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  1. NCP Postpone race

    Northwood Crank Pullers are postponing the January 18th, we only have 4” of snow, when the weather turns favorable we will reschedule. Thanks all your support.
  2. Northwood Crank Pullers Vintage Oval Race Dates

    Warm weather forecast has forced the Northwood Crank Pullers to postpone the January 4th scheduled race. Next Race Date is January 18th. See you then, Northwood Crank Pullers
  3. NCP Vintage Oval Dates, January 4th & 18th. Rules will align with the Lancaster Snow Derby rules, we combined a few classes and eliminated a few to get to a manageable total of 22 classes. 3 lap heats and 5 lap finals. Kitty Cat and 120’s. Will run on a shorter track. CLASSES and RUN ORDER as follows. 1 Fan cooled 340 twin 75 and older 2 Youth 14-17 440 twin 85 and older 3 Formula IFS 4 Kitty Cat 4-9 5 Fan cooled 400 single 85 and older 6 Air cooled 340 twin 85 and older 7 50 plus 440 twin 75 and older 8 120 improved 9 Ladies 440 fan 85 and older 10 Youth 10-13 340 twin 85 and older 11 Elan/Sprit 335 12 Air cooled 440 twin 85 and older 13 120 Mod 14 MOD 500/Stock 500 COMBO 15 Fan cooled single stock 75 and older 16 Youth 14-17 340 twin 85 and older 17 Fan cooled 440 twin 75 and older 18 340MOD/340 stock liquid leaf/Air cooled open COMBO 19 Youth 10-13 single 85 and older 20 Air cooled 300 twin 85 and older 21 Mod/Outlaw air cooled single 400 85 and older 22 65 plus any air cooled sled that fits in the above classes with stock exhaust Tech/Registration 8-10, racing at 10:30. $ Kitty Cat and 120’s $20.00 drivers 1st class additional classes $10.00 per. Youth and Adults classes $ 30.00 drivers 1st class and $15.00 each additional. All classes additional $10.00 per driver transponder ID. QUESTIONS 603-942-8303 CALL or TEXT, or dbcopland@yahoo.com. Now go do a SNOW DANCE THANKS Northwood Crank Pullers
  4. 2019 legislative session

    I like 699, a step in the right direction
  5. Lancaster Snow Derby

    Lancaster Snow Derby, Great Job by all involved!!!!, they have three more races scheduled, check them out. Thanks Copeland Racing.
  6. January 5th Race postponed, next race date is January 19th. The Club has 2 races secheduled one a vintage ice oval, similar to what Lancaster NH had in the past on the ice Northwood Lake. The other a vintage snow oval at Lakeshore Farm as in the past, we will have to wait and see what Mother Nature has planned for southern New Hampshire. Thanks The Northwood Crankpullers Dave Copeland 603-942-8303
  7. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR PORTION OF THE 10 MILLION DOLLARS? AND WAS IT WORTH IT? $9,663,360 is the conservative amount that Grant-In-Aid has lost over the past 14 years since the discounted registration has been in effect. I say this amount is conservative because the number of registered sleds has dropped off in recent years compared to earlier years. All of the following numbers come from the NHF&G Law Enforcement Report for NHSA Meeting – May 19, 2018. • The five-year snowmobile registration average is 41,160 • 35% Nonresidents and 65% Residents • 86% were club members that used the $30 discount. 1) 41,160 (average member registrations) x 65% (NH residents) = 26,754 (Average yearly NH resident registrations) 2) 26,754 x 86% (Discount use) = 23,008 (Average Yearly Registrations that used the discount) 3) 23,008 x $30 (Money that would have gone to Grant-In-Aid) = $690,240 (Average Yearly Income that would have gone to Grant-In-Aid) 4) $690,240 x 14 years (Time since the discounted was enacted) = $9,663,360 I think you are going to have a hard time reconciling with whatever you did with your portion of the 10 million dollars compared to what it would have done if it had remained with Grant-In-Aid. Think of all the trail projects that could have been completed, all of the equipment that could have been purchased, and all the trails that might not have been closed if Grant-In-Aid had not lost $30 from each discounted registration over the past 14 years. I realize that originally, this discount was to get more residents to join snowmobile clubs to help with trail maintenance and other club activities. Everyone would agree that we do have more members, but that only a very small amount (5%-10%) actually participate. Normally, it’s the same number of members as before the discount began. How long will it be before you have your child, or grandchild on your knee and are telling them how it used to be? We used to be able to ride right out of our yard, leave at 9:00, ride 100 miles, stop for lunch and gas, be home before dark, see only 30 or so sleds, and put 180 miles on nice trails. Now it’s wake up at 6:30am, already have the sleds loaded on the trailer, leave at 7:00am to drive for 2 hours, unload, and ride in a 60 mile circle, no food or gas, try to do 2 laps, meet over 300 sleds, and the last 30 miles of the trails are the now typical run down conditions with so few trails left, finish your last lap after