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  1. Pittsburg-Back Lake Seasonal Rental

    He doesn't move much! pathfinder
  2. That kind of surprises me! Would have thought that percentage would be higher! Couldn't help but notice the discussion related to enforcement driving people into Maine. Rational sounds familiar, but still tries to negate private owner rights to off trail riders. pathfinder
  3. Back Lake Seasonal Rental Nestled on the banks of pristine Back Lake is a secluded, one bedroom apartment that would be ideal for two people who love to snowmobile. This apartment has a cozy living room which has a picture window facing the lake. A second picture window is near the dining room table which shows the 65 foot lawn leading to a ramp, allowing direct access to the lake. The kitchen contains everything you need to cook. Full bath contains a shower and sink in good order. The single bedroom has a double bed and plenty of closet space for all your gear. The entrance to the living area is accessed by a wide, covered deck, which is handy for outside viewing. Looking for a couple who would like a place for the season, and a secure area to leave snowmobiles to eliminate trailer use. Check out the pics and see if this fits your needs for taking advantage of one of the best snowmobile trail systems of the North Country. Length of rental, price and utilities negotiable. 603 538 6359
  4. 1999 Ski Doo Grand Touring 700

    Selling a great running Grand Touring Two Up 700 triple. Good entry level two up or second sled for a family. Electric start with brand new battery works well. Nothing like the sound of a triple.Has very comfortable original seat in like new condition. Has rear passenger grip warmers and gauntlets, thumb and grip warmers for driver. Push button reverse, high windshield, rear cargo rack for whatever you need to haul. Track is in good condition and is lightly studded down the middle. Overall good condition. Thanks for looking! Lot of sled for $2000. Will consider trades.
  5. Send me your mailing address so I can send you the Polaris stuff.

    1. pathfinder


      Armand Buteau

      177 Round Pond Road

      Pittsburg, NH 93592


    2. pathfinder



      Armand Buteau

      177 Round Pond Road

      Pittsburg, NH 93592


  6. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, fellow snow mutants! Hope you have a good one! pathfinder
  7. Send me your mailing address.

  8. Anyone planning to ride

    I am! But I'm already there! Crazy not to. Decent amount of snow in the last few days. Not perfect, but hey, it's there. pathfinder
  9. brand new ski doo take off track 137

    Can't get much better than that! Wish I had something it would fit! Decent price. Welcome aboard pete24 pathfinder
  10. Northwood Crank Pullers Vintage Oval Race Dates

    If you cant find a class to compete it on that list, yur not looking hard enough. Good mix Dave! Makes me want to come out of retirement---almost!!! pathfinder
  11. What's the story with these trees

    Small world! I am forever bumping into people who I crossed paths with when I was touring. One of the best parts of running a touring business is your dealing with people that are all in a very positive state of mind, and so, tend to remember the good stuff you've shown them. pathfinder
  12. Christmas bulbs

    It's a miracle! pathfinder
  13. What's the story with these trees

    Thanks ruff rider. I had the pleasure of spending a lot of breakfast time with a lot of very knowledgeable loggers, who use to fill me in with all kinds of trail info. Not long ago I was out your way, showing someone Rousses Point, and went down to Plattsburg and and took the ferry to Grand Isle, which was a great fall ride. Nice part of the country. Use to go to races in Malone. welcome aboard!!! pathfinder
  14. What's the story with these trees

    Talked to several loggers over the years about that very stand of trees, and most of them tell me it is a "modified" strip cut. Meaning, rather than do a total strip cut of an area, you cut a a geometric pattern an an attempt to allow the trees that are left to naturally re-sead the cuts between them. Most of us have noticed typical "strip cuts" that are visible from higher elevations. Although these "V" shaped stands of trees have not been allowed to re-sead the open areas between them, over time, most local people have noticed seedlings popping up in these areas and eventually mowed down. So it appears that originally a large stand of trees were harvested with the intent of having them re-sead the spaces between the holes, and somewhere along the line, that intent was abandoned. Now we have a conversation piece to talk about, but this logic seems of the self planting maneuver seems pretty sound. don't know how long ago that stand was cut, but I started riding up here in '84 and it was that way then as far as I can remember. Great topic! Hope this helps. pathfinder
  15. Christmas bulbs

    ^^^^^^^Yah! What he said!!!^^^^^^^^ pathfinder