saturday and an 80 mile ride on Sunday....and more snow last night yeehaw!