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  1. Snowy winter on tap?

    Current graphic on weather.com showing possible Fri-Mon snowfall. Yes, it shows southern NH getting 3+ feet of snow, and central NH getting 2"-3'.
  2. Snowy winter on tap?

    NWS 1/16/2019 Snow Amounts: If you`ve been waiting for winter, here it is. Potential for very heavy snow accumulation /widespread double digit snowfall/ continues to increase. With 1-1.5" of liquid precipitation, even a modest 10:1 snow ratio easily achieves that objective. In fact higher snow ratios are quite possible, particularly in the interior. Forecast soundings show strong upward motion in the snow growth zone on Sunday morning across southern Maine and expect a region of snowfall rates over 1"/hr through Sunday. It`s far too early to pin down any mesoscale effects other than to mention that strong snow bands are likely with this kind of strong dynamic storm and any areas that remain under snowbands may see closer to 2"/hr rates.
  3. Fish and Game Rep

    JANUARY 7, 2019 BY CAPTAIN DAVID WALSH "New Hampshire’s law (RSA 215-C:47) requires that in order for Vermont or Maine registered snowmobiles to operate in NH with their respective registrations, NH-registered snowmobiles must be allowed to operate in those states during the same time period. NH must put into its Administrative Rules the exact weekend, which all three states agreed would be the last weekend in January. Once in Rule, it cannot be changed without going through a lengthy legislative process." Now, I think I've beaten this dead horse quite enough. And I believe that the Ride Free weekend is equally dead until the legislature changes the law. Sorry to have chewed up so much bandwidth.
  4. Fish and Game Rep

    Just a suggestion, but I'd rely more on the RSA's and Administrative Rules than what an employee of an agency might suggest. Just read the RSA and the rules, they are nor rumors. F&G's position is that Vermont and Maine lied to them, and that sounds like he said/she said. Our RSA allows Maine and Vermont to control the date of our free ride weekend, or eliminate it.
  5. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Why would NH need Federal funding to pass a bill that would give F&G officials, or officials from another agency, greater authority to adjust our "free ride" weekend? There's a good parallel to the "free fishing in NH" days law. The state statute authorizing the F&G executive director to establish 2 days per year of free fishing in NH. (RSA 541-A is the Administrative Procedure Act) Section 214:1-e 214:1-e Fishing Without a License. – The executive director may adopt rules under RSA 541-A establishing 2 days per year on which persons normally required to hold a license under RSA 214:1 may fish by angling only, in any public waters within the jurisdiction of the state without a license, except that those anglers participating in a fishing tournament on either day shall be required to possess a valid fishing license. Source. 1989, 101:1, eff. May 1, 1989. 2016, 135:1, eff. July 26, 2016. The resulting Administrative Rule adopted by F&G (Fis is the Fiscal Impact Statement prepared by the Legislative Budget Assistant) CHAPTER Fis 1200 EDUCATION AND OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS Statutory Authority: RSA Chapter 214 PART Fis 1203 FREE FISHING DAY Fis 1203.01 Free Fishing Day. No fishing license shall be required to take fish, by angling, in any public waters within the jurisdiction of the state on the first Saturday of June and the third Saturday in January, except that those anglers participating in a fishing tournament on either day shall be required to possess a valid fishing license.
  6. Snowy winter on tap?

