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  1. Winter is just around the conner?

    When October comes to New Hampshire, discussions on the winter forecasts from the Old farmer's Almanac are sure to follow. Then comes the AccuWeather winter forecast and more discussions and hopes. Then comes Lucy bringing the hard, cold, fact.
  2. Hardly a color explosion. This foliage season, while being predicted as huge, might be limited in many areas. I know a lot of maple trees in southern/central NH are under assault by insects, and the leaves turn brown on the tree with zero foliage display. In years past, full foliage color in Errol was the last week of September, with full color in Concord about October 1o-15. Right now in south/Central NH it's very limited colors and a lot of dead leaves on the trees.
  3. Season cost to "play" in snow ..

    Hard to judge his motives, but maybe he's just trying to make a case that sledding doesn't have to be too expensive for ordinary people. I'd make the case that the state fees are a small part of the total costs, with the larger part determined by the cost of the sled, the support equipment, and the travel expenses required to enjoy the sport at the high end. Riding a second-hand sled on local trails from your home is still very affordable. Driving a new truck to Pittsburg or Quebec towing a new trailer with 2 new sleds, eating in restaurants, and staying in a rental unit may not be affordable. The cost of a sled registration would buy about the cost of fuel for towing a sled to Pittsburg and back and operating the sled there over a long weekend. I've never understood why people agonize over the $100 sled registration for a full season but cheerfully spend $100 on gasoline for a weekend. The price for sled registration and club membership is still reasonable considering the quality of the trails we have and the cost of the sleds.
  4. Season cost to "play" in snow ..

    This might be one of those debates that can't be won. It's quite difficult to compare costs between the various sports, especially if the one of the sports requires a "registration." There's no state registration or license required for skiing, and a ski pass is only a contract between the ski area operator and a consumer. Some boats require a state registration to operate on public waters, and others don't. The state owns and supports facilities that enable both kinds of boaters to access and use the public waters, but much of our snowmobiling is done on private land on trails created and maintained by private groups with state support. The state and the towns in NH have different tax/fee structures for automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, OHRVs, and snowmobiling. Sometimes the towns get the tax revenue, sometimes the state gets a fee based on the type, age and the size of an asset (sure sounds like a tax), and sometimes there's a uniform fee that all users of a class (resident-nonresident) pay. Probably a more fair way to compare the cost of sledding, boating, and skiing would be to go on the basis of renting a sled for a day versus buying a ski pass with needed equipment rentals, or renting a fully-equipped boat. A full day sled rental with helmet costs about $200, and a full day ski pass with equipment would be about $125-$150. Rental of a 19-foot bowrider boat for a full day would cost about $350. If you go the full ownership route for sledding or boating the upfront costs are big, and much of that cost happens regardless of how many days you use that boat or sled. With skiing, much of the cost is directly proportional to the amount of usage and where the activity takes place. As far as a guarantee that sleds can be operated, I agree that can't happen. It doesn't happen for cross-country skiers either (OK, maybe in a couple limited areas). Bear Notch comes pretty close for sleds. As for increasing the fee for sledding if riding was certain, well, who would charge that fee? Right now, a NH resident pays $96 to register a sled, and that's the only required fee. The fee is constant regardless of the amount of usage, the value of the sled, or where the sled is ridden. Instability of winter riding, not cost, does seem to be the problem, but loss of trails may become a significant issue.
  5. Got my Snow Traveler Yesterday

    I think you may know that "some guy" who cooks on the trail from SledNH.
  6. Craig Mayo receives award!

    The lack of replies to this post indicates, to me anyway, that many people here don't know, or care about, Craig Mayo. I think the award was for the Colebrook club, not for this individual, so congratulation to this club.
  7. OVSC announces major trail system closure!

    A few years back a wealthy guy named Malone bought about 1 million acres of land in Maine and New Hampshire. Only 23,000 acres (about 36 square miles) were in New Hampshire, so it didn't make a big splash here. NPR did a story on this land purchase that describes the new owners of northern NH land and how they may want to capture a return on investment. https://stateimpact.npr.org/new-hampshire/2011/10/13/2505/
  8. OVSC announces major trail system closure!

