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  1. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    This Chocorua Lake closure is happening in a place that most sledders would have considered safer than most.The land in the area is either owned by a non-profit land trust or under some form of conservation easement, or owned by the state or federal government.. Nobody will be building any housing developments, or putting in malls or new roads.Development is restricted so the sale of a property doesn't bring a load of cash and the need to get rid of a trail. The Chocorua Lake Conservancy spokesman quoted in the news story represents a non-profit land trust that owns 1000 acres around Chocorua Lake and has conservation easements on another 3000 acres. The National Conservancy also owns land on the lake. This trail wasn't lost because of a house or a strip mall being built on it, it was lost because of bad manners. The landowner stated it was riding off-trail and leaving litter behind that caused the closure. He also raised the issue of high traffic volumes, especially by non-locals, but may not have been so offended if the riders had behaved themselves. More good manners couldn't have hurt.
  2. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    My reading of the news story is that after being told that all members of the general snowmobile public must have access to state trails, or the trail must close as a state trail, the owners elected for closure.They then told the Tamworth Outing Club they would be allowed to use snowmobiles to maintain their sled dog trail. There's really no connection between BoT and the act of a private landowner giving permission to a group to conduct a dog sled race and use snowmobiles to maintain the trail. I suspect the Tamworth Outing Club, or people working with them , will get the written permissions. And, you're right, the owners will assume all liability for the event unless the outing club provides liability .coverage As for the written permission requirement, what would prevent a landowner from appointing the outing club as their agent (land manager) to handle the individual permission slips required by state regulations? These are issues that the state trail system was supposed to address. The statement below does seem quite restrictive and centered on the sled dog race. "owners have communicated to the Tamworth Outing Club that they are fine with local snowmobiles using the trails to groom the trails for the annual Tamworth Sled Dog race.”
  3. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    In the southern half of NH, closures of corridor trails are happening, with C-17 (Northwood) and C-15 (Loudon) closed in my area. I wish there were a central data source for corridor and primary trail closures throughout the state. Is there one? Can somebody explain how a trail is selected to be a corridor or primary trail and is there a review process for keeping that designation? How does that stuff work?.
  4. NWS snow reports. Berlin reported 4". NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... 1 WSW Belmont 8.8 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 1 ESE Sanbornton 8.5 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS New Hampton 8.5 619 AM 2/08 Social Media Lakeport 8.0 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 2 W Sanbornton 7.9 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 2 SW Meredith 7.8 610 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 4 E Gilford 7.0 730 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS ...Carroll County... Ossipee 10.0 539 AM 2/08 Social Media 1 SE Jackson 9.5 817 AM 2/08 Trained Spotter North Conway 9.2 800 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 1 SE Madison 9.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Sandwich 8.7 630 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 SW Albany 8.5 800 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 NE Wakefield 8.1 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Tamworth 7.7 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Tamworth 4 7.7 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer ...Cheshire County... WNW West Chesterfiel 6.4 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Keene 5.8 600 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 1 ESE Keene 5.5 630 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Jaffrey Airpark 4.8 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer Otter Brook Lake 4.5 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer ...Coos County... North Stratford 7.5 800 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer Lancaster 7.5 812 AM 2/08 Trained Spotter 1 NE Randolph 6.3 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 6 NE Pittsburg 6.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Berlin 4.0 716 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer ...Grafton County... 2 NNW Ashland 12.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Plymouth 11.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Canaan 9.5 718 AM 2/08 Social Media Bristol 9.4 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Sugar Hill 6.3 640 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS ...Hillsborough County... Milford 7.5 745 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS East Milford 7.0 730 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer Hancock 5.7 730 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 3 E Manchester 5.0 800 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer Bedford 5.0 736 AM 2/08 Social Media 1 SW Mont Vernon 5.0 630 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Mont Vernon 5.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Greenville 4.5 915 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer Hudson 1sse 3.3 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer ...Merrimack County... 2 ENE Bradford 10.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Bradford 9.0 641 AM 2/08 Social Media 2 ESE Boscawen 8.0 715 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 2 SSE Boscawen 7.9 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS West Hopkinton 7.5 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 1 NNW Bow 7.0 800 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 1 SSE Henniker 7.0 820 AM 2/08 Trained Spotter 1 SE Concord 6.5 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 S Bow 6.2 600 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Pittsfield 6.0 800 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS ...Rockingham County... 4 ESE Epsom 5.2 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Greenland 4.1 719 AM 2/08 Social Media 1 WSW Epping 4.0 700 AM 2/08 Co-Op Observer 1 WSW Northwood 4.0 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 1 ESE Exeter 1.5 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS ...Strafford County... 2 ESE Strafford 6.5 800 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS 3 E Barrington 4.6 700 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS Dover 3.0 830 AM 2/08 CoCoRaHS ...Sullivan County... Croydon 9.0 641 AM 2/08 Social Media Sunapee 9.0 830 AM 2/08 Social Media
  5. Snowmobile & Super Bowl

