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  1. Will you be competing Dirt Dummy,?
  2. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    Regardless of list prices, commodity adjustments.... There is little dealer inventory and the dealer ultimately sets the retail price. Plenty of cars marked way over MSRP... expect to pay more for toys too . . .
  3. Nipmuck Water Skips Sunday September 18 , 2022.. Starts 11 ish...... Bring a chair + watch from the shore. If your brave bring your sled + try the pond.....
  4. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    To the contrary, I believe in due process! And the United States Constitution. And the Constitution allows public taking of property through Eminent Domain for public and business use... WITH Due Process for review and consideration for property. With John's view anyone can deny individuals constitutional rights and due process. Sounds a little like National Socialism in Germany - 1936.
  5. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    It should pass to parallel the States existing statutes and the Second Amendment. After the Pandemic and all the social strife, this is trivial. Yet, the left may take notice . . . .
  6. Cold Much?

    . Strange weather here on the shoreline . .. Wide swings in temperature, wind, rain... But at $ 6.49 a gallon for fuel oil, I'm not so sure how it will impact.the snowmobile community. Fuel costs have doubled since the start of the year . . . Groomers, sledders, volunteers are all going to feel the shake down. . . Sadly, if we got a Blizzard there would be little enthusiasm and people cringing about the extra costs. Snowcheck 2023 peeved me when I couldn't get a preseason sled in the first days.. . . . Somehow, I do believe there will be units canceled
  7. Did YOU go to Bike Week. . .. ? Got any good images to share?.
  8. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    A ROW Right a Way. or Easement isn't buying the property outright . . . You are permanently buying passage over said parcel Access could be negotiated with land owners, and said space could be part of the required open space for a subdivision . . . It could be a win / win for all parties involved, with the land owner taking a tax break, while still using the area as part of the subdivision.
  9. Another season behind us

    Trails , or they boondocking (trespassing) for high elevation?
  10. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Sadly, to the above comment, that issue has been tested in Massachussets... and the trail system was lost. Trails built in the 1960's and 1970's were lost from development in the late 1970's through the 1980's with constant pressure killing the trail system and clubs.
  11. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    It doesn't matter. . . After flying cars and snowmobiles, Virtual reality can make a perpetual snowmobile mecca where we can bust virgin powder mile after, every day.
  12. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    The Technology question is easy . . . It will blow the mind away with 50 years of new technology, materials , and engineering The scary parts are the environmental freaks, nay sayers attacking us with land use issues, and the change in volunteerism. How our current generation can still steer the future, is to buy and secure permanent trails + rightaways
  13. Another season behind us

    Pathfinder Is there any riding from Magallaway towards the border?
  14. If that logic holds, any landowner that hears a Hog going by with straight pipes , they too should be compensated for the devaluation of property + quality of life.
  15. Attorney fee's, expert testimony. etc, are not normally awarded. Unless, they are statute authorized.... This isn't civil rights where there awarded by statute with punitive damages attached Stinks of local political pressure.... NIMBY, yes. and one on the bench.