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  1. CO Matt Holmes hit by ATV

    Wish him the best.
  2. Quarrentine Check in

    Wife and I have done very well, considering. Glad when we can visit family in assisted living again.
  3. Snow Traveller

    Haven't got more than one copy in a long time.
  4. Choko gloves

    I love Choko but their glove fit lately leaves something to be desired for me.
  5. random photo thread

    Remember the days when you never saw windmills in the background ? (1-22 photo)
  6. Understand that but there were trails not hit by a groomer for multiple days. Areas we rode they had enough to work with or at least eliminate some of the stutter bumps that were tough.
  7. I know facebook seems to say the opposite but to us and some others we talked to the trails were as poor as we've seen in a long time. Saturday we got out late so it's understandable but Sunday and Monday we got out early and ended up coming in early.
  8. Helping out with some suggestions

    Too many of these going on, wish you luck !
  9. Happy New Year !

    Hope it's a great one for everyone.
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, hope everyone gets enough snow and a healthy New year !
  11. How much air is in your spare?

    Ford has a lock on it's spare that the salt does a job on. Learned a while ago to keep it greased. Poor idea on their part !
  12. Anyone planning to ride

    Not yet.
  13. Christmas bulbs

  14. Christmas bulbs

    Won't matter soon.