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  1. 2023 Ski Doo pricing

    I was curious about the 2023 Ski Doo sled, so I visited the Ski Doo web site. The new sleds look good, but prices have escalated. A 2022 Freeride had an MLP of $15,350, and a 2023 Freeride is $15,950. So, a $600 (3.9%) boost in MLP. Those prices don't include transportation or preparation. Those numbers seem to be at least close to normal. Something new has been added, it's called a "commodity surcharge" of $250 or $400. The $250 applies to the less expensive sleds (below $7000), and the $400 applies to the rest of the lineup. That would bring the sticker price of a Freeride to $16,350, plus transportation and preparation. I read in the Wall Street Journal that Polaris is seeing the same problems as Ski Doo, and is considering price hikes. They were concerned that "aggressive price hikes could alienate consumers and hurt sales" for what might be temporary supply hikes. I wonder if Polaris might look at "commodity surcharges? https://www.ski-doo.com/us/en/models.html For those who haven't pre-ordered, we’d like to inform you of adjusted pricing for 2023 snowmobiles. This price adjustment may come as a surprise, and we are very sorry for this. As you are aware, pricing has increased for many products across industries around the world and powersports is no exception. BRP has explored various ways to accommodate the disruptions while maintaining a steady flow of production and material sourcing, transportation of parts and vehicles as well as how we assemble each and every unit. Please Note: The pricing adjustments will not impact customers who purchased a snowmobile through the Spring Sales Event between February 14 and March 31. Additionally, there will be no pricing impact on the youth MXZ 120/200 models or the entry-level models MXZ and Summit Neo/Neo+. Keep in mind there will remain a temporary commodity surcharge in addition to the adjusted price. https://www.ski-doo.com/us/en/resources/delivery-update.html BRP's supply chain continues to be impacted by two factors during the pandemic: rising raw material costs and increased shipping costs. Because of rising costs, BRP has put in place a commodity surcharge for Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Can-Am Off-Road and Can-Am On-Road vehicles.
  2. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Sorry ICG, but you've been found in violation of Goodwin's Law. Godwin’s Law of Nazi analogies: "whoever made the comparison loses whatever debate is in progress." Until the State of NH buys, leases, or negotiates a ROW, for all the private property included in our 7,000 miles of trails, those private property owners have the ability to control who enters their property. for any reason or no reason. My concern is not the meaning of the Second Amendment, which has changed considerably over the years, but the possible closure of trails because of landowner concerns over loaded handguns on their private property. Trail reroutes and closures are becoming more common in my area, we don't need another reason for landowners to close a trail. BTW: Does anybody know what the NHSA position was on this bill?
  3. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Nashua Telegraph CONCORD – House Democrats criticized Gov. Chris Sununu for signing “without usual fanfare” on Friday HB 1636, a bill that allows carrying loaded pistols and revolvers on OHRVs and snowmobiles in New Hampshire. In a statement Monday, Sununu said “New Hampshire’s laws are well-crafted and fit our culture of responsible gun ownership and individual freedom. HB1636 is the former HB334 without the firearms background checks portion. Now we get to see what impact, if any, this has on trail closures.
  4. Crawford Notch fire

    The Crawford Notch fire seems to be controlled. The rain from the recent storm helped. The Balsams is located in Dixville Notch, northeast of Errol on Route 26. Crawford Notch is south of there in Hart's Location (near Lincoln) on Route 302. It's tough to keep the NH notches straight, there are close to 40 of them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mountain_passes_in_New_Hampshire
  5. Where will snowmobiling be in 50 years?

    Here's something that was done well before virtual reality and the metaverse. Perhaps the legislators who are sponsoring a bill to allow firearms while riding a sled have seen Die Hard II.
  6. Riding near Concord

    Looking at this 3-year old post seems like looking at the "good old days".
  7. Court case decision over ATV operation in Gorham

    In the judges decision he said that the state had not adequately compensated the plaintiffs for "inverse condemnation damages for the diminution of the fair market value of their homes." Do those damages still exist?
  8. Court case decision over ATV operation in Gorham

