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    Saluda reacted to snorander in random photo thread   
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    Saluda reacted to classicdmax in Repair shop groveton area   
    No longer in need
    i disconnected kill switch and problem went away. Now just need to come up with a kill switch fix 
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    Saluda reacted to 800R Gade X in Pittsburg trails this past weekend   
    Heading to Quebec Friday, so worth the drive.
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    Saluda reacted to ericlun in Snowmobiling driving NH Economy in Northern NH
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    Saluda reacted to Airtime006 in Starting to look a bit like winter finally...   
    Good to see some posts----me, finally got out Sunday - conditions OK to good depending on elevation as usual...80 miles later some great snow some snirt, some rocks, some mud, some smiles which is most important.
    Ride Right, Ride Safe, and Ride On !!!!

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    Saluda reacted to CATRESERVE in Starting to look a bit like winter finally...   
    This up and down weather is stressing us all out to no end.  Finally got to get out for a quick toot with my wife today.  Rain to snow yesterday and then snow over night into today.  Headed out after noon with variable conditions in the lower elevations but better and fresh snow higher up.  
    More bits of snow this week and a warm up at the end of the week...go figure.   Make the best of what we get!  It's coming....just have to wait a little longer.  Need to keep the "glass 1/2 full" mentality!

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    Saluda reacted to 800R Gade X in Anyone planning to ride   
    Absolutely, going to SDR
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    Saluda reacted to pathfinder in What's the story with these trees   
    Talked to several loggers over the years about that very stand of trees, and most of them tell me it is a "modified" strip cut.  Meaning, rather than do a total strip cut of an area, you cut a a geometric pattern an an attempt to allow the trees that are left to naturally re-sead the cuts between them. Most of us have noticed typical "strip cuts" that are visible from higher elevations.   Although these "V" shaped  stands of trees have not been allowed to re-sead the open areas between them, over time, most local people have noticed seedlings popping up in these areas and eventually mowed down. So it appears that originally a large stand of trees were harvested with the intent of having them re-sead the spaces between the holes, and somewhere along the line, that intent was abandoned.  Now we have a conversation piece to talk about, but this logic seems of the self planting maneuver seems pretty sound. don't know how long ago that stand was cut, but I started riding up here in '84 and it was that way then as far as I can remember.   Great topic! Hope this helps.
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    Saluda got a reaction from Yamiblue in Contact List   
    I vote for lights.
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    Saluda reacted to rossi46 in Electric recreational vehicles   
    Nothing is better than the smell of 2 stroke. Nothing. 
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    Saluda reacted to gunmaker in New Trailer   
    YUP. Bought ours in 2014. GREAT place and people

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    Saluda reacted to classicdmax in New Trailer   
    First trailer for sleds, second ProLine to own. Purchased my first enclosed ProLine in 2017 for work/construction. Spent lots of time/money setting up interior to flow well for every day needs. Trailers are top quality, built well and home grown in NH!
    number two followed me home last weekend. I plan to insulate ceiling for some reason.....load it up and haul machines north for the winter thanksgiving weekend.
    anyone in the market for a trailer Id certainly give these guys a look. A bit more expensive but the extra dough spent is well worth a long term investment. These trailers are top notch 

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    Saluda reacted to pekabu in How to get to the best riding area fast   
    A little video of the Air Force Ospreys supporting snowmobiles in the field.

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    Saluda reacted to Skip in Scrub Oak Scramblers Winter Carnival 2019   
    Great time at the Scrub Oak Scramblers winter carnival yesterday at the old air strip in Freedom. These are a few photos from the drone portfolio I took.....

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    Saluda reacted to Shifty in Today was a good day...   
    6 yrs ago! 

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    Saluda reacted to PolarisCobra in How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH   
    I agree that average speeds are faster in Maine. I have ridden in parts of the state, many of the trails are wider and straighter, for much longer distances, more like highways than state two lane roads. Distances between towns tend to be longer, riding faster is easier. There are trails in NH where you have plenty of room, and good sight-lines, but not near as many as in Maine. 
    As for off trail, I would agree that opening up some defined areas where it's acceptable makes sense. It even makes sense for the NHSA to help with the process. But it also seems to me that the responsibility should be on the people who want to ride off trail to take the first step, start to work with landowners, then with the organization. 
    I sometimes see posts on other sites where new off trail riders ask where they can ride. They typically get no answer, or someone is up front and tells them that no one is going to give up their secret spot. I would have to think that a big part of the reason they want to keep the secret is that they know they aren't supposed to be there. 
    In the end, we have to understand that the landowners are in charge, and work with them, so we don't wind up with no place to ride. 
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    Saluda reacted to gunmaker in How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH   
    So here is a thought on off trail riding, and only a thought. When you register your sled, it states on the reg that you acknowledge that it is illegal and you know you will lose your snowmobiling rights in the state of NH for the year. Your reg sticker is taken and it goes on your drivers license also, plus a fine. As for speeding, well you are not going to stop that unless you treat it as a automobile speeding ticket.
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    Saluda got a reaction from Skip in How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH   
    We meet enough idiots on the trails with the limit at 45. Raise it (depending on how much and where) and the wife and I are out of sledding.
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    Saluda reacted to BigGuyNH in Great Riding in the CNHSC trails   
    CNHSC = What Name please?
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    Saluda reacted to snorander in Today was a good day...   
    I only rode two miles in circles at my parents house, but I got to watch this....Life is good.

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    Saluda reacted to AdrenalineJunky in Buyers remorse phenomenon   
    Seemed off to good start with cold November and snow around here but as per recent decades norm, it fizzled out to endless snowless rainy misery here in southern NH..  So during the initial excitement I bought this for pulling my drag through  the back 40.  Spent considerable time on it to refurbish. All systems visited and addressed. I like these for their simplicity and reliability.

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    Saluda got a reaction from Penelope in Merry Christmas, Happy New year   
    Hoping everyone has a great one, enjoy !!
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    Saluda reacted to Legend_GT_600SDI in We have a bridge!   
    Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club in Milton had a trail closure because of a bad town bridge in Union.  We had lots to do, and it took several weeks, but with the hard work of many, including folks from other clubs, we have reopened corridor 26 from Milton to Moose Mountain.

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    Saluda reacted to Nor'easter in SDR opens today 12/12/18   
    Trails in the Swift Diamond riders area are open today with good to great conditions !
    Only SDR is open as of today, no riding in the Burg, Errol, & Ski Bees trails yet.
    Please obey all trail closed signs. 
    There is also a logging operation at the clubhouse, please use caution around  the logging vehicles.