    From the NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook for today. This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for Maine, south central Maine, southwest Maine, west central Maine, western Maine, New Hampshire, central New Hampshire, northern New Hampshire and southern New Hampshire DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Monday through Saturday. A winter storm is possible this weekend with significant snow accumulation possible across the region. The most likely time for this would be Saturday night and Sunday. Monday morning update The NWS is sticking with the Hazardous Weather Outlook for the weekend. "Some weak phasing between northern and southern streams for Friday could produce a round of light accumulating snows. By Sunday...significant phasing occurs with the resulting deep trough situated over the eastern third of the CONUS. Meanwhile at the surface...low pressure potentially brings a significant round of wintry precipitation to the region in the Sunday-Monday timeframe." Weather.com and Accuweather.com have got onboard, with the snow forecast.
  7. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    Well, the folks who can do something are here. Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/committees/links.aspx?x=3&id=28 Chairman: Cathryn Harvey (Spofford) Vice Chairman: Larry Laflame (Berlin) Clerk: Mark King (Nashua) Secretary: Donna Merrill 271-3125 State legislative email addresses are in the format: Firstname.Lastname@Leg.State.NH.US Committee Members: Name Address Bosman, James B. 243 Journeys End Road Francestown NH 03043-3508 Comeau, Ed C. 212 Stoneham Road Brookfield NH 03872-7403 Craig, Kevin B. 53 Prospect Street Lancaster NH 03584-3252 Davis, Dan J. 6 Oakridge Road Kensington NH 03833-5608 Dontonville, Roger W. 90 Lewin Road Enfield NH 03748-4045 Egan, Timothy T. 220 Jesseman Road Sugar Hill NH 03586-4236 Eisner, Mary A. 21R Derryfield Road Derry NH 03038 Harvey, Cathryn A. PO Box 414 50 Forestview Drive Spofford NH 03462-0414 Howard, Raymond J. 311 Stockbridge Corner Road Alton NH 03809-5241 Khan, Aboul B. 3 Greenleaf Drive Seabrook NH 03874-4045 King, Mark R. 3 Lovewell Street Nashua NH 03060-4506 Klose, John F. PO Box 519 Epsom NH 03234-0519 L'Heureux, Robert J. 94 Back River Road Merrimack NH 03054-2690 Laflamme, Larry L. 474 Second Avenue Berlin NH 03570-1135 Love, David C. 4 Maple Street #3 Derry NH 03038-2345 Read, Ellen D. 283 Lita Lane Newmarket NH 03857-2425 Ruprecht, Dennis M. 417 South Main Street Landaff NH 03585-5221 Spillane, James A. 16 Swamp Road Deerfield NH 03037-1323 Stack, Kathryn 7 Knollwood Drive Merrimack NH 03054 Von Plinsky, Sparky 18 Allen Court Keene NH 03431-1802 Who's My Rep? http://gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/default.aspx Legislative Service Requests (LSR) An LSR is a legislators request to the Office of Legislative Services to have a bill drafted. http://gencourt.state.nh.us/lsr_search/LSR_Results.aspx 2019-0187 HB Title: relative to discounts for OHRV and snowmobile registration. Sponsors: (Prime) James Spillane , John Reagan, John Potucek, Kevin Verville, Alan Bershtein 2019-0627 HB Title: amending the laws governing OHRVs and snowmobiles. Sponsors: (Prime) Wayne Moynihan , Robert L'Heureux 2019-0721 HB Title: increasing certain fines for OHRV and snowmobile operation violations. Sponsors: (Prime) Wayne Moynihan , Robert L'Heureux
  8. Anyone have any snow totals?

    NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... Meredith 7.1 814 AM 1/09 Social Media 1 WSW Belmont 5.8 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Lakeport 5.0 1100 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer 2 SW Meredith 4.2 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS ESE Gilmanton 4.0 814 AM 1/09 Social Media 1 ESE Sanbornton 4.0 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Belmont 4.0 812 AM 1/09 Social Media 4 E Gilford 3.7 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 W Sanbornton 3.1 711 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Laconia 2.0 400 AM 1/09 UCOOP 3 NNE Meredith 1.7 1200 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer ...Carroll County... 3 SW Albany 7.0 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS North Conway 4.5 820 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Tamworth 4.4 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Tamworth 4 4.4 700 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Wolfeboro 3.8 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 SE Madison 3.6 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 SW North Conway 2.4 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 N Madison 2.0 708 AM 1/08 Trained Spotter 3 NE Wakefield 1.5 700 AM 1/08 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Sandwich 1.3 600 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS ...Cheshire County... 6 ESE Alstead 4.6 1149 AM 1/09 Trained Spotter Jaffrey Airpark 1.5 700 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Surry Mountain Lake 1.5 700 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Otter Brook Lake 1.2 700 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer ...Coos County... 1 SE Lancaster 6.0 121 PM 1/09 Trained Spotter 1 NW Randolph 6.0 1105 AM 1/09 Trained Spotter Pinkham Notch 5.1 600 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Shelburne 5.0 1021 AM 1/09 Social Media North Stratford 3.8 830 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer 1 NE Randolph 3.0 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 6 NE Pittsburg 2.0 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Berlin 1.5 717 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer 1 W Jefferson 1.1 700 AM 1/08 Co-Op Observer First Connecticut La 1.0 700 AM 1/08 Co-Op Observer ...Grafton County... Lebanon 6.5 930 AM 1/09 Social Media 2 SSE Lower Waterfor 6.0 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 NNW Canaan 5.8 1056 AM 1/09 Trained Spotter Bridgewater 5.8 1106 AM 1/09 Social Media Bristol 4.8 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Plymouth 4.5 753 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 N Plymouth 2.6 630 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Sugar Hill 1.7 710 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS ...Hillsborough County... 3 ENE Mont Vernon 2.5 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Bedford 2.0 907 AM 1/09 Social Media 1 SW Mont Vernon 2.0 630 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Hancock 1.8 730 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Milford 1.5 720 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS East Milford 1.5 730 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer 1 ENE Greenville 1.4 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 NE Weare 1.2 830 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer ...Merrimack County... New London 6.0 1223 PM 1/09 Social Media 3 ENE Bradford 5.3 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 E Danbury 5.3 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 ENE Bradford 4.3 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Dunbarton 4.2 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 NNW Bow 4.0 710 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 3 WSW Bradford 3.9 1200 PM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Dam 3.8 900 AM 1/09 Co-Op Observer Pittsfield 3.5 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 SE Concord 2.9 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 ESE Boscawen 2.5 725 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 3 S Bow 2.5 600 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 SSE Boscawen 2.4 730 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 WNW Newbury 2.3 600 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 NNW Contoocook 1.6 910 AM 1/08 CoCoRaHS Concord ASOS 1.3 121 PM 1/08 ASOS 2 E Tilton 1.3 516 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 SSE Henniker 1.2 518 PM 1/08 Trained Spotter 2 SSW Chichester 1.0 250 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS West Hopkinton 1.0 700 AM 1/08 Co-Op Observer ...Rockingham County... 4 ESE Epsom 1.9 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 1 WSW Northwood 1.5 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS ...Strafford County... 2 ESE Strafford 5.5 800 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Dover 1.5 745 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS 2 SSE Strafford 1.2 920 AM 1/09 Trained Spotter ...Sullivan County... 3 W Unity 7.0 700 AM 1/09 CoCoRaHS Croydon 6.3 938 AM 1/09 Trained Spotter 2 W Claremont 6.0 1116 AM 1/09 Public 2 N Sunapee 1.0 720 AM 1/08 CoCoRaHS
  9. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    John, I don't think that you really believe that. The legislature has the constitutional authority to pass legislation on any subject they choose; a court may rule it unconstitutional, or a governor may veto it, but they can act on it. Nobody has to ask them, any legislator can file a bill. Do lobbyists and special interests play a role, sure, but they aren't required.
