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  1. Good guy, hate reading this crap.
  2. Condition updates

    PRR have also had some groomers go down, hope for quick fixes.
  3. Registered both sleds in NH & Maine, November. (Joined 3 clubs)
  4. Happy New Year !

    Best to think positive.
  5. Happy New Year !

    This one has to be better !
  6. Holiday

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas (considering) and that a better New Year is coming !
  7. Time for Christmas Lights?

    John ?
  8. Official SledNH weather thread

    Raining like heck here now but they say the white stuff is coming.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Hoping for a better '21 and a good sledding season.
  10. For those traveling this road, speed enforcement has been stepped up due to the recent fatalities. Don't ask how I know.
  11. NHSA membership portal

    Just received another set of (4) duplicates. Just got a call back, apparently the issue is joining multiple clubs at the same time. They are working on it, was told I may get more e mails. Was assured I will only be charged once. Update, still received more E mails.
  12. NHSA membership portal

    Just happened to me, joined 3 clubs. Got two invoices, 6 vouchers. (All were duplicated) Just called them, apparently it's happened a few times. They are checking into it and will get back to me.
  13. Snow Traveler

    One so far.