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  1. 1/12/2019 PRRSC trail conditions.

    Good to see you posting conditions.
  2. Medium windshield G4 Ski Doo

    If I had a dollar for every "too short" Skidoo shield I replaced.
  3. Hoping everyone has a great one, enjoy !!
  4. Can much be attributed to logging ? Seems Pittsburg is seeing quite a bit of it. The last few years we're always losing something.
  5. Attn Attn Attn

    Thanks !!
  6. Attn Attn Attn

    Bulbs, John ??
  7. Attn Attn Attn

    Snow first ? Without that the groomers aren't much good. Hope you get both.
  8. Attn Attn Attn

    That's right ! X 2
  9. Some good news

  10. Someone is in trouble.

    Don't understand keeping people in the dark as they do.
  11. An early

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy, stay healthy and pray for a good season.
  12. Titles

    Thanks, crazy thing is the new trailer replaces an older trailer of the same size but a different GVW.
  13. Titles

    Is N.H. a title state for trailers of a certain size ?
  14. Titles

    Mine weighs less than 2000 so what she said confuses me. That 3001 is empty weight ?
  15. Titles

    Same here until the other day. Told due to size (motorcycle-utility) it required a title. No issue but it surprised me. Couldn't finish transaction due to a missing item but will know for sure soon.
  16. NHSA having legal issues again.

    No reply from the Pres. after two attempts, Vice Pres. got right back to me. There is a suit, any info coming from their attorney (none at this time). At least appreciated her timely reply.
  17. New rider

    Good for him. What came first, the chicken or the harness ?
  18. NHSA having legal issues again.

    I'll let you know, will do a reminder after a while and possibly send one to a second person. (Reminder e mail sent)
  19. NHSA having legal issues again.

    Sent them an E mail requesting info on the subject. Nothing yet.
  20. Snowy winter on tap?

    Going to light the snow candles soon.
  21. Some offseason upgrades

    New trailer, downsizing a bit. No more electric brakes, tired of the maintenance. Should be the last, have said that before. Sleds are staying the same as last year.
  22. Used to get that mailing, not any more. Thanks