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  1. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    What's the story, are the Canadians stealing the water by damming the rivers to produce electricity that they then sell to us?
  2. Maine registration increase coming

    How dare they! I am never going to go snowmobiling in Maine again!
  3. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Concealed Carry permits, still Exist, I still get one.
  4. Got out once more

    I hit all that on Saturday Trails were fantastic!
  5. I'm back

    Welcome Back
  6. Snowmobile insurance

    I went with Kurt Wicks & Allstate this year. $150 total for full boat on two sleds....But they are old crappy sleds. The deductible is $1,000 which is about what my sled is worth. But I have for the Liability anyways, so no big deal.
  7. NHSA safety course

    I took a safety class in Goffstown with my son a few years ago. I have been snowmobiling my whole life and I found it informative. I think everyone should have to take it.
  8. I don't have to register mine anymore.
  9. Snow Traveler

    Yup, Same here..I got one and my wife got one...2 to the same house....
  10. Almost time

  11. Almost time

    Getting there....waiting on a new before I can install the chain case, then I need to make a trip to Maine to pick up a new pipe....
  12. Almost time

    No,I would love to, but I tried when I first bought it a few years ago and it requires me to pull the motor and use a different motor mount plate. Too much of a pain so I’ll live with the pull start.
  13. Almost time

    Slow and steady...waiting for parts...
  14. Almost time

    For me to get this guy ready for winter, a long list, but nothing to bad...
  15. What do you think?

    Sadly I think they will be the majority, especially with the price hike.