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  1. Decided to rebadge my sled

    Wanted to add a little bit more color so I replaced all the gray decals with lava red decals to match the skid plate & ski loops.
  2. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    Outdoor performance in Bridgewater, NH has a couple of leftovers 850 Enduro's from last year:
  3. Congratulations Nigel, very well deserved. Thank you for all you do!
  4. Spyders being shipped minus parts too

    I'm still waiting for my DESS post and my air shock ....
  5. And so it begins...

    It’s a whole new ballgame for me....
  6. Big groomers, small trails

    The article said they filled they tunnel half way with sand and cover the floor with wood. Could they just dig out the sand and lower the approaches on each end of the tunnel?
  7. NHSA trail app

    I've been on the green one(156) before, but not the blue one. Maybe @noxorc has?
  8. Trail wooden bridges

    Yes, definitely going to be some shrinkage.
  9. Trail wooden bridges

    All the bridges we built this fall (Alexandria Ledge climbers) we used no spacing at all. The reason being, this allows the snow to stay on the bridge, allows for a smooth transition on the bridge, the base of snow on the bridge protects the bridge deck from studs, carbides, etc, and hopefully extending the life of the bridge deck. Steve
  10. Locked and loaded

    Looks great Shifty!!!
  11. Big groomers, small trails

    Definitely wouldn't work in this case as the groomer would have to cross the highway
  12. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Yes, I will miss not having to register my sleds for sure! But it is time.
  13. Sold all my sleds and moving on....finally bought a new sled. 2022 Enduro 600r. Hopefully it will come in before February.

    I usually like to go since it's only a few miles from my house, but I'll be in Las Vegas on October 16th this year so I'll have to miss it.