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  1. Favorite sled of all time?

    2012 Freeride 137, best sled i ever owned, handled like a dream and did well in deep snow. I wouldn't ride an old sled if someone paid me to do so. Hopefully if we have a real snow year my XRS gade will make me just as happy although it won't be as good once the snow gets real deep.
  2. What are you running this winter???

    she's even sexier sitting out in the snow right now waiting to head north in the morning for 4 days of flogging. hope to get her most of the wya through break in mode.

    if the members are there just to save 30 bucks is the system really sustainable? Maine manages to make it work without mandatory club membership and they get the same ten people that every club gets.
  4. What are you running this winter???

    Baddest trail sled on the planet

    well as much as I question some of the stuff the nhsa has done a single online repository that lets you join where you ride not where it's convenient or to save $10 is a good thing. Southern clubs with population have always taken money from those who don't ride there because it's convenient when registering and hopefully that will stop. Other way to make it fair would be to dump the club discount charge full freight and the BOT can allocate the money where needed . Reality is that the club discount has not driven the people into stepping up and actually helping, sure some do but the percentage is small and it's the same ten people who do everything in any non profit, sometimes as few as 5. those who give still will even if it cost them a few bucks more to register.
  6. Epic ride

    thats a nice ride although the twisties at the end of a long day can be a bit much
  7. You will go into maine on C19 but no maine reg needed. 11 to twin dont remember the corridor from twin to gorham then 19 south to ossipee and back over 15 ot the lake. 250 or so all together.
  8. 2014 yamaha

    nytro motor in a cat procross chassis. Wieghs 20lbs less than nytro, has yamaha cluthcing which is probably the biggest win because while cats motors are stout the clutches have been a ton of problems.
  9. lake must be pretty high after that kind of rain, kind of nice to nto worry about having to get up there and make sure the docks still there.
  10. Balsams Auction

    last thing the state of NH needs is to own a resort that sucks money from the state coffers. The existing facility didn't make money so something had to change. Wentworth by the Sea was about as far gone as you could get, having been en empty shell for almost 20 years rotting away. What that and the Mt Washington had going for it was a far superior location. Balsams is just so far away that for many it doesn't even come into the conversation when discussing vacation plans. I've probably stayed the 6 times in the last 20 years, loved the golf course, food was pretty good but the facilities needed a lot of upgrading but as a skier I'd choose the Mt washington over it 10 times out of 10 given the easier to reach location and better facilites both at the hotel and ski area.
  11. Balsams Sold

    had you stayed there recently, it was a good 10 years opast needing renovation when I started going there in the mid 90's. Mt Washingtons a good example of what can be done to turn a historic property around, love that place and hope the blalsams comes out simliar with hostoric features but more visitor friendly. Balsams golf course is one of my favs in NH along with the MtWashington course.
  12. summer fun , what do you do?

    i used to enjoy the lake jet skis and boat. Now that I got rid of them i guess I'll enjoy my sons last summer of baseball then we'll figure out things the following year. Want to do some travelling around the states.
  13. Future of Snowmobiling in NH????

    as a sport we are going to have to decide which trails are important because theres not going to be enough money to go around. That means clubs may not be able to go through with planned expansion. they may have to let some trails become unmaintained. It sucks but it's the reality in todays economy. I didn't register in NH this year, first time since 03 that I didn't but I never got to ride, didn't renew my club membership either. Few years back when times were good that would have been done in November hoping the year would be good and if it wasn;t it was only $100.
  14. My first trip to the burg

    whens is the last time you've read about a crash due to someone going over 45 mph. F&G enforces in the wrong locations, you can ride 70-80 safely if you slow down and stay right in the corners.
  15. yah I've never seen it that even, I've had to peddle with the feet on the sides to get through before, usually I jsut go the groomer track across the road.