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  1. Don't need snow .....Freeze the swamps, lakes ............
  2. . Thanksgiving is almost here.... Let's see the Christmas Lights ....
  3. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    As above...... Something is off, we had 1985 , 1986. 1987 Ski Doo,s and they all had oil injection
  4. Big groomers, small trails

    Any chance there is some money in Joe's bill for us ??? It would seem logical to do infrastructure improvements. before they do major paving improvements. My company has erected a galvanized Arch pipe for a stream crossing. . . .Labor, wasn't crazy, but the materials were expensive. $$$$ Six Million dollars is nuts for a galvanized arch pipe .... From a snowmobile club project ....To a prevailing PUBLIC WORKS Project. NO Anyone remember Dave's bridge.....He built a bridge up in the air for soft money.. No comparing a real bridge, to a BOLT together Arch, that gets buried with dirt.
  5. Mass Big E. Snowshow

    Nice cold weekend .... . Sets the mood for a great day looking for new gear. . . .
  6. https://www.sledmass.com/sled-expo-2021/https://www.sledmass.com/sled-expo-2021/ Show is. SAT. 11 / 20 Sunday. 11/ 21
  7. Getting ready

    Getting ready cleaning / polishing our sleds was a high point after a hot summer... Strange, I hate yard work, but am enthusiastic about working on toys, or club projects ... Now, to find a new ride
  8. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Nice sled . . . But when will they actually deliver it 100% complete is the real question... .
  9. 90 Arctic Cat, Mountain Cat two up

    . . . Shouldn't have been short for words . . . Came off point. . . Was awed how far we've progressed after seeing a pristine vintage "Mountain" sled, compared to a current Ski Doo with a 3" paddle track. Armand's sleds a time warp to the past . . . Just never know what the future holds . . . My 2050 Ski Doo . . . What track...it flies
  10. Snow Traveler

    That's the same story where ever I call.... Just NO inventory in the pipe line. just a Nightmare from Bombardier . . . . . No new Ski Doo's No new Learjets must be the Socialism in the water . . . .
  11. Snow Traveler

    Already spoke with them .... It's not in their current inventory. Dealer floor inventory will be last product delivered in late December, or January .....
  12. Snow Traveler

    Spent 1/2 the afternoon on the phone searching for a 600 class sled with 137" track .... NOTHING on the floor for sale.... Not a good sign for September
  13. Snow Traveler

    Might be alot of printed material..... But there isn't much physical inventory out there for a new sled.....OUCH....no inventory in September! Not, a good start to the season
  14. October 16....anybody going to the show ?
  15. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    I bet JOE could explain the Canadian Conspiracy ....