    The appeals court would be the NH Supreme Court, so it could be a while before any appeal would be heard. The suit was filed in March of 2018, and the state opened an alternate portal to the Presidential Trail in August of 2020. The attached picture shows the area in question. The people who filed the suit live on both Route 2 and on Crestview Drive. Plaintiffs respectfully request: 1. An Order of Mandamus requiring that defendant Town and defendant State permanently remove the OHRV trail head and trail from plaintiffs’ neighborhood in compliance with defendants’ clear legal duty under the law. 2. An injunction, preliminary and permanent, enjoining defendant Town and defendant State from sanctioning and operating the nuisance of the OHRV trail head and trail in plaintiffs’ neighborhood. 3. An award to plaintiffs of inverse condemnation damages for the diminution of the fair market value of their homes. 4. An award of attorney fees, expert fees and expenses of litigation of this case. Maybe this ruling is all about items 3 and 4 above. It appears the state and town moved to fix the traffic problems, but maybe nobody offered financial compensation to the litigants. A lot of us have used the Route 2 Gorham parking lot to access Trail 19 for a sled ride up to Errol and beyond. Will this ruling impact the snowmobile people? In May of 2021 the state closed the Route 2 parking lot for loading or unloading and parking of OHRV’s from May 23rd through November 30th, so the ATV traffic problem should be gone. Will it now show up somewhere else?
  9. Today's Union Leader has a story about the lawsuit filed by 13 people in 2018 over ATV operation in Gorham. https://www.unionleader.com/news/human_interest/judge-says-town-state-inadequately-compensated-gorham-landowners-over-atv-use/article_1fed5c83-a7aa-5182-9fe8-db4ee17531b1.html?block_id=1128300 "GORHAM — A judge has ruled that the town and state inadequately compensated the owners of several residential properties along U.S. Route 2 when they permitted ATVs to operate on and near the road."
  10. Electric snowmobile

    The Washington Post published a story with the title "The Electric Future of Snowmobiling" recently. Yes, the same newspaper that usually writes about politics. The story has been picked up by a lot of newspapers, and I saw it the Concord Monitor. Here's a link to the Anchorage Daily News: https://www.adn.com/nation-world/2022/02/20/the-electric-future-of-snowmachining/ The Tiaga TS2 isn't available right now, but the company makes electric sleds that should be ready for the 2022-2023 season. They want to make 10,000 sleds per year by 2025. The TS2 comes in three models with two power and range ratings. The one in the Washington Post story is the Nomad which has 120 hp and a 60 mile range. The larger electric motor produces 180 HP and a range of 80 miles with a 0-60 mph in about 3 seconds. Here's the Tiaga web site: https://taigamotors.ca/snowmobiles/ Just like electric cars, the downside is the price, the range, recharging stations, and the cold. The issues are being addressed but haven't been completely solved.
  11. Snow totals

    In the Concord area this storm is a bust. Wind, but not much snow. South and east there were some pretty good snowfalls, but around here not much
  12. Big groomers, small trails

    They might gain some height, but these 10'-high culverts are tubes (circular) so any gain would be limited. They want 12'x12' box culverts (flat bottom) so grooming equipment can get through. Maybe, if Route 101 is expanded/rebuilt, they might get some help.
  13. Big groomers, small trails

    The Jan/Feb 2022 edition of the Sno-Traveler has a story (page 22) titled "If It Weren't For Low Tunnels" that addresses the same issues discussed in the Union Leader two months ago.
  14. Snow totals

    The snow accumulations list is on NOAA's National Weather Service site. Go to https://forecast.weather.gov Then enter your ZIP code in the box (directs you to the Gray, Maine weather site. Then enter your ZIP code again in box for local forecast. On the local forecast page, top center of the page, click on "Latest Snow, Sleet, and Ice Observations"
  15. Snow totals

