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  1. Swap meet at HK in Hooksett

    HK had an open house this past weekend, but no swap meet
  2. Thanks to the ^*%($#)@$%** mice, I got in about 300 miles on my sled. Trip up in Pittsburg cut short thanks to those little f*****ers. Mother nature was not much of a help in southern NH either.
  3. &$%*$$# MICE

    I keep my sled in a clamshell trailer during the offseason. What is the best way to keep mice out? I had some bait traps in the trailer, so the mice I got didn't survive. But I had a giant nest in the belly pan, and they also set up shop underneath the console, while chewing through a couple wires. Nothing major, easy to fix. But it is a stinky PITA. I suspect they are getting into the trailer through the slots on the floor that the tie down bars slide back and forth in. So...what do you do to keep mice out of your trailers? I really don't want to deal with this crap anymore.
  4. &$%*$$# MICE

    Well, as it turns out, when I said "nothing major, easy fix", boy was I wrong. I was up in Pittsburg last week. Towards the end of the day, I kept getting an engine light, and sled would go into limp mode. After a few mins, re-start would get me several more miles. We tried a trailside repair with electrical tape on the wires behind the speedometer. But I barely made it back to a road before it died completely. We were on trail 127 I think, a few miles north of 1st Conn Lake. Thankfully we crossed Rt 3 about 5 miles from the Canadian border, which is where I stopped. The other guys kept going and came back with truck/trailer to get me. Anyway, got it to the shop, where they diagnosed the damage. Mice had chewed through the wiring harness behind the speedometer, the ignition coil, around the headlight, and the fuel sending unit wires. All said and done, it is going to cost me over $1k to fix. Sled is a 2009 Ski Doo 600 etec, so lots of electrical stuff going on. Parts alone will be over $700.
  5. The thing I hear the most "we are not harming anything, why won't the landowner ride all over the place"....blah blah blah. What they don't understand is that it is not their land, therefore they can't do whatever the F they want. I say raise the fine even higher. Keep raising it until it stops. Up in the back woods in logging country, these clowns have no idea the damage they are doing to the saplings that the paper companies plant.
  6. ATV club theft

    It happens quite often with businesses, also. Thieves will be thieves.
  7. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    I agree that money is part of the problem. But it is a small portion of it for the clubs. I would guess that 25% of the problem is money. The major problem is lack of help. A club can have a million bucks in the bank, but it is worth $0 if there is no one there to help. Will the threat of a club shutting down motivate people to help that club? Or will those people just join other clubs? Regarding the email/communication, my club has struggled with it. Big time. It is the only vehicle we have to reach our members, and we have no way of knowing if we are reaching any of them. Do the emails go to junk mail? Do they go to the right people? Do people read them? Do the emails get rejected by the ISP? We have had all the above problems, with no CHEAP solution. Cheap is the operative term, as many clubs are operating on razor thin cash flow. Who wants to spend $$ on email, when it can be better spent improving the trail?
  8. Dear John,

    Insurance for my club is ~$2500/year. Lack of volunteers will kill a lot of clubs in the near future. Not just snowmobiling, either. People either just don't have the time, or assume there are enough other people who can help out. Of course there is a certain percentage of people who refuse to help, but I think that is a smaller percentage.
  9. Letter from respected Past County Director

    To anyone that has no knowledge of anything in NHSA or Rockingham County, that was unreadable. Seriously, I read it twice and have no idea the message that the person was trying to convey, and to whom they were trying to convey it to. Oh wait, I just read it a third time. I think I got the jist of it...NHSA sucks, amirite?
  10. the new season

    My club takes/enjoys the summer off. The first meetings are in September.
  11. Rumor mill has it.

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is counter-productive to our goal? When I say OUR goal, I mean all of us, ALL snowmobilers in NH. When I say OUR goal, I mean being able to snowmobile on the trails in NH. Freedom Rider, I don't mean to single you out here, and apologies if you feel that I am. I am really not, but it just seems like to me that this dissension is not helping to further the sport of snowmobiling in NH. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that NHSA is error-free here. And don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there haven't been people who have recognized the errors of NHSA's ways, and that those people have tried to help NHSA get on the right path. I guess my point is this...snowmobiling in NH is a very fragile sport. I think every club in the state is one landowner away from having to shut down major trail systems. Funding is a huge problem. Club membership and volunteerism is a HUGE problem. But how can we (ALL SNOWMOBILERS) address those issues? How can we make snowmobiling better in the state? How can we get more people involved? How can we help NHSA help the clubs, the trail systems, the club members, and ALL snowmobilers? And again to Freedom Rider and some of you other guys, I know that you have tried to help out, I get that. But how can we, as a state, as a group of snowmobilers help?
  12. Rumor mill has it.

