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  1. NH Conservation Officer Injured in Pittsburg Snowmobile Crash NH Fish and Game Officer Christopher Egan was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburg while chasing two violators. Jeffrey Hastings, News Partner Posted Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 9:03 am ET|Updated Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 9:13 am Reply NH Fish and Game Officer Christopher Egan was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburg while chasing two violators (NH FIsh and Game) PITTSBURG, NH — A NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer was injured in a snowmobile accident in Pittsburgh, NH on Monday. NH Conservation Officer Christopher Egan of Pittsburg crashed his snowmobile on Trail 139 in Pittsburg around 5:20 p.m. Egan was on active snowmobile patrol, travelling south, just north of the First Connecticut Lake Dam, when he witnessed two apparent violations pass him going in the opposite direction. After witnessing these violations, Egan travelled to an opening in the trail and reversed direction. Egan told investigators he was in the process of catching up to the snowmobiles in violation and navigating a bumpy stretch of the trail when the incident occurred. While going over the bumps, he said that he lost his footing from the running board, causing his right leg to come off his snowmobile and come in contact with the trail. Subsequently falling off the snowmobile and suffering a lower leg fracture. He did not sustain any other injuries. After the injury, Egan was able to move himself to the side of the trail and radio for assistance. During this time, he was encountered by three good Samaritans who rendered aid until rescuers arrived on the scene. Subscribe Pittsburg Fire-Rescue, 45th Parallel EMS, Conservation Officers and New Hampshire State Police responded to the scene. Egan was transported to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook for initial treatment. The crash is under investigation by New Hampshire State Police and is still ongoing. New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division would like to thank New Hampshire State Police, Pittsburg Fire-Rescue, and 45th Parallel EMS for their care and professionalism. Egan will need time to heal but is in high spirits and looking forward to coming back to work as soon as possible.
  2. Condition updates

    Just came in from plowing in Pittsburg for about 12 hours if that tells you anything. Very slow moving storm and eventually over the last couple of days dropped about 8-12 depending on what part of town you are in. Encountered lots of people riding trails that are starting to shape up into something more like normal. Ridge Runners have been working their magic with the Bullys and some trails are very nice. pathfinder
  3. I just mailed off two vintage registration applications to Concord, for my principal vintage rider ( 73 Rupp Nitro 440) and a backup sled (90 Arctic Cat Prowler 440) these carried lifetime app fees of $129. each (up from $50. each). Happy to do it, looking forward to whatever riding will be possible, and worried about the future of people holding back feeding the mechanism that makes it all possible. Lot's of 0's in the pipeline of people that are necessary that have to come from somewhere to keep it going. Same with clubs and what keeps them going while too many people are sitting on the fence waiting for the "perfect storm" to enable them the "perfect ride". Think about the future of the sport, for what doesn't enter the "piggie bank" this year will affect the system next year.... pathfinder
  4. Can't help but post this pic of a friend from Polonia WI Bill Stull and his amazing looking Rupp!
  5. Lucas Nast of Lancaster aboard #67m competing at the Vintage World Series in Eagle River WI, 1-10-21. Qualified for the front row in the final, incredible feat in itself.
  6. NHSA safety course

    I think that getting a young person to take a safety class is of paramount importance. As the sport has evolved over the last60 or so years, the potential for injuries to people of any age increases. When I started riding in 64 on a Doo tin cab that would do about 30-35 I almost got killed a couple of times from ignorance and flipperitis. When I had my touring business and was out there every day for years ,I was appalled to see parents putting their "smarter than average" kids on 600's or larger, that couldn't even reach the running boards with their feet. I know we all think are kids are smarter than the average, but the risk these actions present are nothing short of deadly. Sorry for the rant, but it still pushes a button when I see it happening all too often out there.... pathfinder
  7. Official SledNH weather thread

    I feel your pain! Bare ground in Pittsburg! Saw one set of sled tracks across Back Lake Wednesday, and open water today! Must have been an exciting rip! pathfinder
  8. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Maybe John could change direction of the snow storms, but I think he would need a much BIGGER drone! Pittsburg got about half an inch... pathfinder
  9. Time for Christmas Lights?

    Thanks John! Wouldn't be the same without them.... pathfinder
  10. Time for Christmas Lights?

    He's probably in the clouds... pathfinder
  11. Time for Christmas Lights?

    X 3 pathfinder
  12. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    Hey Short Fuse 900, thanks for the mention. It was "fake news" no matter what you hear! Long time since work parties at OVSC system, fun stuff! pathfinder
  13. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    Nice to hear from you Jeff! The sport is changing due to outside elements, like covid, the economy. The people in the sport, however, remain steadfast in their desire to keep things going to feed the need for great trails. Glad to see you back in the mix. pathfinder
  14. Happy Thanksgiving !

    I'll second that! pathfinder
  15. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    Recently inquired about a pair of El Tigres to a gentleman in Vermont, actually made an offer, and this is what I got for a response; "Hi, Sorry but I am trying to adhere to our State’s travel restrictions. Recreational travel is suspended to any state Without 2 week quarantine. That’s for anyone coming or going . Ken" Apparently the snowmobile folks in Vermont are taking this mandate seriously, and our ability to wander around New England will be impeded. I think we should just be thankful that we have such a beautiful trail system in this state to enjoy. pathfinder