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  1. Probably Could Use Some of these at Traiheads

    I think that's a great idea! I am a trail adopter for part of the Cohos Trail and although we don't see a lot of litter, any is too much. How could I get a couple? pathfinder
  2. Most motor sports have a shrine quality “Mecca” that holds annual World Championships. Daytona, Indy, have cars covered, and Vintage Snowmobile racers recognize Eagle River Wisconsin as the pinnacle of competition in their sport. This writer has had the privilege of being there with locals, Chet Hooper of Pittsburg, and his driver Spencer Landry (formerly of Pittsburg) in 2018-19, which turned out to be one great experience. Eagle River boasts a half mile, banked, dedicated track, with heated grand stands. It is a true test to the ability of man and machine in this unique sport. The World’s Championship complex exudes racing tradition going back to the beginning of the sport in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and is hallowed ground to most racers of the sport. Prior attempts to qualify for the final Championship race saw progress; the team got very close to qualifying for the final, but never quite made it. The fraternity of racers from all over the world makes this a venue that few people get a chance to experience over the three day event, covering 90 plus classes. In 2020-21, things changed with a complete re build of the Arctic Cat Mod 440 by team leader Chet Hooper of Pittsburg, and the addition of new driver from Lancaster, Lucas Nast. Lucas, in his early twenties, had been racing locally with great success, and jumped at the chance to make the trip to compete at the highest level with Chet. 2021 brought them closer to their goal with a great machine and high hopes. The event was held January 8 through the10th, 2021.Qualifications are handled on the track, solo, against the clock, going only two laps. Very few people make the cut. Participants who make the cut move on to the quarter finals, semi finals, and Last Chance Qualifiers. The ten machines lined up for the final race, with two others in the second row who get there from the LCQ compete in the final race. Lucas Nast was one of those in the front row who exhibited an amazing feat of skill and guts. Being in the top ten snowmobile racers in the world is no small accomplishment, and watching him compete online against the best was a real show. Lucas was entered in several racing classes, including the 800cc class heats with a 440cc that he came close to winning. The Final Race was staged on Sunday afternoon and was a real production, including an invocation of a local minister with words of wisdom and encouragement. The line up by the flag man was precise. The flag dropped for the start! Twelve machines all heading for turn one created quite a dramatic scene of speed, position and courage. Lucas, aboard Arctic Cat #67, fought with the best in the world and finished 10th.Tune in again next year. It should be interesting.
  3. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    There would have been more, but lot's of people were afraid the conditions were toast. Saving grace was organizer Raymod Lacasse went out and GO PROD the whole route 4PM the day before and posted it on FB. That made it obvious that the conditions were nothing short of amazing. A lot of the people that showed came from Conn. ME, VT and even NY. There was some incredible Iron that showed up and everyone seemed to have a great time. Scary thought is with 175 vintage sleds showing up at "First Annual", what the heck can we expect next year which is already in the works 3-19-22... pathfinder
  4. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    The Vintage Ride was a huge success, with about 175 sleds showing up for burgers and dogs at Depot Camp on Indian Stream. Check it out! (1) Snowmobiling in Pittsburg, NH : Great turnout today for the first annual great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Ride | Facebook Facebook pathfinder
  5. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Noon Friday March 19, 15degrees, tonight projected 13 degrees. Tomorrow will hit 42, but not until mid to late afternoon. Looks good for the vintage ride. Groomers will be out, so even though the fat lady might be warming up to sing, things look good for the ride. Looked at the parking area for the ride yesterday and it has been plowed all winter, so gravel showing, but the outside perimeter of the parking area is snow banks that are 20-30 feet across, which will make it easy to unload and cross the road into the system. Trails right now look good, and the route is heading directly North, so should be perfect, comfortable temps, flat trails, good food, many vintage crazies to justify each others illness. Hope to see a good crowd, will be fun! pathfinder
  6. Putting Covid in the rear view mirror

    I'm jealous! I only got a little sticker when I got my first shot Feb 27. Either way it's a good thing. Recently contributed to a Covid19 thread on the Vintage Snowmobile Club of America website (from the middle part of the country) and was surprised to read lot's of negative comments on the vaccines, most of which were not true. Couldn't resist writing some encouraging words, describing my positive experience, and within several days the thread had been pulled. Thanks for bringing this topic up Cobra! pathfinder
  7. Condition updates

    Pittsburg got 6-7 inches last night and still coming down. Sure made things look better and give the groomers something to work their magic on. pathfinder
  8. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Local weather predicted possible flurries last night. Woke up to 6-7 inches of snow and still coming down. Certainly helped cover up some thin spots. Only problem is it also covers up inside of icy corners. Be careful out there. pathfinder
  9. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Plenty of snow left, snow in the forecast, temps dropping this weekend. Should be plenty of snow for the the Vintage Ride on the 20th. The recent Ride from Whales Tail up through Franconia Notch drew over 100 incredible sleds on a crisp, sunny day. Trails were great, good food, good friends. pathfinder
  10. I'm back