    Nothing. 90+% of the club members will give this (or anything else NHSA related) no thoughts at all. All most people care about is being able to ride their snowmobiles for the least amount of money possible. The only reason that same 90% join clubs is for the discount.
  13. New Sno-Traveler

    Agreed, and I am not sure why it is so bad that it is being held on a Sunday.
  14. trail conditions?

    Going downhill quickly in the southern part of the state (Bow). Exposed areas are quickly melting, rocks and stumps showing, and water bars/mud holes opening up. We had 2 separate reports of sleds through the ice on 2 different ponds in town over the weekend. STAY OFF THE ICE!!!
  15. Forgot to mention

    Wait a second...if I had known that there was a hot dog stand at the top of Kearsage, I would have made that trip more often!
  16. Motorcycles on the road

    I have seen a few over the last 2 days, and I can't help but think that it is too early. I mean, the roads are full of sand and salt, lots of puddles and road spray, and the fact that other drivers aren't expecting to see them. I own a bike, and I have no desire to ride right now.
  17. What are the safety 'Ten Commandments'?

    All ice is thin ice Stay right Stay in control Drive like you own it
  18. Pittsburg Feb 12-15

    Headed up to Pittsburg Sunday afternoon. Stayed at Lopstick in one of the Magalloway cabins. There were 8 of us total in 3 cabins. Sunday night we did a short 30 mile loop and had some dinner at the Buck Rub. Conditions were great, plenty of snow. Monday we woke up to about a foot of new snow at the cabin. We headed out and went down towards Errol. Conditions were insane. We were breaking trail in some areas through over a foot of powder, but most trails had been ridden on by a few sleds, so they were not very wide. We saw a bunch of groomers out panning. The snow was so light and fluffy, although they were flat, the snow was very loose. So we had to keep the speeds down, which was fine. The amount of snow we saw heading into Errol was incredible, I would guess there is at least 4 feet out that way. Once we got to Errol, we had to settle for Subway for lunch, as the restaurants are closed on Mondays I guess. All in all it was a 130 mile day (we got turned around a bit in the Millsville area). No issues, but we did get into Errol with 1 sled riding on fumes. He put 9.7 gallons in his 10 gallon tank...close! Tuesday we started up at Diamond Ridge, fed the grey jays. Not much of a view as it was still snowing, but still a great spot. From there we headed down to Colebrook. Same conditions as Monday, but all trails had been groomed with the exception of the trails heading into Colebrook. They were quite bumpy. Had lunch at the restaurant (can't remember the name of it) right next to the Ski Doo dealer. Headed back up through Coleman State Park, gassed up at the SDR hut. Tuesday was a 110 mile day. Wednesday we checked out of the cabin, and went for a short ride up to Boundary Pond, tons of snow up there too. Another fantastic ride. 60 mile round trip back to the trailer. We had lunch at the Buck Rub and hit the road. That is another was snowing like a mo-fo. Roads were terrible, and quite slippery. I was driving quite slow, as I could tell the truck just wasn't getting much traction. Heading down the hill into Stratford where the road bends hard left, that's when it went to shit. I hit the brakes to slow down from 30, and nothing. Immediate anti-locks. Road turns left, truck/trailer went straight right into a giant snowbank. We hit it very hard, but thankfully blew right through it. Somehow there was no damage to the truck or trailer, and the sleds stayed perfect right in the trailer. A State Trooper gave us a hand and called for a tow truck. He had us pulled out of that mess in no time. The rest of the drive home was uneventful thankfully, but it was still snowing the whole way back so we had to take it slow. A 3.5 hour drive turned into about 6 hours. Oh well. Next tires tomorrow morning. Pic 1 Boundary Pond, Pic 2 Diamond Ridge grey jay, Pic 3 Snow depth at Ramblewood campground (that is a picnic table under there), Pics 4 and 5 stuck truck
  19. trail conditions?

    Good call. 2 emails and 1 facebook post so far...
  20. The latest bad news

    I reported 5.5" to the NWS at 11AM, and 9.0" at 3PM in Bow. It is still snowing at a pretty good clip, although the back edge is in sight. I think we will end up with right around a foot here in Bow.
  21. Skip, just one question on the bolded text. When someone volunteers at the grass drags, doesn't the hourly wage go directly to the snowmobile club they represent?
  22. How much snow fell where you live

    6" in Bow, now compacted/melted down to about 3". Parts of trails will be bare again tomorrow unfortunately.
  23. Official SledNH weather thread

    Speaking only for my club, thanks to a snowy December, we already have more members than we did all of last year. Last years memberships were down about 25% from the previous year.
  24. Official SledNH weather thread

    Snow pack took a beating here in Bow. Not that the trails have been real good this year, but we are now officially unrideable.