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  1. Any riding friday

    Anyone know how Groveton/Nash Stream is?
  2. Official SledNH weather thread

    Picked up exactly 6" at my house in Bow, but it has settled down to 4" or so. Hoping this can be a nice base and the start of a good season. But we need quite a bit more.
  3. I think it is a great start by NHSA. They just started doing it a month ago, maybe give them time to work out the bugs.
  4. We lost a fellow sledder ....

    Wow, that is horrible to hear. I met him one time several years ago, don't remember when/why/where, but I think he bought something from me. He seemed like a great guy.
  5. Favorite sled of all time?

    My first sled was a '97 Ski Doo Grand Touring. it was a tank, but I loved it because it was my first. Then in November '04 I bought a 2004 MXZ Rev. I very quickly forgot all about that Grand Touring. I just sold the '04 last year, only because I got sick of cleaning the carb every year. F&$*%&$in Ethanol.
  6. What are you riding this season?

    That is a sweet looking sled!
  7. What are you riding this season?

    Will be on my '09 600 etec Renegade. Unless something strange happens this fall.
  8. Snowmobile Flea Market Saturday October 15th, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sleds—Trailers—Parts—Clothing—Accessories To be held at HK Powersports 1354 Hooksett Rd, Hooksett, NH (Exit 9N off I-93) Admission for buyers and browsers is FREE! Vendor Space is available on a first come/first served basis Vendor Cost -$20 pickup truck/1 unit -$25 2-place trailer/2 units -$35 4-place trailer/4 units and up Sorry, no dealers allowed! Breakfast and lunch will be available at our concession stand RAFFLES! HK Powersports has graciously donated a 60 Qt. Polaris Northstar cooler ($299 retail value) which will be raffled off at 12:00PM during the flea market. Raffle tickets will be sold for $2 each or 3 for $5. All vendors will receive a free raffle ticket upon paying for their spot. We will also have a 50/50 raffle; tickets will be $2 each of 3 for $5. Must be present to win. The money raised goes to support the Bow Pioneers Snowmobile Club trail system and trail maintenance equipment. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to NH Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo. For more flea market information, email HK Powersports will be hosting their annual Open House on the same day. Go to for details. FleaMarketFlyer2016-pdf.pdf
  9. We had a great turnout at the flea market. Many thanks to all who attended. And big big thanks to those who were able to help out.
  10. Or maybe the new president is trying to create a better NHSA.
  11. random photo thread

    It's my tractor, I can wax it as much as I want.
  12. random photo thread

    No it most certainly is not Arctic Cat green (says the guy who has only owned Ski Doo). Got it at North Country Tractor in Pembroke. It is a 1025R, with factory installed loader and backhoe. 4WD, 24 HP diesel. That little 'hoe can do some digging. And rivercat Dave, this tractor will not be used for trail work. I spent way too much money to let those guys even near it!
  13. random photo thread

    I got a new toy

    Small data sample, but as long as I have been involved with my club (8 years) and as long as I have been the guy who receives club email (6 year), I have not heard 1 single complaint from one of our club members about NHSA. Now that doesn't mean that everyone is happy with NHSA, it just means that their complaints have not come through our club.

    It is March 12, without a flake of snow on the ground. I am sure people are just dying to get to the NHSA portal to join a club. Give it a chance people. With any luck, many of the bugs will be worked out by the time most people need to use it. Sometime next fall. I know I know, NHSA does nothing right, it will be a failure, etc etc.
  16. Early Bird Discount

    Listen, all the knowledge I have of what happens at NHSA comes from this website. Is that all the information? Probably not. But I know Dave, and I know that he will at least TRY to make a change. That is not a knock against any of you guys who have been involved with NHSA before, as I don't know any of you or what you have done. My point is simple...just give Dave a chance. To answer your other question, why don't I run for Merrimack County assistant or director? Well, here is a short list: 1. I work full time in Cambridge, Ma, I leave the house at 4:45AM, and get home around 5PM. 2. This year was my 5th year as president of my club. I was VP and on the BOD for several years before that 3. I am a volunteer high school football coach. No, the season does not start in August and end in November. It is a year-round sport. 4. I am married and am attempting to maintain that relationship. I am pretty sure that if I take on any more responsibilities that have me out of the house for more time, then that will be harder to maintain. In other words, I have enough other shit to deal with in my life.
  17. Early Bird Discount

    You do realize that Dave (rivercat) is on your (our) side, right? He has been county director less than a year. He has been open and very honest with what he says here. He is trying to make a difference, and I think you have to give him a chance.
  18. Saving Our Sport "SOS"

    The state funds should be divided proportionately amongst all the clubs in the state. Size of club should be determined by trail miles, not by membership.
  19. Saving Our Sport "SOS"

    I am not sure I understand what you are saying re:the bolded. But I can tell you this about my club (Bow). Our club is mostly local residents, families who ride our trails. I would guesstimate around 75%. I would also guesstimate that 50% of them ride right from their yards and stay local. We have over 70 miles of local trails. As a club member, club president, and local trail rider who can ride from my yard, I will tell you this: There is NO way our club would do anything other than what we are doing. Which is supporting our local community, families, and trail users. If we were to lose state funding, well we would suck it up and carry on. Sure it would take a toll initially, but I suspect people would rally behind the club. So yes it IS important to have a statewide trail system. And it is important to have probably as many clubs as there are.
  20. Throwing in the towel

    How do they know what gas is purchased for?
  21. I got an email from Holly yesterday morning asking for info on the story, but was not able to get back in touch with her. Probably because Dave was talking her ear off!
  22. Weather Net Thread

    I did an extended weekend up there 10 years ago. We trailered to Quebec City (~6 hours IIRC). We stayed at a little motel in QCity and parked the trucks there. From there we rode to Sagueney and spent a night at what was then the Holiday Inn. Very busy sled spot, but not a bad place. We left there and rode up and around Lac St Jean. When we got to our destination (I have no idea where it was) it was closed. So we ponied all the way back to Quebec City. That was a 300 mile 16+ hour day. I was tired. I think we did right around 650 miles in 3 days. Oh ya, it was cold. Like -30F one morning cold. With all that said, it was an absolutely incredible ride. The amount of snow on the ground in the area of Mt. Valin was staggering. The scenery was fantastic, the trails were unbelievable. I would absolutely do it again. I have been wanting to do that again for several years, but have been too lazy to get a passport.
  23. Trailer Tie-down Bars-GONE!

    Edit: GONE! jmcq37 snagged them. BTW-Jmcg37 is a stand up guy. Gave me a donation, which I didn't even ask for. He wouldn't let me say no! I think I will turn that donation right over to my club. Thanks Joe! I have 2 tie down bars from an old trailer that I sold. Anyone need them? Located in Bow, and the price is spectacular....FREE
  24. Trailer Tie-down Bars-GONE!

    You can have them. I live in Bow, but commute daily to Cambridge. If you want to meet me somewhere along the way, I am usually on 93 heading north around 3.