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    Squam Trail Busters
  1. Squam Trail Busters

    We will be having our end of the year Sandwich Notch bash cookout this weekend march 6 starting at 1pm, all are welcome. There is lots of fresh snow in the notch, and we have been grooming almost daily. come ride and have a good time. Cookout will be held near the camp 3 bridge off p204 west of the 4 corners intersection, follow the signs This picture was taken sunday
  2. New Groomer

    We are selling our old BR160 Not the new 180
  3. 2002 Mountain Cat 500

    It Sold
  4. 2004 Arctic Cat EXT 700

  5. 2002 Mountain Cat 500

    2002 mt cat custom 500 Back country boondocker 162 m8 skid 162 hillclimb arctic cat track VE drop Brackets 1M rear tunnel cap Avenger 2 tach and egt Custom hood built by Mountainfithoods, Looks like a M New skis Boss seat . small headlight Wahl 7 tooth ant ratchet drivers 3.0 pitch custom Nuts snow flap The motor is a fresh mt cat 500 apv. this thing flys, i couldnt belive it at first but it really goes good, has perfect gearing, does not bog down at all. $2800 is my price it is firm, NO TRADES PLEASE it a nice trail riding sled, has a hugh rooster tail comes with some spare parts, old seat gas tank clutch parts gears My cell is 603 556 1632 call or text.
  6. Pictures of your sleds!!!!

    Heres mine, full custom mt cat
  7. groomers, drags wanted
  8. Groomer resale

    the br are differrent than the husky. br service can be done by the guy north of the border. i a husky has a problem and prinoth isnt in the state. what do you do fly them over from italy. br s are still being made but cant be shipped into the us, i did drive the husky demo and its was very nice. i still like the sticks over the wheel
  9. groomers, drags wanted

    thanks for the reply. could you get some pictures
  10. groomers, drags wanted

    Squam Trail Buster is looking for a used drag for our BR160, we have a 18' mogal master now. It will be used on our furture br 180 looking for something small . the machine is getting old so we need to lighten it load. also looking for a packing bar . something like the ski mountains use. drop me a line if you have anything Mark Greene President Squam Trail Busters
  11. new groomer

    they didnt yet. we usually dont find out untill end of june how much we will get
  12. Anyone need a ski boat?

    i ve been trying to sell my ski boat cheap it a 2000 nautique 12k is cheap, no bodys got money
  13. New Groomers

    call colebrook savings bank, they deal with snowmobile clubs and groomers, recomended by al cooper. Squam Trail Busters
  14. new groomer

    it cant be true. we have had people from the state , asking us why we need a new BR. because our old 1 is tired, cost alot of money for repairs every year, were is the money going! Mark greene president Squam Trail Busters