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  1. I will be riding since finally we have snow and have a long loop in mind- 5+ hours....anybody want to join? Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  2. Make the best with what we have!!!!

    Nice photos and thanks for sharing but is one of the guys holding another mans had with a cooking pot full of sausages? Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  3. taken today or after the recent snow....just confirming conditions

    1. Airtime006


      never mind I read your post, thanks.

  4. Mid-week ride- Thursday tomorrow

    Heading up in the AM- going to do a loop around Plymouth NH Loop Bridgewater , head to Hardy then to Baker maybe up to Warren and to Lincoln depending on the snow conditions- leaving from the pulp plant early 7am since its going to warm up some Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  5. Looking to make a run through the Notch up to Littleton back down 5 towards Warren with a few spurs along the way..... Should be doable with the new snow but not sure if there are any trail closures to be aware of? Anybody interested? Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  6. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Good to see some posts----me, finally got out Sunday - conditions OK to good depending on elevation as usual...80 miles later some great snow some snirt, some rocks, some mud, some smiles which is most important. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!!
  7. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    OK, I am not a big off trail rider but can see the lure if you have the right sled....maybe this has been discussed or asked in the past but why don't clubs allow riders to go off trail: under power lines if a trail is there? or a designated area up North or somewhere else in which it is clearly marked? Ski areas did this years ago since so many New England skiers wanted to go through the woods or off trail when it became popular due to the West coast influence or above tree line skiing. This could be an easy offering to keep rogue riders from riding in fields or woods that they should not be....just a thought. Any body riding next Saturday on opening day? I hope to be somewhere for atleast a little bit. Ride Right Ride Safe and Ride On ......
  8. I had some amazing mid week runs with deep fresh snow and here are some of my favorite pics of last season, enjoy. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  9. Northwood Crankpullers May 20th Watercross

    Thanks for the heads up Dirt Dummy...its on the calendar and will do my best to get there.....actually I want to start this type of racing. Just need to find a sled all set to go and buy it, so I don't have to build my own. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!
  10. Its called "Good Friday" for a reason....Thought my last ride was last week but due to weather I will not be hiking Mt. Washington summit tomorrow forecast is rain and snow most of the day up there... Thinking I may wander North to look for some ridable trails. Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  11. Saturday?

    Exit 28 is getting heavily used due to easy access, good snow, and fun trails, not surprised by bare spots since snow is minimal until you rise in elevation. Now is the time to park up in elevation to get to the good snow. I am riding tomorrow somewhere not 100% sure where yet.....Hardy to Canaan to BRV back to Hardy maybe the loop ??? Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !!!
  12. Hookey

    I am in.....9am is a bit tough due to kids bus routine, will update later. My recommendation is Ashland north since anything south of that has NO base....Hardy is well hardy base, CNHSC club is still great, Rumney snodrifters good, Bridgewater closed now but should open with this storm, Baker is great. plenty of life in this area
  13. Thanks for the kick in the rear Bruce....we still have some life left....loved your article in Sno-traveler, good job. Gotta find some trails with a base and you will be all set..... Anybody riding Friday? I am..... Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On!!!