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  1. ?? Is Nipmunk Water Skips on going ? ?

    You missed july will be one in August. Will post the date when I find it.
  2. How high could sled registration go?

    My $300,000.00 dollar groomer!
  3. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I went fri, sat and Sunday drove right in drove right out! 6am to 7pm lol
  4. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Tomorrow is the day come out to smell the race fuel and have some of the best food on the planet. Plus check out a swap meet there might be something there you need.
  5. NIPMUCK - Water Skips - Union - CT

    A good time was had by all!
  6. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    You are welcome to bring your sleds and display them, But there won't be a vintage contest.
  7. NIPMUCK - Water Skips - Union - CT

    The pond will be open for practice on August 26th.
  8. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Sorry no vintage show this time.
  9. NCP Sept 9th Watercross

    Right around the corner! Who is in?
  10. NIPMUCK - Water Skips - Union - CT

    There will be no race there.
  11. Don't forget to throw in the Hero bridge buddy! lol
  12. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    Bob lived and breathed the sport. A tragic loss for the snowmobile community.
  13. Skip has lost his mate!

    Sorry for your loss Skip.
  14. Can Am snomobile club?

    The first grass drag watercross was held at Sandersons field in Greenland then wet to the cow palace.