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  1. Attn Attn Attn

    I'll take your old leftovers!
  2. Attn Attn Attn

    I need my xmas stress reliever
  3. Someone is in trouble.

    We'll see if there is any update to this at tonight's board meeting in Tilton. Oh goodie another long wasted night!
  4. Just don't forget to make a donation to your local club and/or where you ride.
  5. United Snowmobile Alliance

    I believe they are another organization similar to the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). ASCA is based in the mid west and it sounds like this other organization is trying to be more of a national organization unlike ASCA who doesn't seem to care about the northeast.
  6. How high could sled registration go?

    Because there are too many hands in the cookie jar. Snowmobiling in NH is a self funded sport unlike Maine and VT which have state control over the sport. NH clubs are non profits and can have no connection to a state agency (F&G) so there will never be a one stop website to register your sled. Like Jeff mentioned if you register as a non club member and pay the extra $30 per sled, all of that $30 will go into GIA for all clubs to use. So if you really want to help the sport register as a non club member then go and make a donation to your local club
  7. How high could sled registration go?

    Very well put Jeff. This issue has no simple solution and just throwing more money at it will only push more people out of the sport which will have ripple effects across many towns and other organizations.
  8. How high could sled registration go?

    You won't see the trails from Derry up to Candia going away because they are primarily Rail trails with State parks and town forests. So unless there is a significant investment in rerunning trains those trails will always be there.
  9. How high could sled registration go?

    Even with the higher pay rate for grooming it would take my club 25+ years to get enough money to replace our large groomer at current prices. We have an 84 Piston Bully for grooming so if your 2002 or 2003 are looking for new homes I'll let you know where to drop them off. I'd have no issue with Coos county getting new groomers every couple of years if they DONATED their old groomers to southern clubs.
  10. Very sad to hear, RIP Dave!
  11. Bravo 250 fitting help

    Anytime Dave, let me know
  12. How high could sled registration go?

    This is going to become a hot topic very quickly as we get into the riding season. Being on that committee I totally agree that we need to do something to help better fund our trail system but I don't agree with the amount of the increase. All clubs in Rockingham county are against this increase but also agree that something needs change. We'd like to see the fines (off trail, unregistered, loud exhaust) up'd to $248 each and the rental sleds registration increased first. We feel that we should go after the low hanging fruit first then look at what the shortage is and adjust accordingly. Plus this years voucher issue at dealers will cause more people to register as non club members, giving more $ to GIA. This issue plus the whole NHSA voucher # requirement for registering this year will most certainly have a major impact on smaller clubs and I'm sure we will have more clubs drop out all together. In my personal opinion between the price of new sleds, trailering to the riding areas and the registrations this sport may be on the verge of pricing itself right out of existance. I really hope not as I've put a lot of time into trying to keep this sport around for my kids and future generations.
  13. Bravo 250 fitting help

    Dave Does that just press into the carb or is it a thread in piece? If you can get it out of the carb we should be able to match it up to something, I have a box of misc old carbs just let me know. Or you could swing by Daves sm engine in Raymond, Gary or Dave should be able to hook you up with something
  14. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Sounds to me like there was a lack of communication between the three states, and someone dropped the ball.
  15. Dave your post is spot on and very well said!! We either work together or we sink alone.