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  1. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    It would be difficult for the state to contribute less. It wasn't until around 2011 that the state general fund contributed anything to F&G. By FY2018 the general fund contributed about 3% of F&G budget. In 2018 F&G got a third of their budget from the Feds, and another third from licenses. In FY 2021 the general fund contributed about 5% of the F&G budget. The Feds contributed about 24%. In FY2021 the total F&G budget was $33.8 million. Over half of the funding was spent on 190 fulltime employees and 90 part-time employees.
  2. Busy weekend for F&G and medical crews

    Has anybody here ridden Trail 134 (Dixville Peak Trail) over Dixville Peak since the wind turbines were put up? Looks like there's several of them on Dixville Peak Road that travels from Route 26 to the peak.When I read the story about the Haverhill. MA woman who got hurt there I wondered if the trail was the same. Years ago, once you passed the peak and were headed towards Kelsey Notch there was a brutal drop from the peak. I can't imagine that they still use that portion of the trail. I was told that the sleds weren't allowed to come close to the turbines. If you use Google Earth you can see how those turbines changed what was a pretty remote area.
  3. Probably just saying what's obvious, but it looks like conditions were marginal at best over the weekend. Lots of bare ground around the Concord area. Chance of some snow Tuesday night and again Wednesday night through Friday morning. Lots of open water. We're getting late in the 4'th quarter with no timeouts. Three snowmobile accidents made the news, but I'd bet there were a lot of other incidents that were handled without publicity. Salem Man Seriously injured In Snowmobile Crash, Flown By DHART Thomas Connell II of Salem was operating a snowmobile in Lincoln. New Hampshire Fish and Game say poor trail conditions contributed Jeffrey Hastings, Posted Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 9:41 pm ET Updated Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 9:52 pm ET Thomas Connell II of Salem was operating a snowmobile in Lincoln. New Hampshire Fish and Game say poor trail conditions contributed to the crash New Hampshire Fish & Game Department was notified of a snowmobile crash that occurred on the Franconia Notch State Park Bike Path, which becomes the Corridor 11 snowmobile trail in the winter. Conservation Officers say that Thomas Connell II, 53, of Salem, NH, was seriously injured in a single machine crash while operating a snowmobile with a group of family members. Thomas was transported from the scene by the Lincoln Fire Department and Linwood Ambulance Service. He was taken to Littleton Regional Healthcare in Littleton, NH, and then flown via DHART helicopter to Dartmouth Health in Lebanon, NH for further treatment. The crash occurred approximately a half-mile north of the Flume Gorge Visitor’s Center Parking Lot. Extremely poor trail conditions are considered to be contributing factors to the crash however the crash remains under investigation. New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers caution riders that trail conditions in most of New Hampshire are poor at this time. Many trail systems are closed and ones that are still open should be used with caution. Poor trail conditions can lead to dangerous snowmobile situations very quickly. Woman Seriously Injured In Rollover Snowmobile Crash In Pittsburg Courtney Tedeschi from Albany, NY was riding near the First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg when she lost control and rolled over. Jeffrey Hastings, Posted Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 7:56 pm ET |Updated Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 9:50 pm ET Courtney Tedeschi from Albany, NY was riding near the First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg when she lost control and rolled over. PITTSBURG, NH - Rescue personnel from 45th Parallel EMS, Pittsburg Fire and Rescue, and with New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, responded to a restaurant near First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg Colebrook Dispatch received a 911 call Saturday at approximately 3:30 p.m. for a female with an upper-body injury from a snowmobile rollover crash located in the restaurant. The woman operator involved was identified as Courtney Tedeschi, 27, of Albany, New York. Witness statements and snowmobile damage indicate Tedeschi was traveling across First Connecticut Lake when she lost control of her snowmobile. Tedeschi was abruptly thrown from her snowmobile causing severe injuries to her upper body. Tedeschi was driven to the nearby restaurant by her fiancée. The 45th Parallel EMS team evaluated Tedeschi before being transported to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital for her injuries. NH Fish and Game’s Conservation Officers want to remind snowmobilers that with the ongoing unstable winter, riders need to be cautious of ice conditions, pressure ridges, and snow drifts when operating snowmobiles and OHRVs. Haverhill Woman Injured In Dixville Snowmobile Crash Conservation Officers say Dawn Lemieux was thrown from her machine and injured her legs. Poor trail conditions cause issues over the weekend Jeffrey Hastings, Posted Sun, Feb 19, 2023 at 8:40 pm ET DIXVILLE, NH - Colebrook Dispatch received a 911 call for a female who was reportedly injured in a snowmobile rollover crash and was currently at L.L. Cote Store. Colebrook Dispatch notified members of the 45th Parallel EMS, along with Errol Fire and Rescue, while NH State Police Troop F notified a New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation officer. Conservation Officers say that woman operating the snowmobile was Dawn Lemieux, 52, of Haverhill, MA. Witness statements to officers indicate that Lemieux was traveling on Dixville Peaks Trail which is a steep, icy, and challenging trail Lemieux lost control while going down this trail and was abruptly thrown off the machine at a sharp corner. She suffered unknown injuries to both legs. The snowmobile was not damaged and Lemieux was able to ride the snowmobile several miles before reaching Errol, where her riding companions called for assistance. Lemieux was evaluated by the Errol EMS and Rescue team before being transported to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin to be checked out for precautionary reasons. New Hampshire Fish and Game warns riders to be aware of the current conditions on the trail systems are poor and lack snow. Conservation Officers responded to two other snowmobile accidents over the weekend, one in Lincoln that injured a Salem Man and one in Pittsburg that injured a woman from Albany, NY
  4. Trail 15

