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  1. Upcoming vintage events

    All those neat sleds sitting on grass.
  2. Winter is just around the conner?

    Seems lately it's not so much getting the snow but keeping the snow. Snow candles are being prepped.
  3. Grass drags- who went?

    T shirts, stickers and 46 places to get greasy food. My dealer was there, said he heard the same thing from some of his customers. NHSA always has a good line of clothing, not this year.
  4. Grass drags- who went?

    We went, ditto on the parking situation (Friday). Think we ended up parking in another city. Funny, we were disappointed. Thought there were less snowmobile oriented booths and those that were there, we thought brought less stuff with them. First year ever we didn't buy something.
  5. help me!

    Good luck.
  6. Castle in The Clouds Carriage House

    Hopefully, still won't forget though.
  7. Castle in The Clouds Carriage House

    Still remember the donations my wife and I made right before we were booted out of there.
  8. Like is now a heart ? Don't want someone to get the wrong idea.
  9. Got my Snow Traveler Yesterday

    Have to agree, good weight paper too.
  10. trail closure ?

    Sorry to hear.
  11. Drone video back in March 2017

    Paul is a good guy !
  12. Castle in The Clouds Carriage House

    Good to hear.
  13. Is it just me ? Couldn't get the link to work.
  14. Very sad news, sorry for all the wasted effort. Even sorrier that people don't play by the rules and contribute to closures such as this. Hate politics ! Hope news such as this does not become the norm..