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  1. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Seems their hours have been reduced over the years. We enjoy that place.
  2. Snow Traveler

    Back to 2 copies again.

    Hope both have great attendance, love for things to approach near normal soon.
  4. Interesting story about a local guy

    RIP, thanks for the posting.
  5. Love to see signs of getting back to "normal".
  6. Maine registration increase coming

    What's new ??
  7. I'm back

    Welcome back.
  8. A story from Vermont

    Love covered bridges.
  9. Meredith Marina fire

    Looks like a service building and some boats were destroyed.
  10. Didn't think we knew what the offense was or the speed he was operating at. Not for me to judge. Anyone with a heart or brain should have stopped. Hate to think anyone can get away just by refusing to stop.
  11. He got hurt doing his job. Idiots he was chasing should have stopped.
  12. Help with Union Leader cartoon

    Not sure about this one.
  13. Hank Aaron

    Passed, 86.
  14. Good guy, hate reading this crap.
  15. Condition updates

    PRR have also had some groomers go down, hope for quick fixes.
  16. Registered both sleds in NH & Maine, November. (Joined 3 clubs)
  17. Happy New Year !

    Best to think positive.
  18. Happy New Year !

    This one has to be better !
  19. Holiday

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas (considering) and that a better New Year is coming !
  20. Time for Christmas Lights?

    John ?
  21. Official SledNH weather thread

    Raining like heck here now but they say the white stuff is coming.
  22. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Hoping for a better '21 and a good sledding season.
  23. For those traveling this road, speed enforcement has been stepped up due to the recent fatalities. Don't ask how I know.