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  1. NH Chronicle Monday Night

    Very Fun area, rode the pitts area with Armand for a day of wild fun last year, silly guy forgot I was riding double, you should have seen where he took us!!!!! Then went to Denny's for a day and a half, had lot's of fun!!!!!Sorry : I didn't get up this year The new to us store, takes up all our time!!!! Hopefully, a ton of snow, maybe we can get away! PS That was A very friendly Bear we saw!!!
  2. NH Chronicle Monday Night

    I saw the preview as well,thought to my self no pinkie thing must be a bear I fed on the trail!!!
  3. Snow Blower sugestions

    Steve, I have a Honda928 tracked unit! IT blows good loose light snow at least 45 feet! The heavy wet shit not so far, but it runs great, just had to have the carb cleaned after 4 years! I wouldn't pay the 2,000 it cost me for it again, I hope to never have to buy another!!!!!!!
  4. Need to know!!! If ATV is okay here????

    Funny thing, I can't recall how to get to Clough's parking area, I have only been there once!
  5. We, got an Atv last season, I am wondering where I can ride it close bye in Weare? Can I drop it across from lancott's and ride from there????
  6. off topic, anyone have a Ruger P95

    I would also add, that if you found ammo and bought it buy the case that would be bad to do!!!! You would be tracked from what I am told!!!! If all hell breaks loose I know where I am going, thats all that matters, to have a plan!!!!!
  7. off topic, anyone have a Ruger P95

    I am not sure, I would make the stock pile public!!!!! All I will say is I have a few clips worth!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a new toy, A 20 inch 12 gauge 8 shot I can't wait to feel the full kick of 00 buck shot though that I think it is gonna be hard hitting, I can shoot 3 inch mags with it!
  8. off topic, anyone have a Ruger P95

    9mm is hard to find,40 cal and 45, for target shooting I will give you a heads up when I see it! I got a good deal at the barn, about a month ago! It is a full service old school grain store in Salisbury NH! Steve, don't tell anyone, it is not a well kept secret, Anymore!
  9. Just lost all my sleds in a fire

    Wow, Paul! I hate to have to have seen that, it is for sure a hard hit! Glad you and all are safe!
  10. .?

    I know, I know!They are not wearing vinyl gloves as needed in a restaurant! Dirty Boys! After playing with there heads putting on the cutting gear!
  11. Sno travelier

    Take the laptop in with you!!!!! lol
  12. Great Riding in Pittsburg

    Glad to hear you are having a great time, I can't ride anywhere! My buddy's dogs ate my wiring harness I need to figure out something to stop that shit they did this to my old trailer last fall also, I am thinking of trying to get a plug in at the trailer frame and take the wire with me home!
  13. Finally got to ride in my hometown

    I called the Manchester police on that one, they said I wouldn't try that in manchester, but did say it may be okay in small towns, I called them friday night after I saw the New Gov,called it! I was ready to drive to weare and ride my sleds back!
  14. Holy snow!

    you work for the Highway in Manchester? Shit, my Dad worked for them many years, retired from there! You should have stopped in for a drink, just like in the old days, them guy's could plow with a buzz on! Joe Bruno, Marse couture are old names that come to mind!
  15. I don't have a problem with some one that was hurt, it is the unprepared hikers that I can't stand! Your tourist thing; I could tell you owned a store or something' You hate the chance of losing money' I do also!!!! So lets say. I don,t want the hikers spending my money, while they make your money!!!!