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  1. Great start to a base

    This time you didn't want any part of the crap. These pictures were taken by a friend who lives on Ayers Road in Canterbury (right on the Northfield line) right after the storm went through. Flowers and garden are now gone. If you were growing potted mums outside on black plastic they would be shredded. I'd imagine that fruit trees took a beating too, and hail and 50-60 mph wind wouldn't help a field of sweet corn. You've got to be a little crazy to be a farmer, but you know that.
  2. Things are quiet here

    While I applaud your attitude, this past week has almost convinced me it will never snow again. New Hampshire is not designed to handle a Florida summer. I've also been in the trailer repair business this year. Last year I replaced the axle, wheels/tires, and springs on a snowmobile trailer. This year I replaced the PT plank deck on a 12' landscape trailer, and plan to put some weatherproofing sealer on the PT plywood deck of that snowmobile trailer. I've got a can of Thompson's Waterseal, but I'm looking at alternatives. I've heard of people using used motor oil, boiled linseed oil, deck paint, and truck bed sealant. Some of the options provide good protection, but are quite slippery when wet. What's worked for you?
  3. I did a Google search and ended up here. I'd guess that most people that visit this site have already seen this page, and the "Snow Revolution" video link. That video will bring back memories for those that rode sleds 40 years ago, and make today's vintage riders feel right at home. North country riding was a very different experience 40 years ago, and more like the experience that today's off-trail riders are looking for. The problem was the sleds were nothing like today's mountain sleds, and breaking trails after a snowfall was common. A great sport for those people who think getting stuck and unstuck is the best part.
  4. Just curious

    I think the local PD/sheriff grants are part of the NH Fish and Game OHRV Wheeled Vehicle Grant program., and PDs from all over the state can apply. There's also another program where F&G receives NH Highway Safety grants "to provide dedicated funding for targeted road-based OHRV enforcement and overall traffic safety. Keep in mind that these funds are for road-based enforcement. We can also cover trails connected to road systems during the patrols, but the focus is on the public roadways to qualify for the funding which is provided to help reduce alcohol related OHRV/motor vehicle issues." This program seems to be active in Coos County and a part of Grafton County. It appears that that the focus of these programs is wheeled OHRVs, at least at present.
  5. Just curious

    Today's Union Leader has a story about the coming retirement of F&G's Lt. Wayne Saunders, who's current assignment is Coos County. After he leaves F&G he will "take a part-time position with Coos County to oversee its OHRV enforcement effort." Are the counties taking on OHRV law enforcement? There's been a program where F&G has been providing additional enforcement for Coos County due to the public roads being opened to wheeled OHRVs, but I think it's being delivered by F&G people. Also, the story doesn't make clear what vehicles are included in "OHRV"; might snowmobiles be included or is this just wheeled vehicles?
  6. Modern sled with traditional ride

    I've owned a Vector, and the motor was a miracle, but it was not the sled for central NH trails. OK, it was very good on the Northern Rail Trail. It did have that "traditional" feel, but favored big, wide-open trails,
  7. What sled would you buy if you wanted a late-model (>= 2013) trail machine that was most like the traditional sleds of the 1990's-early 2000's in the area of rider position and seat height? . I've often thought it strange that "back in the day" the trails weren't groomed to our current standards and the sleds had fairly punishing suspensions, but as the trails got smoother the sled suspensions got better and better to deal with bumps that weren't there. I wonder if it's a plot to enable the vintage riders to keep riding and save their backs? I find that I miss the older trail sleds' riding position/seat height, but don't miss the older 2-stroke technology or the reliability. So, what's out there that has a modern power train and a semi-modern chassis? Maybe with a long track? And decent wind protection? My guess would be "not much".
  8. f & G and un spent REG

    The first line defines what funds are covered. Any funds appropriated to the fish and game department shall be used for the following purposes:
  9. f & G and un spent REG

