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  1. I think it's still true that if you give any thread enough time it will wander a bit, and sometimes more. What I get from George's post is that he doesn't think the NHSA and F&G rules are fair to his club. That has little to do with the price of sleds. My concern with the proposed changes to F&G administrative rules and NHSA Rules and By-Laws is that they seem designed to be a work-around to preserve funding for NHSA Before, the NHSA took a $10 membership fee for each member, then a re-interpretation of the enabling statute said that NHSA membership wasn't required to get the discount. Now, the NHSA says that they will charge the clubs $10 to issue a number that the F&G proposes to be required to get the discount. Without the proposed F&G mandate the NHSA would have little leverage to require the transaction fee. I think you would have to fairly oblivious to not see that the "membership transaction fee" is a replacement for the former "membership fee" for those seeking the registration discount. Now, as to the mechanics of how this will work out, it's hard to say seeing that I don't understand how this process will work, thus I asked the questions in a previous post. There doesn't seem to be a lot of hard public information out there. As for the price of sleds.... I suspect the rising prices have a lot to do with a shrinking market due to urbanization of formerly rural areas, and a changing winter climate over a large part of North America and other regions. Snowmobiles need open space and consistent snow cover, and both are becoming in short supply, especially in the Northeast. Wheeled vehicles always enjoyed a sales advantage over sleds in that they can be used in all climates for at least part of the year.
  2. In the proposed "Rules of Business" under Dues, it states "Annual dues shall be $30. In addition, member clubs shall be assessed $10 per club membership transaction." What is the meaning of "club membership transaction"? Is it all members of a club? Is it all club members that belong to the NHSA? Can I be a member of a club and not have any connection to the NHSA that would require a transaction with them? Is this $10 connected to a discounted registration? When NHSA allocates delegates do NHSA members and non-NHSA members both count? The proposed BY-Laws state that "Delegates from the member clubs of the NHSA allowed to vote must have been a club member registered in the NHSA database on or before March 1'st of that year." So, are clubs members who are not members of the NHSA registered in the NHSA database? (does being in the database imply NHSA membership?) If I'm not an NHSA member, will my club membership count towards the delegate allocation? There are rules and by-laws, and there are interpretations of rules and by-laws, and sometimes the interpretation can make all the difference.
  3. 1. JLCAR: It would take a large number of people to influence this process as the legislature tends to listen to state agencies and recognized organizations. 2. Consumer complaint: This would go to the AG's office, and the AG is already well aware of the moves being made by NHSA. 3. Opting out of NHSA: Probably the most workable option. If you don't like the NHSA this will hurt them and the clubs will still receive funds, but collectively, not a specific club. Some clubs might like that, some might not. As for the discount on sled registrations, the discount equals about 10 gallons of high-test gas, and for a single-sled registration it's cheaper to not join most clubs. At some point (now?), the club discount needs to be looked at. I suspect that the discount helps some clubs, but not all clubs.Has any club ever polled their members regarding "the discount" ?
  4. Official SledNH weather thread

    The consensus weather forecast was for snow/rain and clouds today, and the sky this morning did give warning. Turned out to be a false alarm. I was a bit late to pick up the best colors, but not too bad.
  5. Official SledNH weather thread

    April 16, 2018 Tax Day, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. It will be better tomorrow. 4:00 Edit: It may well be better tomorrow, but today ain't over. Look at the right-hand side of the bottom picture in this post. That tall pine just to the left of the portable shed is now down on the ground. Wind is gusting to about 30 mph out of the east. Tree snapped 15 feet up, so there's about 70 feet on the ground. I guess I needed another project. I'll be the Kindling King.
  6. Special Meeting

    Is the annual report available online?
  7. &$%*$$# MICE

    A couple car companies did try the soy-based wire insulation, but mice have been chewing on cables and wires for many years. Riding mowers and snowblowers from the 1970's have this problem, and nobody was using "green" wiring then. (Tecumseh snowmobile engines ignition coils seem to be a favorite hangout and dining hall for mice) There are 100 ways to eliminate the problem, and some of those ways might even work, sometimes. Bounce dryer sheets (floral scent) are sometimes suggested. Honda sells a rodent-resistant tape to put on electrical wiring. They were suspected of having the soy-based wiring so promoted the tape.The tape contains hot pepper. Of course, Amazon carries it. https://www.amazon.com/Honda-4019-2317-Rodent-Tape/dp/B00AJTG3N0
  8. Trail Report

    An excellent report.
  9. George, I suspect that decision will be made by a person who's much further up the food chain than I. There are several changes in the by-laws and rules of business that seem to lie somewhere between nuanced and ambiguous. That would be between "it takes a good eye to see the difference" and " what the heck does that mean?" Just what kind of a "failure to complete required documentation" causes a club, and its members, to lose their good standing status, and why does it take a 2/3 majority vote of the BoD for the good standing status to be restored? Did the old Rules of Business define "good standing" differently?
  10. I compared the 2016 and the proposed by-laws but didn't have a copy of the old Rules of Business for comparison. In the proposed by-law things have been moved around a lot so I may have missed some things. Article III: Change to rules during run-off elections. if more than two candidates the lowest vote getter is eliminated. The assistant county director has debating power Under Duties, the BoD can create committees Article iV: The club assumes responsibility to maintain its status of good standing Club members aren't required to be NHSA members Article V: Dues are based on annual dues and membership transaction fees (Rules of Business sets these fees at $30 and $10/transaction ) It appears that the applicant/club must pay the $10 transaction fee to get the NHSA validation number and the $30 discount. From F&G proposed rule changes: An applicant seeking to pay a reduced fee based upon snowmobile club membership shall show documentation at the time of registration of a valid membership for the corresponding registration year in a non-profit snowmobile club as specified in RSA 215-C:39, I and III, that shall include the following: (5) NHSA validation number, in a format approved by the department; Article VI: A BoD quorum is now 5 county directors plus 2 voting officers. The formula for club delegates has changed: 2-400 members= 2 delegates, 401-800=3 delegates, 801-1200=4 delegates, 1 more delegate per 400 members to a max of 10 delegates Advisory board can vote up to 3 votes. Special meetings can be requested by 7 or more clubs, a 2/3 BoD majority is needed to pass Article VII: Membership of club or person can be revoked by 2/3 majority of BoD Article IX: By-law amendments submitted by 2/3 majority of BoD, no petitions allowed. Article X: Defines what happens in the case of NHSA's liquidation. The courts will decide. In the Rules of Business: defines the meaning of "good standing"., if club not in good standing all club members are also not in good standing.
  11. trail gone

