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  1. &$%*$$# MICE

    All I've ever used is moth balls. Sleds and Spyder, at least for close to 20 years. Never had a mouse issue. I am generous with them. Some swear by them others as said prior have no luck. I guess it's the soy used in some wiring that draws them.
  2. Sad news...

    Sorry to hear, RIP.
  3. lights

  4. Scratch 2 things off "the list" and three more go back on !!
  5. lights

    I did too.
  6. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    Wish you luck for the 16 th.
  7. Oil and coolant

    Welcome & good luck.
  8. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    (To article)
  9. Ski-Cab

    No helmets ??
  10. Another Trail Issue

    Wish you luck.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Hoping for a great season.