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  1. Crawford Notch fire

    Do the Balsams have anything to get damaged ? All these years and it seems like nothing.
  2. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Will there be snow ?
  3. Spyders being shipped minus parts too

    Had sent you a PM.
  4. Looks like not just the sled people waiting to complete their ride (trike). .
  5. Another season behind us

    We did a few of our trips in January. We judged by how few times we were able to wear our light long underwear. Also had 0 trips with no balaclava and only one trip with the light one.
  6. Not a bad year, sure was colder than average in Pittsburg.
  7. Nice pics and film of Vintage Ride 3-12-22

    There were a lot of them out, unfortunately saw a few broken down. Looked like they had a good time.
  8. Pittsburg Festival of Lights

    Lot of sleds participated.
  9. NH Vacation week

    Just got back (Pittsburg) other than today (Sunday) got in some good rides. Cold !
  10. The Little Grille in Littleton

    Can you call them ?
  11. Snow totals

  12. Snow totals

    Where is that listing from ?
  13. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    I'll take some of the blame.
  14. Volunteers

    They don't get paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Thanks to all the volunteers that help make this sport possible.