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  1. Welcome aboard Chris! pathfinder
  2. Something to think about

    It's surprising to me that there are only 318 rentals in the state. Seems low! As someone who had a rental fleet for a little over twenty years I have seen a lot of situations evolve. Big difference in my operation was I included guide service for no extra money than the rental. I SOLD people on the advantages of going out with someone who could show them the best of the area had to offer without stopping at every intersection to look at a map. Also the advantages of someone who could fix any minor problems they couldn't handle (plugs, belts etc). I also convinced people it would be to there advantage to allow me to show them the sleds in detail before mounting up and taking them on a fun game of follow the leader on First Conn Lake (nothing to run into) where they could get the feel of throttle, brake, leaning into corners, keeping distance, hand signals, on then after about 10-15 minutes we would roar off onto the trail at 15 to 20mph, see some great stuff, come back all together at 35-40, all in one piece. I was lucky to operate out of Timberland Lodge where I was referred mostly rookies, got good at it, and loved it. Still bump into people who tell me about there first experience being very nice. As far as damage goes, people were responsible for there own, but rarely was there anything more serious than bumpers, tail lights, hoods, skis. Not everyone went out with the guide, but were aware of what they were missing, before heading off with friends or solo. If some of the rental outfits operating today, trained someone to approach rookies from the same direction there would be a tiny fraction of accidents that are occurring. The salary of one or two good individuals would generate huge savings in the long run, and a super increase in repeat business. Few people come back a second time if you have to "melt" their credit card with big numbers on the first ride.
  3. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Check out this scuttlebut from the mid west about off trail riding in their area. These guys are really upset and have vivid descriptions of the culprits.,350611.0.html pathfinder
  4. 1990 Polaris Indy and 1986 Yamaha EX570L manuals

    Thank You John, appreciate it! pathfinder
  5. 1973 Raider 400cc in really good shape.,349315.0.html pathfinder
  6. 1973 Raider 400cc in really good shape.

    That's a hoot! I did own that one at one time, but I too ,never registered it. I have owned about six of them over the years and only remember a 74 that I did register, but have no memory of where the vin would be. Your best bet would be to follow the link below to Vintage Sleds . Com, click on Bull Sessions and that will bring you to several sections, click on Vintage Tech Help and start a thread seeking the location of the vin, and you will be sure to get your answer. You may have to register a screen name but this is a most valuable site and will be a source of lots of information. I now live in Pittsburg NH after moving here from Ashburnham, where I owned that sled. Let me know how you make out! I'll try and post the info myself and see what happens. pathfinder
  7. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    Back atcha, Freedom Rider! MERRY CHRISTMAS! pathfinder
  8. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    The logic and arguments about off trail anything (Snowmobiling, ATV's, dirt bikes etc) is getting older than dirt, and not much ever seems to get resolved. Back in the day, I rode dirt bikes in Northern Mass. pretty much anywhere and never really had any issues with access to where we wanted to ride. We did make a mess of things in muddy areas, but never really got in trouble. Started riding Pittsburg in the early 80's when there was less traffic, hardly any long track dedicated mountain vehicles, and went into some areas that were definitely off trail, limited only by where we dare take a trail sled. Often times during that period of time, we would bump into Fish and Game out there and they were only concerned with us knowing where we were and how to get out safely. Between then and now, the evolution of the average sled has taken a definite turn towards off trail design, long,deep paddle tracks, giant motors, riser bars all contribute to comfort hitting it hard on mountain terrain. A visit to any gas stop in the area shows that the popularity of this type of sled is dominating the trails as well as "protected areas". The manufacturers of these machines could care less if people use them in protected areas, and are in a sense, shooting themselves in the foot, by causing trail closures and related problems which impact future sales. Another issue that has not been raised is the level of damage that paddle tracks cause on groomed trails, even with careful riding. You only have to follow a deep paddle rider to see the impact of one pass on fresh groomed snow. The clubs end up on the receiving end of complaints that the frequency of passes is inadequate. Complex issues that are weaved together in a mix of cause and effect that has no simple resolution............ pathfinder
  9. Some good news

    I don't know about the future of snow, but currently, Pittsburg has had 51 inches already (John's NH Weather) and it's still snowing hard. Too bad it's not even winter yet! pathfinder
  10. 2000 Trail Roamer

    Don't tempt me! Unless you want to trade it for a nice Rupp show sled. Still have a few. pathfinder
  11. 2000 Trail Roamer

    I Rike IT! pathfinder
  12. Sled would not start

    I went through the same ordeal with a 98 Indy 500 liquid, ended up removing the fuel pump, rebuilding it, rippin the carbs down, and finally looked into the tank and saw the fuel pickup line floating there laughing at me. Replaced the pickup line and away she went. Had the same thing happen with a 76 Rupp liquid Nitro, which had original lines on it, not much of a surprise there because of the age. pathfinder
  13. Sad to hear of Dave passing away. I had the privilege of working a few work parties with him and always wondered where the "battery slot" was that kept him going like a hummingbird. His heritage is everywhere! I was watching TV yesterday and saw an episode of North Woods Law, where a rescue of a woman with a broken ankle was being carried down from Chocora , and the last scene was at the bottom where they panned to the name of the "Bolles Trail". He will be missed................. pathfinder
  14. * official old pic thread*

    Here's a couple of pics of an old guy reliving his youth on a couple of 72 and 73 Rupp Nitros. Still have the 73, should have it bronzed. One rare pic of me on a Starfire powered TX. pathfinder
  15. Registration increase being proposed

    To borrow a phrase from someone " Make America Poor Again"! That's some wicked numbers for a lot of older folks that are still into the "Sport of Kings"! pathfinder