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  1. I found a rock..... I need a rt side suspension rail for a 121” Polaris iq600. Dealer says its listed as unavailable and if he can locate one it’s $315!!!!! I’ve tried all my normal places.
  2. Swap meets?

    Anyone know of any, list them up !
  3. * official old pic thread*

    My oldest on my snorander special ‘12. And my youngest on his first sled ‘11 or 12. He’s 15 and 6’4 now.
  4. Post em up! Anything sled related.
  5. Good little sleds. My kid ran a sprint 340 as his first sled and loved it.
  6. So lets keep this forum positive...

    I agree. But also appreciate a spot where voices can heard and opinions given. A balance is what is important. So when you fellas have a great ride or cool mod/ repair. Post about it!! Pics pics pics!!
  7. New Sno-Traveler format

    I like it.
  8. Club poker run or solo blast

    ''Twas s good day. 103 out of Littleton to bath, up the rail to 105 in Lisbon, then rail 5 back home. Lisbon was not too good. Littleton- Monroe- rail bed were great.
  9. Club poker run or solo blast

    Are you guys riding?
  10. Club poker run or solo blast

    Yeah, last Saturday. I'm staying local tomorrow because we're are babysitting my granddaughter tomorrow at 2.
  11. Whattaya think. Take part in my club's poker run , they've groomed everything,or take a great 90ish mile loop. Littleton 103 over Monroe to the 5 rail trail then the Jericho pond loop in Lisbon then 5 back to my yahd.
  12. 8-1/2" in Littleton so far. Still snowing
  13. Need IQ ski.

    I managed to completely rip the left carbide off of the ski sat tearing it up with Hendo. The carbide took a big chunk of ski with it when it went bye bye. Any one got a ski/skis sitting around? I never noticed until I loaded it in the truck. 08IQ600
  14. Finally going riding

    Yeah yeah, that's it.