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  1. Snow totals

  2. Snow totals

    Where is that listing from ?
  3. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    I'll take some of the blame.
  4. Volunteers

    They don't get paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Thanks to all the volunteers that help make this sport possible.
  5. A seasonal tradition returns

    Thought they were working on it last year ?
  6. Trail wooden bridges

    I suppose with lumber now a days, you get spacing even without spacing once it dries.
  7. Trail wooden bridges

    Sounds good to me. Welcome back.
  8. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Standing 4-5 hours at a whack in some real cold temps. Sure they could find something in this job climate.
  9. Closed Restaurant and Snowmobile parking

    Too bad, yet you still see people at the entrance to shopping centers begging.
  10. Christmas Lights 2021

    Still enjoy this site, has a small town appeal. Appreciate the lights.
  11. Christmas Lights 2021

    Paging John.
  12. Christmas Lights 2021

    Is it still John we're asking ?
  13. Christmas Lights 2021

    Another vote for lights !
  14. Mass Big E. Snowshow

    One question survey you can take if interested. (in the link)
  15. Getting ready

    Getting the trailer from storage next week, batteries are all topped off.