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  1. Last Saturdays vintage ride.

    front or rear? we make the fronts out of emt. my father is a wizard with the pipe bender. lol we have no original rears. maybe fronts but probally not straight.
  2. Last Saturdays vintage ride.

    kinda last minute. we have been into racing the vintage sleds for quite some time. that turned into an addiction that led us to trail riding too. it was a lot of fun, but i would be lying if i said my back wasn't sore after that many miles on bogie suspension. lol
  3. We went out for a ride saturday, left from weare and took this pic at the parking lot at the top of Mt. Kearsage. 12 old sleds and they all made it back after 90 miles under there own power. Had a great time. Thought i would share. 4 of us were able to ride right up the rock to the tower at the very top.
  4. had a blast up there last weekend. put about 25 miles on my 74 yamaha gp 246 (riding double with my 8 year old daughter) and 50+ on my 1980 yamaha enticer 340. not big mileage, but some great family time on the old iron.
  5. When in Pittsburg thank this man

    not to mention, all he and jen (and all else involved) does for us vintage racers. much appreciated.
  6. Stay Out Of My Yard!

    not to be a jerk. but good luck in court when you kill somebody with your chains. i don't live or ride there but i have come across these type of situations and it could be someone that is just lost and not repeat offenders when its too late.
  7. Vintage Drag Racing Photo's

    real men go around in circles! lol or on second thought was that circle track?
  8. Need to know!!! If ATV is okay here????

    not a 100% sure, but the trail goes through cold springs campground from lanctots so i doubt you could ride from there. there is an ohrv parking lot in clough state park. i past a lot of atv trail markers in henniker on a sled ride this past winter, not sure where you could park but looks to be a trail system there.

    I was more interested in seeing how my brother did on my yamaha than I was on my colt. I really want to give the yamaha another shot next year. It was a test session for me and I found out that I am going to have to figure out how to make it turn and getting it to stay running for ten laps wouldn't be a bad idea either!! Haha
  10. thats to bad about the sled. i left there last year with an exciter that looked pretty much like that. in the end it worked out for us, i had to take it a part anyway so i made some chasis improvements that i would have probally never done if i hadn't crashed it. my father has a 74 lynx II 340 twin he would probally part with if you need. its a longer chasis like a cheetah. all there just never did anything with it.
  11. looks good, hopefully the rain tomarrow doesn't turn it to ice!! or in your case hopefully it does. lol see you there!!!

    all sleds
  13. Horace Lake horror show

    I'd say that was a very good chance it was them. lol One of the colts never made it to the top and the other 2 made it all the way back to weare. i was up north riding otherwise i would've been there.
  14. Horace Lake horror show

    we encounterd this problem at horace lake also 2 weeks ago. luckily we were mostly on old iron and know the area pretty well. couple miles of road (tar and dirt) we made our way onto the lake and up to henniker junction for gas and food. went back to clough via the "new" trail around stumpfield marsh. fun nite of riding, with 4 of our sleds classifing as antiques. 2- 1973 polaris colts, 1 1980 enticer 340, 1 1986 ski-doo citation 250 and the bravo had to be ditched at lanctots. lol my brother and father rode to the very top of mt. kearsage last saturday on a couple 1973 polaris colts. 95 mile round trip clough and back. like most vintage rides they left with 5 sleds and only made it back with 3.
  15. Great Racing In Errol!

    i followed him that whole outlaw race. i gave it one last effort in the last corner, you can see my ski's at the end of the video.