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    Gilford 603-703-4740
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    Pretty wide... from guiding sled tours through Quebec to high tech. Worked in TV broadcasting. Now work at Gunstock year 'round and drive commercial excursion/dinner boats in the summer. Ham Radio as K1RJZ. Some writing, web authoring and other creative work. 30+ years sledding. It is a gas meeting new people on the trails from remote trappers to passionate weekend sledders. Winter is PEAK season for this family.

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    Quebec, Winnipesaukee, Colebrook/Pittsburg
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    Belknap, OVSC, Pittsburg RR, Swift Diamond, plus OF# 0008

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      Happily live and work in the Lakes Region of NH.  Professionally drove sleds as a tourguide in Quebec and boats on Lake Winni in the summer.