dark, take 3 hours to get home in traffic and wonder if it was all worth the effort. It’s time that we stop taking the cheapest path. We need to start respecting the sport and paying our fair share. You need to register without taking the discount. You’ll pay $96 per sled, of which $30 goes directly to Grant-In-Aide. Join a club or multiple clubs and participate. Why isn’t anyone else proposing this? Everyone knows and agrees we need more funding. This would be a very proactive action the NHSA could take. The problem is that they are using the discount as a way to extort money from those of you that are looking for the cheapest way to register, not the best way to register for the sport. They are counting on you to continue on just like the past 14 years. So, if you register the best possible way to support the sport (paying $96 per sled), this deprives the NHSA from being able to extort money from you. They are only concerned with their bottom line and they are not taking into consideration what consequences this action has on the sport. It’s no wonder that their approval rating is in free fall. Since the NHSA has no compassion for the sport, we must act on our own. REGISTER TO SUPPORT THE SPORT AND ITS FUTURE. 1. Register each sled for $96, take no discount. 2. Join a club or clubs and participate. 3. A cautionary note, some clubs’ bylaws list the club as all 100% of its members must belong to the NHSA, and you can be sure that the NHSA knows exactly which clubs have this in their bylaws and are counting on your money. If you change your bylaws, the club’s members can still choose to belong to the NHSA, but if the evil empire isn’t getting enough money because more and more people start to register to support the sport and its future, they will probably raise the club dues first from $30 to $100 or $150. If that’s not enough then they will probably look to rise individual membership from $10 to $20 or more and you will not be caught in this trap if you have changed your bylaws. 4. I’m sure that most of you have done the math, but for those that have not. 23,008 x $10 = $230080 x 14 years = 3,221,120 is what you have paid the NHSA. It gets even better, you could have put $30 to work where it will do the most good (Grant-In-Aid).Instead you decided to give $10 to the NHSA, for what?, which left you with $20 to spend on what? Coffee? Thanks Dave Copeland And yes, please post, forward anywhere it will be read.
  8. QUESTIONS without ANSWERS There is a chance some of the information in my last post (REGISTER and SUPPORT) was not correct based on misinformation. I have believed since the annual meeting that every entry into the portal has a cost of $10; $10 to register as a member, $10 to join the NHSA, $10 for a voucher as $2 transaction fee and still do as do many others. At a recent meeting, it was evident that others had a different take on the cost of being involved with the NHSA. I set forth to find answers, but have had no luck. I have not received any answers that can be backed up. In other words, no one can point to a bylaw or rule of business that backs up their answer. Here are examples of answers to my questions; “That’s a good question”, “no one ever asked that before”, “that will never happen”, “I will have to get back to you” (apparently there is no time limit on this one). If two people read the same bylaw or rules of business , there is a good chance that they will each have a totally different interpretation of the same bylaw or rule. I am quite sure that the by laws and rules of business were written that way on purpose. It’s even more confusing because if we remember before the special and annual meeting, all everyone could talk about was there would be no more individual members of the NHSA, only clubs would be members. Now all we hear about are individual memberships. Here are a few questions. Let’s assume that a club has sent in their $30 annual dues and has filled out the club membership form correctly and that it has had no portal entries. Here are a few questions based on the above scenario: 1. Do they need to enter $10 for every officer on the membership form? 2. Is there a $10 charge every time the portal is used? 3. The above club has 1000 members how many delegates are they allowed? 0, 2 or 4? 4. What do individual club members get when joining the above club? 5. Can any member of this club attend a NHSA board meeting, annual meeting, or call the office with a question? 6. Can any members of the above club work at the grass drag, or attend the Easter Seals event? 7. If this club does have delegates, do they have to be members of the NHSA? If so, is there a charge? Next Set: 1. Club has 450 members, 50 members have paid $12 to get the discount and voucher and 10 of these 50 want to join NHSA. Is there an additional charge for the 10 members seeking NHSA membership? 2. Same club, 40 members want to join NHSA. Is there a charge? 3. How many delegates would this club have? 0, 2, or 3? 