  10. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    The legislature failed to react when Maine changed their law in 2017, probably because they weren't aware of the change. The snowmobile community, BoT, F&G, NHSA, the North Country business community, and the larger NH snowmobile community also overlooked the change. Maine (13104 7E) The Commissioner may annually establish one 3-day consecutive period, 2 days of which are weekend days during which a non-resident may operate in the state a snowmobile that is not registered in Maine if the non-resident's snowmobile has a valid registration from another state or a Canadian province. Vermont Title 23 Chapter 29 Sub-chapter 1 3202 Special decal exemptions. A snowmobile legally registered in another state or province may enter and operate in this State without a TMA decal as follows: (5) The Commissioner may authorize the temporary operation of snowmobiles on designated regular or temporary trails for special events. In February 2018 NHSA posted proposed changes to rule PART Fis 1509.01 RECIPROCITY https://nhsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/IP-Fis-1500-2-21-18-rev.pdf In 2018 F&G worked through the steps to process the proposed administrative rules. Obviously, the rules must comply with the statute. The process was complete in July 2018. Captain David Walsh: "In May of 2018, NHF&G had to renew the Administrative Rules governing snowmobile and OHRV laws. Again, I reached out to Vermont and Maine, this time informing them that if they had any plans of changing their free weekend dates, now would be the time to tell me as our Rules were being renewed and I could easily make changes to keep Tri-State weekend intact. They again informed me that they had no intentions of changing the January date." Whenever Fish and Game is going to change a rule, the public process begins with the publication of the NOTICE form, which provides a summary of the proposed rules, the date, time and location of the public hearing(s) and the public comment period. After the public hearing, the Department publishes the Final Proposal, which contains the changes made as a result of public comment, and one of the last steps is when the Final Proposal goes before the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) for their review and approval. Future of Free Weekend The question going forward is, does NH want to create a free weekend where out-of-state registered snowmobiles can ride here? Is the benefit worth the costs? Costs being the added time and expense of grooming trails that will be heavily used, extra enforcement, and increased accident investigations (an inevitable by-product of a busy riding weekend). The concept of reciprocity where riders can make day trips and explore new trails and areas without worrying about borders is apparently gone as free weekends by individual states have no guarantee of falling on the same weekend, especially since some states have forgotten how to communicate! The way to fix this is for the NH legislature to pass a version of Maine's or Vermont's law, then F&G will do its process to develop an administrative rule to implement the law. I would think that those North Country businesses might contact their representatives if they're feeling some pain.
  11. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    215-C:47 Reciprocity. A snowmobile which is registered in Vermont, Maine, or Quebec shall be deemed to be properly registered for the purposes of this chapter if it is registered in accordance with the laws of the state or province in which it is registered, but only to the extent that a reciprocal exemption or privilege is granted under the laws of that state or province for snowmobiles registered in this state. For the purpose of this section, the executive director shall determine the extent of the privilege of operation granted by Vermont, Maine, and Quebec and, when necessary, adopt rules and charge fees to achieve a true reciprocity. The executive director's determination shall be final. This would be the F&G administrative director. It's been interpreted as meaning the ride-free right must be identical. How would opening the all the state trails to out-of-state sleds qualify as an event? I do understand that it's possible to do this for a local event.
  12. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    There's an Associated Press story being published today in several NH newspapers and web sites on the loss of the reciprocal weekend between Maine, Vermont, and NH. The story makes the point that it was NH that required that other states offer reciprocity on the same weekend as NH. The NH legislature could fix this by simply offering a free weekend to all registered sleds from any state. If the state's goal is to bring business to NH retail businesses, why should we care if another state declines to offer the same deal to NH riders? Right now, for one weekend, NH riders can ride free in Maine and Vermont. That will deprive NH businesses of some amount of revenue, while not getting any revenue from Maine and Vermont riders. The legislature needs to stop micromanaging things like this and leave the decision-making on dates and conditions to the state agencies in DPR/F&G. NH riders aren't harmed by the status quo, but northern NH retail businesses are harmed. This AP story got a pretty wide distribution. I expected NH, Maine, and Vermont TV and newspapers to carry it, but I also saw it in a Roanake, Virginia newspaper site.Why the good people in Roanoke would be interested in a NH snowmobiling story is beyond me. Maybe it was a quiet news day down there.
  13. Corridor 15 through Loudon

