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  1. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    All the Connecticut Lakes and Francis are very low for this time of year. I have talked to people who have kayaked East Inlet with difficulty, due to low levels. Most big rain generating storms have gone below us all summer. Personally, I had a bad experience in a small pond behind my house where I had 30 Rainbow Trout, as pets, die due to lack of oxygen, from low water flow from the mountain behind me. Walked up to feed them one day and 22 of them were doing the back stroke. Never seen a drought so bad in 25 years living here. Hope we get some substantial rain soon........ pathfinder
  2. 90 Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat two up

    Got a nice Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat 440 fanner with working reverse. Sled has new seat cover, rebuilt chain case, cleaned carb, new fuel lines, great track (it is a long track 136}. Starts and runs very well, looks sharp and is comfortable to ride. Would be a great entry level sled or vintage rider for short money $1200. pathfinder
  3. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    Just below Pittsburg village is a stretch of the Connecticut River that has seen a lot of kayaks and canoes over the years. Having done this stretch with rookies hundreds of times, it was a shock to see the the current "non depth" of the river. Pics were taken yesterday afternoon, and the y tell a story no one wants to here. pathfinder


  6. Mint 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440

    The 75 Trail Twister is SOLD! Went to Derby Vermont! Pathfinder
  7. Interesting story about a local guy

    Great read! I have had the pleasure of knowing several individuals that had a level of dedication that was scary. Without people like Ted Bailey our system would be a fraction of what it evolved into. I think we are up to about 7000 miles in the state and most of it is on private land, access of which is very fragile... God Bless Ted Bailey...He will be missed pathfinder
  8. Mint 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440

    I have a phenomenal condition 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440 that I love, but have to sell, as I have too many sleds. Sled has perfect hood, no stress cracks, original graphics, original front and rear bumpers, seat is great. Speedo is showing 1995 miles, track is nice. Shoulder issues have made this decision necessary. Would be a great vintage rider, or with minor cleanup a show sled. Asking $ 3300 and is located in Northern New Hampshire. Thanks for looking. Have more sleds to sell if anyone out there is into Vintage. Also 25 years of vintage parts, motors, project sleds. Pathfinder
  9. Admins

    Your theory makes about as much sense as anything else Skip! Glad to see you point out the paralell. Hope this post doesn't start any international incident, although it wouldn't be the first time...LOL!!!
  10. Admins

    There has been a recent up surge in people posting "junk" from overseas and in different languages that is becoming a big problem. This morning we had about 20 posts advertising how to buy many different prescription drugs on line that were deleted as soon as they were discovered. As one of the original moderators of this site it has always been kind of boring with not much happening that required moderation of any kind. Recently starting to see a lot of stuff from Russia among others. Have no idea who or what would have much to gain about posting on a snowmobile site with crap that no one here is interested in. Another issue that is not as obvious of late, is the members joining under funky names and e mail addys, that are removed amost every morning. Apologies to all legit members for having become exposed to this stuff, before we can clean it up. We will continue to scan often and take steps to eliminate sources of this material and these phony memberships that demean the quality of our valuable site. Any comments or questions about whats going on can be posted here, or messaged to me personally. Thanks pathfinder
  11. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    Just noticed this on VSCA site, so looks like ea Location: cook-out Posted By: Brad Gooden Time Posted: 2021-05-30 09:09:25 Location: Landaff, NH Email: Phone: 603-838-6383 Just wondering if any early birds at Bear Brook on Friday evening want to organize a cook-out. Steve & I will likely get there about 6 or so. Will bring a small grill for any to use. Will also bring "some" burgers & dogs. See ya there ! rly birding is a go.
  12. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    Not sure if Friday set up is going to happen. I know that it has been done before, but will try and get an answer for you. pathfinder
  13. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    The Spring swap is on, Saturday, June 5th, 8am-2pm, and the Boy Scouts will again be grilling up lunch. Standard size truck and two place trailers ONLY $20.00 (Price may vary due to the size of the trailer). Bearbrook State Park, 157 Deerfield Rd, just off Rt 28, in Allenstown, NH 03057. See you all there!!
  14. Probably Could Use Some of these at Traiheads

    I think that's a great idea! I am a trail adopter for part of the Cohos Trail and although we don't see a lot of litter, any is too much. How could I get a couple? pathfinder
  15. Most motor sports have a shrine quality “Mecca” that holds annual World Championships. Daytona, Indy, have cars covered, and Vintage Snowmobile racers recognize Eagle River Wisconsin as the pinnacle of competition in their sport. This writer has had the privilege of being there with locals, Chet Hooper of Pittsburg, and his driver Spencer Landry (formerly of Pittsburg) in 2018-19, which turned out to be one great experience. Eagle River boasts a half mile, banked, dedicated track, with heated grand stands. It is a true test to the ability of man and machine in this unique sport. The World’s Championship complex exudes racing tradition going back to the beginning of the sport in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and is hallowed ground to most racers of the sport. Prior attempts to qualify for the final Championship race saw progress; the team got very close to qualifying for the final, but never quite made it. The fraternity of racers from all over the world makes this a venue that few people get a chance to experience over the three day event, covering 90 plus classes. In 2020-21, things changed with a complete re build of the Arctic Cat Mod 440 by team leader Chet Hooper of Pittsburg, and the addition of new driver from Lancaster, Lucas Nast. Lucas, in his early twenties, had been racing locally with great success, and jumped at the chance to make the trip to compete at the highest level with Chet. 2021 brought them closer to their goal with a great machine and high hopes. The event was held January 8 through the10th, 2021.Qualifications are handled on the track, solo, against the clock, going only two laps. Very few people make the cut. Participants who make the cut move on to the quarter finals, semi finals, and Last Chance Qualifiers. The ten machines lined up for the final race, with two others in the second row who get there from the LCQ compete in the final race. Lucas Nast was one of those in the front row who exhibited an amazing feat of skill and guts. Being in the top ten snowmobile racers in the world is no small accomplishment, and watching him compete online against the best was a real show. Lucas was entered in several racing classes, including the 800cc class heats with a 440cc that he came close to winning. The Final Race was staged on Sunday afternoon and was a real production, including an invocation of a local minister with words of wisdom and encouragement. The line up by the flag man was precise. The flag dropped for the start! Twelve machines all heading for turn one created quite a dramatic scene of speed, position and courage. Lucas, aboard Arctic Cat #67, fought with the best in the world and finished 10th.Tune in again next year. It should be interesting.