    Looks like corridor trail 15 is broken through the Loudon area and south of Route 4. I've got my doubts it will come back. The south is moving north.
  5. random photo thread

    You nailed this one!
  6. random photo thread

    Been a while since I've posted here. This was taken about a week ago. I've always been a fool for gaudy sunsets.
  7. Here's the latest NWS snowfall prediction. Merrimack County seems to be the big winner.
  8. From the Ridge Runners site dated 1/14/2023. NWS forecast for Friday-Saturday calls for plowable snow. It's a coastal storm so it's anybody's guess where the final track might end up The photo here is kind of like Lucy holding the football for Charley Brown. The written trail report is when Lucy yanks the football away from Charley Brown. TRAIL REPORT 1/14/23 – GOOD NEWS! January 14, 2023 ClubAdmin Jason’s Trail Report – Saturday, 1/14/23 “Today we are going to open 50% of our trail system. The East side has decent snow cover and conditions are marginal at best. You still need to be aware of open water bars, stumps, rocks, trees, etc. It’s early season conditions. Trailering north is your only option for the time being to access the trails. Trailer to Magalloway Road, or further North to East Inlet/Deer Mountain Campground. Trails are ungroomed until we receive more snow to avoid costly damages to our equipment. LAKES ARE NOT SAFE TO RIDE ON – THIN ICE. THE WEST SIDE OF OUR SYSTEM IS CLOSED UNTIL IT RECEIVES MORE SNOW. CONDITIONS ARE TOO THIN TO BE SAFE FOR YOU AS THE RIDER.” It’s a start to the season. Colder temperatures are here, and it looks like some snow later this week.
  9. People seem to have mixed opinions on this, but I believe you'd be OK to run the motor without a primary clutch. The engine won't sound as smooth at low speeds because the clutch acts as a flywheel, and throttle response should be quicker. To be clear, are you saying that the sled displayed the same symptoms with two different XLT motors? If so, it seems most likely that the problem is external to the motor, but the XLT had issues with crank bearings and seals, so it's possible they have the same problem. Maybe time to check cylinder compression and crankcase pressure. It sounds like you have adjusted the clutches properly, and the drive train/track is in good shape. I don't have any good suggestions..
  10. Don, The Polaris sleds I owned were a bit older than yours, but the general rules apply. I'm assuming that the new motor ran in the other sled, and that the fuel pump is from the other sled. First off, have you tried disconnecting the kill switch and any other electrical safety devices? Does you owner's manual describe any such devices? Have you looked at the fuel being delivered to the motor? Have you looked inside the chain case? I had a Polaris 500 that had a broken aluminum case wall. Have you tried lifting the track off the ground on a stand and turning the track by hand? If that feels, and sounds, normal then start the motor and rev the engine to engage the clutch, then bringing speed up. There will be minimal load on the driven clutch so it should stay closed. Does it open as RPMs are increased? You asked "is it possible to have a new after market cdi box to work as it should under low and mid range rpm’s but not at high rpm’s ? " It's possible, but why did you change them? You've changed a lot of things, and sometimes that introduces new problems.
  11. Just a couple suggestions. The OP said he swapped the motor and has the same problem. Right? Polaris had in-tank fuel filters in many models. Have you checked that? The fuel pump is powered by a vacuum line from the engine base. A crack in the line will impede the pumping.
  12. On a positive note

