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  1. Special Meeting

    Don't like their cost! shouldn't be in RSA, but....... maybe a need for competition
  2. I think I will have the lowest mileage for the year 0. Due to hubby getting a new job that had him doing snow removal and the tow vehicle dying, needs a starter. Not a good year
  3. Official SledNH weather thread

    About 16" in Northwood
  4. Official SledNH weather thread

    About 6" in Northwood
  5. Official SledNH weather thread

    It was 41F this morning in Newbury, Vt, down to 38F by the time I left. Now it is 38F in Northwood. Lots of rain all the way back.
  6. Official SledNH weather thread

    Raining right now in Northwood, and 45 degrees
  7. Where ya gonna ride?

    After last year, I will be happy to ride anywhere but.... hopefully from home backside of Northwood lake to Snowslickers in Candia. Also from Danbury to Plymouth or points south. Really just want to get the sled off the trailer and ride. Maybe try some of the places on our wish list.
  8. Throwing in the towel

    It has been a very frustrating "winter" never registered this year. We were hoping that by now there would be some snow, looks like it is a 'wait til next year" season. So sad
  9. Nice to see the snow but if my yard is any indication lots of mud under it.
  10. Joining club

    There is a membership meeting Monday at 7 pm. Someone will be there to do memberships and registrations
  11. Just saw Baker River on Chronicle tonight...

    I saw it too and wondered if she ever went again. I had heard that NHSA was trying to get it rerun before the ride-in.
  12. Many unregistered trail users...

    Sat there was a long line at SNHSS club house to do registrations. There was also a CO hanging out for a while enjoying the Chili contest. I did our registrations then funny thing the sled that was registered last year wasn't on the list but the one that wasn't was.
  13. Weather Net Thread

    We had about 9" as of 4 PM in Northwood
  14. We are ALL going to DIE!!!!

    I guess we are old farts too!! Made sure my 81 year old mom was OK (even if she is on cape cod & I'm in nh). Every storm is the end of the world, not! Nanny state strikes again.