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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    May all your birds be Bitchin'! HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  2. Cold Much?

    Last couple of nights in Pittsburg have been in the 30's. Great for not much of anything when you add consistent rain to the mix. Kind of makes you think of winter and Snowmobiling. What are your thoughts? pathfinder
  3. Congratulations! Great to see something worthwhile this time of year! pathfinder
  4. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Forgot about that scene! Never seen so many people that were able to ride a Phazer at speed while shooting machine guns. Most amazing is that so one was able to connect with a shot. Let's hope any bill involving snowmobiles and guns doesn't result in anything like that. pathfinder
  5. Another season behind us

    Took a ride up North mid day yesterday (May 1st) and low and behold went by East Inlet Road and noticed five trucks with four place trailers parked by the banking to rt 3. Another couple of trucks and trailers were parked across from Deer Mountain Campground. As someone who has been that route, riding on May 1st, I was officially jealous. Hope everyone out there was safe and able to get around. The further up you go the better it gets, especially up around Salmon Mountain. Hats off to those who dared go to where few men had gone before.... pathfinder
  6. Recent growth in interest in Vintage snowmobiles has brought up the obvious changes that have occurred. It 's easy to look back at early 1960's and see average single two strokes putting out around ten horse motors that could take you over snow at 30-35 MPH, have a ski stance that can only be described as "narrow", tracks like rubber bands. Since then we can see motors putting out close to 200 hp, wide stance, 3" paddle tracks. Big changes in 50-60 years. Take a minute and consider what the sport will have evolved into in another cycle. What do you think? pathfinder
  7. Spyders being shipped minus parts too

    I'm guessing a Bombi' Spyder Trike! Sorry, old and slow! pathfinder
  8. Spyders being shipped minus parts too

    Am I missing something? pathfinder
  9. Another season behind us

    Still significant numbers of people trailering up to Magalloway and East Inlet. I have found if there is good ground cover out my kitchen window, there is still riding up North. Looking outside right now it's snowing pretty good. Some locals talking about possible May 1st ride from East Inlet. Impossible? We'll see!
  10. Another season behind us

    Colder than average doesn't quite cover it! We had one stretch of a couple of weeks in January that it was 20-30 below zero every night, causing the old disappearing wood supply trick to make people wonder. Still people out there riding up North. All in all a decent season, but never long enough. pathfinder