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  1. Any tips for summer trailer storage? Want to avoid the sinkholes in the driveway and make sure I am good to go next year.
  2. Dreaming of some snow and trying to figure out where to go when it comes. My favorite type of riding is the stuff I have done out in the Pennsylvania areas - open, hilly fields. What is the recommendation for that type of riding in NH? I have ridden the Woodstock area and more southern (Strafford area). Have not been to the GWN for snowmobiling but have been there in the summer. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Thanks all! Probably going to go without. Rode all last season without. May stud one - need to think about.
  4. Trying to decide whether or not to stud the track on two new sleds. Mainly do trail riding with a little (very little) back country stuff. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  5. Plumbers

    Adding a bathroom to your sled?
  6. off topic

    Patina is very important for collector guns. Be very careful about cleaning or restoring it as it may reduce value. Any documentation associated to it or your father will also increase value. Take it to at least 2 different appraisers to get an idea of it's value. Sometimes these guys will low ball in attempt to buy out low. Good luck.
  7. Left Hand Throttles

    "Left throttle - ACTIVATE"
  8. Left Hand Throttles

    Planning on adding left hand throttles to my Nitro's. Have narrowed down to goldfinger aand snowbunje. Curious if anyone has installed or has opinions. Also - cant understand why Snowbunje is so much more?
  9. I'm back

    I have a 2000 Z 370 and a 2000 Z 440.
  10. Central Humidifier??

    Snowmobiles have humidifiers? I will have to look on mine? (Kidding)
  11. I'm back

    Pulling the boat Friday means it is almost Snowmobile time. This crazy weather has me amped up! Time tp get the old arctic cats fixed to sell. Only been planning on doing all summer. Best laid plans! Looking forward to a great season!
  12. Sled Insurance

    All State is the way to go. Especially if you have multiple policies with them.
  13. What do you think??

    Yeah but does it have an AM/FM radio!
  14. Brrrr!

    Sweaters are starting to make it to the front of the closet!
  15. Thankyou Pittsburg

    Someone throw a shirt on that man!