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  1. Tucker electrical

    I'm thinking they're just cheap switches and relays that aren't really holding up to the rated current. The light switch is a Motocraft (FORD) and it only has 2 head ights and 4 parking / directionals on it. Just thought I'd see if everyone has this issue with the Tuckers.
  2. Tucker electrical

    Different circuits leaving the fuse panel. Fused as from factory, long term heat buildup not a short. No new loads. I replaced the melted 20A relay for the High lights with 2 40 amp relays. usually bad ground will be a resistance further limiting current lowering the current. all issues are on power side not ground side so common ground isn't an issue.
  3. Random snowmobile pics

    Multi club poker run 2-21-09 Moose Mountain Brookfield, NH.
  4. Tucker electrical

    BTW all items were melted, not a vibration issue.
  5. Tucker electrical

    running about 14vdc while running, little high but I didn't think it was excessively high. Haven't checked with scope yet for how clean it is.
  6. Tucker electrical

    We've replaced; high lights relay head lights / parking lights, interior lights dimmer switch power outlet (cig lighter) Heated mirror switch All this year on 2005 Tucker 1000. Are we having unusual electrical issues or does everyone have these issues?
  7. Any Ethanol Free Gas in NH?

    ditto - what jhwentworth said the only time you need higher octane gas is when you've increased the compression (illegal pipe)
  8. new Powdermill SMC web site

    We are still getting all the pages completed so check in on it often
  9. Come ride the Poker Run Sunday!

    Thanks for organizing, I'm looking forward to a bigger turn out next year with a better forcast and maybe some lessons learned on this first one. PMSC V.P.
  10. Where can I buy a trail map for your club?

    Powder Mill Snowmobile Club maps of Rochester, Farmington & New Durham area can be purchased at; Rochester Sports Center Barrington NAPA Farmington New Durham General Store Hawg's Pen Cafe Dover Marine