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  1. I didn't know that the NHSA had an army. It's almost always an army colonel that pulls this off, and it doesn't end well for El Presidente, or for the colonel. A coup d'etat implies the overthrow of the existing government by elements of that same government. So, how do we tell the players without a scorecard. I'm confused. What happened at the NHSA meeting? What officer left? Who needs to go away and stay away? What was the agenda item that provoked all this turmoil? Not saying that these "inside baseball" discussions aren't helpful to some, but for those on the outside all they might get is confusion. What happened?
  2. Thanks for the reply, John. I do think that "a different RSA sub-class" is fairly thin soup when it comes to creating a monopoly. It seems that the parent OHRV organization has a mandate to force all riders to join to get a state benefit, as was considered to be the case for the NHSA for many years. Is that monopoly a good idea or a bad idea? There are opinions on both sides. My opinion is that a state discount on vehicle registrations should not be based on membership in a private organization. I don't get a discount on the registration of my pickup truck based on being a member of AAA. If that were true I suspect that some other auto clubs might raise some concerns.
  3. I don't know what will happen with this whole investigation/lawsuit thing, probably more than some people would want, and less than some people think we need, but I do know that we're only 90 days away from the time we should be thinking about sled registrations and club memberships. I do hope that the clubs are prepared to process any early registrations and club memberships, and that they're ready to put those funds to work. Next winter's weather is unknowable, but to have a good winter, and have insufficient funds at the club level to take advantage, would be frustrating. If you're anti-NHSA you have the ability to dedicate your club membership and registration discount money to any club that offers the option of not joining NHSA, and that decision to not join NHSA is a powerful message. (Money talks, BS walks) I believe that this option will continue, although recent changes in the ATV/OHRV membership/registration process are concerning.I don't see how the state can have different rules around two classes of recreational vehicle registrations.
  4. A very special kind of nut.
  5. There's no question that central/southern New Hampshire has a lot of bears, deer, turkeys, coyotes, and bobcats, and that these critters have become very acclimated to humans. They view us as food sources, not a threat, and that explains why they're in your backyard. The widespread feeding of birds has been a huge help to all five of these critters, although the bobcats profited mostly from eating the squirrels that use the birdfeeders. They, and the bears, also profited by the increase of people raising chickens. Wild animals are very adaptable, probably more so than we humans. A bear views a suburban chicken coop like we would a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and considers a dumpster a take-out joint.
  6. While searching for the manual for some garden equipment I came across a few sled owners' manuals that might interest the vintage riders out there. 1972 Ski-Doo T'NT (292,340,440,640,775) *** Gone*** 1977 Polaris TX (250, 340, 440) ***Gone*** 1987 Yamaha EX570L 1990 Polaris Indy (400, 500, 650, 500 SP) Send me a message, with a mailing address, if you'd like one of these. BTW: In a time of 100+ hp sleds it's interesting that the 1972 Ski-Doo T'NT 775 made 52 hp, and was considered fast.
  7. Thanks for the update, Larry. As I understand your comments, the OHRV clubs pay a fee to NHOHVA for every club member, whether they join NHOHVA or not. True? A portion of the individual club member's dues are forwarded to NHOHVA even if the individual isn't an NHOHVA member?
  8. Very nice picture. Right time, right place.
  9. Sorry, no picture with this post. It's a case of "the one that got away." Last night a thunderstorm storm passed through around 8:00pm and dumped .65" of rain in about a half-hour, and the lightning was fairly strong too. Really nothing too special, but as the storm passed the sun was still visible in the western sky shining through an opening in the clouds.The clouds around that opening turned a brilliant blue-purple color that I haven't seen before. I ran for my camera, but by the time I was ready to take the picture, the picture was gone, replaced with a standard 'nice-enough" pink/blue cloud image. I'd say the blue-purple image lasted only a minute or two. Timing is everything. Did anybody else see this image, and more importantly, did you get the picture?
  10. Larry, Is the club membership/ state registration. discount for ATVs process the same as the snowmobile process? In other words, must the individual member also be an NHOHVA member as well as a club member? As you know, the snowmobile law is now interpreted as meaning that the discount is granted by simply being a club member and doesn't require an NHSA membership. Are the NHSA and the NHOHVA working under the same rules? Are the majority of ATV club members happy with the current rules?
  11. Well, George, it's not clear to me that the "SAM message" of mandatory membership in the the state organization in order to join a local club was all that popular among some reluctant NHSA members. I do believe in giving the new guy a chance to show what he/she can accomplish before making a judgement, but coming in with a top-down view of the NHSA's role could make for some bumps in the trail as some of the clubs have become quite feisty. Maybe best to give it a year to see how it all works out.
  12. If I'm catching your drift correctly, you're saying they're only secret when it counts.
  13. Cabal: the contrived schemes of a group of persons secretly united in a plot Well, Skip, if secrecy was a primary goal of the alleged plotters, then they shouldn't be sitting together at the same table during meetings .I've seen enough James Bond movies to know at least the basics of plotting, which requires covert communication methods like secret handshakes, codes, and invisible ink.
  14. Yeah, I knew that 30K didn't represent either this year or last year, but wanted to use a number more close to what has been "normal." Still, at $10/member it only takes 400 individual members to equal the club membership dues.A sensible organization aligns its priorities with its revenue stream. In a previous post RK-SXViper asked for suggestions to improve the NHSA-members relationship, and I'd say that improving direct communications between NHSA and the individual members should be a priority. Right now, the NHSA depends on the clubs to communicate NHSA news to the members, and there's little consistency between clubs.Some ague that the individual should regularly attend club meetings to discuss NHSA policies and events happening in the sport, but not everybody wants to attend club meetings.It's not the regular meeting attendees and club officers that need to be re-connected to the NHSA, it's the people that aren't active in a club.That connection is the source of the annual $10 revenue to NHSA. It seems to me that the NHSA's faith in the clubs' communication lines to the membership is misplaced. Off topic but connected: There are somewhat over 100 snowmobile clubs in our state, and in a good year there could be close to 40,000 club members.How many of those members are "active members" who attend at least 4 meetings per year? How many attend at least 2 per year, or even 1 per year?