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  1. Sled would not start

    I was able to spend a few hours in the garage yesterday, replaced the rear springs, adjusted track tension & alignment, and drained, cleaned, and adjusted the chain case. Still need to clean the exhaust valves, and clean the carbs. Definitely thinking about taking it somewhere to get the clutch serviced too.
  2. 1 sled down, 2 to go

    Well played sir, well played!
  3. Titles

    well you learn something new every day, good to know.
  4. 1 sled down, 2 to go

    Got my sons Sprint running the other day. Wasn't running right when I bought it. Took the carbs apart to clean them and found the jet sitting on the bottom of the float bowl. Nice to have any easy fix for a change! Just need to get a new windshield for it. Ordered some parts for my sled the other day, hopefully I'll get some time to start working on it. I really want to get the rear suspension dialed in this year as it has been very loose and squirrely. Got new springs, then I'll check the shock, adjust the limiter strap, then check & adjust the toe out on the skis and try to get this under control. Anyone who has ridden behind me can vouch for how loose my sled is LOL.
  5. Titles

    Not sure, but I have registered many snowmobile & boat trailers with a bill of sale and no title.
  6. Sold

  7. Post your favorite pics from '17-'18 season

    I almost posted the same picture the other day.
  8. Sold

  9. Sold

    1984 Polaris SS 440. Direct drive, small and light sled. New lighting coil, exciter coil, external coil, and kill switch. Excellent compression, runs great. Crack on left side of hood. Video of sled running Asking $400 elsewhere, but if someone from here wants you you can have it for what I’ve got into it. $300
  10. Close, a garage in the middle of nowhere Maine.
  11. So here is why the ss has to go...
  12. Bravo 250 fitting help might just have to bite the bulletin and buy a complete carb.
  13. How high could sled registration go?

    It will cost more to register my sleds than it does my car. That is just crazy.....As it is I wait till there is snow before I register and I am sure this would compound that as well as causing a substantial amount off people to abandon registering in NH all together. Seriously what are they thinking...gee registrations numbers are going down How can we fix this..hey I know lets double the registration fees that will fix everything...Ugh...I think you will lose a lot of the casual riders like myself. Who only gets to ride a handful of times every winter.
  14. Thanks! I have reached the end with this project and another project will be landing in my garage tomorrow....So it is time for this one to go. Installed a new kill switch last night, haven't had a chance to test it yet. The brake light isn't working, but the tail lights and headlight are. Not sure if it is a bulb issue or a wire harness issue (there are splice connectors on the harness under the seat so I'm guessing they are bad). I have a replacement tail light harness that I haven't had a chance to install, but it is included.