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  1. 3 place v-nose snow-pro

  2. 3 place v-nose snow-pro

    I am downsizing to a two place this year. This 2003 was made before thule bought them out and is very solid, dual axel, good rubber, coated break lines replaced three years ago. ****NEW PRICE****
  3. Suspension set up question

    Is the sled an Adrenlin modle? They come with better shocks than the trail modle. My 06 renegade shocks went 11000 miles and no problem sold the sled to another fat fuck like me and he is still pounding the shit out of it, make sure you grease the suspension. The spring settings are on the inside of the cowel at 225 setting 3 probally 4 mid shock too. I personally set mine stiff for the ocasional ruff trail.
  4. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    Wow what a difference a week will make, last saturday joyce and I had snow over the hood breaking trail from the SNHSS clubhouse. I know that will not be the case this saturday, we have had above feezing temps since sunday and the snow is melting fast above freezing thursday, a high of 47 forcast for friday, ouch that will just about finish off rideible trails I fear. I just got off the phone with a good friend that was out last night and it was soft when he left, without cold temps the snow just will not stick around, the rideing will be poor this weekend at best. we need more snow. WHAAAAA
  5. derry ride

    Here is what it looked like before the firefighters put it out.
  6. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    Spent this weekend riding from the SNHSS club house lot, yesterday 1-10-13 John, Brian and I got on the trail at 8am. We set a destination to get to Salem the end of the rail line, well we made it groomed trail all the way to Fremont very nice. Watched a MachZ burn to the ground just after the tunnel under 101 quite a blaze, this is the second Mach I have seen burn the other was on cleavlend notch up north about ten years ago. Getting to Derry was a bump fest as the Derry club dropped the ball and did not groom their section of trail we stopped at Windham Depot and looked at the groomer, a nice little BR110 tucked away in the shed nice and dry leaves in the tracks. I have 60 plus hours in one of these machines, if the Derry club needs help I would run that for you, get with it no excuse will cut it, had to plow too deep f that get’r done. The return trip was quite bumpy had lunch at Wendy’s on Rt 125 the place was packed we were there at 1 pm. It was just above freezing now and the sled traffic was heavy on the trails as expected. At this point they were getting thrashed but that is ok when the first early half of the day was mint. Back to the club house with over a hundred miles all in all a good day got home and went straight to bed I was beat from two days of deep powder riding. Today 2-11-13 as I write this it is snowing again.
  7. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    The wife and I broke trail today, wow it was deep.We arrived at the SNHSS clubhouse at 2;30 today broke trail all The way down the hill to the pond snow was hood height all the way YEEE HAAAA!!! this was the field near Clark pond:D
  8. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    Oh Ya The precipitation so far has been small and icy,this is good for the trails. my friends plowing with their trucks, say it is heavy just left the garage. It's 9:18 PM friday night (2-8-13) and it is snowing to beat the band. We will ride tomorrow in southern NH, Manchsvegas is rockin!
  9. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    YEEEEE HAAAAA!!!! Well guy’s and gal’s if the weatherman is correct on this storm we should have some riding here in southern NH. As you all should know there is no base what so ever and the snow is predicted to be very fluffy. What this means is even with two feet or more (hopefully) you will plow right thru the corners down to whatever is underneath so take it easy till the snow settles down , if we blast all the snow out into the woods that will leave the groomers with nothing to work with. I’m sure the SNHSS along with other clubs will be out in force to pack the trails when it is time. Have fun; hope to see you at winterfest with this snow I am riding in for sure. Rev-ed out!
  10. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    1-22-13 Looking at the snake eyes, varney point, web cam's the broads clanked up with ice last night, now if the winds stay light with the below 0 cold it will make ice rapidly. When the ice is good I always like to take a tour of the lake and hit some of the trails around It, have not done it for a few years now maybe this year will be different. Oh ya the storm was a total bust half an inch here in Mnachvegas
  11. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    1-19-2013 Was in the Sandwich Notch neighborhood today (skied at waterville Valley). Went up to where they stop plowing and snapped this pic. There were a set of sled tracks and 2 to 3 inches of fresh snow, there was a base not much but some. On the way out saw a guy on unloading at forest service gate.
  12. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    Yesterday’s storm was not enough in my opinion to ride the SNHSS trails. Need more snow for sure; unfortunately down here people will ride on this meager amount and beat it to death. This has been the cycle here for as long as I can remember, (have to be honest, in my younger days I was that guy) I have since smartened up, not worth all the broken tie rod ends and worn out carbides etc. When we have enough snow I will ride here and report.
  13. Just looked at the 5 day forcast for manchvegas, forget about riding here high temps around 40 next three days! No real snow in the 10 day either we are shit outa luck for now
  14. too early to tell, but its still snowning and it has a high moisture content say tuned
  15. 2012/2013 Rev-Ed season

    1-16-13, 29 deg and moderate snow already an inch on the ground and very slick drive to work. If it keeps up we may be back in business keeping my fingers crossed. Take it real slow this morning the roads are ice!!!