    I noticed that there is a Winter Storm Watch for this Friday-Saturday, and I realized I haven't started the sleds for a long time. I first tried the 2005 Arctic Cat Panther 570 and all I got was the sound of the starter solenoid clicking. Some troubleshooting showed the solenoid to be bad. Not good, but not surprising with a 17-year old sled. I then moved on to a 2009 Ski Doo GSX with the 600 ETEC motor.. Hit the starter switch and the motor instantly started and idled smoothly. Next was a 2017 Shi Doo MXZ with the 600cc 4-cycle motor. A repeat of the GSX experience. I'm somebody who can remember when the first start-up after the summer-fall had passed involved a lot of aggravation. The newer sleds behave more like cars, but that behavior is coupled with a price tag that's more like cars. A pretty good start, cause two out of three ain't bad. Plus, I got to ride the MXZ around the field a bit, Not much snow, but maybe that will get fixed over the weekend.
  13. Repurposing snowmobile parts

    Union Leader had a story about a race series called "24-Hours of LeMons". Yes, that's LeMons, not LeMans. They were at Loudon race track a week ago. Here's one of the cars that competes in that series.
  14. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    I was curious about the 2023 Ski Doo sled, so I visited the Ski Doo web site. The new sleds look good, but prices have escalated. A 2022 Freeride had an MLP of $15,350, and a 2023 Freeride is $15,950. So, a $600 (3.9%) boost in MLP. Those prices don't include transportation or preparation. Those numbers seem to be at least close to normal. Something new has been added, it's called a "commodity surcharge" of $250 or $400. The $250 applies to the less expensive sleds (below $7000), and the $400 applies to the rest of the lineup. That would bring the sticker price of a Freeride to $16,350, plus transportation and preparation. I read in the Wall Street Journal that Polaris is seeing the same problems as Ski Doo, and is considering price hikes. They were concerned that "aggressive price hikes could alienate consumers and hurt sales" for what might be temporary supply hikes. I wonder if Polaris might look at "commodity surcharges? https://www.ski-doo.com/us/en/models.html For those who haven't pre-ordered, we’d like to inform you of adjusted pricing for 2023 snowmobiles. This price adjustment may come as a surprise, and we are very sorry for this. As you are aware, pricing has increased for many products across industries around the world and powersports is no exception. BRP has explored various ways to accommodate the disruptions while maintaining a steady flow of production and material sourcing, transportation of parts and vehicles as well as how we assemble each and every unit. Please Note: The pricing adjustments will not impact customers who purchased a snowmobile through the Spring Sales Event between February 14 and March 31. Additionally, there will be no pricing impact on the youth MXZ 120/200 models or the entry-level models MXZ and Summit Neo/Neo+. Keep in mind there will remain a temporary commodity surcharge in addition to the adjusted price. https://www.ski-doo.com/us/en/resources/delivery-update.html BRP's supply chain continues to be impacted by two factors during the pandemic: rising raw material costs and increased shipping costs. Because of rising costs, BRP has put in place a commodity surcharge for Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Can-Am Off-Road and Can-Am On-Road vehicles.
  15. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Sorry ICG, but you've been found in violation of Goodwin's Law. Godwin’s Law of Nazi analogies: "whoever made the comparison loses whatever debate is in progress." Until the State of NH buys, leases, or negotiates a ROW, for all the private property included in our 7,000 miles of trails, those private property owners have the ability to control who enters their property. for any reason or no reason. My concern is not the meaning of the Second Amendment, which has changed considerably over the years, but the possible closure of trails because of landowner concerns over loaded handguns on their private property. Trail reroutes and closures are becoming more common in my area, we don't need another reason for landowners to close a trail. BTW: Does anybody know what the NHSA position was on this bill?