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    Pretty wide... from guiding sled tours through Quebec to high tech. Worked in TV broadcasting. Now work at Gunstock year 'round and drive commercial excursion/dinner boats in the summer. Ham Radio as K1RJZ. Some writing, web authoring and other creative work. 30+ years sledding. It is a gas meeting new people on the trails from remote trappers to passionate weekend sledders. Winter is PEAK season for this family.

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  1. Last Wednesday... note the snowmobiles... in June ! https://youtu.be/gbHhNxjXQqk
  2. I spoke to our GM about having a sled hill climb in the spring. He thinks that it is a good idea and it almost happened a few years ago. All he needs is some organization to grab the baton and run with it. With insurance I assume! .
  3. Mgt spends a lot of effort to have a guest-centric culture. They make it a fun place to work with the assumption that it will translate to the guests.
  4. It was actually my favorite area BEFORE I worked there. Unlike Loon, (which I also like) at 1:30 the trails are not trashed and icy. Like Loon and Cranmore, the trails have personality.
  5. Looks like I'll be staying at Buck Rub. Arrive Monday mid day, leave Wednesday unless I can concoct an excuse to extend! A nice place, very reasonable price. Might be riding with OVR and Old Thumper. But work doesn't suck either. Pictures are below, one is my office window view taken today. The night shot was taken from Pistol lift which is not the summit.
  6. I'm off next week (weekdays). Might anyone be going to the Burg midweek? I'm not out to spin that odometer in a 200-mile blur (been there, done that many times) but just plain enjoy the area and experience as much as we can. Rick Zach cell 603-703-4740
  7. I'm off next week (weekdays). Might you be going to the Burg midweek?

  8. Laconia Prison Area

    Contacts are here http://www.belknapsnowmobilers.com/contact.htm
  9. No text needed...

    Except for lousy ground clearance, the Mustang with sand bags in the trunk and excellent snows all around, was a very good tow vehicle. No kidding!
  10. No text needed...

    No text needed... from a few years ago.
  11. Groomer awareness training - six years ago at Attitash.
  12. Why so quiet on slednh.com?

    Group rides? I'm in! Especially if we are in an NOXORC video! My job commits me to "must-work" Sun, Mon, Tues and the other days are very flexible. I'm from Gilford but often go to the Milan, Erol, Colbrook, Pittsburg areas.
  13. Why so quiet on slednh.com?

    Thank you for your hard work!
  14. Why so quiet on slednh.com last year and so far this year? Did the entire world migrate to Facebook? I'm an old fart and I also use Facebook a lot but where did the people go?
  15. (sold, thank you) Three parts that make up the hood removed from a brand new sled to change the color. This was from a 2014 Renegade 900-ACE but works with all REV-XS chassis models and others. Selling for under half the regular price. Just change the stickers to your engine type if you want to. Shipping at cost depending upon where we ship to. Contact seller for details but $30 seems fair for most destinations. The box is large. $125 call Rick ar 603-703-4740 Gilfiord, NH