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  1. NH Photo Print Auction

    I’ll get it atarted again. $40
  2. NH Photo Print Auction

    Nice, you can't get those on e-Bay! They will go great with my other signs. I'll get things going $40
  3. Dear John,

    Losing the trail from Downtown to the State park hurts big time....That sucks
  4. Upcoming vintage events

    Sadly I have to work on Saturday so I’ll miss the show. Good luck!
  5. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    They're all yours if you want them, just come and get them.
  6. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    So I have 2 @ 3” od by 4ft long 1 - 2.5” by 6 ft long 1 - 3” by 10 ft long and a couple of smaller od stuff seen in the picture
  7. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    I'll measure them tonight and let you know
  8. Looking for 5" od Steel pipe

    I might have a couple you can have for free as it will save me from having to take them to the transfer station. They are probably to short, but I'll measure them when I get home.
  9. Grass drags- who went?

    Yup, Been snowmobiling for 46 years...never been to Pittsburg either LOL
  10. Grass drags- who went?

    I have never been able to make it, maybe next year will finally be the year.
  11. Season cost to "play" in snow ..

    Only a few more years and my sleds will be!
  12. Welcome noxorc as our newest moderator

    Great that clown can delete my posts now? LOL Congrats Nox, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  13. Too bad there isn't a statewide organization that could step in and help out with this situation