    I've been trying to think of a way to tie the Super Bowl hoopla to snowmobiling, so here goes. Yesterday Levi LaValee entertained a Super Bowl crowd in downtown Minneapolis with a 100-ft flip over the Nicollet Mall (a shopping and tourist area on Nicollet Ave) using a Polaris 600-R that was claimed to be "stock", or at least as stock as a factory race sled gets. This guy is incredible good at what he does, as anybody who's watched his 2016 Red Bull run could could tell you. Snowmobiles do have a history at the Super Bowl, going back to the 1992 half-time show in Minneapolis that featured ice skaters and snowmobiles. What is the make and model of the sled in this photo?
  6. Snowier weather pattern coming in...let's HOPE.

    Looks like things are up in the air for a day or so. The NWS guy says this thing is starting from Alaska, so there's plenty of room for change.
  7. Trail side - camping

    Back when I had a real job, during the winter we would drive north on late Friday afternoons for a sled weekend in Dixville. We'd hit the notches just about dark and would often see vehicles parked and people walking in the trails that were carrying large backpacks. These folks were spending the weekend living in a small tent in the mountains, and used snowshoes for transportation. We'd salute them by turning the truck heater up. Later, when we parked our rigs by Clear Stream off Route 26 and unloaded our gear and sleds, that 9-10 mile ride in didn't seem so bad when compared to those hikers. Of course, that didn't make the camp any warmer when we got there, and shoveling the path to the outhouse in the dark was still a PITA. Good times.
  8. Waste of Good Snow

    The NWS is making noises about a possible storm Sunday night-Monday.We certainly need something to save this season in the lower-half of the state. BTW: cyclogenesis is just a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure at a cold/warm front that results in a circular wind pattern ( a cyclone). Bombogenesis is a stronger version, and the weather guy's favorite word. So, stay tuned, there'll be more on this later in the program. Channel 9 should have a teaser on this story tonight. We'll see. Monday: Confidence is increasing for a coastal low to impact the area on Monday. Ensemble members and deterministic guidance all have cyclogenesis occurring somewhere near Delmarva and moving northeast up the coast through the day in a classic nor`easter track. As with any coastal storm, the exact track will be paramount to determining the precipitation type along the coast. While some mixing is certainly possible, have leaned a bit colder with the surface temperatures with this forecast package keeping the rain/snow line just offshore as models tend to be aggressive in bringing warm air inland. Another wave moves in with additional snow possible Wednesday into Thursday.
  9. Reciprocity weekend coming

    The first listed incident involving a guy from Bow was probably the one you saw. There's another one in Pittsburg and one in Lincoln. People from Mass, NH, and Texas. First-time rider in one, rental sled riding double in another. I would think that icy trails might have been a factor. PITTSBURG — A man was transported to the hospital via helicopter after a serious snowmobile crash in northern New Hampshire. Authorities say the incident happened around 11:15 a.m. on Friday in the area of trail 142 in Pittsburg. Norton Compton, 63 of Bow, was operating a snowmobile and following a friend. The trail the riders were on took a sharp left turn, causing Compton to drift off the designated path. He attempted to get the machine under control but ended up rolling the snowmobile over on top of him. Compton’s riding partner went back and found him injured at the crash scene and called 911 immediately.The Pittsburg Fire Department was notified of the severity of Compton's injuries and established a landing spot for a DHART Helicopter that was in route.Compton was transported by the DHART Helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. This crash is still under investigation, however, it appears that the rider's inexperience was a primary factor in the crash. Friday was Compton’s first time riding a snowmobile. Pittsburg- New Hampshire Fish and Game conservation officers say a Massachusetts man was injured Saturday, after the snowmobile he was operating rolled onto its side, pinning him between the machine and an icy snowbank. According to Conservation Officer Christopher Egan, a man identified as Roy Piatelli, 56, of Bridgewater, Mass., suffered non-life-threatening injuries around 11:20 a.m. Saturday while attempting to navigate his snowmobile between two icy snowbanks along Hatty’s Way in Pittsburg. Piatelli was transported by 45th Parallel Ambulance to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook for further evaluation and treatment. According to Egan, Piatelli was wearing a full-faced helmet and proper riding gear at the time of the incident, and neither speed nor alcohol are considered factors in the crash. Lincoln- Conservation officers also said a Texas man was injured in a crash in Lincoln Saturday afternoon.According to Conservation Officer Jonathan Demler, around 2:10 p.m. on Saturday a man identified as Juan Carrillo, 44, of Fulshear, Texas, was riding a rental snowmobile with a passenger when he encountered a sharp turn while descending from a bridge crossing.According to Demler, Carrillo’s snowmobile left the trail, traveled up a steep slope and hit a tree, throwing the Texas man against the tree. Carrillo was transported by other members of his riding group back to the snowmobile rental office, where he was treated by first responders from the Lincoln fire department and ambulance service. After reviewing the accident scene investigators determined rider inexperience and trail conditions were contributing factors in the accident. Carrillo and his passenger were wearing helmets and appropriate riding attire, said Demler. The passenger, who was not identified, was checked out by medical personnel at the rental office and was unhurt. Carrillo was transported to Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
  10. Club memberships & sled registrations