    The current trail map on the NHSA site shows a large gap in Corridor 15 at Route 129 in Loudon. The trail has been closed south of Route 129 for a while, and the map now shows that.
  14. OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits

    Dennis, I think that noxorc was questioning why it would take a small department over 30 days to evaluate the granting of a club event permit. You might have described how the additional 2 weeks for the process would result in better decisions by your agency, but lacking any such data I'd have to say that this change was poorly thought out. The clubs are struggling with very erratic weather, and nobody knows what the situation will be in 30 days. It was good that you reminded the clubs of the administrative change, but you shouldn't expect that everybody will think it's a good idea.
  15. Snowy winter on tap?

    It's tough to come up with any encouraging words regarding snowfall in New England this season. There's some mumbling about January becoming colder if the current El Nino conditions prove to remain mild. NOAA is predicting equal chances for higher, lower, and normal temperatures and precipitation for January-March.
  16. Trail conditions

    December 31, 2018 NH BoT Happy New Year to our landowners, partners and riders! The North Country is expecting 4-6” of snow overnight and 2019 looks to be shaping up well. Great North Woods Region Pittsburg Ridge Runners: Trails are groomed with marginal to good riding conditions. Trails west and just north of village and Back Lake are poor to fair, but trails further north are good to very good. Trails in the Hellgate area (Primary 112 south of Rte 3 to P137/136/112 loop) are also good to very good. All other trails east of Rte 3 are closed at this time. Expect early season conditions in some area and icy spots. Groomers will be out during the day for the rest of this week, so expect to find grooming equipment on trails during daylight hours. Swift Diamond Riders (Coleman State Park/Diamond Pond): Trails groomed with marginal riding in many areas. Higher elevation trails are good riding. Expect early season conditions with icy spots. Stay off plowed roads that are not signed open for use. Colebrook Ski-Bees: Trails are open with marginal riding in lower elevations and downtown, and moderate riding at higher elevations. Please stay out of fields with no snow cover. Umbagog Snowmobile Association, Errol: Trails are groomed with marginal to moderate riding conditions. Expect early season conditions with icy spots. Stay off plowed roads that are not signed open for use. Corridor 18 east of Rte 16 is not open. Stratford Nighthawks: Trails are closed at this time. Groveton Trailblazers: Corridor 5 in Nash Stream is groomed and in fair condition. Corridor 28 is groomed, fair condition. Marginal conditions on remaining trails. Trails in the village are closed. Milan All Weather Riders: Trails are groomed with marginal to moderate riding conditions. White Mountain Ridge Runners, Berlin: Trails are ungroomed with marginal riding conditions. Expect early season conditions with icy spots. White Mountain Region Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club, Jefferson: Trails are closed at this time. Presidential Ranger Riders, Gorham: Trails are closed at this time. Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club: Trails in Bretton Woods area are open, but ungroomed with marginal to moderate conditions. Some icy spots. Twin Mountain village trails and trails south toward Franconia Notch are closed. RR tracks are not open. Littleton Off Road Riders: Trails are closed at this time. White Mountain Trail Club, Bartlett: Bear Notch Road and Experimental Forest groomed with moderate conditions. Some icy spots. Meadowbrook Trail groomed as far as Greens Cliff, Rob Brook Trail groomed to Church Ponds. RR tracks are not open.
  17. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    This sled was ridden around in a field back in November and everything seemed to work right. It didn't have a set of mirrors on it, and it needed a storage bag for day trips, so we visited a local Ski Doo dealer to buy them. Each product had installation instructions available at www.instructions.brp.com. I installed both the windshield-mount mirrors and the LinQ travel bag yesterday and everything looks pretty good. The instructions provided were not particularly helpful, with the travel bag install instructions quite useless. If you have previously installed either of these products I'd say the installation time would be about 10-15 minutes, but if you're a rookie then plan on going to YouTube for installation instructions. After floundering around for a while I viewed a YouTube video and it was all clear in a minute or two. Here's an install hint for the LinQ mounts: Later year Ski Doo's have the holes for the mounting bolts predrilled, with the holes covered by a black decal marked LinQ. Use a knife to punch through the decal using two small marks on the decal as a guide. My understanding is that earlier models (before 2013-2014?) do not have the holes predrilled and Ski Doo provides a template for drilling holes in the chassis. Because the kits are generic might cause the installation instructions to be vague.
  18. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    I'm looking at a 2017 Ski Doo Sport 600 ACE for my wife. Anybody here got one? I know the Sport version doesn't get the high end suspension stuff, but does it work for an average trail rider?
  19. I recently came across a guest opinion piece on the NHSA web site titled " The Face Of Snowmobiling Continues To Change ". The story is dated December 2017 and originated in Supertrax magazine, It advocates for the inclusion of the "free rider" (off-trail riding) into the older, trail-oriented, club-based generation of sled riders. While I don't see much of a future for a great amount of off-trail riding in NH, maybe it would work in some selected areas of public land here, and would probably work well in the western US where there are large tracts of uninhabited public land There's no indication that the NHSA endorses the ideas behind the Snotrax story, and the story's message is contrary to the NHSA's traditional positions.Still, it's interesting that NHSA would put this message on their web site. Long-time NH riders might remember what the early days of NH sledding were like, and why the snowmobile clubs, the trail system, and NHSA, were formed. The southern half of NH has become even more populated, with much of the growth in suburban and rural areas. Anyway, an interesting story to read, even if you disagree with the author. Update: The original Snotrax story can be found here: http://www.supertraxmag.com/features/the-changing-face-of-snowmobiling/n3337 Read the comments and you'll see many of the same arguments that you've seen on SledNH or heard at any gathering of sledders. I think you'll find that one or more of the comments reflect your opinion.
  20. Details of the trail closures can be found here: http://www.pittsburgridgerunners.org/club-news/update-on-trails-wednesday-dec-12th-2018/
  21. Well, I wouldn't be too sure of these online maps. The Maine Snowmobile Association still shows Trail 84, and the NH state map still show Trail 20 connecting to 84. Where is the break?
  22. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    Most power lines in NH are easements over private land for the sole purpose of providing electric service. The club gets permission to create a trail from the private landowner, not for permission to use the whole property. Most of the riding up north is also on private property. The ski areas mostly own or lease their land, and the operation is run as a business.
  23. NHSA opinion piece on free riders