    RSA 215-C is pretty clear on how unspent registration funds are handled. Has something changed? IX. Any funds appropriated to the fish and game department shall be used for the following purposes: (a) Enforcement of the provisions of RSA 215-C and RSA 215-A. (b) Establishment of snowmobile training programs. At the discretion of the director, snowmobile training programs may be combined with OHRV training programs. (c) Law enforcement under this chapter, which shall be the responsibility of the executive director. (d) Snowmobile registration. (e) Such other purposes as may be budgeted within the limitation of the funds available. Any unexpended balance in said accounts shall not lapse, but shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year. X. Any excess registration fees collected and not expended shall be nonlapsing and shall be retained by the snowmobile and OHRV program for future use. In each year of the biennium, the excess fees collected may be expended by the fish and game department and the department of natural and cultural resources in the same proportion as described in this section with prior approval of the fiscal committee and the governor and council
  10. Let's imagine an NHSA affiliated club with 100 total members. The NHSA doesn't require that the members also be NHSA members. Let's imagine that 90 of the 100 members are not NHSA members. Because these 90 people are members of an NHSA affiliated club they qualify for the discount, but will need proof of membership. In the past the club could provide a document stating their membership that was accepted by F&G, but under a proposed change that would no longer be true. The F&G wants to MANDATE that the NHSA must provide the proof of membership, and the NHSA wants to charge the club $10 per transaction to provide that proof and maintain a database of member information. Do you believe that the NHSA can, or should, deny a club affiliation because 100% of the members are not NHSA members? The proposed By-Laws state in Article IV-Membership: "Individual memberships will be a benefit for those who are members in good standing as defined in the NHSA Rules of Business of an affiliated club. Members of affiliated clubs are not required to accept this benefit except as required by club by-laws." From the proposed Rules of Business for member clubs under Membership: "Good Standing- Annual dues are paid; its per membership dues are paid per club agreement" (does this mean that a club pays dues for each NHSA member when they join, but doesn't have to pay the $10 unless the non-NHRA member wants to get a registration discount? Joining a club is not always synonymous with registering a sled or requesting a discount) This goes back to the meaning of a "club membership transaction". The decision-making here is on the part of the F&G who proposed the rules change, and the legislature that will either approve or disapprove that proposal.
  11. The mandate arises from the decision to accept membership confirmation from only the NHSA. NHSA controls the membership numbers, so it controls who gets the discount, so they can demand the $10 fee. And there's your mandate, not on who can be a club member, but on who can be a club member that gets a discount. As I've said more times than I probably should have, this discount thing has caused more grief in recent years than it should, and I suspect one of the root causes is that some members and clubs aren't convinced that NHSA is spending funds wisely. Perhaps a bit more openness and explanation about where the money comes from and where it goes might help.
  12. I think it's still true that if you give any thread enough time it will wander a bit, and sometimes more. What I get from George's post is that he doesn't think the NHSA and F&G rules are fair to his club. That has little to do with the price of sleds. My concern with the proposed changes to F&G administrative rules and NHSA Rules and By-Laws is that they seem designed to be a work-around to preserve funding for NHSA Before, the NHSA took a $10 membership fee for each member, then a re-interpretation of the enabling statute said that NHSA membership wasn't required to get the discount. Now, the NHSA says that they will charge the clubs $10 to issue a number that the F&G proposes to be required to get the discount. Without the proposed F&G mandate the NHSA would have little leverage to require the transaction fee. I think you would have to fairly oblivious to not see that the "membership transaction fee" is a replacement for the former "membership fee" for those seeking the registration discount. Now, as to the mechanics of how this will work out, it's hard to say seeing that I don't understand how this process will work, thus I asked the questions in a previous post. There doesn't seem to be a lot of hard public information out there. As for the price of sleds.... I suspect the rising prices have a lot to do with a shrinking market due to urbanization of formerly rural areas, and a changing winter climate over a large part of North America and other regions. Snowmobiles need open space and consistent snow cover, and both are becoming in short supply, especially in the Northeast. Wheeled vehicles always enjoyed a sales advantage over sleds in that they can be used in all climates for at least part of the year.
  13. In the proposed "Rules of Business" under Dues, it states "Annual dues shall be $30. In addition, member clubs shall be assessed $10 per club membership transaction." What is the meaning of "club membership transaction"? Is it all members of a club? Is it all club members that belong to the NHSA? Can I be a member of a club and not have any connection to the NHSA that would require a transaction with them? Is this $10 connected to a discounted registration? When NHSA allocates delegates do NHSA members and non-NHSA members both count? The proposed BY-Laws state that "Delegates from the member clubs of the NHSA allowed to vote must have been a club member registered in the NHSA database on or before March 1'st of that year." So, are clubs members who are not members of the NHSA registered in the NHSA database? (does being in the database imply NHSA membership?) If I'm not an NHSA member, will my club membership count towards the delegate allocation? There are rules and by-laws, and there are interpretations of rules and by-laws, and sometimes the interpretation can make all the difference.
  14. 1. JLCAR: It would take a large number of people to influence this process as the legislature tends to listen to state agencies and recognized organizations. 2. Consumer complaint: This would go to the AG's office, and the AG is already well aware of the moves being made by NHSA. 3. Opting out of NHSA: Probably the most workable option. If you don't like the NHSA this will hurt them and the clubs will still receive funds, but collectively, not a specific club. Some clubs might like that, some might not. As for the discount on sled registrations, the discount equals about 10 gallons of high-test gas, and for a single-sled registration it's cheaper to not join most clubs. At some point (now?), the club discount needs to be looked at. I suspect that the discount helps some clubs, but not all clubs.Has any club ever polled their members regarding "the discount" ?
  15. Official SledNH weather thread

    The consensus weather forecast was for snow/rain and clouds today, and the sky this morning did give warning. Turned out to be a false alarm. I was a bit late to pick up the best colors, but not too bad.