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  1. MAYBE?

    Great news, Mark, and I hope the 18" hits you and others in NH... .. however, I find it interesting that you state with quotatiions, "Off Trail riding." I thought this was a "No No" by the State of NH and Fish n Game. Everytime that this is stated by anyone else they get bashed by all for suggesting they want to wander off the designated trail. I personally have been attacked by a snowmobile club for riding 5 feet off a designated trail but staying within the tree boundary of the tail (and according to a follow up with Fish and Game convesation, I was OK). If our state of NH does not condone "Off Trail riding" I might humbling ask that you refrain from that statement becasue you are only going to incite this activity amongst our younger generation that will take your suggestion and make a "yard from the inch you gave them." Let the comments fly.... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!
  2. Heading to Alaska May 5 until the 14th on business and will be skiing/snowboarding at Alyeska Resort but also wanted to squeeze a day in on the sleds Anyone ever rent or do a guided tour near Anchorage or Alyeska Resort? If so, any information would be helpful. Thanks Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  3. Rode a 30 mile loop late yesterday and plenty of snow with the Sno-Raiders grooming last night, yahoooo. Tom was doing a great job grooming with his Skandic as well as the tucker on the RR bed. Trails were "Saaaaweeet !" Cold until Wed/Thursday so they should hold up nicely. Last blast of the season for down here to get out and do a night ride if needed. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!
  4. Sorry to inform you it was taken last night at 5:30pm and I did notice the tracks off as well Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  5. Did anyone ride massabisic /Bear Brook today ?

    It is amazing to see the trails holding up so well down here....did 30 miles late yesterday from Fremont, Exeter, to Newfields and back. Tom from Sno-Raiders was doing his thing groomoing with a big smile for all. No need to show the trails since they were flat and plenty of snow. Pic next to groomer on RR bed tells all. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!!
  6. Accidents,,,,

    Agree to all and education....however, we will never be able to curb some habits. Will there always be speeding on 93, 89, Rt16, of course, so how to you drive? Defensively I have been saying for over 10 years now, that some trails have been made too wide and flat to give almost any rider the feeling of invincibility. I prefer to ride the "old Goat Trails" and now even these are being widend to 10 feet and groomed with a BR versus Skandic. To the point earlier, last year I laughed at a couple riding some of these off beaten trails and they were complaining on how fast people ride and where. My comment was keep wideing and grooming flat, the yahoos will come and ride as fast as they can, no way around it IMHO... Defensively, this is how I am teaching my 8 and 6 year old to ride Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On.....
  7. Love that loop, glad to hear it. The trail from Lincoln to Warren is soooo NICE when it has snow and super steep on the Warren side. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On.....
  8. tooooo much air!!!

    Come on, you can buff that out ! Not too much Air IMO, just not the right landing. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On....
  9. Saddlebag Trip from South to North and back

    When we have snow in February, I would suggest the Mon-Wed timeframe, because most clubs groom Mon/Tues after the crazy weekend and the trails are better longer than a weekend run, urrrrgh. You are just asking for fustrations, IMO. Did Salem, NH to Winni and back in a day 10 years ago. Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !!!
  10. Watch this. Hilarious!!

    Thanks for the laughs, very funny.
  11. Baker River Valley

    Its called the "Dorchester Flats" not a secret. Someone new finds this place every year and raves about it like the sledding community is keeping it a secret. LOL Ride Right Ride Safe and Ride On
  12. Did this really just happen!?

