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  1. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Can’t go wrong with either choice. Personally I like the freehouse.
  2. The Little Grille in Littleton

    It literally goes right by. Park on trail.
  3. NHSA trail app

    Have you tried? I have no plan as I ride a short track but I thought I knew all the trails up here.
  4. Trail wooden bridges

    I do my part to extend bridges lifespan. I just jump them……
  5. NHSA trail app

    This trail from bog pond in Lincoln to rt 116 in Easton following the power line, I’ve never heard of it or seen it. Anyone ever ride it?
  6. Locked and loaded

    Won’t be long now fellas
  7. Locked and loaded

    I did a Full preseason service on my Indy 800 today. I had a 36’x24’ garage built this summer. After almost 20 years of wrenching on my sleds in a small crappy shed it sure is nice to have some elbow room, and lights, and heat lol.
  8. Christmas Lights 2021

    On 5N out of Littleton.
  9. Littleton area is great

    Thats the section I live on and its excellent.
  10. Littleton area is great

    Nothing against whitefield, this is just my favorite way to Jefferson. 100 splits and comes back to it self on its way to Lancaster. Either way is good. Straight is fields and rail(no rail in place) and the split is twisty. Covert bridge is on 100. Trestle is on105
  11. Littleton area is great

    Take 5n until you reach Scott’s junction in dalton. Then bear left on 100 to Lancaster. 100 comes back to 5 in the fields along the river. Go right on 5s. This goes by the snowdrifters clubhouse and becomes the pipeline to Jefferson. Basically skip whitefield.
  12. Littleton area is great

    Def stay on 5 imo. It’s a great ride( right by my house) and is well maintained. 105 is much much shorter but it’s rail in place railbed. It was choppy when I rode it home last doesn’t get much attention from the whitefield side at all. I avoid it most seasons.
  13. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    I had a great weekend. Took the 99 out for a sunny no helmet cruise on Friday. 177 solo miles on Saturday and a relaxing 50 mile spin this morning with my son.