    I'm pleasantly surprised. Once again the power of early snow cover works its magic.
  11. Club memberships & sled registrations

    One of the selling points of the online registration system was that timely registration totals would be available.
  12. Has anyone seen the current numbers for club memberships and sled registrations? This winter appears to be quite a challenge for the clubs.
  13. Club membership requirement

    That would be what I suspected. If you don't want to support this plan but still want to support a club, I'd suggest you avoid the online membership and simply make a donation in any amount you want to your club. If your club offers a club membership-only deal go for it, if NHRA membership is mandatory then go the donation route and pay the non-member rate for registration. It's getting to late January, so the sled registrations and club joining are slowing down and there's time to resolve things. There's also plenty of time for the folks who have done neither to send a check to your preferred clubs. They didn't have much to do with this mess, and without our support they might not be here when you want them next December. I'll bet they'd take a $20 donation and make good use of it. Remember, there's a pretty good chance the trails would open next year without the NHSA, but what do you think the chances would be without the clubs?
  14. Club membership requirement

    First: I'm reading this agreement as a layman with a "plain English" understanding, and that could be a mile wide of a legal reading. I've previously explained that my legal training was watching Matlock reruns, and nothing much has changed there. With that understanding.. Reading the Assurance of Discontinuance paragraph 6 under Parties it seems clear that the agreement is limited to the "Matters Investigated." The subject matter of the Bureau’s investigation included alleged price fixing conduct, and related unfair method of competition and unfair or deceptive practices in facilitating and securing agreements from NHSA member clubs to set uniform club dues for consumers when selling club memberships through NHSA’s online club membership sales portal, and in requiring consumers who use NHSA’s online club membership sales portal to also become individual NHSA members without sufficiently informing of, or providing an option regarding, a dual membership purchase. (“Matters Investigated”). The scope of this Assurance is the Matters Investigated only. I'd say that this document applies only to sales when the consumer uses the NHSA online portal. The AG claimed the NHSA online portal didn't offer the consumer a chance to join only a club, or tell them of a way to do so. The online club membership bundled the club fee and the NHSA fee into a single package. I believe that paragraph 24 focuses on a remedy for issues with the online portal when it's used by a consumer. The clubs use of their online portal to enter membership data isn't discussed. Maybe something will come later. We have to remember that this agreement is between the AG and the NHSA, not the clubs, and that the agreement concerns only any future violations of RSA 358A and RSA 356. RSA 358 A:2 XIV. Pricing of goods or services in a manner that tends to create or maintain a monopoly, or otherwise harm competition. RSA 356:2 Restraints Prohibited. – I. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade is unlawful. II. Every contract, combination, or conspiracy is unlawful which has the purpose or the effect of: (a) Fixing, controlling or maintaining prices, rates, quotations or fees in any part of trade or commerce; or (b) Fixing, controlling, maintaining, limiting or discontinuing the production, manufacture, mining, sale or distribution of any commodity or service; or (c) Allocating or dividing customers or markets in any part of trade or commerce; or (d) Refusing to deal, or coercing, persuading or inducing any person to refuse to deal, with another person; or (e) Fixing or controlling the price quotation of any bid for a public or private contract, submitting sham or complementary bids, or controlling the submission of bids including refusals to bid.
  15. Finally going riding

    I understand exactly what you're saying. I was sitting here during the good times with a bad knee. My knee is recovering but the snow isn't.