    Fisher Cat- I hear them all the time on my properties and have seen a few as well....very unsettling sound just as you said, like someone screaming.... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!
  13. Thanks in advance for any feedback. I will be there from Feb 13-19 and have 2 days off, looking to rent or a guided backcountry tour, etc but have no idea of the options out there. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On....
  14. No not mad, sorry for that impression. I just believe we are creating something out of nothing. And when you do this it costs $ and time. I have never heard anyone complain about trails signs, so why the change? The usual complaint is at an intersection where there might not be a good signs saying where each trail leads..... Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride on
  15. Less now, why? doesn't make sense to me but then again I don't work for the state or our joke of a govenment. They love to change things to create work and expenses for all. we should have as many as we have now and strategically placed. I will hold off on more commnents until next year and the year after, because I see the writing on the wall. Less signs means more chaos, better chance for a sledder to feel they were not warned aibout an obstacle, turn, road crossing, etc I would bet now that they will increase the amount of signs within 2 years......lets wait see. Until then... Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On
  16. Good ole Nanny state, now they are going to raise fees to cover the sign costs.....signs like a boondoggle if I ever heard of one to spend more money and tax us more. We dont' need more signs, we need riders to understand they are participating in a very dangerous sport and need to be responsible for their own actions. I can hear it now in a few years, well the sign didn't meet my expectations that the ceorner was a 180 degree switchback and that is why I crashed into the trees and broke my -----, now I am going to put together a lawsuit because the sign did not warn him enough...... I will say it again.... Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On
  17. Game Cams

    Def need reg # but also description of person riding since they may want to deny it is them on their machine. "Oh, someone borrowed my sled, that wasn't me?" Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On
  18. GoPro Camera question

    Yes, same placement as the GoPro on the helmet(on the top with industrial adhesive mounted clip), also a goggle strap accessory for skiing, snowboarding, MX style helmet side view. There is a suction cup for cars, sled hoods, anywhere you have a smooth surface. Also a handlebar mount. IMHO-Helmet video footage is easier to watch than hood or handlebar mounted due to the amount of movement frome these locations Can be purchased at the on-line Sony store or actual Sony store locations and the closest one to Boston area is the Wrentham Outlets. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!
  19. It's a beautiful sight

    Yes it is and glad to see snow covered roads....yahoooooo.... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride on....
  20. GoPro Camera question

    If you are looking at the GoPro, you should seriously look at the Sony Action Cam. Hero/Hero2-$200+ Sony Action-$200 or $269 with Wi-Fi Hero3-$400 I have tested both, Sony blows away GoPro on vibrations, battery life, image quality, and capabilities. Wi-Fi- can record via a smartphone or tablet or view what the camera is looking at prior to filming. The Hero2 is the same price at the Sony but does not have Wi-Fi or HD1080P capabilities. the Sony can also record in slow motion or super slow motion which has some really cool effects. I have not tested to super cold but was surfing all day Turkey day with my Sony and GoPro on the surf board and the Sony outlasted the GoPro on batter life, about 3-4 hours depending on your resolution and frame rates. Hope this helps Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On
  21. GoPro

    If you are looking at the Hero 3, you have to check out Sony Action Cam. We already do everything the GoPro3 does and more. Better image stabilization, better high contrast capabilities (sun shining off show, headlights, or dark) Smaller form factor than GoPro, plus a Sled NH discount since I work for Sony. I shot both the GoPro Hero and Sony Action Cam at Crow Hill 2 weeks ago. Much better of everything I mentioned above and more slow mo replay, longer battery life, WiFi to smartphone or tablet. Just investigate before you buy cause you might be disappointed......I will post actual footage later
  22. This weeks weather

    Finished sledding last weekend and ready for the first MX day, MTN biking, and surfing without the winter suit. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!
  23. 44 and in almost better shape than when I was in college skiing for UNH
  24. off trail riding in burg

    I have been in the Security Market for over 12 years and I can guarantee you will see a decrease in tolerance of sledding in this area. It was just a matter of time. Quite frankly I was always surprised to hear it was tolerated at all. Be responsible for your own actions because pleading ignorance is no longer an excuse/reason to get off. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride on....
  25. Still snow south in central nh...

    Good to see you still ridin' Bruce, maybe Friday night we will see a few more inches in elevation to keep us alive. I love that view and haven't been to that spot in 3 years. I saw similiar conditions across the Baker River Valley in WMNF. Upper elevation trails are ok to good. Wouldn't even think of traveling below 1'000' too much dirt. Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On