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  1. Our groomer? Winch and digging.
  2. Hey! That's me in the middle pic. Poor Mark. He got the Bow groomer stuck twice in the power lines next to 93.
  3. HK Powersports Hours

    Their Friday hours have changed. 7pm
  4. any riding anywhere?

    We had good times yesterday! Thanks for the invite! Sorry we were a little late meeting up. Some trails fair and some awesome. No fault of the club. They did an excellent job at what they had.
  5. We have ours mounted towards the front of the drag. Less likey to get stuck on the wrong side of a tree. The drag never following the groomer tracks around corners.
  6. Favorite photos from last winter

    1999zr600efi's pic. Not the best but that was an epic night ride! Same ride Baker River last ride. And no complaining about the parking on the bridge. We had the whole place to ourselves and we only stopped for a quick photo op. Buddy stuck Me stuck
  7. May riding

    The guys at The Sled Den just finished their season in the Chic-Chocs on Sunday, May 18th. http://www.gaspe-snowmobile-adventures.com/blogmay182014.html https://www.facebook.com/theSledDen
  8. Someone's touching my ...Signs

    Do you really care? Probably some local just trying to help out.
  9. Baker River Area. Listen up

    We are just busting on him. I should head over that way and check it out. I have been thinking about race some plane that is landing. JUST KIDDING!
  10. Well, those are the Mass types that ride in the south. Oops...you are from Mass. Sorry buddy ;-)
  11. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    Kickstart My Heart...Hope it never stops!
  12. Baker River Area. Listen up

    Busted! Don't try to get out of this one!
  13. Baker River Area. Listen up

    So Camosled made the tracks! He said he rode on it.
  14. Baker River Area. Listen up

    I found it...I think. It is on the other side of the river. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=111+Quincy+Rd+Plymouth,+NH+03264&ll=43.778996,-71.751988&spn=0.014377,0.020084&hnear=111+Quincy+Rd,+Plymouth,+New+Hampshire&gl=us&t=h&z=16
  15. Baker River Area. Listen up

    There is an airport? Where? I never seen an airport. I just did a quick search on Google maps and didn't see anything.
  16. 1 Cylinder snowmobiles

    No. It was red.
  17. 1 Cylinder snowmobiles

    I'm leaning to a Bravo for my daughter. I missed out on a really nice one a couple of days ago. For Cat I would go with an early 80's Jag 340.
  18. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    I would love to but I think I'm calling it for the season. I know...I have said this before. ha Send me some info too! Thanks!
  19. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    Do not look at the lunch pictures. We went "off trail"...shhhh
  20. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    Trouble maker! Any ways back on subject. Hit Baker before the rain comes! I thought the news said maybe mix/snow for that area. Maybe the trails will live on for another week. NHrider, That part I was leading at the end was mint! We should have turned around and done it again.
  21. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    Well...there goes this thread. Right down the "falls". Thanks Snorander! ;-)
  22. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    Camosled, We are driving and the guy leading just stops. I didn't know what was going on. Sure I could see the bridge and falls but why stop right here??? We took a few pics and got on our way. I hate it too when people stop right in the trail.
  23. Kudos to BVRSC and the adjoining clubs

    I got the "falls" from a website....and everything on the web is true. Want me to edit it for you to make you happy? As for blocking the trail...yes we should have moved. It was a quick 5 mins tops stop. Plus, we didn't want to park off trail and get our boots snowy. Haha