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    NHSA is to much of a PIA to be bothered with..... You can be a volunteer for your club for years doing the same job... And then they NHSA change and expect you to go to a retraining / orientation program.... Besides who needs the money.... with the new registration fee's there should be ample funding
  2. ? ? Will the Nipmunk Water Skips in Union CT, be taking place in July & Labor day ?
  3. any idea ( dates for spring & fall event) when the antique show will be in Bear Brook State Park ?
  4. No new posts since 3/21/19

    No Instagram or ...Facebook here .... can't remember the last time I could get into an HCS account after pass codes changed... Sadly, the new generation sites have decimated the dedicated sites and the Snowmobile Clubs own sites even more
  5. No new posts since 3/21/19

    Reality is that facebook and other sites have decimated the individual snowmobile sites....Just not the same as the mid / early 2000's....
  6. Their now worst that the woman who drove down SDR's trail thinking it was the road to Sportsman's Lodge back in the day.... took the groomer some time to pull that Volvo out to the road again...
  7. Balsams News - Can't be good

    Sad but reality strikes that the developers have gutted the project at the expense of putting the place back online as cheap as possible... Or just maybe they never intended to put it together, but to have a sell of of the assets piece by piece? It would still make a hefty profit.
  8. Nipmuck Water Skips.... missed the July event.... Should be coming up this Sunday ( 1st Sunday of August).... anyone going ? participating ?
  9. NHSA Bonus Program

    NHSA Volunteers .... it's a tough position to deal with...besides being a thankless endeavor , NHSA mandates retraining for volunteers....
  10. Special Meeting

    Personally, I've been thinking for years, it's time for a NORTH COUNTRY Snowmobile Association!!!! NHSA doesn't seem to be the answer !
  11. Trans Tech Performace .... do they still exist under a new name Can anyone tell me what happened to Bills business ????? Did they relocate with a new name ??? thanks cg
  12. Vintage Ski Doo Safari

    I can still remember bring one home on the 4th of July when it was new...... and the strange look from people as we drove down I91
  13. Vintage Ski Doo Safari

    1987 Ski Doo Safari 377E 366CC rotax engine..origional factory gauges.... unadulterated / none molestered in original factory condition... excellent condition and patina for vintage sled.... original decals, tags / seat etc ...runs good ... wants to find a new home in vintage collectors barn. ... take it to Sno Deo next month.... too nice for kids ride / ice fishing rig.. $1399 b/o nights call me if U want to see sled... ( 8 60) 376 6896
  14. &$%*$$# MICE

    Personally, I feed them very well, that is to say that I feed them all the rat bait that they can eat! Tom Cat rat bait boxes with rat bars and the pelletized rat bait... mice seem to think the tiny granular bait is a gourmet treat... Frito Lay puts lots of these bait boxes along the perimeter of there distribution systems... Mice traps....put them perpendicular & touching the edge of the wall .... rodents like to run along the sides of the building etc... Peanut butter on the traps works great the round ones are pretty fool proof, but you only get one use per trap...but a great last line of defense in a trailer... there are multi use traps that use bait and glue strips to catch multiple mice.... Saw one odd homeade trap...it was a 5 gallon pail.... bottom with some water...the top had a beer can smeared with peanut butter with a coat hanger through the centers...making a roller for the critters to run up the stick on the side of the pail allowing them to jump on the can to get to the bait...they fall and drown in the water / antifreeze To keep them out of cracks & crevices....stuff the hole with STEEL WOOL...it's impervious to them Sadly, it's a never ending challenge to bait and trap the nuisances!
  15. Call to action!

    What information do you want us to specifically address ?