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  1. summer storage questions

    Moth balls also work for keeping the mice out. As for ethanol free fuel there is a Valero on Rt 2 in St Johnsbury VT just after Maple Grove if you are headed west that is ethanol free. Price looked about the same as the other gas in the area. Will be topping mine off this year there as I will not be ridding at all next season.
  2. Any updates on Trails?

    19 in Milan just south of the 117 intersectin had lots of open water last night. Consiedering the last several weeks it was snow free it was passible. Errol in the lower end over by 115 andMills field pond down to 7 mile island bridges was getting worn out as of last night. Way to warm for the groomers and I hope it got down in temp last night but I doubt it. 114 in to Milan was getting pretty snirty, overall was still a great ride. Log Haven's Buffet is just a good as it was last year. To the guy with the Kiity Cat's in the picture was that you and your son we met last night at the intersection of 114 & 18? Happy Trails.
  3. After mess

    Wife said Wed night had to clean he car twice in Lyme about 8 to inches around there and Lebanon. About 1 to 2 inches left in Haverhill / Woodsville as of this morning. Left work in Lancaster late yesterday afternoon and it had about ZERO inches, you culd run between the flakes. Whitefield had about 2 inches along 3 and the lawns in Littleton had nothing. A buddy of mine said 11 and the piple line in Jefferson had 8 inches of new snow on the trails. Heading out for Nash Stream and Berlin Jefferson run will post more tonight. Happy Trails.
  4. ISR Clutch guard?

    The sled is a 08 Polaris shift. I will find out about the clutch cover but whtn I read the rules from last year it was listed under the general rules for all sleds. Thanks for the help. Happy Trails
  5. ISR Clutch guard?

    Does anyone know where I can get an ISR approved clutch guard? I tried to to look one up on the internet and have not had much luck. I want to the Pats Peak Hill climb and this is required. Any known dealers north of Concord would be a great help. Happy Trails.
  6. 2nd hill climb for pats peck

    Is the hill climb open to all who want to run it? I would love to give it a try, Cannon is looking tempting every time I go by it.
  7. looking fo info on errol trails

    I rode around the southern Errol / norhtern Milan area and this is what I know. Stay off 19 where it joins with 117 in Milan unless we get more snow. Also if you want to go to Berlin do not use 18 / 12 south. There is about a 5 mile stretch on 12 that is hard dirt with almost no covering. I do not know how the loop to Success Pond that links up with 12 is just outside of Berlin so that could be good. I will say that all of the Clubs Groveton and north have done a great job of keeping the trails up after we recieved all of that liquid sunshine! With the lack of snow and the trails that are hit with the sun and wind that we can ride is due to all of thier hard work and dedication. I did the White Mountain Ridge Runners cookout in Berlin on Satuday. The food was outstanding, I got the Burger plate and it had to be at least 12ozs. The steaks looked like they had to come in close to a pound and to top it off they were cooking on Charchol. Huge baked patatos were and more deserts that you cuould shake a stick at. Happy Trails to all
  8. Double standards in the media?

    Along with the Easter Seals, Scholarships, Fire & Rescue donations the local clubs put on a yearly snowmobile safety course. You could add the idea that the local clubs do more than open trails to Machines, Dog Sled teams, snow shoers, cross country skiers and just taking the dog for a walk are using the trails. I am amazed at this misconception of some people have on contibutions snowmobilers and the clubs make. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Twin mountain this weekend......

    Went out yesterday with a friend from Milan and he said Berlin, Jefferson and Gorham for the most part wer in great shape. The trail that runs from Jefferson that abuts Rt 2 is thin but according to him everything else is great. We left the just down the street from the GTSB ant the trails were in great to good shape, I think its about 45 minutes or so north of Twin. Happy Trails.
  10. Let those who ride Decide!

    I concur with the car issue! If you think that everyone should wear a helmet then convince them, if you have pass a law on an issue such as this then you do not have a good enough argument. Has anyone ever noticed when going down the road who more often than not goes past you at an excessive rate of speed? Correct it is the tool with a helmet on! Why is it proven again and again that states that don't have helmet laws have less deaths per 1000 registered MC's? The only thing it does is cut down your vision, wipes out your hearing and causes a false sense of I can do anything. What we realy need to do is make sure no Auto or MC can exceed 70MPH and no sled can exceed 45 MPH. 70 is the fastet speed limit I know of for Auto's and the NH state trails system is set at 45 MPH. While we are at it lets put on the BAC testers on every thing so we can keep people from driving drunk. Now for those of you who are so quick to support the BUCKET law it is because it does infringe on your choice because you wear a BUCKET, I rarely speed and never drive dunk so my proposal would not have a big effect on me. Yes I do wear a bucket, my job requires it but I do not want to infringe upon anyone else who makes the choice not to wear it.
  11. Any Ethanol Free Gas in NH?

    Read your owners manual and see what it says about octane and ethanol. My 05 and 08 Polaris state the proper octane reading and what will hapen if you fail to. Along with this it states do not use greater than 10% ethanol. I think they have been building the engines meeting the requirment for years now.
  12. twist throttle for 2007 F-5 cat????

    My wife has the same problem, after talking with several people a twist throttle is not a good answer due to a sled not being the same as a MC. I did talk with people that had the twist throttle and they said after one use they removed them. I did find a Throttle Flare for my wife and it helps some. It can be found in the 2009 Parts Unlimited web site and then you order it through one of thier dealers. It cost around $13 and you only need a 1/8 drill bit to pre drill he throttle control. Cabales does sell a thumb twist throttle but I have not ordered it yet, I think it works where the twist is done with the thumb instead of like a MC. Tell him good luck. Happy Trails yo all.