4. Can any of the 450 club members be delegates or only those that have been through the portal? Clarification: Rules of business 1. 6. MEMBERSHIP b. “Annual dues are paid; its per membership dues are paid per club agreement” what are membership dues and what do you get if you pay them? 2. 6 MEMBERSHIP c. 1. “when a club loses its good standing status, all individual members of said club are no longer considered in good standing” how do individual members regain there good standing status? Is it one by one, each going before the board? If an individual member joins another club that is in good standing does that fix it? If is a one by one and each member has to appear before the board and a club has over a 300 members at 20 minutes to hear each individual, that’s 100 hours. If the board hears 10 members each board meeting, that would take at least 3 years and who is going to like that? 3. 6. MEMBERSHIP e. 1. “ A 2/3 majority vote by the Board Of Directors is required for the good standing status of the member club to be reinstated.” This 2/3 vote makes it just about impossible for the club to be reinstated. Would you not think that the NHSA would be thinking of ways to help clubs become stronger, instead it seems like they have a goal of at least 10 clubs falling per year, what’s next counties 4. 7. DUES what is the“$10 per club membership transaction” for and is it the same as membership dues?, is for membership in the NHSA?, is it for membership in the club that you have already joined?, or is a $10 fee so that you can be a delegate?, what are you paying $10 FOR? 5. What is the difference between falling out of compliance and no longer considered in good standing? In the process of trying to find answers I have read the by-laws, rules of business, and anything I can access that the NHSA has printed and posted over and over. The biggest joke is the in the 49th annual meeting, top of page 10. “Future plans are to possibly own our own facility and venue for Grass Drags.” This is the pipe dream of 2 or 3 people, has anyone ever voted for this?, did you vote for this at an annual meeting?, have the board of directors ever voted for this?. At first there were trying to keep it a secret, I can see why. Would it not be a better to use of this money ($500,000 - $600,000) to invest in the sport, instead of the pipe dream of 2 or 3 people? Anyone up for a challenge, how about the NHSA board of directors and executive board grab a piece of paper and answer all of the above questions. Now be honest if you don’t know the answer, that is your answer. Bring your answers to the board meeting and under new business see how your answers compare to everyone else’s. Thanks Dave Copeland Yes please post or share anywhere.
  9. So how do you fix the driver of the registration increase suggestion... the F&G funding from registrations? John, I am offering a solution that is available now and it’s availible to everyone. I agree that F&G needs more funding, but any increase will take at least two years to become a reality. Yes my solution does not fund one agency $12.00 and change but it does address many other problems. And it’s free, we just need to get the word out and get the snowmobiling public on board. Thanks for your question Dave Copeland
  10. Our sport is in crisis. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we need more funding. I would like to provide a low-cost fix that is immediately available and I have been suggesting for years. REGISTER: REGISTER without taking the discount, you pay $96.00 per sled. 1. Yes it will cost more money, and if you REGISTER more than one sled it’s going to cost $ 30.00 for each additional sleds, but remember the old discount of $30.00 has been reduced to well let’s see. You must buy a voucher for $10.00 plus $2.00 transaction fee and in order to do this you must join a club which and that will cost the club a $10.00 membership fee to the NHSA. And if want to be a member of the NHSA or your club by-laws say that the club members will be 100% NHSA members that’s another $10.00. That s a grand total of $32.00, didn’ realize this, you are not alone, I’m sure that at least 50% of the NHSA board of directors have no clue. Probably your clubs old membership fee of $30.00 or less is not going to work and it just cost $32.00 to get a $30.00 discount. 2. Be aware do not think that you are going to go to a dealership or agent and buy a voucher and REGISTER, the NHSA has taken that away from you. To do this your club would have to buy a tablet or computer and printer and put them at every location to sell club memberships and vouchers. 3. As recent posts have shown, the $30.00 for every sled REGISTERED goes directly to Grant in Aid, this is the best way to get the highest percentage of your REGISTATION dollars to Grant in Aid. Even higher than proposed increases and if enough people participate there will be less of a need for a REGISTATION increase! 