    The response of the NHSA has been that trail creation and service is the responsibility of the clubs. It would seem that they don't understand that trails are central to snowmobiling in New Hampshire, and their continued existence. Can the NHSA continue to exist with Coos County having the only viable trail system in New Hampshire? Would Coos County even need the NHSA? I'll admit it, I'm not a supporter of a state-wide trail system when it appears that southern clubs won't receive sufficient snow cover to justify the cost of trail maintenance, but trails aren't based on weather alone. Trails require land that isn't developed, land that isn't so desirable for development that allowing sleds there will cost serious money. Yeah, it something to do with folks disrespecting landowners, but it also has something to do with rural lands becoming attractive to development. What will NHSA do to address this issue? I'd imagine the answer to that question is "not much." Have you ever heard heard the NHSA speak to the issue other than saying it's a club problem?
  9. Official SledNH weather thread

    Saturday morning (September 2) was our first frost for the season in Loudon. We had a low of 34° at 6:00am on two thermometers. The sensors for those thermometers are about 6' above ground level and very near the house. Out in the gardens it got cold enough to blacken the leaves on squash and sweet potato plants, and our vehicles and lawn had a coating of frost. Yep, got to call it the first frost for Fall-2017, and the earliest frost in several years. Whitefield Airport recorded 32° Saturday morning, so I'd guess the gardens up there are gone.
  10. Free trailer wheel/tire

    Free Carlisle trailer tire 18.5X8.5X8- 2 ply Nylon-Load Range B- Max Load 770lbs@35psi, mounted on on white steel 4-lug wheel. Both tire and wheel appear to be in very good condition. The tire/wheel is located in Loudon, NH. Send me a message if interested.
  11. Official SledNH weather thread

    Looks like thunderstorms coming on Tuesday, but by Thursday there'll be a change. From NWS Forecast Discussion: High pressure will be in control at the surface beginning Thursday and for several days fostering drier and cooler conditions for late this week into early next week. Highs will drop from the 70s and 80s Wednesday to the 60s and 70s which is more in line with normal values for this time of year. Precipitable water values generally drop below 0.60" or less than 50% of the climatological normal during this time so there should be some nights when we will see ample radiational cooling as the high shifts closer overhead. Overnight lows will drop into the 40s and 50s with some chilly mornings in the higher elevations. This will be the first taste of fall for many places. Probably just a coincidence, but a couple days ago I finally got tired of looking at my old Karavan sled trailer that I retired three years ago after a spring collapsed. The metal pad on the axle that supports the spring had rusted out, so it's been sitting out back and rusting since then. I put it up on sawhorses and discovered that the trailer looks surprisingly good underneath, so a repair may be happening. A stretch of cool, dry weather may provide the energy needed to get it back on the road, as well as some other projects that need doing. Two weeks of cool weather and I might establish some bragging rights, although that isn't likely.
  12. Hi George,

    My understanding is that for F&G the primary goal of the NHSA Online Membership program was to have a single 12-digit membership number for all club members. That 12-digit number was considered as proof that the registration applicant was a club member.Not so much to have  access to the NHSA database, but to simplify a financial audit of the membership rolls. It would appear that isn't happening. 

    On May 19, 2016 John Wimsatt wrote: "The key feature to the system would be to provide one verifiable, auditable and unique numbering system to ensure proper control measures and ensure accurate reconciliation.  Currently, the NHFG registration system accepts more than one numbering system to include a club number, proof of a paid club membership receipt, and an NHSA electronic voucher number. The reason we currently accept all of these formats is derived from the existing statutes and associated administrative rules. "

    I believe that those laws and rules are still in place, so if a club doesn't want to participate in the Club Portal, they can, and the applicant can still get the discount without that 12-digit number. Until the law is changed nothing else will change. F&G will continue to rely on incomplete data.

  13. Letter from respected Past County Director

    So, does this mean that a club can have members that the NHSA doesn't know about and won't appear in the NHSA database?
  14. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Thank you.
  15. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Thanks for the correction. How does simply removing public access to the online membership portal resolve the issue of standard membership pricing? Is it that with the individual members not involved with the portal the process is only between the NHSA and the clubs?