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  1. Any problems with mud? There's places around here where, if you rode a bike through it, the only part of you that was visible would be your hat. My garden is a prime example.
  2. Looks like the Federal Court of Appeals has shot down the FAA registration for drone hobbyists. https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/19/a-federal-appeals-court-shoots-down-the-faas-drone-registry-requirement/
  3. That storm line moved through Loudon about 10 o'clock last night, and things were fairly lively for a while. Not much rain, but some wind gusts and lightning. Looks like 3 very nice days ahead. Yesterday was too much of a good thing at 95°, which was a record for the day in Concord.
  4. I think it's fair to say that the lack of contested elections for NHSA officers is an indicator that the annual meeting is not for debating and deciding policy, but for announcement and confirmation of previously made decisions. Here's the 2016 Annual Meeting wrap-up.
  5. Interesting comment. You'd think that almost everything about snowmobile groups would be about trails.The clubs may build and maintain the trails, but NHSA should advocate for the creation and retention of trails. That would seem to be a core function. That said, the Nash Stream Forest debate is complicated, and I think most reasonable people understand the thinking of the opposing side, although they may not agree with their position.
  6. The state's Council On Energy and Development (CORD) will discuss the "Nash Stream Forest Draft Management Plan Update" today. Yes, the wheels of government are still turning, but they do turn slowly.The many organizations and state agencies involved in the Nash Stream Forest debate do make for a wide range of opinions, but you'd never call it an efficient process. Herding cats might be a fair comparison. Some of the players: LCIP, CORD, NHTOA, SPNHF, AMC, TNC, NSFCC, NHOHVA, DRED, NSCAC, NHDFL, USFS Has the NHSA taken a position?
  7. Lousy weather, yeah. But, suddenly this afternoon, along came sunshine.
  8. You mean something like this? The infrared version seems like it would work pretty well for sleds
  9. I should have been more clear about my use of the term "southern NH". I consider southern NH to be south of Plymouth/Lakes Region. I live in Loudon, and I consider that to be southern NH. Many of the clubs in my area have modern large groomers. I've seen the Sno Slickers BR 180 but don't know how old it is. I do think that my point about a lack of accurate information on trail usage is valid, at least for most clubs. Does your club do any sort of vehicle traffic counts on your trails?
  10. The "funding shortfall" has been worsened by weather and our stated goal of a "state-wide" trail system. There's nothing we can do about the weather, but should we look at how we distribute our resources? By supporting trails from Salem to Pittsburg the state, the NHSA, and the clubs drew support from sled riders across the state. Many of those riders used their local trails as well as taking trips to the north country. As someone who rides locally, I can say that I don't see many riders out locally now even when we have good conditions. Most of the "serious" riders head north to find consistently good trails. It's awfully hard to sell a kid on Canobie Lake Park after they've been to Disneyland. Due to the weather and the public's desire to ride the best trails we've ended up with a large southern NH trail system that seems to get little use. Another issue is a lack of hard data on where people ride. It's tough to allocate resources effectively when you don't know where the consumers of those resources are located. Our current allocation method is to spread the resources everywhere and and hope that somebody uses them. With limited resources we need to make better use of what we have.
  11. Beautiful, I love discounts! Would you get a $200 discount if you joined twice?
  12. A popular term today is transparency, or, more specifically, organizational transparency. You'll usually see this term put out by organizations doing damage control for some nasty business that leaked out to the public. Before public awareness of this nasty business, the organization believed that protecting their image by controlling information was the way to go, but suddenly they remember that transparency is really their bedrock principle. You'll know that the NHSA has reached this point when their website contains a link to their last 3 IRS Form 990's (annual returns). IRS rules require a non-profit to make them available for public viewing and copying, but the rules don't require that the non-profit make it easy to do. Wouldn't be hard to do, unless the forms are being created on an old Remington typewriter or with quill pen and parchment. I suspect there's a copy of MS Word somewhere around NHSA HQ.
  13. Thanks for posting the PDF containing the court ruling. It appears that the NHSA got tripped up by a lack of standing to proceed with the case. The court seems to have kicked the can down the road by refusing to hear the case because the NHSA couldn't demonstrate that they had been harmed by the state, nor was any immediate harm threatened. Like a good basketball ref might say, "no harm, no foul."
  14. Seems odd for me to be defending the NHSA, but it looks like the NHSA and the NHOHVA will be able to provide input to this committee, so there isn't a lot of urgency to react. Keep in mind that the legislature attracts committees like a dog attracts fleas, and most of the time the committees are just as productive as the fleas. It will be interesting to see the NHSA's testimony to this committee, and if they solicit input from the membership (clubs or general membership).
  15. Here's the House bill that creates a committee to study helmet and "restraint" laws for youths on sleds and OHRVs.Following legislative tradition, they attached a non-germane item addressing " the pre-existing crossing and trail connector over Route 114, just south of Mink Hill Road, in the town of Henniker." The bill was filed on 1/4/2017, but seems to have gone through the process without any notice, probably because it just creates another committee. HB 237 (2017) House/Senate Bill: House Description: Establishes a committee to study helmet and restraint laws for youth operators and passengers of OHRVs and snowmobiles. Bill Sponsor: Steven Smith Bill Co Sponsor: Click the "Link to Full Bill" for information Next Hearing Date: Tue, 03/07/2017 Next Voting Date: Thu, 04/20/2017 Link to Full Bill: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_Status/bill_status.aspx?lsr=427&sy=2017&sortopt... BILL STATUS Passed House and Senate Passed House Committee: Yes Passed House: Yes Passed Senate Committee: Yes Passed Senate: Yes Signed by Governor: No Duties. The committee shall study helmet and restraint laws for youth operators and passengers of OHRVs and snowmobiles. The committee shall solicit input and advice from state agencies, OHRV and snowmobile organizations, and interested persons as necessary to accomplish its study.