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  1. random photo thread

    Not long before pictures like this will be there for the taking. This is from last year.
  2. So lets keep this forum positive...

    I agree with you, and feel that it's a lack of posts rather than too many negative posts. Let's face it, even at the height of the snow season there are few posts here, and the most prolific posters do tend to be those who are interested in NHSA and club "politics." These political posts also tend to attract a significant response, while trail report threads die pretty quickly. Just do a scan of the General Discussion forum and look for topics with a large number of replies and views and you'll see that many of them are the political type. The reason they're viewed and replied to is that the audience is interested in them. Back in April a post about the results of a F&G meeting concerning the need for NHSA numbers to get the registration discount resulted in 36 replies and 1548 views. I think that response does show more than some general interest in that subject. If you want to read non-political posts then you need to post them, and the viewers of those posts need to react to them. Too many posts show 150 views and 0 replies. A passive readership will continue the current dominance of political posts. I wonder how many members of this forum have never submitted a post or a rely to a post? I suspect it's a large number. That said, in the summer, you can't expect too many posts on any subject. Well, except for George, he seems to be on fire 12 months of the year.
  3. New Sno-Traveler format

    Forgive me for not mentioning that the writer of the above post has his picture on page 30 of the new Sno-Traveler, which may, or may not, be a good thing. The story includes instructions for cooking a "spider dog", which also may, or may not, be a good thing. I mean, the photo caption states that a spider dog "looks like a spider, tastes like mystery meat", so you can't say you weren't warned. I do think I'll take a pass on the hot lemonade.
  4. New Sno-Traveler format

    All the trees, and most of the people, involved with printing this issue were volunteers.
  5. New Sno-Traveler format

    Sno-Traveler has gone uptown with a glossy new magazine-style format, no more newsprint for them. The big story is the Race Into Winter, but they hit a couple other issues. Chris Gamache has a story on page 9 where he advocates for the snowmobile clubs to support over-riding the governor's veto of the bio-mass power bill, urges the clubs to talk to their landowners, and suggests that a change in state funding for groomers and grooming may be in order. There are instructions for getting the registration discount on pages 6 & 31. Also on page 6 is a short piece that promote the purchase of BiteHarder studs and carbides sharpening tools. The NHSA will get 10% of every online order shipped to a NH address. They claim that any funds received will "directly support our trails." A couple days ago I got an email from a local club (Fort Mountain Trailwinders) announcing some trail work, nothing new there, but it mentioned that the work to be done was on a trail that's not part of their system. On page 44 of the Sno-Traveler there's a story from a member of the NH Trail Dawgs suggesting that clubs should share resources to improve local trails.
  6. Balsams News - Can't be good

    In a 1988 shareholders' letter Warren Buffet said if you aren’t certain that you understand and can value your business far better than Mr. Market, you don’t belong in the game. As they say in poker, "If you’ve been in the game 30 minutes and you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.”
  7. Official SledNH weather thread

    Should be close to 90 today, but there's this for the weekend from the NWS. Frost possible...particularly in the northern valleys Saturday night.
  8. Interesting story in today's Concord Monitor about the current state of our NH F&G department. F&G has a lot of roles today, and doesn't get sufficient funding for some of those roles. Search & Rescue was maybe the most well known for being underfunded, but there are others. The story discusses some changes that impact the snowmobile and dirt bike/ATV communities to some extent. F&G will be shifting two wardens to all-OHRV duties year-round. Col. Jordan is quoted as saying "We've reached the point where we could have a field force in the state to do nothing but that, very similar to highway safety with state police." There's a comment about F&G getting a lot of jobs dumped on them, but were able to avoid taking on the Marine Patrol duties from State Police. Looks like F&G is trying to align itself with its funding sources, which makes sense, but won't be well received by some groups that have gotten more attention in the past. There's a feeling that this is a zero sum game; that if OHRV's get more resources, then hunters must get less. The F&G Nongame & Endangered Wildlife program has 8 employees and an annual budget of $1 million, with the state general fund contributing $50,000. The federal government provides most of the group's funding. What do you suppose would happen to this group if the Fed funding died and funding had to come from the state general fund? The legislature likes programs that are self-funded.
  9. Balsams News - Can't be good

