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  1. I have a brand new tunnel update kit which includes a new rear section of a F-800 tunnel, new rear bumper and brand new rear snow flap. Also have a like new seat, I believe is also for a F-800. Have no use for them, and know that someone out there may have some interest in them. Asking $375 for the kit and the seat. Thanks for looking!
  2. Stimulated the economy today by paying a light ransom to bring a new baby home. This is a 1976 Rupp Nitro 440 Xenouah liquid that in it's hey day was pretty neat, . This sled was resting in Farmington, apparently waiting for me to find it at a weak moment. Note the 617 miles on the speedo! Thiis series liquid was famous for having a traditional radiator and also circulated the coolant through the aluminum front bumper. Worked very well, sled was fast and wide, but if you got it stuck in the deep stuff your hands would fry trying to pull on it. I can quit at any time... pathfinder
  3. Old days

    As someone who bought his first new sled in '72 and had been riding since '64, this article is very refreshing. Things really have transitioned in the last 50 years or so. I remember in 64 riding a 64 tin cab Doo, massive ten horse, and being amazed at being able to pass over snow at the blinding speed of 35 mph. Sounds crude but at 15 years old it felt like a new Corvette, and as tame as it was by todays standards almost killed me once or twice. Most notable was an adventure with two friends from school joining me one afternoon, riding triple on the lake in front of my house which had a new 6 inches of fluff, and we covered that lake many times, hootin' and hollerin' all the way. Got bored, went around a camp and out the driveway heading for a dirt road and came out the long driveway full speed, and suddenly noticed to stone columns at the end of the driveway with a tiny bit of chain emerging from the snow on both sides. Well it's safe to say the a a 64 Doo didn't have much for brakes, but I locked them up just as we were about to go through. All hell broke loose as the chain came up over the skis, cleaned out the lovely chrome headlight, obliterated the windshield and caught me right in the chest with the weight of my two buddies adding to the mix. Finally stopped with the chain trying to remove my head, with bad "rasberries" all the way up my chest. I think of this episode every time I see people putting their six year olds on a six hundred or worse.... Those were the days! pathfinder
  4. Storm Last Night

  5. Grass Drags Cancelled

    As a primary source of income for NHSA this is going to affect the sport in a big way. We all remember an abrupt early ending to last season because of the covid19 threat, and it doesn't take too much extrapolating to perceive the a major threat to next season. I hope I'm wrong! It's gonna take some not too small miracles to settle everything down so that next season can happen...Stay Safe! pathfinder
  6. CO Matt Holmes hit by ATV

    A Fish and Game conservation officer was released from the hospital Sunday after suffering serious injuries when he was struck by an off-highway recreational vehicle in Dummer on Saturday, officials said. New Hampshire Fish & Game Advertisement In a Facebook post, New Hampshire Fish and Game thanked everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes for Conservation Officer Matthew Holmes, and said that he would be recuperating from home. "He still has a recovery period ahead but will be ok," the post said. The crash happened about 5 p.m. on Dummer Pond Road. Officer Matthew Holmes was attempting to stop two OHRVs that were speeding when a third OHRV hit him from behind, Fish and Game said. The OHRV was going over 60 mph. "That's a high-speed impact on a stopped vehicle," said Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan. "That's the equivalent of being hit with a small compact car on an open ATV, which immediately amounts to an ejection." Holmes was sent flying off his ATV and knocked unconscious. Jordan said some off-duty Gilmanton firefighters happened to be riding on the trail and helped another conservation officer treat Holmes before the ambulance arrived. New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officer Matt Holmes is released from the hospital.
  7. Quarrentine Check in

    What a nice garden! Amazing what a couple of hundred miles a difference makes. I don't expect to see that much green for another 2-3 weeks! pathfinder
  8. Quarrentine Check in

    Isolation is not much fun after a few weeks, and home is getting a little redundant. I'm lucky I'm retired (I think) so guess you could say I work from home. My current focus is trying to gather enough firewood for next winter before the black flies arrive to make it a living hell to do. I am doing it the least efficient way, by going out and finding standing deadwood, dropping it, and cutting it to 16 inch lengths and then hauling it in to face the splitter behind a wheeler in a cart. This had been working out pretty well until the second coming of winter arrived, which I'm sure will end soon and the black flies will arrive in full force. Also recently acquired a massive amount of older sled parts from the inventory of Youngs Third Generation Repair, which is soon to go on the market, so that has taken a lot of time and effort trying to figure out what to do with lots of stuff, having lots of stuff already. Being in Pittsburg in the off season is normally a little boring, but no Buck Rub, no Happy Corner, No Tall Timber, not even Hicks lumber is open. Kind of like a bad sci-fi movie. Hi lite of the week is armoring up to go to the IGA in Colebrook and maybe Walgreens. So far everything is consistently variable which is a good description of Pittsburg anyway. Be Safe!! pathfinder
  9. Quarrentine Check in

    No Worries! We are all under a lot of stress that shows up in different ways. I'm sure more of us would like to vent about politics (me included) but that would lead to a very deep down slope for the site. Appreciate the apology! Be safe!
  10. Quarrentine Check in

    Please try to veer away from political arguments, which are not allowed on this site. This thread is about "Quarantine Check In" and should stay in that direction. pathfinder
  11. Wish I had an explanation. Lifted the pic off of Facebook, thought it was very unique. Although I have seen some rare behavior in the North Country between Deer and Foxes, Bears. pathfinder
  12. Rare pic of Micky Rupp as he sat in his Indy car in 1965. Came in Fourth!