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  1. Snowy winter on tap?

    A winter storm warning today for northern Coos County- up to 8" of snow. Looks like a coastal storm coming in Thursday night into Friday bringing some snow to most of NH. It'll take a lot of cold to freeze up all the water there is in the usual wet places, with brooks and rivers still running strong.
  2. Got this email from the BRVSC. Looks like somebody has some money.


    We have great news this year, we are in the process of buying a new groomer for our club.  This will enable us to make sure all the trails are in great shape for your enjoyment.  This type of equipment is very expense, and we are welcoming any donations that you can make to help cover the expense.

  3. Sled would not start

    You may also find a large mouse nest in the air box while you're replacing those line, as I did. I wanted to upgrade the fuel lines from blue poly to tygon, but couldn't find 5/16'th ID tygon for the line from the tank to the fuel pump so it was blue poly again there and tygon for the rest. Tygon is probably overkill because the original blue poly lasted over 10 years, but now I can say I've modded the sled.
  4. Titles

    That would be GVW
  5. Titles

    All trailers 15 years old or newer must be registered. If your trailer weighs 3,001 lbs. or more, it must also be titled. To do so, you must visit your local town clerk's office, making sure to bring proper identification. Each town charges its own registration fee so you might want to call ahead to get a heads-up on what to pay. When it comes to titling and registration, you must pay a $25 title fee and a weight fee: 3,001 to 5,000 lbs.: $24. 5,001 to 8,000 lbs.: $36.
  6. NHSA having legal issues again.

    I've now seen the original complaint filed by Donald Leclair. It's quite lengthy, but in short it alleges that NHSA violated it's Governing Documents (2016 Constitution and By-Laws) in the time period after the Assurance of Discontinuance settlement with the NH AG. He alleges that he and other NHSA members have been damaged by these violations. He's asking the court to "issue an order declaring the respective rights and obligations of the parties", and enjoin the defendant from implementing the changes until proper notice is given and the procedures in the 2016 Constitution and By-Laws are followed. The complaint covers more ground than just these points, but this seems to be the main thrust of this action.
  7. NHSA having legal issues again.

    From what i can see, a gentleman named Donald L Leclair has filed a request for a declaratory judgement in Belknap Superior Court in a dispute between himself and NHSA. There have been motions to dismiss and motions to strike, and on November 27'th there will be a hearing to address the motion to dismiss. A request for a declaratory judgement isn't a lawsuit and doesn't ask the court take action. A legal site I visited defined it like this: "A declaratory judgment is a judgment of a court which determines the rights of parties without ordering anything be done or awarding damages." Many times a request for a declaratory judgement precedes another action. You can view CASE NO. 211-2018-CV-00247 at any county superior court using the public access process. While viewing this case you'll be able to get greater detail.
  8. How high could sled registration go?

    The question is whether there would be as much money without those southern clubs. There are many people who register a sled or two, and join a club, and put 500 or less miles per year on the sled. How many 5-year old sleds have you seen with 2000 miles? Pretty common. If you paid $150 for registration and rode 500 miles, that $3.33 per mile. I agree that $150 is a fair price for a high-end user, but I suspect a lot of low usage riders will not register, and that revenue will be gone. I don't believe there's the option of continuing to collect current revenues and not supplying local trails.
  9. How high could sled registration go?

    Well, yes, the Rec trail will be there, but will it be maintained for sleds in winter? If so, who will do it? More importantly, who will pay to have that done? In a low-snow winter the clubs won't get grooming money, how will they pay their recurring expenses? If registrations continue their decline, the proposed fee increase may not be sufficient to provide grooming for 7,000 miles of trails. In the case of GIA rationing, or maybe prioritizing is a better word, what trails will be the priority? Lots more questions than answers here, but I think you can see a trend of prioritizing the northern tier counties. If the southern clubs see significant membership losses where does their support come from? An old friend had a saying he used when forced into an unpleasant choice: "It's hell, but the directions say take it." He wasn't just talking about taking cod liver oil. Paying more for snowmobile fees is sort of like taking cod liver oil. For those younger folks who haven't experienced cod liver oil, ignorance is bliss.
  10. How high could sled registration go?

