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    Penelope reacted to gunmaker in I'M BACK!!!!!!   
    After a long hiatus, i'm back. YUP, another "old fart" is back. Things have changed though. I am now retired, after 23 years of doing it. I have moved north to West Stewartstown. The big purple truck, Barney, is gone, miss the ole girl. Sleds have changed, have picked up a 4 seat RZR for the summer. So, if you see the orange Crossfire with the guy wearing a 509 helmet with pink braids flying, that would be me. Ride on, ride safe.  
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    Penelope reacted to detchells in Fish and Game Rep   
    John I agree with you. All someone has to do is ask and I will be more than happy to help on any issue. There are many steps involved to get to an end product.
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    Penelope reacted to dbcopeland in Northwood Crankpullers Jan. 5th race postponed   
    January 5th Race postponed, next race date is January 19th. The Club has 2 races secheduled one a vintage ice oval, similar to what Lancaster NH had in the past on the ice Northwood Lake. The other a vintage snow oval at Lakeshore Farm as in the past, we will have to wait and see what Mother Nature has planned for southern New Hampshire.
    Thanks The Northwood Crankpullers
    Dave Copeland
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    Penelope reacted to BigGuyNH in Merry Christmas, Happy New year   
    Ho Ho Ho!
    Merry Christmas.
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    Penelope reacted to Saluda in Merry Christmas, Happy New year   
    Hoping everyone has a great one, enjoy !!
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    Penelope reacted to pekabu in Attn Attn Attn   
    You are too kind.  I have no problem sitting in the seat and dreaming of the diesel hum and white gold
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    Penelope reacted to Skip in Attn Attn Attn   
    I heard a rumor that to reduce costs for the website, John tried converting to LED bulbs. Apparently they don't break as easy.........
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    Penelope reacted to pekabu in Attn Attn Attn   
    All I want for Christmas is a new groomer fleet,  
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    Penelope reacted to Freedom Rider in United Snowmobile Alliance   
    You get serviced ok. Dry and hard, no lube either.
    New group will probably be another way for you to have to buy a voucher to join a club and buy another voucher to register your sled.
    Here is a video of the County Directors at last NHSA Board meeting when someone had a good idea to help the sport or their respective clubs. Does this look familiar to you guys Rob or Dirt Dummy?
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    Penelope reacted to Old Thumper in United Snowmobile Alliance   
    "dedicated to serving our members"
    That doesn't sound like anything that NHSA would be interested in …

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    Penelope reacted to pekabu in Special Meeting   
    It's seems that NHSA is really trying to consolidate the power into the Board.   Instead of embracing the membership  (clubs specifically) it appears to really be attempting to solidify control and pushing their agenda.    I'm really thinking it's time for another association.  
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    Penelope reacted to slord in Online Membership Update   
    Right on Point!
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    Penelope reacted to metaluc in Online Membership Update   
    Kudos to the activists that pushed the issues, against great resistance, took abuse, yet prevailed to effect the initiation of change.
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    Penelope reacted to MTNBYKR in Summer Fun????   
    Hopefully lots of these things....

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    Penelope reacted to CATRESERVE in New Sno-Traveler   
    Bring your favorite trolling rod for salmon...I will be there!  We will also be fishing for answers to our questions.
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    Penelope reacted to RK-SXViper in New Sno-Traveler   
    How about Rockingham county missing from the club reports. I know Don and I have been on the S%!t list lately but really?
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    Penelope reacted to jhwentworth in New Sno-Traveler   
    Last issue for this season.Couple of interesting items, first was the announcement of the retirement of F&Gs John Wimsatt after 25 years with the department. In his announcement he talks about addressing issues with the procedures surrounding verification of proof of membership by drafting revised administrative rules.
    Second is a confirmation by Chris Gamache of BoT that there were 46,000+ sled registrations this season, but that we need 49,000 registrations to maintain $1.6 million funding for the trails. He also addresses the problems the clubs have with membership and volunteers, and questions how we'll get the funding and people needed to maintain trails.
    The third interesting item was an announcement on page 9 that as of the time of printing of this edition there was still no candidate for NHSA vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Directky above that was a list of the slate of officers for the 2017 NHSA elections with names, including president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Below that it says that the newly elected officers will be presented at the May 2016 Annual Meeting.I guess I still don't know if there are candidates for the positions.
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    Penelope reacted to RK-SXViper in Fat Bikes in the news!   
    I'll tell you why some get worked up, because when the snow goes away so do the snowmobiles, X country skiers, dog sleds, and people on snow shoes. The jack wagons on mtn bikes and fat tire bikes feel entitled to use the trails year round, which pisses off the land owners who in turn close the trails!
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    Penelope reacted to Skip in Fat Bikes in the news!   
    Before you know it, BOT will be requiring groomers to install small air compressors!
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    Penelope reacted to pekabu in Fat Bikes in the news!   
    Wow,   great advertisment for Fat Bikes.  I enjoyed the "Groomed snowmobile trails provide miles and miles of winter riding." comment.  Hey fat bikers,  I do it all for you.  enjoy.
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    Penelope reacted to ckf in Do any of you buy from   
    I was wondering if anyone here regularly buy from I just started an affiliate account as a way to help support the website. If you click the link below it will take you to and a small percentage of anything you buy will be credited to my account to help pay the bills. It won't cost you anymore to buy your goods.
    Here's the link:
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    Penelope reacted to pekabu in Was that you Dirt Dummy   
    Where's the Drone footage?

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    Penelope reacted to Oldtimer in What are the safety 'Ten Commandments'?   
    My 10..

    1, Get CPR/First aid training.
    2, Obey signs.
    3, Carry a fully stocked first aid kit.
    4, Carry a spare belt, and a 20' length of rope along with a small tool kit.
    5, Assume the worst is just over every hill, around every corner.
    5, KNOW where you are, KNOW how much distance you can cover on the gas you have.
    6, Someone needs to know your route and ETA back.
    7, Ride alone only if you have to.
    8, Stay off fresh groomed trails if you can. Allow it to set up.
    9, Slow down.
    10, Should the worst happen and you have to act- CALM DOWN! Slow methodical decision making is crucial. This is when the first aid knowledge will come in handy and you need to be able to apply it. It sounds stupid, but rehearsing what you might do in your head helps. It is a form of practice.
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    Penelope reacted to pathfinder in What are the safety 'Ten Commandments'?   
    My pet peeve is seeing people put their eight year olds on 800's, who can't even reach the running boards with their feet and expect them to be totally under control! WTF?

    Genetic defects prevail!

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    Penelope reacted to trailguy in What are the safety 'Ten Commandments'?   
    seams like back in 95 they gave them out. were they made by NSHA back when they were here for us.???