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  1. So no real news ?
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. Nice mix !
  4. Good to hear.
  5. Good way to finish, we got just about the same miles.
  6. Is that old news ?
  7. Done for the season, last ride on Saturday in Pittsburg. Got out early and had a great day, about 100 miles.
  8. Put them all on a diet !
  9. Just as it should be.
  10. Funny, a while back I contacted her to voice my opinions and concern in reference to this matter. I suggested coming out with some info to update us all and attempt to eliminate some of the rumor and speculation. I was answered back that they didn't feel that was a great idea (wording not exact), and now this in the paper.
  11. Not interested in NASCAR, hate big cities.
  12. We are so due (for a good, cold, snowy & long winter) !!!! Next year ??
  13. Didn't mean at all to infer that trail conditions influenced this incident. Just stating our continued luck with the snow Gods. Wish those people injured the best.
  14. That call came in just as we were leaving for home. Too bad, again ! Again, what a difference a week made. Mass vacation had good snow, NH vacation lost a lot with the warm temperatures. Guess which group we were in ?
  15. Not ready to park the sleds yet.