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  1. Possible snow Sat Night

    The blast of cold air coming in might help faciliate a Low pressure system off the coast to intensify and drop measureable snow in Eastern NE. Do you dances and sacrafices whatever they might be. Still an outside chance but this is all we have lately......
  2. Finally got to ride

    The White Mtn National Forest Boundary line follows Rt 25 from Plymouth to Wentworth about a few miles, if that, to the East of Rt25. My house is at 1500' elevation in Rumney and is in the White Mtn Region. So if I ride close to home or north, I post in the White MTN REgion. If I ride south towards Squam or Newfound, I post in the lakes region. I hope this helps in clarification for the forums. Technically I think the "Dorchester Flats" area is not recognized by the state as the "White Mtns" but I could be wrong. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On.... Cat-X2 on lovin that view!!!!! Looks like a nice location.
  3. Finally got to ride

    Skully- You should know where that is!!!!West of Rumney in an area called "Dorchester Flats." Looks to be on the North end of that area??? Which covers many clubs in that area. They always have 6 or more inches of snow than any area below 1000 feet.
  4. Upslope snowfall

    Wish this covered Dorchester Flats area West of Rumney. I believe this is the same theory as to why Dorchester Flats consitently gets more snow than close low lying areas such as Lyme, Canaan, Enfield, Hebron etc....
  5. Club fundrasing idea

    X2- Great idea
  6. Hello all- Got a question that I have not been able to get a straight answer on for over 2 years so here goes.....If I am riding in the White MTN National on a designated trail and notice an area that is open enough to ride the sled through, is this considered legal or not? It is not private property it is White MTN National Forrest. I would like to ask the same question if I see a large swamp area in the National Forrest, can I ride around it to have some fun? Or is this illegal? Last question, what if I see an old hiking trail that is not a designated sled trail but if you are skilled enough rider you can make it and have some fun riding a tight sigle track. Is this illegal or legal? I have been told by a select few that any of the above are illegal because you are off trail. I was always under the impression that you could ride almost anywhere in the White MTN national forrest as long as it was not a designated "Scenic Area" or "hiking only area." I am always respectful and am looking for some other feedback since everyone here is so in tune to this. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!
  7. I am not an electical expert but am having an issue with my trailer. This should be an easy one.... All lights work when on, but signals and brakes do not come one. Which wires should I be chasing or looking at? Thanks since I want to get this working before it is time to trailer to the snow for the last chapter of Winter 2011 in NH.... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride on....
  8. Today and Tomorrow

    Common Sense = Respectfull Snowmobiler
  9. I should have known better

    Sorry to hear the bad news....I would have been just as mad.
  10. Snow Forcasting

    I was out but not sure what break you saw the group of surfers at, I like Strays Point wich is the North end of Jenness Beach, the Rock wall on teh south is good at high tide, then you got Rye on the Rocks, Linkies wich is the point break right near the nice Italian villa on the water. I was out but at the Rock wall then Strays for about 2 hours.....ride right, ride safe, and Ride on....oh, yea, pray for SNOW<<<<<<Please
  11. 2011 Northwood Crank Pullers Vintage Race!

    If, or should I say when we have snow for this race, could you make it via sled on the trails to their location? Thanks, Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride on.
  12. Snow Forcasting

    Still praying for snow, but I am one of the luccky ones that if the storm goes out to see, I get to SURF!!!!!!!! When all these storms go out to see we can see overhead to double overhead glassy waves, guys in Cali would even dig. Much colder and the best part I get my favorite break to myself......Ride on, Ride right and Ride safe.
  13. The snow begins.

    Great news !!!! thanks for the update Old Viper and Shifty !!!
  14. Shock rebuilds

    Use is not the issues it is the 7-8 month storage that gets them. If you don't store correctly (i.e.not lifted off during down time) they will go quicker. If you are racing Rock Maple then you should get them done every year. Good luck.
  15. First Snow depth map with a Enjoy the fall weekend everyone!
  16. Free sled on craigslist

    I just replied hoping to pick it up today for my son, will be a nice summer project for us.
  17. Got out Monday afternoon for a spin around in elevation for about 25 miles. too my surprise trails up in elevation looked pretty good and in fact the Central NH Sled club groomer had make a pass on their loop. Riding to be had in elevaton but you have to trailer their since Rt25 trails are toast. Now back to my kitchen project last pic. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride on....pray for a norther push on the strom for Saturday or big flurries today.
  18. Rode yesterday afternoon to check out things and unless you are riding off trail or have ice scratchers, you WILL melt your hyfax. Rocks, Snirt, Water bars, and bombproof base. Unless some of these flurries amount to anything then this weekend is a no go IMO. Down low by Rt 25, New bridge going to Plain Jains, and up in elevation is not much better, pic of my hyfax after 4 miles and alot of pulling off to spin the track for lube. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride on.... back to the house projects.
  19. 1.28.10 Plymouth Areas- Baker officially closed

    Yes, they are. I took the first 2 photos pulled over in my truck and the sledding photos are on my private property and National Forest Land.
  20. Finally found my vintage sled!

    Nice find and looking sharp. Gonna start vintage racing? ....looks like a lot of fun per all the posts. Pray for Snow!!!!
  21. Snow for Saturday?

    Still a ways away and have my hopes up that things change in the next 4 days.
  22. Report after the rain

    Doesn't look good around Plymouth and will update from higher elevations tomorrow. Pray for the storm coming Saturday to push farther North.
  23. Dorchester - What a ride

    Looks like a typical route up into "Dorchester Flats" as they call it. Gotta get some pics to go along with your GPS map route. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On
  24. Tree Hugging

    Ouch,,,if you wanna play, you may have to pay. Hope the rider was OK? Pray for Snow and Cold, enjoy the off trail riding.
  25. Report after the rain

    I will update the Plymouth Areas report on Wednesday midday.....