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  1. Still not too late to get your comments in prior to the new "management plan" ! Please send to You are right, those signs take a beautiful and natural area and destroy the looks without a person being in sight. They should be proud of their "accomplishments" !
  2. Just received a newsletter from them with a request envelope for a donation. (I had donated quite a while back) My thoughts are to send nothing other than a note describing my feelings to what has happened to snowmobile access as of late. Curious as to how others feel. Thanks :
  3. OLA has posted some pictues which depending on timing and angle seem to support their argument. View at What concerns me is the tactics they are willing to use to accomplish their goal. These pictures look like they were taken while in the crowd or on a boat. As they used to say on Hill Street, Let's be careful out there ! Don't give them anything to support their cause. There is also a section where you can post your comments.
  4. Castle Preservation Society

    Have just sent a similar letter to the Lakes Region Conservation Society (Aug. 28 th) in Meredith. As of this date I have received no reply from either orginization.
  5. You may start seeing notices from this orginization requesting funds for milfoil removal and education. Although their cause is good it looks as if they are going to team with OLA. If I am going to donate funds they are going to the town (Freedom in my case) where I am comfortable they will go towards their intended cause.
  6. Friends of Danforth Bay

    Boats do transfer it from body of water to body of water. That's why inspection and removal prior to launch is so important. Apparently cutting it can cause the pieces to re-root. I believe this is why they have divers pulling it.
  7. Friends of Danforth Bay

    From what I understand they pull it (milfoil) until they run out of money. They are gaining but there is still quite a bit in the lake. About 9 tons were removed as of last time.
  8. OVSC website redone

    Appreciate all the efforts, great job !
  9. Friends of Danforth Bay

    Friends of Danforth Bay is a group of citizens separate from the camp ground. The camp ground does donate towards this cause on their own just as O.L. Marina.
  10. I do not break the rules and do not want to be grouped with those that do. That said do not penalize me for the actions of others.
  11. Unfortunately back to work. Have not looked at the area since their decision so I'm not sure of the exact area. The way I took it is if they close the beach it is closed to everything. Apparently they are also taking comments at I'm getting tired of writing E mails and letters ! As of late it's getting tough for those of us who just want to enjoy the outdoors.
  12. Skip I have to agree with you. One of my other issues is that we frequently kayak the area and used the beach for a stretch and lunch (leaving nothing behind, trampling nothing). Do not want to loose that ability !
  13. If anyone wishes to send their comments to Mr. Bryce his E mail is He is currently "out of the office" If you also wish to CC the acting director (Susan Francher) her E mail is
  14. Castle Preservation Society

    Richard, School of thought I have always subscribed to is that individual letters carry more weight (more time and effort to do) than a letter with many signatures. I've been told it shows more independent thought and work invested. Their address if anyone is interested is Castle Preservation Society P.O. Box 687 Moutonboro, NH 03254. Thanks John, (also the paddle fits great now) Appreciate the comments.
  15. Castle Preservation Society

    John, Letter is done, if you don't mind we are going to visit and have you take a look at it. Thanks, Mike
  16. Mandatory Safety classes

    Isn't the saying never say never ? I know my wife was almost hit by three sleds flying around a blind corner. I too go crazy when you come to a blocked intersection and they all just look at you. Safety classes would not resolve everything, but I believe the future of the sport relies on safe and educated riders. Look at all the press devoted to snowmobile accidents, deaths or drivers under the influence. A lot of our non snowmobiling friends believe it to be a dangerous past time. I'm glad they did it with boats and hope to see a difference.
  17. Long Sands management

    The State has started an "educate the public campaign". Have posted activities that are not allowed. Partial listing: fires, grills, fireworks, camping, no "events' and closed at night. Public comment period is open until June 4 th. You can E mail Phil Bryce at
  18. Long Sands management

    Thanks John. I would mention that their facts are tilted towards their goals.