    The NH-BFA was reluctant to assist here because they questioned the economics behind the project. The BFA would guarantee the $28 million loan, and "all property taxes paid on all future Balsams real estate assets will service the $28 million loan." The town, county, or state will not get any property tax proceeds, the money will go towards improving the cash flow of the corporation building the project. Does that sound like a government subsidy to you? Talk to a commercial bank lender about the long term economics of ski areas. The money isn't in the slopes and lifts; it's in the condos, houses, and restaurants built on the site, and those things, and the people that support them, require government services. The future of outdoor winter sports is in question. It isn't only snowmobilers who should wonder what their sport will look like in 10-20 years.
  10. I asked these questions in a previous post in this thread, but no response. I find it interesting that while there's a good deal of talk here about the roles and responsibilities of the NHSA and the clubs, you seldom hear any official statements from either party. From what I read, neither the clubs or the NHSA even have an opinion of the club discount. The NHSA floated a trial balloon on registration increases, but I haven't heard any responses from a club either pro or con. Could be just the summer season I guess. Haven't heard any NHSA or club statements about how the issues around club memberships might be resolved. Probably summer season again. Probably in October we'll hear a lot of communications on these subjects and many others. Looking at the NHSA web site It seems that the priority issues are Camp Sno-Mo, the Volunteer Bonus Program, the Grass Drags, and Tucker Hibbard's retirement. Back in December 2017 the NHSA put up a story by F&G's Captain David Walsh, where he stressed the importance of maintaining good landowner relationships to keep trails open. Is there an NHSA committee that works on trail closure issues? Does the NHSA consider trail closures to be an equal priority to the Grass Drags, or something less? Would the health of our clubs be more or less important than the Easter Seals Ride-In? Does your club's newsletter discuss the challenges they're facing in maintaining club memberships and the existing trail structure, buying equipment, recruiting volunteers, and raising the funds to do all these things? From my experience, there are some clubs that do that, and many that don't. What does the NHSA think snowmobiling, and our trail system, will look like in 2025? In 2030? And, what could we do, and what are we doing, to preserve what we have as much as possible? The public tends to believe that the subject of our communications represents our priorities, or more simply, we talk about what we believe in, but is that true for the clubs and the NHSA? If so, I should probably make an Easter Seals' donation, volunteer to work the Grass Drags, and get a retirement card in the mail to Tucker Hibbard,
  11. Dave, you're right that "the discount" has not worked out as intended. No increase in volunteers and less money in the pool for GIA. Some clubs have flourished, some have not. The problem is that a state-wide trail system depends on all clubs doing well. A single-sled registration is revenue neutral, a multiple sled registration is not . What we're dealing with here is a legislative issue, not the clubs or NHSA, so it's time for interested parties to contact their local legislators to sponsor and support a change in legislation. Go to http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/wml.aspx and https://gencourt.state.nh.us/senate/members/senate_roster.aspx Here are the House and Senate standing committees that oversee F&G NH House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Chairman James Webb Vice Chairman Robert L'Heureux Secretary: Heather Ebbs Researcher: Joel Anderson Location: LOB Phone: 271-3125 Committee Members: John Klose(r) James Spillane(r) Rio Tilton(r) Duane Brown(r) Ed Comeau(r) Raymond Howard(r) David Binford(r) John Carr(r) Jim Nasser(r) Jonathan Manley(d) Richard McNamara(d) Jesse Martineau(d) Roger Dontonville(d) Cathryn Harvey(D) Mark King(d) Larry Laflamme(d) Ellen Read(d) Erika Connors(d) NH Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Kevin Avard V Chairman Jeb Bradley Committee Martha Fuller Clark Dan Feltes Daniel Innis Committee Aide: Griffin Roberge Phone: 271-2878 Location: SH Rm 103 It would be at least a year or two before any action could be expected on this, and the legislature might well listen to the opinion of the NHSA over the opinions of individual members. What is the official NHSA opinion on the club discount? Has there been a recent poll of club leadership on the subject? The clubs send delegates to the annual meeting and they vote to support the current management. A legislator might look at this and say that things look pretty good and the grumblings are from a handful of malcontents.
  12. VD NUMBERS IN BLOCKS from NHSA to Club?

    With snowmobile registration and club membership "selling season" only a couple months away, and the compelling interest in selling these items at the earliest possible date, you'd think that the rules would be clear for buyers and sellers by now. For non-residents especially, knowing the available options and how and where to make the club membership purchase is essential. My understanding of the current rules is that the buyer can join a club through the NHSA portal, but not all clubs are listed in the portal. Non-listed clubs need a confirmation number from the NHSA to allow a buyer to get "the discount", and it doesn't appear that NHSA and the non-listed clubs have reached an agreement on how to do that. Registrations are done electronically but still require the buyer to appear in person at a F&G agent or the Concord F&G headquarters, or to make the purchase using the US mail. The state gets the benefit of a tighter audit trail around "the discount", but from a buyers perspective there's little gain and the possible loss of some club membership availability. I think it's clear that non-listed clubs are operating with a handicap, which may be the intent of the current rules. If residents and non-residents, and club members and non-members, all paid the same registration fee you could sell registrations from an interactive Point of Sale device at the Hooksett rest area, from F&G agents, and online.
  13. Many Questions yet so few Answers

    It's hard to believe that joining a club or joining a club association could be so complicated. Fortunately for the association, for many people it really doesn't matter, they just want the least expensive registration they can find.
  14. If you read the F&G response it's clear that they're saying that the clubs have no way to provide assurance that a member is a member of a snowmobile club that will comply with the needs of the registration system. They offer the alternative of a repeal of the club discount. How many clubs would favor such a repeal?
  15. I believe the intent of the "transaction fee", now $2, was to compensate F&G agents for any charges they might incur in using the Internet for online licensing. There are no online snowmobile registrations, at least registrations that the public can use, but it is being used for that purpose and the rate is set at the discretion of the F&G director and all registration options include the fee, including an in-person registration done at F&G headquarters. At the end of the day, the fees and the slice of the $60/$90 registration amount to 34% of F&G revenues, and they'll do what they must to maintain that revenue. Hunting and fishing licenses are not paying the rent anymore, and F&G relies on the Feds and OHRV/snowmobile revenues, but the F&G commissioners are all hunting/fishing oriented.