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  1. any thoughts on billwills02?

  2. March 24, 2020 6"-8" of heavy, wet, snow. Plow was taken off the truck a week ago. Only one thing to do.
  3. Today's Union Leader has a story on the 2019-2020 sled season in the north country of NH. There are interviews with BoT's Chris Gamache, NHSA's Dan Gould, F&G's Captain Michael Eastman, and SnoFest coordinator and former NHSA's Gail Hanson. Capt Eastman stated that as of 2/26/2020 40,272 sleds have been registered, which is a drop of about 4,000 sleds from the previous year. Some quotes from the story. Capt Eastman: Rental sled accidents caused "by inexperience rather than speed or alcohol" "a spike in registrations in February" Chris Gamache: "The season wasn't bad" "BoT looking at creating designated areas for back-country riding" Dan Gould: "We did not believe it was going to be as strong a year as it was" "a lot of riders went north" "Coos County had a good year after a slow start" Gail Hanson: It's been a probably fair to good season" "Hotels and restaurants up here have been full" https://www.unionleader.com/news/business/snowmobile-season-rides-through-warm-winter/article_243757f4-eb57-5ff9-987f-bfc72e02f2f6.html
  4. Colman St Park

    For an interesting report on snow cover in NH go here: https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=ESF&format=CI&version=1&glossary=0 The NWS does a flood assessment each spring, and it includes measurement of snow depths in Maine and NH. Baker River has called it a day for the season. Pretty good sign that things are shutting down. Down my way they never really opened up.
  5. Colman St Park

    The Swift Diamond Riders are out of Coleman State Park, and here's their Saturday (March 7) at noon trail report from Facebook. The snofest was held in their area. SDR Update: Evening all. Quite a day at the SDR Warming Hut and Coleman State Park with the final day of SnoFest. Very...Very...Busy and we appreciate all that stopped by and showed the local clubs and businesses your support. As for the SDR Trails, it’s no secret, they got completely smoked with the heavy traffic. We sent 4 groomers out tonight but there is no way that one shift will make miracles. The odds are against us between the traffic that is still out there and the “mealy” type snow we are pushing around. As you are aware we are now through the first week of March, the sun is high and daytime temps quickly become an issue. Please know that from this point on everything with trails and grooming is anybody’s guess and as the old saying goes “We will get what we get”. Rest assured that the SDR will continue to do the very best we can to keep things smooth but there is only so much we can do at times. Next weeks weather pattern would be an example of that. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and SnoFest. SDR
  6. Christmas bulbs

    We must fathom the depth of the hypocrisy that Congress wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but not everyone has to prove they are citizens. In NH , what government requires you to be insured? Congress has no interest in your car insurance..
  7. Repair shop groveton area

    Have to ask the question.. Are you sure the part will fix the problem? Do you have a multimeter and know how to use it? I've sent you a portion of the repair manual that covers testing of this assembly. Swapping electrical parts can work, but can also be expensive.
  8. The Keith Haynes trail

    I've heard that the Colebrook Ski-Bees have a new trail trail named after Keith Haynes. I remember the old Keith Haynes trail that we'd pass on the way to Colebrook. That trail was not our first option. Here's a magazine story about riding sleds in the area around the Balsams back in the 1990's. American Snowmobiler 1994 https://amsnow.com/reviews/snowmobile-trails-travel/1994/11/the-historic-balsams We got in a lot of riding in not a lot of miles. Especially when we hit the R. Keith Haynes Memorial Trail. The sign on the Haynes trail marker simply stated, "North Country's First Groomed Trail." The joke of the day was "…and it hasn't been groomed since." It was a narrow trail. Ice formed from a previous rain and melt had frozen hard and bumpy in the -30 degree temperatures we faced during our travels. No amount of grooming would make a difference until much more snow would come. In the meantime, the grooming club would suffer abuse for this next to impossible to groom section of trail. BTW: I have an extra 1992 Umbagog Sports Association trail map that I can spare, any taker? This is the one with a picture of the new 197 ft bridge over the Androscoggin River built by the club.
  9. Repair shop groveton area

    Take a look at your messages.
  10. Here's the data for a 2007 AC 2-stroke


  11. Snocross at NHMS 2/15-16

  12. From the NWS site. The low in Maine was -21 in New Sharon and Fryeburg.. Anybody riding yesterday morning had a cold start to their day. The top of Mt Washington was -11 while several towns had -20 or lower. Groveton was the place to be. ...Coos County... 4.9 N Clarksville -35 F 0420 AM 02/15 COOP 0.6 E Pittsburg -34 F 0345 AM 02/15 HADS Pittsburg -30 F 0700 AM 02/15 COOP 2.6 W Pittsburg -29 F 0400 AM 02/15 HADS Whitefield -28 F 0552 AM 02/15 ASOS Berlin -27 F 0552 AM 02/15 ASOS Lancaster -27 F 0710 AM 02/15 RAWS Errol -19 F 1215 AM 02/15 HADS 1.0 S Berlin -17 F 0700 AM 02/15 COOP Gorham -13 F 0513 AM 02/15 COOP Pinkham Notch -12 F 0534 AM 02/15 COOP Mount Washington -11 F 0953 PM 02/14 AWOS 3.0 NE Groveton 11 F 0730 AM 02/15 HADS
  13. New antique registration rules?

    Note that under current law there are two ways to qualify for antique plates: model year before 1969 or 25 or more years old. After 5/1/2020 there is only one way to qualify: model year before 1995. The twenty-five year old rule isn't there anymore. F&G still has the prior-to-May 1'st rules on their web site.I couldn't figure out how a 1995 qualified today but after 5/1/2020 it required a 1994 or earlier.
  14. New antique registration rules?

    This from the F&G site: The machine must be at least 25 years old. The current model year for sleds is 2020, so the 25-year rule should mean a 1995 qualifies (1995 + 25= 2020)
  15. New antique registration rules?

    I'd check with F&G on that. With auto registration the towns charge tax based on the model year, even though the RSA specifies year of manufacture. From the Nashua web site: New Registration For a new registration, the model year determines which tax rate is used to compute the city permit fee. For example, a current model year is charged $18 per thousand; the prior model year is charged $15 per thousand, etc. Title XXI Chapter 261:153 The mill rate to be charged on a vehicle originally offered for registration by a registrant shall be based on the year of manufacture of the said vehicle and shall continue for the next 12 months, including the month of registration.