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  1. Posting for a friend: 2018 Polaris 800 XCR snow check Switchback. Perfect condition. Never seen salt, always stored inside, trailered in enclosed trailer, etc. Ridden exclusively in northern Maine and Quebec. Accessories include windshield bag, rear rack, rear bag, helmet plug, mirrors, spare belt, and plugs. 3K miles. Asking $8500. Only selling as new sled is on the way. Sled located in North Berwick, Maine. Call Scott for more details at 603-534-7660.
  2. 2012 Ski Doo Renegade 1200X

    Sold, thanks for the interest.
  3. 2012 Ski Doo Renegade 1200X

    Original owner, meticulously maintained 2012.Renegade 1200X. Cannot be told from new. 4200 milesAlways garaged or trailered in an enclosed trailer. Options include: 6.9 Pilot skis, studded track (zero bent or pulled out), engine temp module, PB80 clutch (comes with stock clutch with 200 miles), medium height windshield w/mirrors, Oil lite bushings, etc, etc.Always used Mobil 1 oil. Only ridden when there was adequate snow (original slides show very little wear). Asking $6400. The best sled I have owned thus far, only selling as a new 2018 is on the way. Also available is a ski doo Linq 2-up seat/backrest for $500 Please reach out with questions or for additional pics. Sled is located in Wakefield, nh
  4. Lake Ice in Wakefield Riding Area

    All the lakes/ponds mentioned are safe. (only my opinion, don't hold me to it, etc, etc)....but I would have no worries about riding any of those now. That being said there are still a lot of water bars on the local trails, so keep a close eye out. Have fun. Doug
  5. 2007 Ski Doo Rev 600 SDI

    2007 Ski Doo Adrenaline Rev 600 SDI Wife’s sled, selling as we just upgraded. 600 cc fuel injected, electronic reverse. 3300 miles, excellent condition, always garaged and trailered in enclosed trailer. Studded track (no bent or missing studs), Shaper carbides, heated shield plug, ice scratchers, tunnel bag, floating secondary clutch kit. Spare plugs, spare belt. Needs nothing and is ready for the season. Asking $3500 with Ski Doo 1+1 passenger seat or $3300 without seat. Please PM, call or text for additional info. Thanks, Doug 603-548-nine three five zero
  6. 2007 Ski Doo Rev 600 SDI

    Sold. Thanks for the interest.
  7. my girls have finally outgrown and are moving to full sized sleds 1988 sno scoot. Excellent condition, original seat, plastics etc. new oem track 2 years ago. SOLD 1985 bravo. Excellent condition bought at an estate sale only 800 miles. Asking $1000 SOLD both have always been stored indoors. Listing here before having to deal with the foolishness of craigslist. not looking for trades. Please PM or call 603 548-9350 for more details.
  8. 1985 Yamaha bravo. Wakefield, nh

    Bravo has been sold. Thanks
  9. 1985 Yamaha bravo. Wakefield, nh

    Sno scoot has been sold. thanks
  10. Sure Trac tie down brackets

    These were included in a enclosed trailer that I recently bought. I do not need them. They are bare aluminum and are corroded from being inside a metal trailer. You could clean them up and paint or use as is. They are the permanant mount version. New they are $89 each: Asking $60 for the pair. Call 603 522-3491 or pm for more details.
  11. Sure Trac tie down brackets

    Sold. Thanks for the interest.
  12. Sure Trac tie down brackets

    I live in Wakefield, NH and work in Dover, NH.
  13. Sure Trac tie down brackets

    Still have these...anyone interested at $40.00 for the pair? Call 603 522-3491 or pm for more details.
  14. I know it's not snowmobile related, but I was hoping someone might be able to help. I have tried searching online but all I come up with is links to canoe/kayaking outfitters. For a number of years (last time about 25 years ago) a group of us would canoe from the intersection of West Side Road/Rt 302 to Conway (by the covered bridge). I'm trying to determine if there is a place to park (legally) at the "start" (West Side Road/Rt 302). Just a day trip, nothing overnight. The plan would be to leave a vehicle in Conway at the parking lot near the covered bridge and then the truck and trailer at the start. Is there parking by West Side Road/Rt 302? Thanks, Doug
  15. Hi, I'm finishing off my basement (about 800 sq of living space). My wife and I managed to hang all the sheet rock and now need to hire someone to mud and tape. We had someone lined up, who was great, but sadly he passed away suddenly late last year. Can anyone provide a recommendation? My house in in Wakefield, NH (1/2 hour north of Rochester, 45 minutes south of Conway). Thanks, Doug
  16. I buy dedicated snow tires/rims for my cars/trucks for the following reasons: 1. Vanity: the salt does a number on aluminum wheels. And toyotas generally are worse than other manufactures, the stock rims will corrode within a few years. 2. Although all terrain tires will do fine in the snow, dedicated snow tires do perform better. 3. Money: in the end the cost of a set of snow tires/wheels is not that great. Your "summer" tires will "last" longer, simply because they are not being used the entire year.
  17. Posting here before I resort to craigslist... 1996 Polaris XLT Touring. 600 cc liquid cooled tripple. I bought this in September as part of an estate sale from widow of original owner. It was purchased new and stored outside on an open trailer under a polaris cover. The sled was never trailered in the winter, so no salt damage, but it has been outside it's whole life. Only 1300 original miles, had not been registered since 2005. Cleaned/drained entire fuel system, new filters, cleaned carbs, etc. Electric start (brand new battery), reverse, 2-up seat, adjustable backrest with heated passenger grips, etc, etc. Sled is in good condition, it's not perfect, but I'm very picky. Needs a new seat cover, but otherwise is ready to go. Asking $850 or best offer. Please PM or call (before 9:00 pm) 603-522-3491 for questions or more information.
  18. Last year I spring ordered a 2012 Ski-Doo. As part of a welcoming package if you convinced a friend to purchase a new ski-doo you are eligeable for a $250 gift card. I offered this up last year and was able to split the gift cards with 2 slednh members. For some reason ski-doo just sent me 2 more oportunities to be eligible for $250 gift cards. So once again I'm eligible for a $250 gift card if I refer someone that buys a new 2011-2013 Ski-Doo before 3/31/2013. I will split the gift card funds with anyone that is buying now. I can do this for up to 2 sleds. PM me if you are interested.
  19. Loudon

    Yeah, I hear you. It hasn't been the same since the AMA national race was held on that weekend. It was unbelievable to be able to see my heros race in real life (Lawson, Wainey, Shobert, Schwantz). I also think the event has been diluted with it stretched out to a whole week. When it was "motorcycle weekend" it was wall to wall bikes, hardly any cars would be seen around Laconia/Weirs/Alton. I went over to Weirs this morning specifically to demo a Yamaha Tenere. On the way over and back, on my bike, I was the minority, way more cars on the road. Oh well. Rumor has it that a group might be creating a road race series based on the Isle of the Mann TT race. Montreal is one of the locations...and that is not too far away.
  20. Sure Trac tie down brackets

    How about $50 for the pair.
  21. 2002 Sled Bed 101" x 10' trailer, snow sheild, wishbone tongue, aluminum frame, new tires/rims, tongue jack. Excellent condition, all lights work, comes with 2 sled tie down bars. Asking $750. Call 603 522-3491(please no calls after 9:00 pm) or pm for more information.
  22. Sled Bed 101" x 10' open trailer

    Added additional pics. I bought an enclosed trailer. Want this one gone. Reduced to $650.
  23. Sled Bed 101" x 10' open trailer

    Reducing price to $700.