4. Since the $30.00 will go directly to improving snowmobile trails, this is the best $30.00 accessory you can by for your sled or sleds. Better trails make for a more enjoyable and safe ride and less ware and tear on your sled. SUPPORT; SUPPORT a club or clubs 1. Yes Support , you are not seeking membership,. As previously reported it seems that $10.00 will be accessed for every member that JOINS a club 2. Yes, this will cost you more money. Before you were taking the $30.00 discount and using this money to Join a club, now you have wisely invested that $30 in Grant in Aid. 3. Now your only additional cost is that of SUPPORTING a club or clubs that will give you the most benefit for your REGISTRATION dollars SUPPORT the club or clubs you have chosen. 1. Above all attend meetings, events, functions, and SUPPORT your fellow SUPPORTERS. 2. Become involved as an officer, committee member, work parties to make the trails you ride safe and enjoyable, groomer operator and/or groomer maintenance. Remember most trails are groomed and maintained by SUPPORTERS like yourself. 3. SUPPORT your neighboring club’s events and functions, yes you are both competing for SUPPORTERS and may the best club win. One exception, if one club is Supporting the sport (promoting paying $96.00 and Supporting a club) and the other is promoting itself (sounds like an association I have heard of) then of course SUPPORT the club that SUPPORTS the sport. THE ADVANTAGE Your club no longer has to deal with vouchers, portals, contracts, and your club membership person is only concerned with club SUPPORTERS. Yes, in the rare case that someone wants to join the NHSA you would have to use the portal and most clubs are planning on charging an additional $5.00 to $10.00 for this service. So that would be $10.00 to join NHSA, $10.00 membership fee, and $10.00 portal fee or $30.00 to join the NHSA, any takers! Another option would be to not even offer the option to join the NHSA. This reduces your involvement with the NHSA, less stress, frustration, accounting, and no need to sign the contract. Until the NHSA changes it deceptive ways and starts to SUPPORT the sport and those of us that SUPPORT it, it is very hard to support an association that is only concerned with itself and it’s bottom line. Just think where we would be if the association put as much effort into the sport as they do the grass drags and Easter Seals. I would be the first to join the NHSA if they put as much effort in the sport, as they do these two events. CONCLUSION We all know of the proposed REGISTRATION increases in the works, but we all work together we can succeed and just maybe our state association will realize that if you treat people fairly and up front with everyone you can get things done. This will take a grass roots effort by all of you. Someday maybe we will want to join and SUPPORT our association because we want to, not because they have spent our money on lawyers to find ways to force us to join. Thanks Dave Copeland Yes, you can forward, copy, post, send at copy to your Senator, AG’s office or anywhere it will be read.
  11. REGISTER RIGHT to keep it FLAT and WHITE. 1 Dump the discount, put the $30 where it will do the most to keep it FLAT and WHITE, the Trails Bureau (Grant in Aid). Remember the $30 is now $18 because you have to throw away $12 to get $30 and by registering this way it should put off the proposed registration increase to $150 to $180 per sled. 2 Join a Club to keep it FLAT and WHITE, where you live, ride, or both and yes the money helps but the money and your involvement makes a difference, remember most trails are maintained and groomed by club volunteers. 3 Be nice, say please and thank you, treat people like you would like or expect to be treated. 4 Stay away from associations that are only concerned with there bottom line 5 Remember not everyone rides the same sled as you or has the same riding style. We are all snowmobilers and if we work together, support each other, respect landowners and law enforcement we can MAKE SNOWMOBILING GREAT AGAIN. THANKS Dave Copeland
  12. NHSA Bonus Program

    Yes BUT, if your club works 600 hrs at $10.00 = $6,000.00 and with the possible bonus =$6,900.00 Another way would be 600hrs at $12.00 = $7,200.00 which gives you a $300.00 bonus over the 15% bonus. The success of the event is controlled by the weather and what is the budgeted profit?, probably a closely guarded secret that will be announced after the event. The NHSA board of directors have budgeted $12.00 per hr for labor for the last 3 Year’s, but apparently you are not working hard enough or they are unaware of inflation. Thanks for the site.
  13. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Clarification of your clarification.pdf
  14. Great video, ask the camera guy to stay closer to other sleds so we can see the action. This may of been the final because there was some lapping in the heat.
  15. Checked the track this morning hard as a rock, thanks to everyone that plowed and built the track. The same configuration as always. Weather sounds perfect. See you there.