    Yes, that's true, and that's because the F&G wasn't taking any heat from the landowner about sleds on the property. NH has pretty good limited liability laws for recreational use on private property, but OHRV (sleds, ATV, dirt bike) users are a special case in that they're required to have written permission or be on a club trail. A hiker doesn't have this restriction. Our laws are not set up to support wide-scale off-trail riding and it's lasted as long as it has because landowners didn't object too loudly. There's a new generation of large landowners in northern NH that view the land an income stream rather than just a source of raw material. How will that fit in with motorized recreational use of the land? How many here have heard about the Heartwood Forestland company? They own about 150,000 acres of forestland in Coos County. How much noise could they make?
  24. Some good news

    There have been many climate change stories about the demise of winter sports in New Hampshire, with skiing being the most prominent casualty. If NH didn't have ski-able snow, there probably wouldn't be sled-able snow either. In today's Concord Monitor their science writer takes exception to the claim that climate change will eliminate skiing here, and points out that computer model results are based on the input data. Back in the dark ages of computing there was an acronym known as GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. A little harsh maybe, but probably true. https://www.concordmonitor.com/snow-weather-forecast-model-computer-unh-nh-21697368
  25. Some good news

    Not many, that's for sure.. But,,,,, As the story's writer suggests, when it appears that things will end badly, people tend to give up, especially when things aren't going all that well currently. It's hard to stay motivated when you believe things will get progressively worse each year. Just consider reading this story to be like listening to the band on the Titanic on the last night.