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  1. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Right around the corner! Who is in?
  2. NIPMUCK - Water Skips - Union - CT

    There will be no race there.
  3. Don't forget to throw in the Hero bridge buddy! lol
  4. Come join in the fun!
  5. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    Bob lived and breathed the sport. A tragic loss for the snowmobile community.
  6. Skip has lost his mate!

    Sorry for your loss Skip.
  7. Can Am snomobile club?

    The first grass drag watercross was held at Sandersons field in Greenland then wet to the cow palace.
  8. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    Its horrible!!!!
  9. Coming soon

    Your membership form states you have to join the NHSA .
  10. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    And that will help how?
  11. Sad news...

    RIP Rob.
  12. What to look at in a 2011 Summit

    Look for tree limbs and raccoons stuck up under the tunnel. No more nuns its called the glass jaw!
  13. Rumor mill has it.

    I hope not I like Bill.
  14. Rumor mill has it.

    222 views someone is following!
  15. Pictures from Pats. http://dirtdummyracing.zenfolio.com/p974045142