    I thought I felt a ripple in the Force~Hope you had a good ride. It's been nice if you know where to look! pathfinder
  11. Things goThings got busy at the Whales Tail vintage ride up through Franconia Notch Mar 7. Over 100 pieces of old Iron out for a spin on some great trails.
  12. (1) Facebook pathfinder
  13. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Everything I've seen indicates it starts a 8AM. Seems a little early, but probably to get people there for a little time cushion. Details 111 people responded Event by New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum Franconia Notch Pkwy, Franconia, NH 03580, United States Tomorrow at 8 AM EST – 3 PM EST -2–16°F Partly Cloudy Price: Free · Duration: 7 hr Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Join us once again for a scenic ride through Franconia Notch on the infamous bike path. An event permit allows all to participate, regardless of registration. There is no cost to ride, and it is open to all vintage sleds. We'll park at the Whale's Tale (exit 33 off I-93). Lunch will be available for purchase back at the parking lot, provided by the White Mountain snowmobile club (the local club that maintains area trails) A special edition T-shirt is being designed that can be purchased on line, and picked up the day of the ride-more details on that soon! See Less Sports
  14. I'm back

    Welcome back! Many of us remember you! pathfinder
  15. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Should be a good time! For once I can ride from my house to the starting point without having to trailer. There is another vintage ride through Franconia Notch from Whales Tail on March 7th, so the Vintage World is busy. The quality of sleds on these rides are approaching museum quality and are incredible to see in a big group. I have a few sleds to choose from, but I think I'll take my 73 Nitro that has been stretched from stock 116 inch track to a 136 inch. Fun to ride but has so much traction you don't want to hit the throttle too early coming out of a corner, as the skis lift real ez with all that extra bite. pathfinder
  16. Fooling Yourself

    Worth a Listen (7) Facebook pathfinder
  17. NH Conservation Officer Injured in Pittsburg Snowmobile Crash NH Fish and Game Officer Christopher Egan was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburg while chasing two violators. Jeffrey Hastings, News Partner Posted Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 9:03 am ET|Updated Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 9:13 am Reply NH Fish and Game Officer Christopher Egan was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburg while chasing two violators (NH FIsh and Game) PITTSBURG, NH — A NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburgh, NH on Monday. NH Conservation Officer Christopher Egan of Pittsburg crashed his snowmobile on Trail 139 in Pittsburg around 5:20 p.m. Egan was on active snowmobile patrol, travelling south, just north of the First Connecticut Lake Dam, when he witnessed two apparent violations pass him going in the opposite direction. After witnessing these violations, Egan travelled to an opening in the trail and reversed direction. Egan told investigators he was in the process of catching up to the snowmobiles in violation and navigating a bumpy stretch of the trail when the incident occurred. While going over the bumps, he said that he lost his footing from the running board, causing his right leg to come off his snowmobile and come in contact with the trail. Subsequently falling off the snowmobile and suffering a lower leg fracture. He did not sustain any other injuries. After the injury, Egan was able to move himself to the side of the trail and radio for assistance. During this time, he was encountered by three good Samaritans who rendered aid until rescuers arrived on the scene. Subscribe Pittsburg Fire-Rescue, 45th Parallel EMS, Conservation Officers and New Hampshire State Police responded to the scene. Egan was transported to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook for initial treatment. The crash is under investigation by New Hampshire State Police and is still ongoing. New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division would like to thank New Hampshire State Police, Pittsburg Fire-Rescue, and 45th Parallel EMS for their care and professionalism. Egan will need time to heal but is in high spirits and looking forward to coming back to work as soon as possible.
  18. Help with Union Leader cartoon

    The multi use trails that involve hikers and snowmobilers and possible friction? There are a lot of behind the scenes inter relationships between these multiple use groups. I am involved in the COOS trail and have seen people getting involved moving bog bridge materials (10ft 4x4s PT, 3ft 4x6 PT) by snowmobile to areas that can't be reached any other way. The cartoon almost implies that large amounts of traffic represent a threat to hikers out there using system in winter. I have never seen that happen in upper COOS, even though we are graced with the presence of an occasional dog team (always a hoot to see) there is plenty of room to accommodate anyone who wants to get out there. pathfinder
  19. Condition updates

    Just came in from plowing in Pittsburg for about 12 hours if that tells you anything. Very slow moving storm and eventually over the last couple of days dropped about 8-12 depending on what part of town you are in. Encountered lots of people riding trails that are starting to shape up into something more like normal. Ridge Runners have been working their magic with the Bullys and some trails are very nice. pathfinder
  20. I just mailed off two vintage registration applications to Concord, for my principal vintage rider ( 73 Rupp Nitro 440) and a backup sled (90 Arctic Cat Prowler 440) these carried lifetime app fees of $129. each (up from $50. each). Happy to do it, looking forward to whatever riding will be possible, and worried about the future of people holding back feeding the mechanism that makes it all possible. Lot's of 0's in the pipeline of people that are necessary that have to come from somewhere to keep it going. Same with clubs and what keeps them going while too many people are sitting on the fence waiting for the "perfect storm" to enable them the "perfect ride". Think about the future of the sport, for what doesn't enter the "piggie bank" this year will affect the system next year.... pathfinder
  21. Can't help but post this pic of a friend from Polonia WI Bill Stull and his amazing looking Rupp!
  22. Lucas Nast of Lancaster aboard #67m competing at the Vintage World Series in Eagle River WI, 1-10-21. Qualified for the front row in the final, incredible feat in itself.