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  1. taken today or after the recent snow....just confirming conditions

    1. Airtime006


      never mind I read your post, thanks.

  2. ckf - Thanks for your feedback and I am very happy with what I have seen so far with them.  John (aka Airtime006)

  3. Your house rental- NO snowmobiling directly from your house?  I thought you could and was going to book it for a few nights but saw that.   Say it is not true....what happened?  Bummer

  4. Hi there Catreserve, we have not met personally yet but we ride the same area all the time and I look for your red Renegade....since I sold my house in Rumney, I would love to rent your place for a week in March.  Is your house available the first week of March?  Feb 27th or March 6th?

    Thanks John

    Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !

  5. K, thanks, lets confirm on Monday the best location to go to.

    I am open but dont want to drive 3 hours to PItts

    1. hendo13


      Have you herd of any reports on the trails yet?  Haven't seen any reports from twin yet


      if there was s riding I will head up.

    2. hendo13


      My cell number is 978-641-4633

    3. hendo13


      I just saw a report from ossipee valley club stating the bureau of trails are opening the gates. They picked up 12 from the Saturday storm and they survived the warmup

      want to meet up at canoe king up in tamworth?


      give me a call on my cell.  978-641-4633