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  1. I'm closing the nominations for the 2020 Lazarus Awards now. This thread has been dead for 5 years and has now come back to life.
  2. 5.2 Acres and small "camp" on P152 in Campton

    $125K for a 440 square foot camp with 1 bedroom and no electricity, bathroom, septic system, or well? 440 square feet over 2 floors, assessed at half the selling price. Sure sounds like the snowmobile trail is the prime feature. And if the trail is closed? It will take a very motivated buyer to step up at that price.
  3. Trail re-route in Rumney

    Is this the area you're talking about?
  4. Snow report?

    As smallengineguy said, this snow probably won't last long anywhere south of the Whites unless at high elevation. But... Tomorrow might be soon enough to get out. I went out for a short ride here in Loudon, and the snow was like cement; thoroughly saturated with water. Plowing it was difficult. I'd say we got about 5"-6". Here's the NWS snow report. ...New Hampshire... ...Belknap County... Laconia 7.9 E 10.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 1.5 N Laconia 10.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP Meredith 2.9 SSW 8.2 in 0740 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Belmont 1.7 SW 6.4 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Sanbornton 2.3 WNW 5.8 in 0728 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Tilton Northfield 3.3 NE 5.7 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS ...Carroll County... East Sandwich 12.8 in 0600 AM 12/31 COOP Wolfeboro 11.7 in 0800 AM 12/31 UCOOP 1 N Madison 11.0 in 0648 AM 12/31 Trained Spotter Wolfeboro 0.6 SW 11.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 1 W Wolfeboro 11.0 in 0747 AM 12/31 Trained Spotter Madison 1.7 SE 10.8 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Albany 2.8 SW 10.4 in 0800 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 3 NW Sandwich 10.3 in 0756 AM 12/31 Public North Conway 9.8 in 0835 AM 12/31 COOP Bartlett 9.4 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP North Conway 1.4 SSW 9.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS ...Cheshire County... West Chesterfield 0.3 WNW 3.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 1.6 W Keene 1.2 in 0600 AM 12/31 COOP ...Coos County... Gorham 11.0 in 0510 AM 12/31 COOP Randolph 1.4 NE 9.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 1.0 S Berlin 7.0 in 0758 AM 12/31 COOP Pinkham Notch 6.6 in 0506 AM 12/31 COOP 1 SE Lancaster 5.5 in 0709 AM 12/31 Public Lancaster 0.5 N 3.5 in 0600 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Jefferson 1 W 3.5 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP ...Grafton County... Orange 7.9 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP Bristol 0.4 SSE 7.5 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Plymouth 3.7 N 7.3 in 0600 AM 12/31 COCORAHS ...Hillsborough County... 2 S New Ipswich 4.8 in 0748 AM 12/31 Trained Spotter 1.6 NE Hudson 3.7 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP 1.1 SE Nashua 3.5 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP Manchester Airport 3.1 in 0700 AM 12/31 ASOS Milford 1 ESE 3.1 in 0730 AM 12/31 COOP ...Merrimack County... Northfield 2.8 E 8.5 in 0513 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Danbury 2.2 ESE 7.5 in 0800 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Newbury 1.6 NW 6.3 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Concord Airport 4.7 in 0700 AM 12/31 ASOS Bow 1.6 NW 4.6 in 0745 AM 12/31 COCORAHS South Sutton 2.5 SSE 4.5 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS ...Rockingham County... Portsmouth Airport 8.4 in 0804 AM 12/31 ASOS Northwood 2.9 WSW 5.3 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 0.5 W Epping 5.0 in 0700 AM 12/31 COOP Auburn 1.8 E 4.8 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Derry 5.7 N 3.8 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Northwood 1.9 WSW 3.7 in 0700 AM 12/31 COCORAHS 2 NE Stratham 3.6 in 0647 AM 12/31 Public Derry 3.5 in 0851 AM 12/31 Public Londonderry 3.3 in 0853 AM 12/31 Trained Spotter ...Strafford County... Dover 0.8 E 8.0 in 0730 AM 12/31 COCORAHS Barrington 3.2 E 7.5 in 0600 AM 12/31 COCORAHS &&
  5. Send me your mailing address so I can send you the Polaris stuff.