    Anyone notice that there were two stories in the paper this weekend about sleds getting stuck off-trail and needing outside help to recover? No mention of any violations being considered. Both incidents were in the north country. It's obvious that off-trail riding isn't a real priority. A priority is when you say it's a priority but spend your time doing something else; a real priority is when you put other stuff aside and do something about the problem. I don't blame the wardens, they're following orders, but the management seems to believe that off-trail riding can be reduced through rider education. How many off-trail riders don't know the state regulations? I'd say there's a good comparison between off-trail sled riding and speeding in your vehicle on the highway; both are illegal, but the punishment isn't certain and isn't that severe. The result is that your typical I-93 driver has long forgotten the traditional "they'll give me 10 over" thinking, and gone to 20 over because after that the fines start to hurt. Speechifying in the Sno-Traveler isn't going to do much, and neither is opening up a 200-acre parcel.
  12. RIP

    I've seen a couple burned sleds, and there isn't enough left to to identify the cause. Sled was running normally, then a smell of smoke, then flames. I cleaned up the trail pretty good, and I'd guess the total weight of what was left was maybe 125 pounds.
  13. RIP

    One of the local clubs still has open trails, so my wife and I trailered to a parking area and took off on the trails. After about 4-5 miles my wife smelled smoke from her sled and stopped to check it out. Didn't have much time to check it out as the flames came rolling out of the engine compartment in in a matter of seconds it was fully involved. Nothing anyone could do. Plastic and aluminum don't last long when the gas tank goes up. The whole sled fit into a plastic cargo sled, then into my pickup bed. The sled was an Arctic Cat Z-570.
  14. What clubs still have open trails south of the notches, and what clubs south of the notches will be grooming trails?
  15. March 13 storm

    Here's the 6:15 NWS update. Some of the reported snow amounts are amazing. NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... Gilmanton 13.0 520 PM 3/13 Social Media Sanbornton 5.1 330 PM 3/13 Social Media Meredith 4.0 430 PM 3/13 Social Media ...Carroll County... Wakefield 20.0 548 PM 3/13 Social Media Wolfeboro 18.0 524 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Ossipee 15.0 520 PM 3/13 Social Media Union 14.0 430 PM 3/13 Social Media 1 N Madison 9.0 610 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Freedom 8.0 437 PM 3/13 Amateur Radio Moultonborough 6.5 501 PM 3/13 Social Media Madison 6.0 436 PM 3/13 Amateur Radio ...Cheshire County... 1 SE East Alstead 10.5 506 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Rindge 9.0 414 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 S Rindge 8.1 238 PM 3/13 Social Media Marlborough 7.0 425 PM 3/13 Social Media Swanzey 6.0 456 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Coos County... 1 SE Lancaster 3.0 447 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Grafton County... 1 NNW Bristol 4.1 303 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Plymouth 3.0 606 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter 2 NNE Bridgewater 2.8 302 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Littleton 2.0 520 PM 3/13 Social Media ...Hillsborough County... Manchester 21.5 525 PM 3/13 Social Media Hudson 19.5 447 PM 3/13 Co-Op Observer 3 NNW Merrimack 18.0 613 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Nashua 16.0 419 PM 3/13 Social Media Merrimack 16.0 425 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 NW Reeds Ferry 15.5 359 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Bedford 13.5 302 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 S New Ipswich 10.1 528 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Milford 10.0 517 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 S New Boston 10.0 319 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Merrimack County... Bow 15.2 532 PM 3/13 8" in 3 Hours Pembroke 14.0 325 PM 3/13 Social Media Concord 11.0 612 PM 3/13 Social Media 1 W Concord 10.0 543 PM 3/13 Social Media Penacook 8.0 613 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter 1 SSE Henniker 7.0 540 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Rockingham County... 4 NNW Derry 25.0 605 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter 1 ESE East Derry 22.0 615 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Candia 21.0 423 PM 3/13 Social Media 1 NNE Deerfield 18.0 516 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter West Hampstead 17.7 555 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Raymond 17.0 527 PM 3/13 Social Media Sandown 15.0 530 PM 3/13 Amateur Radio Derry 14.8 426 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 E Brentwood 14.5 501 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Windham 12.5 308 PM 3/13 Social Media Exeter 12.0 440 PM 3/13 Social Media 2 WSW Marshall Corne 10.5 229 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter 2 NE Kingston 8.4 532 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Hampton 8.0 235 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter 2 ENE Stratham 6.5 227 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Strafford County... Middleton 17.0 500 PM 3/13 Social Media Farmington 16.0 526 PM 3/13 Social Media Rochester 15.0 436 PM 3/13 Social Media Lee 14.0 502 PM 3/13 NWS Employee 2 SSE Strafford 7.0 254 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter ...Sullivan County... Sunapee 8.0 607 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter Croydon 6.0 404 PM 3/13 Trained Spotter .