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  1. I managed about 600,more than the last 2 years but as usual not enough.
  2. Saturday?

    I'm going somewhere sat morning,not sure if trying south of the notch or just going to Lowes in Randolph,from exit 28 last sunday there were a lot of bare spots between the truck and the nice trails.
  3. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    We are crocheting him one as we speak..........
  4. I present to you,Senor' El Flower Fellero'
  5. March 13 storm

    About a foot in Concord seems right,just got done clearing the driveway.
  6. I drove out through Andover from the Tilton side to 89 today,alot of the rail trail that you could see from the road was down to dirt already.
  7. Making the best of it!

    So is a saturday trip north and west from exit 28 still do-able? I'd like to get out one more time
  8. The Notch

    From the Notch to Twin has always sucked,even in good years.
  9. The Notch

    It is a cool ride,I did it this year for the first time in 15 years or so.
  10. Is that up Campton and west area? Heading that way tomorrow for a ride.
  11. 2.8.18- Amazing Central NH riding- 120 miles

    Looks awesome,heading to Berlin and points north tomorrow but may go back to central NH next weekend.
  12. About 8 here in West Concord,enough to make a ride to the radar run on Webster lake on sunday a good trip.
  13. I was in that area on Sunday,it was very good and I will be heading there more often,it's nice to explore a new area now and again. I even saw the Wolfmans cave and house.
  14. So, why aren't people happy?

    Went out and about in Bosc./Warner/Franklin for a few hours today,good riding,good times.
  15. Great looking sled,those are perfect for a young riders first full size sled.