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  1. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Sounds like a great day. . . But, I thought it was a Senior Citizens event.
  2. Snowmobile insurance

    The game doesn't change. . . Been this way since I was a kid. Insurance companies are whores! They only want to take your money . . . Easy pickings with minimal risks is their goal. Most insurers are not interested, nor knowledgeable enough snowmobiles to persue a niche market. Such as in any business. you give a shocking quote when you do NOT want the business. Snowmobiles are hard to appraise for damage, as there are no Flat Rate crash manuals. . . Repairs to snowmobile parts almost nill, Fiberglass is gone, so are the ones that were repaired. New plastic parts are throw away and expensive. Straighten a "tweaked" snowmobile after a collision . . . There's only one frame machine (advertised) in New England to pull a sled for alignment. Three month season, high depreciation, staff that doesn't know what a snowmobile is . . . Just a problem for the big boys. Been a niche business forever . . . Foremost, Progressive , Allstate and maybe a few small companies persue that market at competitive rates.
  3. A story from Vermont

    Vermont has mandatory liability insurance laws on snowmobiles. The owner/ rider are not exempt from personal liability for their actions. Don't discount product liability There is a silver lining, where there are deep pockets.
  4. I understand Capitalism, but...

    Lancaster Motor Inn - Ok Diamond Peaks - dumpy Colebrook Country Club - nicer
  5. What a double standard! Anyone else, and it just would be, riding too fast for trail conditions...
  6. Happy New Year !

    Covid 19 and Joe . . . . Just might be a harder pill to swallow
  7. Covid rules snowmobiling?

    Travel restrictions, lodging restrictions for travelers will impact all area's. Farmers Almanac isn't optimistic for a cold season.
  8. Over zealous cop . . How else could you put that sled on a car with such a short roof . . . Any other orientation would take out the windshield, and obstruct viability. Pathfinder, did PhotoShop make this possible?
  9. What do you think?

    Some one must have skipped Economics 101 . . . Supply and Demand. . . Rising prices always have an effect on demand.
  10. Almost time

    It looks like you're 1/2 way there . . .why stop now . . . Plenty of time till snow flies.
  11. Unknown if true - heard info

    Reality bites . . . They treated me A - 1 , on my last sled.
  12. Class 6 roads

    Selectman need to get some assertion! Town Property / Town Road . . neighbors actions are a hostile land use violation taking town rights. . 1st hand seen a town send in road crew and equipment and move obstructions
  13. What do you think?

    Unfortunately, I sadly have to agree with Steve . . . It's been a bad year for all to many businesses and activities . . Event closures, mandatory self quarantine, border closures, business down turns etc.. . None of it is a positive indicator for the clubs and business associated with snowmobiling. And that's optimistic . . . What will a democratic administration do to further upset the balance . . . .
  14. Sad, after a short hiatus the club resumed waterskips in 2019. Only to fade away in 2020. . .
  15. ? ? ,? Does anyone know if the. Nipmuck Trail Riders sponsor Water skips ln Stafford Springs, CT? Used to be 1st Sunday in July + August