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  1. Snowmobile Flea Markets

    Goffstown, Saturday October 26, 2019, Uncanoonuc Mountaineers. pathfinder
  2. VINTAGE sleds and/or parts

    Like to thank Classicdx and his son for enabling me to end up with there extensive load of old sleds and parts. When your dealing with people who you have never met it takes a pretty good leap of faith on both sides of a deal. That was done and the results were very positive. Great amount of Rupp and John Deere parts were in great shape, having been resting in R I for a lot of years, waiting for me to pick them up. Delighted that the deal included bringing everything to my door. Two Rupp parts sleds, two other Rupp Nitro II 440's, a 79 Kawasaki Invader 440, and a 76 Polaris TX440. Thanks guys, it was well above and beyond.... pathfinder
  3. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Wide Open, I deeply respect your opinion and your position on increased speed limits. You, however, hit the nail on the head with your description of today's sleds "can turn on a dime,stop,go and handle like they are kids toys". You are correct in your description, but unfortunately they give you a false sense of security and induce you to take it to the next level, until you are over your head depending on a super sled to take care of you. I use to take out rookies to the sport daily and teach them how to ride and have a good time. We would take off at a screamin' 20 mph and come back in at 40, in one piece. It wasn't unusual for some of these rookies to get instantly hooked and show up a couple of weeks later with stuff like an RX1, MXZ, and think they have it all figured out. Lots of them crashed, some got beat up, some died... By the way, some of the mid 70's liquid Nitro Rupp's use to hit 94 miles an hour in 660 feet back then, and they were 340's. You had to "ride" them, they didn't mask much with super suspension, super brakes, wide front ends.... You had to use your head... pathfinder
  4. VINTAGE sleds and/or parts

    Interested in what you have for Rupp stuff (as if I need any more! ) Noticed in the pics some liquid Nitro carcasses and misc parts. also did I see a partial Polaris TX? Please get in touch with me on this site or e-mail me appreciate your time Pathfinder
  5. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    You might think riding in Maine is the end all for a lousy few bucks a year difference, but going over there to go fast is not worth the need for extensive chiropractic necessary to re-align your bent "bod" when you do. I have ridden extensively in the North Country and Maine and the quality of grooming totally out weighs the perceived advantage of being able to drive like a nut. There use to be about 50 Fish and Game officers in NH, and even at that, they are never out there at one time, with days off, court appearances, illness. Point being, we have to police ourselves and get use to using our excellent system carefully or it will disappear very quickly. Whatever the number of F&G officers out there at any given time they cannot cover the whole state. To think we have to worry about them being bad asses to keep us all in line is ridiculous. I was not a total angel out there in the 20 years or so that I road daily while touring people, but I got to pick my spots to "cruise" that were areas that you could see oncoming traffic. The problem people riding fast out there now is meeting people "sideways" on blind corners jeopardizing themselves and everyone else. Keep Right-Be Safe pathfinder
  6. Where it gets interesting is finding parts for stuff from the 60 and 70's, although I was at a Swap Meet at Bear Brook State Park yesterday and they had a great crowd and lots of parts, sleds and deals. pathfinder
  7. Appreciate the heads up about Livingstons. Have done business with then several times in my travels. Hate to admit it, but first time there was in the early 70's when a couple of friends of mine from Ashburnham MA were racing Moto Ski's, and were back and forth there quite often. It's nice that there are so many "vintage freaks" around, because we all justify each others insanity. LOL!!! Pathfinder
  8. Well That Was Easy! Parts found in New York, and heading my way. Thanks for all who looked at the thread! pathfinder
  9. Recently acquired a decent 90 Arctic Cat Prowler 440, which needs a rear bumper and recoil side lower side panel and a few other small parts. If anyone has a parts sled with a bad, or no motor, that would work. In researching where I might find these parts it became obvious that a 91 EXT is pretty much the same chassis. Any help finding these parts would be appreciated. Thanks for looking. pathfinder
  10. Slowly collecting parts

    Clean as a whistle! Very nice job! pathfinder
  11. Bear Brook Swap Meet

    Swap Meets Next Swap: September 21, 2019 at the museum complex. Come join the FUN! Bring all your Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycle, Mini-Bike, and other parts. Clean out all those extra parts and Snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc. Find all those parts and pieces you’ve been searching for. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 7:00AM – 3:00PM BEARBROOK STATE PARK 157 DEERFIELD RD JUST OFF ROUTE 28 ALLENSTOWN, NH 03057 Complimentary Breakfast Saturday morning 7am – 9am Sponsored by Seats by Ev The Cub Scouts will be there selling Lunch items. Standard size truck and two place trailers ONLY $20.00 Price may vary due to the size of the trailer. For more information please contact Chad at 603-722-7069, or Bud at 603-496-5452
  12. Driving West on Route 111 Winter is a coming!!!

    It's even worse living in Pittsburg! Sleds are appearing and changing hands everywhere.. Has been i n the 30's at night a couple of times lately. pathfinder
  13. Spammers

    The incidence pf spam is getting more frequent. I have zapped a few lately. pathfinder
  14. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    When was the last time you met up with a F@G crew with all the gear necessary to make a judgement? Or even understand all the steps in making the test? It's basically a subjective decision of the officer on scene. Most times it is influenced by the mood and conversation that is carried on with the officer, and how "in control" the offender deals with the officer. pathfinder
  15. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    I'm glad the new law excludes vintage sleds " No person shall operate a snowmobile manufactured after February 1, 2007 " otherwise my old Rupp Nitros with "rams horn" exhaust would not comply with DB numbers for sure. I can feel a confrontation with F@G is in my future, as soon as they hear me coming. Very few of them know what constitutes "stock" from that far back... The new law is a good thing and needed, by what I hear around Young's on weekends. Some aftermarket pipes are ridiculous and can irritate the heck out of land owners who are keystones of lots of trail systems in the state... pathfinder