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  1. NH Vacation week

    Looks like conditions are holding well for us NH residents to play on our sleds....enjoy if you are out there First batch of sap evaporated to syrup - yum yummie Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On !
  2. NH Vacation week

    I hope this new snow helped up north for all who booked sledding vacations to ride....fingers crossed for you. I have been a bit depressed lately due to a 3rd weak New England winter. Thank goodness I have trees to tap, an alpaca shelter to build, and many house projects, maybe I get to rip my private track this weekend - will post pics/vid if I do. !2" o fluff down there...ooops a pic from last summer at my "heaven on earth" - aka The Sandbox in Rumney is the best sand track in NE. Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On !
  3. Court case decision over ATV operation in Gorham

    NIMB - seems to be in play here.....when you buy a house near an airport dont complain about the commercial planes landing and taking off after you move in. Not too sure if this is one of the reasons but seems like it from what I read. Ride Right, Ride Safe and Ride On !
  4. Electric snowmobile

    Price is not bad considering the latest pricing of high end sleds upward to 20K. Range is issue and of course charging stations if running a distance trip. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  5. North Station Diner- Rumney

    aaaah, good ole Steves.....been along time since I headed there for a cold one. Common Cafe just not enough traffic to keep that business alive, sad to see.
  6. Good morning - almost didn't do it but decided to dress up and ride from my house yesterday. 20 miles and my lunch break was over - found some rocks, some good stuff on the Kingston Lake, and Kingston Common with some local groomed trails by a sled drag. Oh yes a very long single sled bridge. I mtn bike on these trails alot. All great and good to feel the power of our sleds. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  7. And so it begins...

    Love the pics and topic.... I said the exact same things 5 years ago when I got my Renegade XRS. @Skip- you need to add a few more bags on your sled? Just goshing with you....... Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  8. "On the Trail again" Ride 1.22.22

    Yes, correct and thanks for the update. I ran up 11 for a few miles and turned back saying its needs a bit more snow and it would be a nice way north to Newfound area. Ride Ride, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  9. Well, I hope everyone was able to get out this weekend - COLD Cold Cold and flat on the RR beds, rocks starting to show on side trails due to traffic. Parked Potter Place 7am -16, still -16 at 8am...finally made it out at 830ish- first 3 miles down the bed I said, why do I do this, but my goal for the day was ride slower woods trails and that is what I did, as soon as I got off the RR, stood up and went much slower I warmed right up- some trails groomed 345 etc. some not. Atleast I rode about 70 miles - maybe a Thursday mid week ride - I will post if I go. Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  10. Yesterday rode the RR bed from Boscawen Prison to Lebanon- short jaunt up to Kearsarge landing- 1pm to 430 ride time - 120 miles, very smooth and super nice from Andover all the way up....passed a few sleds but not much traffic and it didn't get too warm so snow was nice and hard - Friday ride this week? Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  11. First ride of the season was a 35 mile shake down ride in the southern portion of NH - this was after the first snowstorm where there was about 6 inches of powdery snow that settled and I got on it prior to the rain on Sunday AM Pic is towards the Eastern end near Newfields Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  12. I will be riding since finally we have snow and have a long loop in mind- 5+ hours....anybody want to join? Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !
  13. Make the best with what we have!!!!

    Nice photos and thanks for sharing but is one of the guys holding another mans had with a cooking pot full of sausages? Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !
  14. taken today or after the recent snow....just confirming conditions

    1. Airtime006


      never mind I read your post, thanks.

  15. Mid-week ride- Thursday tomorrow

    Heading up in the AM- going to do a loop around Plymouth NH Loop Bridgewater , head to Hardy then to Baker maybe up to Warren and to Lincoln depending on the snow conditions- leaving from the pulp plant early 7am since its going to warm up some Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride On !