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  1. Modern sled with traditional ride

    never mind my bad misread the post
  2. I'm under 300 miles for sure, I'll have to look when I get home, but this winter sucked for me. Too much going on every time it snowed. I'm on to next winter. Gotta order some part for the sled this summer and try to square away a few things on it so I had fewer issues next winter.
  3. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Bummed I couldn't make!!! Oh well, next year!
  4. Finishing the Loop

    I wish I could have been there, but my truck was down. So I put a new floor in my son’s bedroom, I would have much rather been Snowmobiling.....
  5. Accident in Stark

    No, he's just a wise-ass Polaris owner
  6. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    The Lyme loop was fantastic Saturday morning!
  7. New Doo lineup

    It is, but for me electric start is needed most on those first starts cold mornings, but then again newer sleds start much easier than the older ones.
  8. Rockingham rec trail

    Yes west of Lake Masebesic
  9. Rockingham rec trail

    Trust me, I know all about it. I can tell you they just don’t get it or understand why anyone would want to snowmobile on it when there are other trails around.
  10. Rockingham rec trail

    Users of the Manchester end of the Rockingham rec trail, it would appear that it is going to get paved and the section that is currently open to snowmobiles and atv's will no longer be. There was a great turnout of snowmobiliers at the public comments meeting Wed. night at city hall, but I am not optimistic that it will matter.
  11. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    response from OVSC in today's Laconia Daily Sun! I am the President of the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club (OVSC), which is responsible for the trails in the Tamworth area. I am writing in response to the article which appeared in the Laconia Daily Sun on February 16 with regard to snowmobiling in this area. Much of the information referenced in the article is grossly inaccurate. For example: At no time in the past has the OVSC received any complaints from land owners regarding off-trail riding, trespassing, or otherwise abusing the rights of landowners. We have certainly never been informed of anyone “peering into windows” or intruding on anyone’s privacy. In fact, the vast majority of our trails wind through wooded areas and do not encroach on anyone’s residence. We have also not seen any trash of any kind being left on trails. We strive to maintain a good relationship with our land owners, and would expect to be informed by them directly if there were any incidents, and not by a third party. Yet, we have not received even one complaint. With regard to the maps published by the Trails Bureau, when a landowner agrees to having a trail on their property, it becomes part of the state-wide trail system and is then included on the map. However, at no time do we publish or release the names and addresses of any landowner, nor is this information included on any maps. When a landowner agrees to allow a snowmobile trail on their property, they are required to sign a permission form which not only grants permission for the trail, it also provides liability insurance through the state, protecting them from suit should there be an incident on the trail. This policy covers them for the whole year — not just the winter, and for any incident that occurs on the trail. Trails in the Tamworth area are maintained by the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club. Volunteers from the club work throughout the year to clear brush and otherwise maintain the trails, which are then available for year-round use. In the winter, the club grooms the trails, for use not only by snowmobilers, but also by snow-shoers, hikers, cross country skiers, and of course dog sleds. In fact, the club prepares the trail for the races that are held in the area, and, after the last race held on February 10, we received many compliments from the dog sledders about the excellent conditions that resulted from our efforts. We have also received many positive comments from local residents and members of the Tamworth Outing Club who also use and appreciate our trails. Mr. Alex Moot, who was quoted extensively in the article, has never communicated with the OVSC and has made some outrageous statements that reflect on the integrity of our club and of snowmobilers in general. To suggest that the trails be closed to all but residents of Tamworth and surrounding towns is a ridiculous statement, especially considering the value of snowmobiling to the state and local economy. We were very disappointed that Mr. Amsden did not give the club a phone call to verify the accuracy of the information, and as a journalist, you would think that he would want to check his facts before publishing. The misinformation that was printed casts a black eye on the OVSC, and on snowmobilers. I appreciate Mr. Amsden’s followup article in (Tuesday's) Sun, clarifying the erroneous information that was published. I would just like to further clarify that Corridor 19 is not the trail that was closed and has not been part of this issue. The trail being closed is known as the Bowles Trail on our club map, and closure of the Bowles Trail results in cutting our system in half. George R. Kaye, President Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club Ossipee
  12. Love seeing some “newer” Doo’s there, a few more years and I can enter mine lol. Hey, no Sno-Jet display this year?
  13. New Doo lineup

    More stuff I can’t afford
  14. Finally able to get some seat time today. Left my parents house in East Andover around 9:30am racked up 103 miles and the sled was back on the trailer by 1:15pm. The rail bed from east Andover to just past Danbury was hurting (and now so is my back lol), but about a half mile out of Danbury it was groomed and I had first tracks all the way to Canaan. A great day out there today, before it all melts.
  15. What a great turnout! Bummed I missed it! Hitting the railbed tomorrow morning, hopefully I’ll be able to get some miles in.