    You seem to be a good example of one side of the "great divide" between the all-in riders and the occasional or casual riders. You've made a significant capital investment in the sport that far exceeds even several decades of registration fees, donations, and club dues. That capital investment would be wasted if you rode primarily on local trails, so you head north to spend some recreational dollars. Yeah, I'd say you represent the future of NH snowmobiling. So, what's that mean for the Pathfinders and Border Riders clubs? What happens to the existing trail systems in your geography?
  11. Official SledNH weather thread

    Sunday morning 24-hour snow reports from Maine and NH. Looks like Randolph, NH was the big winner with 5.5". 807 NOUS41 KGYX 281342 PNSGYX MEZ007>009-012>014-018>028-NHZ001>015-290142- Public Information Statement Spotter Reports National Weather Service Gray ME 942 AM EDT Sun Oct 28 2018 The following are unofficial observations taken during the past 24 hours for the storm that has been affecting our region. Appreciation is extended to highway departments...cooperative observers...Skywarn spotters and media for these reports. This summary is also available on our home page at weather.gov/gray **********************24 HOUR SNOWFALL********************** LOCATION 24 HOUR TIME/DATE COMMENTS SNOWFALL OF /INCHES/ MEASUREMENT MAINE ...Androscoggin County... 1 W Leeds 1.5 500 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Turner 1.3 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer 3 E Turner 1.0 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Poland 0.7 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...Cumberland County... 6 SSW Naples 0.3 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS ...Franklin County... 1 NNW Farmington 1.8 800 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer Farmington 1.8 800 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer 1 NNW New Sharon 1.5 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 9 E New Sharon 1.0 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer New Sharon 1.0 600 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...Kennebec County... 1 W Winthrop 1.4 600 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 3 E Leeds 1.3 720 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 1 ESE Waterville 0.2 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS ...Oxford County... 6 SSE Bethel 3.5 717 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer 3 SSW Otisfield 2.7 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Hartford 2.5 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer 1 N Hartford 1.5 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Andover 2 1.0 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...Somerset County... 2 ENE New Portland 1.5 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 4 ENE New Portland 1.5 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Harmony 1.0 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer Jackman 0.5 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...York County... 3 SSE Kezar Falls 1.0 745 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 3 NNE Limington 0.3 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS NEW HAMPSHIRE ...Belknap County... 2 SSW Ashland 0.2 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 3 NNE Meredith 0.1 1200 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...Carroll County... 1 SE Madison 4.1 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 3 ENE Sandwich 2.6 600 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 1 SW North Conway 2.2 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Tamworth 1.2 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Tamworth 4 1.2 700 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer North Conway 0.5 740 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer Wolfeboro 0.4 800 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS ...Coos County... 1 NE Randolph 5.5 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS Pinkham Notch 2.0 600 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer Berlin 1.5 710 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer Colebrook 0.3 600 AM 10/28 Co-Op Observer ...Grafton County... Bristol 0.3 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS ...Merrimack County... 2 E Danbury 0.8 800 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS 1 NNW Bow 0.1 700 AM 10/28 CoCoRaHS
  12. Snowy winter on tap?

    This morning's paper had a story about the rescue of a Florida hiker on Mount Madison. The recent storm has put down 3 feet of snow up there, so the hiker used an emergency beacon to get help. He was trying to hike the Appalachian trail south before bad weather struck. Mount Madison trail is over 5000 feet high and is rated as "difficult."
  13. Snowy winter on tap?

    The weekly NWS forecast shows snow falling in high terrain of Maine and NH iforthe next few days, and maybe a storm on Saturday that could deliver rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, or snow. Yesterday afternoon/evening was interesting, with lightning/thunder, rain, sleet, and what may have been some snow. The ground was white in some places. The lightning was quite impressive.
  14. F&G useless unless you are an unprepared hiker

    The Union Leader newspaper has provided some well-researched and written news stories about snowmobiling over the years, but while newhampshire.com is part of the Union Leader company this story came from F&G and is targeted towards an audience that knows very little about this sport. For a more experienced audience it's like teaching the multiplication tables to a class of MIT students. I suspect that most of the people on this forum will learn little or nothing from this story. As for the financial piece, for resident non-club members, under the current plan F&G gets $14 from the registration fee and would get $19 under the NHSA proposal.The current plan provides $63.30 for grant-in-aid and the proposed plan provides $102.30. F&G's share is up 29%, while grant-in-aid is up 62%. The BOT share for operations and state trail maintenance is now $13.70 and would go to $21.70, an increase of 58%. I don't see F&G as the big winner here.
  15. How high could sled registration go?

    You're right. It's happening to sports like golf, motorcycling, and snowmobiling. Younger people look at these sports and decide they just don't fit their situation. So, don't worry about the long term, just focus on the next 10 years. Anybody who thinks there will be a viable trail system in southern NH in 20 years isn't being realistic.