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  1. Aerial tour of Newport Vermont

    Very Nice! Question? What happens if your drone exceeds the limits of the remote control? Does it continue to the West Coast, or runs out of power? How far does the better drones operating range approach? Thanks for posting these vids, it's nice to have a break from the political bonfires that have been brewing of late. pathfinder
  2. January 2017 Eagle River WI

    August is a strange time to bring up something that happened this past winter, but here goes: As most of you know I am an older guy that is into vintage sleds and vintage racing. I grew up in the 60's and 70's reading the sled mags and all the activity at the World Championships in Eagle River, WI. Never thought I'd get there, but a phone call from a friend changed all that in a hurry. M y friend Chet asked me if I would like to come with him and a friend to try and qualify for the Vintage World Championships, competing with two sleds that five days before we left were bare chassis. I said "hell ya'" . Thousand mile ride through Canada and Upper Peninsula of MI brought us to the scenic area of Eagle River. Checked into hotel, 1/4 mile from the track, which is a real piece of work, 13 degree banks, wide turns, heated hot boxes for spectators, totally organized and maintained by the legendary Decker family. Worked on the super mod 340 and 440 for 3 days before qualifying on Friday morning. The motors were highly modified "Decker" built beauties that were morphed into 78 El Tigre Chassis's that were spotless and had new tracks. Friday morning arrived at a balmy 3 degrees and qualifying began, 68 sleds getting 2 solo laps on a glass track against the clock, first 34 would move to the next round. Driver, Spencer Landry, had lots of experience racing on snow but never ice, had drawn second up on the smooth track and by the end had qualified 29. Simply Amazing! Rest of the weekend we competed in about 8 classes, just to get some ice time on the new sleds. The scale of what goes on out there is hard to imagine. We had set up in the pits next to a six man team from Sweden, who were just a hoot, always smiling and working on four sleds all different brands that did well. Also met racers from all over Canada, Wyoming, Alaska, who were all very friendly and couldn't help each other enough, sometimes sharing motor parts between heats. Hope to get there again, and see new friends and feel the energy that just surrounds you. Here's a link that will give you some idea of what is infectious. Our sleds were 67M, Cats, one green, one black. Pathfinder
  3. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Having been in the middle of the Pittsburg Ridge Runners for quite a few years, as VP, SEC, Board Member, I can remember going to a lot of NHSA meetings and county meetings. These meetings always left me with an uneasy feeling that "The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home". I have said some rather strong criticisms of the organization, with just cause, but this letter has confirmed all of those uneasy feelings I had back then. "• Since 2006 the biggest negative to the sport of snowmobiling in the state of New Hampshire has been the executive board of the NHSA." For someone from the inner circle of things to make a statement that Direct and Powerful in meaning shows a lot of guts, and caring for the organization. It also shows how much of a jam the mishandling of the organization has gotten all of us into. The answer, or cure to this unfortunate situation is neither simple, nor clear. It is clear, however, that something has to be done to rein in the "runaway egos" who think they can do no wrong, and should answer to no one. pathfinder
  4. Nice event! Been there several times and always had a good time! pathfinder
  5. Another club bites the dust

    Always a little sad when a club goes down, thinking about all the time and effort over many year period to get them going, and the ups and downs they all go through trying to keep it together. Kind of like when the NHSA use to deal with SNOWMOBILING instead of maximizing income from the masses. What a joke we have allowed to evolve over the years. pathfinder
  6. Summer in Pittsburg, NH

    Very nice! As usual! pathfinder
  7. the new season

    Got my Pittsburg Ridge Runner renewal forms about three weeks ago. Kind of gave me a shiver!!!!!!! pathfinder#6
  8. Summer in Pittsburg, NH

    Very Nice John! Picked a heck of a day to shoot that, weather could not have been better. Aerial views like that give you a real feel for how things are laid out on the shoreline and coves. Good Music, fit the flight as well. Sorry I missed your visit! pathfinder#6
  9. New England Forest Rally

    They have been racing over in that area for years. I can remember stumbling onto one event that went up Parmacheene Road and came down Lincoln Pond Road. Lot's of European Iron just humming around those roads and sometimes going off trail in into streams. Wonderful racing to watch as long as nothing comes at you in the air............ pathfinder
  10. North East Motor Sports Museum

    Nice! I'll have to visit that one sometime soon! pathfinder
  11. NH Snowmobile Museum to be on Chronicle!

    Should be a great episode! Not enough people have actually experienced what the Museum has to offer. Relics of the sport which occupies a good part of our brain........ pathfinder
  12. Take a ride through Colebrook, NH

    Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are pathfinder
  13. Take a ride through Colebrook, NH

    Nice job John! It all looks pretty accurate, right down to the Main Street construction blockade! path finder
  14. Registration Increase

    The long and short of it is the NHSA is "KILLING" the sport it is charged with protecting, for the sake of increasing the mad money it has to play with behind closed doors. I can remember when the the last big bill was being discussed, and the phrase "must be a member of a club which belongs to NHSA" and how that phrase was turned around to be interpreted that we all have to belong to NHSA, doesn't make sense then, and doesn't make sense now. Things are out of control and getting worse, and the current "ROYALTY" in power is laughing the asses off to anyone who objects to the slow painful execution of the sport which took a lot of people, along time to get where it is...... pathfinder#6
  15. Let's Licence the GAS DRAGS

    "Oh the humanity!" Things are getting tough in the "low" lands.......... pathfinder#6