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  1. The Union Leader/Sunday News ran a story today about NH snowmobiling. In that story, they gave a registration count as of February 24, 2021. 45,800 sleds were registered, compared with 40,079 a year ago. 29,078 were by residents and 16,722 were non-residents. So, an increase of 5,721 over last year. The non-residents made up about 37% of registrations. The story discussed the high number of accidents involving inexperienced operators and that there was a requirement for a training program for all operators in a transportation bill being considered. Senate Bill 131-FN Part IV http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/billText.aspx?sy=2021&id=830&txtFormat=html
  2. About 4" of new snow this morning, and a late February early sun.
  3. Snowmobile insurance

    I agree that sleds are expensive to repair. OEM parts are expensive, and most people demand OEM parts when the insurance company is paying the tab. Some auto insurance companies now require you to accept aftermarket parts of comparable quality, or pay the difference for OEM. For many body parts there are no aftermarket parts. I really can't blame the insurance companies for not chasing the snowmobile, or ATV, market. I think some of them offer OHRV insurance as a loss-leader to attract customers, and as a tool to retain customers who have auto and home owner coverage with them, It makes sense for them to keep another insurance company out of the picture if they can. If you want to break an insurance agent's heart, just call them and say you want a full package of insurance products, and that you have 3-4 sleds. Many insurance companies just aren't competitive in snowmobile rates. As I read the local newspaper I can usually see one of the reasons for high loss rates.
  4. Snowmobile insurance

    Allstate is very reasonable for snowmobile insurance insurance. Not many other companies are even close to their rates, but other carriers might offer better auto or homeowner rates. Like many things in life, it's complicated. I prefer to have one insurance carrier, but maybe that's not in the cards.
  5. Snowmobile insurance

    Is anybody seeing an increase in snowmobile insurance rates? There seems to be a big difference in rates between companies. I have 3 sleds coming up for insurance renewals in a month or so and some insurance companies don't seem to be chasing the snowmobile business;. One company told me that snowmobile claims usually ended up as a total, so rates had to go up. Maybe you need to have two or more insurance agents to get the best deals.
  6. A story from Vermont

    They're an icon that says New England, but they have a hard time dealing with modern life and modern vehicles. Most sleds have 10-gallons of gas, rubber track, and lots of flammable plastics, especially the foam seat, that makes a nasty fire. The aluminum melts, and steel parts are what's left in one piece. They burn hot. I wonder what Vermont vehicle liability laws say about this?
  7. A story from Vermont

    Over the weekend a covered bridge in Vermont was destroyed in a fire that was started by a burning snowmobile. https://apnews.com/article/fires-vermont-c52a72613a043b55c5afe3c4912d38ac If you've ever watched a sled burn you won't be surprised at all.
  8. Chris Egan injured in sled chase in Pittsburg

    I'd believe that if he was catching up to the violators he was traveling fast, otherwise there was no hope of catching them. Don't take my comments as an attack on the F&G officer, I'm saying that there are risks in high speed chases that will vary with the conditions and the skill of the operator.
  9. Chris Egan injured in sled chase in Pittsburg

    The officer took on a known risk, operating at high speed on the trail, in exchange for the possibility of apprehending a lawbreaker. Many police forces still do that on public roads, but some have rules against it. I guess F&G doesn't have a policy that prevents it. Let's face it, if F&G enforcement sees a guy speeding or driving recklessly and goes in hot pursuit, is it more likely the guy will slow down or speed up? Tough call, but if the guy speeds up there's now two sleds travelling at high speed on the trail. Does that increase or decrease trail safety? Does the public gain of catching and punishing a speeder exceed the possible loss from a high-speed accident? When I drive on !-93 during commute hours the traffic is moving at 75-80 mph, or more,, and the state troopers ignore it because the disruption of a chase and arrest would increase the danger of serious accidents. Catching a speeder sometimes isn't worth the risk, especially if I'm the one who's speeding.
  10. Today's Sunday News editorial cartoon is snowmobile-related. There doesn't seem to be any written content nearby that relates to the possible subject matter of the cartoon. Any idea what this cartoon is about? (It's on page B4 of the 1/24/2021 Sunday News)
  11. NHSA safety course

    Would this work? https://wildlife.state.nh.us/ohrv/education-online.html
  12. So I was wondering!

    I still have good memories of a ride from Loudon to the Massebesic traffic circle through the SNHSS trails, Other than a logging operation on a portion of the C-15 trail it was all good.
  13. So I was wondering!

    If collected registration fees aren't spent this season they aren't lost, they're retained and available for future use. RSA-C:39 Paragraph VII VII. (a) Any funds appropriated to the department of natural and cultural resources for the bureau's grant-in-aid program shall be kept in a separate account and shall not be used for any other purpose. The corresponding registration fee moneys allocated to the bureau's grant-in-aid program under paragraphs I and III shall be deposited in the account. Moneys in the account may only be used for grant-in-aid projects that benefit the ridership of snowmobiles. Any unexpended balance in said account shall not lapse, but shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year. All funds shall be used for trail maintenance, construction, and the purchase of grant-in-aid equipment. RSA-C:39 Paragraph VIII VIII. Funds appropriated to the department of natural and cultural resources for administration of the bureau shall be used for the following purposes: (a) Publications. (b) Trail maintenance and acquisition. (c) Land purchases, easements, rights-of-way, and new construction of trails. (d) Snowmobile facilities. (e) Such other purposes as may be budgeted within the limits of the funds available. Any unexpended balance in said accounts shall not lapse, but shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year. RSA-C-39 Paragraph VIIII IX. Any funds appropriated to the fish and game department shall be used for the following purposes: (a) Enforcement of the provisions of RSA 215-C and RSA 215-A. (b) Establishment of snowmobile training programs. At the discretion of the director, snowmobile training programs may be combined with OHRV training programs. (c) Law enforcement under this chapter, which shall be the responsibility of the executive director. (d) Snowmobile registration. (e) Such other purposes as may be budgeted within the limitation of the funds available. Any unexpended balance in said accounts shall not lapse, but shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year RSA-C:39 Paragraph X Any excess registration fees collected and not expended shall be nonlapsing and shall be retained by the snowmobile and OHRV program for future use. In each year of the biennium, the excess fees collected may be expended by the fish and game department and the department of natural and cultural resources in the same proportion as described in this section with prior approval of the fiscal committee and the governor and council.
  14. I've registered my sleds and joined my clubs. It would be interesting to know how many sleds have been registered, and the number of NHSA members, to this date. Funds from club memberships and sled registrations pay the bills for the trail system. Anybody seen any numbers from BoT/F&G or NHSA?
  15. Happy New Year !

    Good bet; you're not setting the bar too high.