    1. pathfinder


      Armand Buteau

      177 Round Pond Road

      Pittsburg, NH 93592


    2. pathfinder



      Armand Buteau

      177 Round Pond Road

      Pittsburg, NH 93592


  6. Send me your mailing address.

  7. Early riding

    The BoT news email is out and listed some early riding options. News about early December riding in southern NH isn't all that common, but this last storm did dump some serious snow down there. Early Season Riding Bureau of Trails and Hollis Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club (Nashua/Hollis area) have opened their trail system, including Silver Lake State Park. Some trails have been groomed and the club hopes to have all of them done by Saturday. Note that the abutting trail systems are NOT OPEN at this time. Bureau of Trails has also opened Pisgah State Park (Cheshire County) for riding, within the Park ONLY. Gates in the park will be opened today. Trails leading out of the park to the north are NOT OPEN at this time. Trails will be ungroomed. The following Recreational Rail Trails are also OPEN for riding: Rockingham Recreational Trail, Fremont Branch (Windham to Epping) Rockingham Recreational Trail, Portsmouth Branch (Newfields to Auburn) Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail (Fitzwilliam to Walpole). Connector trail through Keene may not be open at this time. Ashuelot Recreational Rail Trail (Keene to Hinsdale) Fort Hill Recreational Rail Trail (Hinsdale) Sugar River Recreational Trail (Newport to Claremont) Hillsborough Recreational Trail (Bennington to Hillsborough) Northern Rail Trail (Boscawen to Lebanon) Recreational Rail Trails in Northern NH are also open for use, but with less snow cover. Note that the abutting lands are CLOSED at this time. This would include the Warren, Ammonoosuc, Presidential, and Upper Coos Recreational Trails. PLEASE NOTE: Gates/crossbars on the recreational trails are still CLOSED. Riders should slow when approaching gates and travel through the gate bypass openings. Again, ALL trails off recreational trails onto abutting lands should be considered CLOSED! Riders need to stay on open trails only.
  8. Snowy winter on tap?

    The weekend+ storm dropped about 7+" of snow in Loudon. I traveled to East Derry today, and they got 16"-17" of snow. Parts of south-western NH got 30+" of snow. Still, got to figure that the brooks, rivers, and swamps aren't frozen down here.
  9. First good snow fall in my yard - Nov 11

    An early December snow storm looks likely, especially for southern NH. Snowfall predictions are all over the place ( min of 3", max of 18"from 4 forecasters). WMUR is going with a foot of snow anywhere south of Concord, but only a couple inches north of the notches.
  10. Electric recreational vehicles

    The Taiga Atlas crossover sled can be equipped with a 180 hp motor and a battery pack good for 88 miles and 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. "Production is targeted to begin in summer 2020 for initial customer deliveries in time for the 2020-2021 Winter season. Pricing starts at $15,000 USD.. Reserved snowmobiles will be delivered through Taiga partnered dealerships. Once commercially available, select dealerships will carry Taiga snowmobiles, offer servicing and test rides. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out our dealer application form." Oh yeah, Taiga also makes the Orca electric watercraft. https://taigamotors.ca/snowmobiles/#1559274402704-d50e1098-807d
  11. There are now battery-powered automobiles, chainsaws, and lawnmowers, so why not battery-powered ATV's and snowmobiles? Tesla recently showed off its new electric ATV, and Quebec company Taiga is selling electric snowmobiles. The sleds are in the 500-600 pound range, and "Its electric motor is fed by a 15 kWh battery pack that’s good for 100 kilometres of range. It boasts 107 horsepower, 184 pound-foot torque and has a three-second 0-100 km/h acceleration sprint. " I can see a future where these electric sleds will be mandated for Yellowstone and other environmentally/politically sensitive places. Electric sleds and ATV's will have the same issues as electric cars around charging stations, but that should be fixable for "destination" riders where riding is confined to a fixed geography. . https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-surprises-with-all-electric-atv-at-the-end-of-cybertruck-event/ https://taigamotors.ca/snowmobiles/ https://mountainculturegroup.com/montreal-company-unveils-worlds-first-electric-snowmobile/
  12. Attn: Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiasts

    Buying this sign would be like buying a headache. Back in the day a friend had a Ski-Daddler 493 Mark V that was pretty much useless as it wouldn't steer. About half way through a ride he'd ask to swap machines and you wouldn't see him until the end of the ride. Tomato soup orange didn't help.
  13. Klim Inversion gloves

    No personal knowledge about these gloves, but here's a couple reviews from the Klim site: https://www.klim.com/Inversion-Glove-3161-002
  14. Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg

    Until you find out that his wife's name is Ella Snall.
  15. random photo thread

    Pretty good display today.