    ...Belknap County... New Hampton 4.1 N 8.5 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS 3 NW Laconia 7.5 in 0802 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter 3 SSW Meredith 7.2 in 0339 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Sanbornton 2.3 WNW 4.6 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Laconia 7.9 E 4.5 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Tilton Northfield 3.3 NE 3.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 2 WSW Belmont 2.9 in 0700 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter ...Carroll County... 1 E Bartlett 9.0 in 0737 PM 01/17 Amateur Radio 1 N Madison 9.0 in 0330 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Center Sandwich 4.9 E 8.9 in 0600 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Ossipee 8.6 in 0750 PM 01/17 Amateur Radio 4 W East Wakefield 8.0 in 1203 PM 01/17 Public 2 NW Freedom 8.0 in 0123 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Jackson 3.7 NW 7.0 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS North Conway 7.0 in 0747 PM 01/17 Amateur Radio 2 WNW Wolfeboro 6.0 in 0225 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Wolfeboro 5.0 in 0700 AM 01/17 UCOOP Albany 2.8 SW 4.6 in 0800 AM 01/18 COCORAHS North Conway 2.7 in 0800 AM 01/17 COOP Wakefield 6.0 NNW 2.3 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Tamworth 0.4 NNW 0.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS ...Cheshire County... 2 SSE Rindge 7.4 in 0748 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 3 W Marlow 7.0 in 1130 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter Roxbury 6.3 in 1025 AM 01/17 Public 1 ENE Spofford 4.5 in 0952 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter West Chesterfield 0.3 WNW 4.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 3 W Keene 4.0 in 1005 AM 01/17 Public ...Coos County... 2 E Randolph 9.3 in 0530 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Carroll 4.6 NE 8.2 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS 1 S Whitefield 6.0 in 0302 PM 01/17 Public Lancaster 0.5 N 3.9 in 0600 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Berlin 3.9 ESE 3.7 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS 4 NNW Whitefield 2.1 in 1230 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Pittsburg 1.0 in 0700 AM 01/17 COOP Jefferson 1 W 0.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COOP Pinkham Notch 0.1 in 0525 AM 01/17 COOP ...Grafton County... Waterville Valley 9.4 in 1216 PM 01/17 Public Holderness 7.0 in 0407 PM 01/17 Public Plymouth 3.7 N 6.6 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS 5 N Bristol 6.0 in 0327 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Hanover 6.0 in 0124 PM 01/17 Public 5 SSW Lyme 4.8 in 0210 PM 01/17 Public Littleton 7.3 W 3.0 in 0800 AM 01/18 COCORAHS ...Hillsborough County... 2 S New Ipswich 8.2 in 0924 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 2 N Francestown 8.0 in 0319 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Greenville 1.1 ENE 8.0 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 3 SSE Mason 8.0 in 0820 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 3 WSW Merrimack 8.0 in 0900 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 1 WSW Peterborough 8.0 in 1006 AM 01/17 Public Weare 4.3 S 7.5 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 2 S New Boston 7.2 in 0927 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 1 ESE Brookline 7.0 in 0600 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter Mont Vernon 1.3 SSW 6.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Temple 1.2 ENE 6.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Goffstown 6.0 in 0852 PM 01/17 Amateur Radio Amherst 3.7 NNE 5.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Manchester 0.6 S 5.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Milford 1.1 ESE 5.5 in 0750 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 2 SSE Bedford 5.0 in 0802 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter Manchester Airport 4.4 in 0700 AM 01/17 ASOS 1 WSW Nashua 3.0 in 0720 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 4 W Windham 3.0 in 0235 PM 01/17 Amateur Radio 1.6 NE Hudson 2.9 in 0700 AM 01/17 COOP 1.1 SE Nashua T in 0725 AM 01/18 COOP ...Merrimack County... 2 NW Wilmot 9.5 in 0100 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter 1 SSE Henniker 8.3 in 0555 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter South Sutton 1.3 SE 7.6 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Northfield 2.8 E 7.4 in 0501 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Bow 1.6 NW 7.1 in 0815 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Canterbury 2.5 SSW 7.1 in 0745 AM 01/17 COCORAHS New London 0.8 S 6.2 in 0700 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Concord Municipal Airp 6.1 in 0100 PM 01/17 ASOS Chichester 2.7 SSW 6.0 in 0130 AM 01/18 COCORAHS Pittsfield 0.2 SSW 6.0 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Danbury 2.2 ESE 5.6 in 0800 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Contoocook 0.6 NNW 5.2 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Sutton Mills 0.1 ENE 4.9 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS ...Rockingham County... 1 N Deerfield 9.0 in 0849 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter 4 ESE Epsom 7.5 in 1202 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter Derry 5.7 N 5.2 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Northwood 2.9 WSW 5.1 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Auburn 1.8 E 4.5 in 0900 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Nottingham 1.2 S 3.5 in 0830 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 1 SSW Sandown 2.6 in 0702 AM 01/17 CO-OP Observer 0.5 W Epping 1.0 in 0700 AM 01/17 COOP Hampstead 1.6 NNE 0.8 in 0900 AM 01/17 COCORAHS ...Strafford County... Strafford 2.9 N 6.0 in 0700 AM 01/17 COCORAHS Barrington 3.2 E 3.3 in 0645 AM 01/17 COCORAHS 2 NW Dover 2.1 in 0718 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter Durham 1.5 in 0700 AM 01/17 Trained Spotter ...Sullivan County... 1 S Claremont 9.5 in 1215 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter 2 NE Newport 9.5 in 0419 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter 2 WSW Cornish 7.6 in 0200 PM 01/17 Public