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  1. Dammit Steve,don't you know us old guys are not the future of snowmobiling? Just read some of the comments on that FB post,snowmobiling is doomed with the attitude on display there . FWIW I sold my sleds 3 weeks ago and don't plan on buying anymore,40 years was enough I guess.
  2. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    It was chilly at first but me and an old friend who bought his first sled in a few years got out yesterday,overpass on old rts 3 on top of the notch.
  3. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    I saw this on a face book page. Most of the responses were in the way of "ain't hurtin nuthin" "Landowner needs to not be such a bitch" "you don't want sleds on the log pile then put up more signs" "trees for traction,bro,lol" "it's maine.we can ride wherever we want" You just can't fight that mentality.
  4. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    "If the current plan is to simply increase costs more and more on fewer and fewer riders while losing trails, then the comment above about the sport swirling down the drain is accurate." I grew up in a family of 4 kids,3 of whom grew up to be snowmobilers.I have 4 kids,none of them give a hoot about sleds,my sister has one son who used to ride and my other sister and late brother did not produce any sledders either,Less riders=Less reg money.
  5. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    One of the other biggest hurdles is the lack of snow below the notches,not everyone wants to Buck up and truck up to dodge everyone else on crowded trails. What in the not too distant past was a 8-10 plus week season is now maybe 6 weeks at best it seems,not sure how much riding I get in anymore will justify a huge increase when I can sit on the couch and order car parts for something I get to actually use.
  6. Snow Totals

    4-5 inches in Concord,raining now, Total bust.
  7. 172 mile ride on Saturday

    That's awesome,I was going to go but pulled a muscle in my back,again and am couchbound for the foreseeable future.
  8. HELP. Need parts. Polaris iq

    One being parted out on New England Sled Talk in Claremont... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=526447777843443&set=gm.2370583373200249&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  9. I managed about 600,more than the last 2 years but as usual not enough.
  10. Saturday?

    I'm going somewhere sat morning,not sure if trying south of the notch or just going to Lowes in Randolph,from exit 28 last sunday there were a lot of bare spots between the truck and the nice trails.
  11. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    We are crocheting him one as we speak..........
  12. I present to you,Senor' El Flower Fellero'
  13. March 13 storm

    About a foot in Concord seems right,just got done clearing the driveway.
  14. I drove out through Andover from the Tilton side to 89 today,alot of the rail trail that you could see from the road was down to dirt already.
  15. Making the best of it!

    So is a saturday trip north and west from exit 28 still do-able? I'd like to get out one more time