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  1. Spammers

    The incidence pf spam is getting more frequent. I have zapped a few lately. pathfinder
  2. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    When was the last time you met up with a F@G crew with all the gear necessary to make a judgement? Or even understand all the steps in making the test? It's basically a subjective decision of the officer on scene. Most times it is influenced by the mood and conversation that is carried on with the officer, and how "in control" the offender deals with the officer. pathfinder
  3. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    I'm glad the new law excludes vintage sleds " No person shall operate a snowmobile manufactured after February 1, 2007 " otherwise my old Rupp Nitros with "rams horn" exhaust would not comply with DB numbers for sure. I can feel a confrontation with F@G is in my future, as soon as they hear me coming. Very few of them know what constitutes "stock" from that far back... The new law is a good thing and needed, by what I hear around Young's on weekends. Some aftermarket pipes are ridiculous and can irritate the heck out of land owners who are keystones of lots of trail systems in the state... pathfinder
  4. Slowly collecting parts

    Amazing how your yard looks a lot like mine. Projects everywhere! Tough part is completing them before you get to the point where you pick something up and say to yourself, "what the heck does this go to?" Like your logic on going back to old faithful. I 'm getting to prefer older sleds myself, although I have access to later Renegades and an 800 summit 154. pathfinder
  5. Voices Thread

    This thread was accidentally deleted. Apologies from a guilty moderator. Can't get the responses back, but we can re construct it, as it generated some interesting responses. I think the pic speaks for itself and hits a familiar emotion in all of us. pathfinder
  6. Checking In

    Life is full of surprises! This one was unexpected, but you dealt with it in the best possible fashion for everyone involved. Hats off to you and your family. We all are thrown a curve ball somewhere in this lifetime and how we deal with it is something we can't predict, until we are in the middle of it. pathfinder
  7. Craziest thing you've ever done for a snowmobile?

    May is kind of a problem month for acquiring sleds, five so far. Maybe another today being my birthday. Wouldn't do the MI run again anytime soon, went the last 4-500 miles on auto pilot, but saw some great country. Upper Michigan is very scenic and the major roads have 75 MPH speed limits. pathfinder
  8. Last Wednesday I hit the road around 5 am heading into Montreal, Ottawa, all the way to Soo St Marie into Michigan. A mere 785 miles arriving at around 8:30, checked into a Super 8, got a little sleep. On the road again next morning around 7 heading for Hiawatha Township to pick up a 73 Rupp Nitro that was kind of special, in that it had been stretched from a 116 inch track to receive a 91 Polaris RXL SKS 136 inch track and rear skid. This conversion was done by a friend of mine whose name is Joe Francis, a restoration guru that had built this sled about ten years ago along with another similar sled for himself and his wife Glenda. At the time of the build I was aware of it through another site called " The Rupp Message Board " which showed the build and I immediately wanted to build one. Time came and went, never did the build, but heard one of these came on the market for lack of use. Made a phone call, made a deal, picked it up, and for some strange reason decided to come home through the US heading south in MI in order to cut across lower Ontario heading for Niagra Falls, Buffalo, and drove the entire length of the New York throughway in the middle of the night, cutting up through Vermont and getting home Friday morning around 10:30, 2200miles, 53 hours, no sleep, and a minor case of post traumatic stress syndrome, with a new new baby that will be my vintage rider. Worth it? Hell yeah! pathfinder
  9. Godspeed Jim Herbert

    Great guy! Big loss to the system! Condolences to the family. pathfinder
  10. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 Fan

    Nice looking sled for the money! Good luck! pathfinder
  11. Welcome aboard Chris! pathfinder
  12. Something to think about

    It's surprising to me that there are only 318 rentals in the state. Seems low! As someone who had a rental fleet for a little over twenty years I have seen a lot of situations evolve. Big difference in my operation was I included guide service for no extra money than the rental. I SOLD people on the advantages of going out with someone who could show them the best of the area had to offer without stopping at every intersection to look at a map. Also the advantages of someone who could fix any minor problems they couldn't handle (plugs, belts etc). I also convinced people it would be to there advantage to allow me to show them the sleds in detail before mounting up and taking them on a fun game of follow the leader on First Conn Lake (nothing to run into) where they could get the feel of throttle, brake, leaning into corners, keeping distance, hand signals, on then after about 10-15 minutes we would roar off onto the trail at 15 to 20mph, see some great stuff, come back all together at 35-40, all in one piece. I was lucky to operate out of Timberland Lodge where I was referred mostly rookies, got good at it, and loved it. Still bump into people who tell me about there first experience being very nice. As far as damage goes, people were responsible for there own, but rarely was there anything more serious than bumpers, tail lights, hoods, skis. Not everyone went out with the guide, but were aware of what they were missing, before heading off with friends or solo. If some of the rental outfits operating today, trained someone to approach rookies from the same direction there would be a tiny fraction of accidents that are occurring. The salary of one or two good individuals would generate huge savings in the long run, and a super increase in repeat business. Few people come back a second time if you have to "melt" their credit card with big numbers on the first ride.
  13. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Check out this scuttlebut from the mid west about off trail riding in their area. These guys are really upset and have vivid descriptions of the culprits.,350611.0.html pathfinder
  14. 1990 Polaris Indy and 1986 Yamaha EX570L manuals

    Thank You John, appreciate it! pathfinder
  15. 1973 Raider 400cc in really good shape.,349315.0.html pathfinder