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  1. So, why aren't people happy?

    Went out and about in Bosc./Warner/Franklin for a few hours today,good riding,good times.
  2. Great looking sled,those are perfect for a young riders first full size sled.
  3. So, why aren't people happy?

    Looks pretty amazing out there to me..............
  4. Better one day old than one day out of warranty
  5. Thye all suck when they break.
  6. I've seen that rig before. Does it have lockers in the diffs so all 4 tracks are powered?
  7. It's looking good around here,I'm tempted to go get some registration stickers,not used to snow this early that stays around for sure. Merry Christmas,or whatever you Celebrate to all.
  8. Oil and coolant

    Wal-mart coolant and Castrol 2t is what I have been using for years in my 04 and all the old beaters around the yard.
  9. New NHSA Executive Director

    You know,it's funny I went a few rounds on Facebook with some dribble lip telling me that was "fake" news,from 2007,then last years,blah blah blah,all fake He came off as mentally unstable and a little unhinged so I didn't pursue it with him. He must have been one of the cabal.
  10. Registration Increase

    Someone help me out here............... This is a current,2017 dicussion is it not? Not something from 2015,or 2007 or some such nonsense?
  11. Registration Increase

    So,what they propose,is either join our association which does questionable things behind closed doors or pay an extra $100 to ride your sled,which for me this year was 5 times? Anyone want a good deal on 2 used sleds because I'm out.
  12. Thoughts from Nascar nation

    Plenty of young guys to carry the flag,Larson,Elliot just to name a few. Earnhardt has been due to retire,he hasn't been the same since he crashed in the Corvette a few years ago.
  13. Summer Fun????

    1985 Trans Am,Summit crate 350,700r4 trans,Quadrajet carb,Hooker headers and 3 " exhaust,Jean Jacket and a Scorpions cassette in the deck https://www.facebook.com/walter.lovely/videos/1295063717246204/
  14. Summer Fun????

    I probably drive this more than the antique plates allow,but you don't need snow to go for a ride....
  15. SLEDNH plate

    Is that one of the locals here with the SLEDNH plate? Saw it on 93 this afternoon.