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  1. What's the story with these trees

    Small world! I am forever bumping into people who I crossed paths with when I was touring. One of the best parts of running a touring business is your dealing with people that are all in a very positive state of mind, and so, tend to remember the good stuff you've shown them. pathfinder
  2. Christmas bulbs

    It's a miracle! pathfinder
  3. What's the story with these trees

    Thanks ruff rider. I had the pleasure of spending a lot of breakfast time with a lot of very knowledgeable loggers, who use to fill me in with all kinds of trail info. Not long ago I was out your way, showing someone Rousses Point, and went down to Plattsburg and and took the ferry to Grand Isle, which was a great fall ride. Nice part of the country. Use to go to races in Malone. welcome aboard!!! pathfinder
  4. What's the story with these trees

    Talked to several loggers over the years about that very stand of trees, and most of them tell me it is a "modified" strip cut. Meaning, rather than do a total strip cut of an area, you cut a a geometric pattern an an attempt to allow the trees that are left to naturally re-sead the cuts between them. Most of us have noticed typical "strip cuts" that are visible from higher elevations. Although these "V" shaped stands of trees have not been allowed to re-sead the open areas between them, over time, most local people have noticed seedlings popping up in these areas and eventually mowed down. So it appears that originally a large stand of trees were harvested with the intent of having them re-sead the spaces between the holes, and somewhere along the line, that intent was abandoned. Now we have a conversation piece to talk about, but this logic seems of the self planting maneuver seems pretty sound. don't know how long ago that stand was cut, but I started riding up here in '84 and it was that way then as far as I can remember. Great topic! Hope this helps. pathfinder
  5. Christmas bulbs

    ^^^^^^^Yah! What he said!!!^^^^^^^^ pathfinder
  6. Had a 90 Polaris Indy 500 liquid advertised on CL, and found a buyer from the Lakes Region. Had to work until 5 yesterday and he came up and was due here around 8-8:30. At 8:15 I get a text that he is stuck at the end of my road. ( Hey! It's Pittsburg, people get stuck all the time, Right!) Text him back, On my Way. Grab a tow strap and off I go. Get to the end of the road and find out he's not stuck, but driving a small Chev pickup two wheel drive and just can't make the hill. Have him and his lady friend jump in my truck and head to the house, show him the sled, which he loves, pays me, and then try and figure out the best way to get it the .8 mile to his waiting pickup. I have a two place with a 1 3/4 in tongue, and currently have a 2" ball on my truck. He says no problem, "why don't we tow the sled to his truck with my wheeler (a 500 one lunger Quest). Now he and his lady friend are dressed in sweat shirts, no gloves, no hat's. Long story short both of them pile onto the non running Indy and off we go on an extremely arctic, evening cruise down an icy, snow covered, dirt road, moving pretty good on hills or it would spin. Finally get to the last obstacle, long downhill with his truck at the bottom, crawling down for fear the sled was going to tap me from behind. By this time my two shadows in the night were about popsicled out, but happy we all survived. Made it, loaded the sled into the pickup and sped back home, hoping my face would not fall off as I found a new appreciation for my wood stove. Got a text thanking me for my help and suggested he had a friend that might want another sled I have and if he came back he would bring a film crew so we might make an episode of "Rediculousness". Pittsburg, gotta love it......... pathfinder
  7. Greetings

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good bird! pathfinder
  8. Electric recreational vehicles

    Especially if it's KLOTZ! pathfinder
  9. Electric recreational vehicles

    Are we witnessing the evolution of the snowmobile as the pressure from environmental concerns becomes greater by the minute? Only time will tell. But have you seen the level of performance of some of the Tesla cars. Unbelievable acceleration, but risky, as we see random pics on the news of the same vehicles spontaneously bursting into flames, sometimes as they sit, parked with no one even in them. Tune in again tomorrow, for another episode of "As the Sport evolves"! If you think about how short (relatively) the snowmobile has been around, it seems only logical that somewhere the sport is going to take a major turn. This could be it........ pathfinder
  10. New Trailer

    Looks good! I'm jealous! pathfinder
  11. Attn: Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiasts

    Thump! I love to take that off your hands. It is a fugly sign, but has good bones! pathfinder
  12. Here's a Youtube link to an Interview that was done last fall at the Bear Brook State Park Vintage Swap Meet. Some old guy with a bunch of red things. Enjoy! pathfinder
  13. Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    Who the heck has sleds for sale in Pittsburg? pathfinder
  14. Snowy winter on tap?

    Having lived in Pittsburg for 20 plus years, it's always Winter except for the last week in July and the first two weeks in August! LOL! But seriously the latest switch in the weather, from the late balmy temps to a system coming up at us in the next couple of days that are suppose to bring record setting low temps and snow. I can attest that there is serious WINTER in the air. Where II live, close to First Conn Lake, there is 4-6 inches of snow staying put and it has frozen in a wet state, which should get us a quick start of a base. My totally un scientific opinion is it's going to be one heck of a winter, with lot's of very cold temps. Stayed tuned!!! pathfinder